Chick Down The Street

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Chapter 4

A/N : Sorry that it's a short chapter I'm gonna make up to you guys by putting Trevor POV on the next! Now off I go, bubyeee

Ameera POV

"That's the last one right?" My mom look up to me with her glassy greyish eyes, the one that quite simillar like my own. Worries clearly flashes on her eyes before I nod putting the last cardboard box down on the dark plywood floor that take every last inch of this apartment, my apartment.

"Yup, that's all mom thankyou for all the help. You could leave me doing the rest." I said hugging her awkwardly patting her on the back, but before I could pull away she once again going berserk hugging the breath out of me.

"I love you so much honey, I really do. I hope you the best college years of all," She pulled away as she wipe the small beads of tears running of her eyes. I think she's trying to hold them in, just for the sake of her heavy, much effort eye makeup. "Just know you'll always will be my little girl right?"

I smile weakly, sadly almost. She's right, no matter how much disagreement we had in the past. No matter how much we use to fought over the smallest thing, they all doesn't seem to matter, not anymore. My mother, even if she's not there most of the time for me, she's always there the time I needed her. All the warm memory of our times together start coming back to me, bringing me to the brim of breaking down right at this moment.

Even when I'm not the most cooperative, even if I'm being difficult with her she still stay to comfort me, to help me figure out a way out of my own mess. To pull me back to the ground and not letting me gave up on myself. Like what I remember just earlier this morning.

I was refusing to enter the dorm room that I was suppose to stay in for the rest of my college years. I was franticly crying having a full on panic attack while clenching my stomach holding the disgust that threatening to come out of my throath.

I was angry, devastated trying to detach the image from my mind completely but I'm failing miserably. Everything is blurry around me as my mom screams at the guy that used to love me, that used to be my everything. But now, I can't even heard what she said anymore, nor wanting to know.

My throath is dry and I clearly want to passed out right in the middle of the small butt dorm, I grab my mother arm, begging, pleading with my eyes to get us out of there. And she did just that after beating my ex boyfriend black and blue, she quickly drove us to the nearest diner.

I can't believe what I just saw. Its like seeing the ghost of the past. The image of my ex-boyfriend Sami Jar- I can't even think about his name without wanting to threw my guts out. I'm so angry at him my anger is unbearable, gulping me from the inside burning my stomach to ashes. But I can't believe even after seeing him humping my soon-to-be roommate, well not anymore anyway I won't even breathe the air inside those curse room ever again. Let alone staying there for the rest of my college years.

I eyed my mom, she's putting a glass of cold water infront of my eyes but I don't even dare to touch it, afraid that I would only spit it out even after one sip. That would be a waste of innocent water.

"I don't want to go back mom." My voice is as meek as a lamb, I don't even sound like myself anymore.

She nodded squeezing my hand softly, I knew clearly what look she's giving me. Pity. "Of course for now you still can stay at home honey you could go-"

"mom!" I'm raising my voice at her, and miraculously she didn't scolded me for it. "I don't want to go back, ever." The last part come out more like a whisper even to me.

She hesitate, but in the end obliged, I knew she want to push it, but at least I'm relieved she want to hold it in for me. "Of course honey, of course."

Then she open her phone, typing something and eventually calling someone. I didn't even bother to observe further. It's probably another one of her busy schedule, her job and other errands that I could probably care less about right now.

Until she stands up saying that she would drove me back down to the campus to grab Penelope back. I obviously refuse, at first anyway, I mean who would want to go back to the place where there is many possibilities of you running back into your ex-boyfriend after he humps the crap out of your used to be roommate, yea no thanks.

But she kept persisting. And eventually I comply. The thought of someone's messing with Penelope is not pleasant either so I rode with her, down to the dark place that I called campus. I was considering transfering university because of the incident. But I shook off the thought, I don't want to burden my mom even more. Me refusing to enter my dorm room is enough worry for her, and transfering university wouldn't help either.

The thing that upset me so much is the fact that the second I left her car to check on my jet black Penelope she locked the door. And drove away from me without much explanation. I was running after her on foot by the way, which is stupid. Don't blame me gosh you get dumber whenever you're sad. I was cursing at the sight of her Porsche Cayenne leaving me at the place I rather not be at the moment, but the sudden vibrate of my phone telling me to meet her at a certain location calm my nerves a bit.

I stalk towards Penelope, dragging my legs behind me down where to I last left Penelope. Until I stop, she's being croweded like litteraly, concert crowded by a bunch of people, girls to be exact.

I scrach my head at this scene. What the actuall ding-dong? Have they never saw a bike before? I roll my eyes but push through the crowd anyway seeing what could have happen until something catches my eyes. It's the dinggleberry! The dinggleberry from the club trying to tampered with Penelope right infront of everyone. He seemed like had difficulty trying to take her away from me.

"What the heck are you doing!" I shout at him trying to pry him off of the seat of Penelope. Reminding myself I need to give Penelope a thorough wipe right on her leather seat after all of this.

"Whoa hey! Sugarplum?" He looked kinda frazzled. But now that I saw his face clearly under the light I can't help but secretly gape at his, cough, handsome face. Such a pity that his junky personality ruins the aesthetic of his face all together for me.

"Get off of my property you dinggleberry!" I said tugging him harshly on his leather coat.

He rolls his eyes, "What? Are you stalking me now?" His smirk slowly replaced by a frown, "And what do you mean your property? As much as I know the parking lot doesn't belong to anyone, not even you."

"I'm not talking about the fraking parking lot geez get off my bike!" I gave him one more glare and one of the girl from the crowd had the audacity to try and stop me. Saying something along the line of how Penelope is his and I should back off but I swat her hand and to top it off spit on her face instead. Not spit as in going off at her no, I literally spit some of my you know that liquid inside your mouth to her face. You should've see the shock on her face and disgust on everyone elses face it's quite funny if I'm not stuck trying to pry the fool hands off of my belongings.

And to my surprise he slowly get off of Penelope, still keeping the stupid smirk plastered on his dang face. And at that moment I regret ever seeing him as an attractive person, at one point. "Your bike?" He raised an eyebrow, he seem quite amused? "Now let me remember what did you say to me on the club that night." He put his pointing finger to his chin, trying his best to pull of the thinking look but fail miserably because I know for a fact that there's nothing but emptiness inside that dang head of his.

"Oh yea!" He said pointing his finger upward trying to look like he found the cure of cance or something. "You wouldn't think I will really believe the pathetic excuse you just spit out of your stanky mouth right?"

I growl at him, "Drop the act or I'm gonna flip you over." I could feel the numbness on my hand as I clenched my fist so hard my knuckle turns white.

He laughed at my face, "Flip me over? Yeah as i-" Before he could finish the last sentence I grab his shoulder. Flipping him over my shoulder Judo style. As soon as his back hit the asphalt floor he groans.

Everyone on the parking lot now looking at me with their mouth slightly ajar. All the girls that use to crowded around Penelope now have officially and chaotically runs off to every direction they could. Taking off their heels as they carry it with them.

I stand up from crouching, shrug some of the dust of my shoulder before scoffing at the sight of the pathetic loser that drop still grunting infront of me. I throw the key he tried to rob Penelope with right onto his stomach. Making him grunt even more as he tried to sit up while rubbing his head but instantly choke on dust as I drove away into the sunset or the more realistic remarks is down to wherever my mom wanted me to met her.


And there I was sitting beside my mom facing the local realtor that trying to sell this studio apartment to us. My mom did scolded me for being late but eventually shrugged it off. Proceeding to take me on a tour through this small but comfy studio apartment that she trying to lease for me.

She flip the contract once more as I see the realtor visibly sweat infront of us, "You could si-"

"I know where to sign." With that he completely shut his trap for the rest of the agreement. Breathing a sigh of relief as soon as my mom sign the paper of and left us on our own after being ignored by my mom for trying to make a handshake, before he scurried off of the building.

She smile sheepishly at me, "Sorry I know it's not much but it's completely furnished and-" I stop her right on her track as I pulled her into a hug, giving me a hug backthat lasted for about 5 minutes before we load off all my stuff from her car and now here we are.

Her hesitating to let me go off but eventually does and left me alone with my thoughts. I don't know what to feel anymore. Upset, sad, dissapointed?

My mind keep taking me back to a place I'll never want to be. The night where he who shall not be named called me. Saying that he has fallen out off love with me. Saying that I deserve someone better than him, but not having the audacity to even look at me and telling me that straight on my face. The fact that he ran away when things get tough tick me off.

Then another image flash on me. His back towards the door, panting on top of another woman as she moans his name. Okay I should stop. My stomach is making so much noise. Either from disgust or from the hunger because of the sweet bread smell that greeted me since I enter the dang apartment.

Yes the building was right next door to a small local bakery. Lucky for me my apartment was inces away from it, having only a little alleyway as the border lining up in between my apartment building and the bakery.

Oh the smell kept making my mouth water as the thought of small sweet bread playing on my mind. I should stop being so hungry all the time. I'm just kinda glad that I don't ever have to step into that dorm room ever again.

Secretly thanking my mom for once again getting me out of my own mess. Now all I have to deal with is the fact that she's gonna do a q and a session with me right after I get better. It's gonna be a long session trust me.

And that is if I ever get better. Will I ever get better? I sigh, kicking off my shoes to the edge of the only bed that lace this small apartment before jumping on it soaking in the smell of a new sheet before drifting off fully into the land of imagination.

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