Chick Down The Street

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Chapter 5

Trevor POV

It took me a while to process what's going on around me. The dust that she left behind making me cough vigorously and all the girls that usually flock around me like a fly, disappear as fast as they came. Well that's one way to repel girls I guess.

"Trey!" I whipped my head to the source of the sound. Hearing the crackling of my own back is not pleasant, let me tell you that.

My peripheral vision comes in line with the chestnut color hair, blue eyes guy that's walking towards me with a girl around his embrace. Damn that guy work fast. I thought he just broke up yesterday? And I'm sure as hell that the blondie in his arm surely not his former girlfriend.

"What the hell happen man? I hear a commotion of girl and came here as fast as I could." He flicker his eyes to the position I'm in right now. Clearly staring down at me because of the height difference, "And why the hell are you sitting on the asphalt?"

I grunt in response. I mean talking about how you have been litteraly flipped by a girl half your size isn't actually how I wanted to start a conversation with this guy.

Sticking my hand up as cue for him to help me up because my lazy ass wouldn't allow to do such an extensive work out after being beat up by the same person twice. Okay that may have sounds like an excuse but I clearly have reasons why I didn't fight back. Like one she's a girl obviously, I don't know where to put my face If I literally fought with a girl.

Sebastian, I think his name is, getting my cue and started to pull me out of my sitting position. I kinda forgot I only meet him every so often at a party while he's trying to play wingman hooking me up with everything that has legs. Don't even bother asking me about his last name I can't even remember what I ate yesterday let alone a random partier that I met exclusively on the weekend.

"Holy shit you're heavy!" His face redden after he pulled me up let's just say I saw some of the vein pop in his forehead.

Well I am more or less 160 pound. And I'm not about to tell him that incase he try to be funny and started calling me a fat ass. I mumble out my thanks as I patted down my black color jeans trying my best to get the dust outta the fabric as much as possible.

"You better go first Lil, I gotta catch up with my little friend here." His last sentence dripping with sarcasm which resulted in an eye roll and glare from me.

The girl is reluctant and keep begging for him to walk her to class but Sebastian knew better rather than to be stuck with her. And eventually she walk away. "Okay the heck is that?"

I walk down the parking lot as he followed me closely from behind still wanting the answer out of me. "What the heck is what?"

He sigh, "Don't play dumb with me Scott I was saving your 'man dignity'" Throwing his hand up making a quotation mark with his fingers, "So I told Lila to leave. Don't expect me to not asked you about why the heck is a girl flipping you litteraly flipping you on the bright early morning?"

I rub my head once again. I could feel a bump forming in the back of it. "Yea a girl flipped me what about it?"

He looked at me in disbelief, "How could you not call me over when there's a cat fight on the street," Clenching his fist on his grey shirt trying to look as dramatic as possible. "Am I even your friend?"

I laugh sarcastically at his act. He should work on his acting skill. "Cat fight my ass I'm barely fighting back."

He rolls his eyes muttering how it all the same. "Why are you even fighting with a chick anyway? Don't you usually banged them first?"

My mind transfer back to this morning after hooking up with a girl, okay don't even ask me what's her name is, it's a one night stand we shouldn't suppose to know eachother. We met at the frat party Sunday night, she was trying so hard and because I felt bad I eventually gave in. So I was waking up on the girl's dorm room and obviously scramble to get my shit together. After leaving her with after morning pill, a jerk move even to me, I know. But it's hard not to be when everyone potray you as one. I left her room trying to go to my reserved yes reserved parking spot a few feet away from the girl's dorm.

To be honest I don't even know why people is frankly that scared of me, a few fight here and there and boom instant power, but I'm not complaining. As soon as I mark something as mine people tend to stay away from it. Completely demolishing the hasle of me trying to found parking lot in the morning ever again. And that parking lot it's one of those thing.

I smile as the sight of my jet black bike come into view. Minimizing my stride towards it I sat on it like I use to, only to found a slight difference on the seat but I ignore it shrugging it off, probably just one of my early morning tendency. I try to egnite the engine but the bike wont budge I was struggling for a while even a group of girl started forming around me.

And you know the flip-a-dii-doo thing happen and boom, "Yeah she muggled my bike."

Sebastian snort then suddenly starting laugh maniacally trying to support himself by placing both of his palm on his cut up washed jeans. "Oh god, that's probably not your bike."

I slinted my eyes at his statement, "What do you mean 'not my bike?'"

He laugh even more at my reaction, gasping for air and now shifting, clinging to me for support. I hope the guy ended up dead by shortness of breath. "Dude are you seriously that drunk yesterday? Your bike is literally still sitting on the frat house. Do you even remember how you got here?"

My eyes have gone wide, the memory of last night being dropped off by Sebastian rushing back to me. I can't help but feel so stupid. I can't believe I have gotten myself into two misunderstanding with the same person I don't even know on two different occasions is insane, the chance is too slim. I shook my head at the memory at the seven heaven that trying to make its way out. It was not a great time.

"Son of a bitch!" I said grabing the grey collar of the guy beside me. Trying to fight of the urge to punch him before he ever open his big mouth again.

"Whoa! Calm yourself tiger," He said so casually making the urgency pop even more. "It's not completely you fault I mean she should've known better rather than parking on your spot."

I pushed him away, enough just to make him stumble. "Yea unless she's new to the campus you dumbass."

Sebastian fixes his crumple shirt before once again walking beside me. "But a girl in a dress riding a hot bike, whoa-wee, can't wait to meet her."

The thought of her being a student here hadn't cross my mind yet. She surely have intresting way of socializing, can't wait to see what she would do on the bed. I smirk at the thought. What? Don't tell me you're even surprise for a fact that I slept with girl ever so often right? It's human nature deal with it.

"You better drove me back to the frat house or I swear to god you wont see the end of this." I said demandingly with not even an ounce of friendlyness to Sebastian beside me. Other guys would crumple in fear even hearing me saying this but I guess the fool is too bullet proof to even notice how threatening I am.

He shook it off, "Yea yea, always getting what you want right Scott?"

I scoff, this is a question that should been oblivious even to him. I'm Trevor Scott of course I get what I want, it's just another human nature, deal with it.


Opening the wooden door of my studio apartment I quickly shut the door as fast as I open it. Can't believe it's almost noon already. The guys almost force me to party again tonight but I knew better than to get another hangover when this one haven't even subsided yet.

Throwing my set of key on the ornament bowl near the entrance of my apartment I only find myself draging myself to further in the dark. To be quite honest even though it's not the most luxurious or fancy apartment ever the thought of leaving it for too long has gotten me too paranoids lately.

I almost reach my bed until the light of the entire apartment completely comes to live. Shooning brightly as I almost scream my ass off but decided against it since my dignity would totally kill me if I do something so unsightly. Squinting my eyes, adjusting it to the light I try my best to make up of what the silhouette that sitting on the edge of my bed was, preparing my iron fist along with it.

I was quite glad to found that it's not some crazy maniac trying to fight their way into my humble home. But the sight of what awaits me make me groan even more. I stare at the almost greyish haired lady that's sitting on the edge of my bed knowing that it's non other than the asian woman that have raise me for the rest 21 years of my life. Trying her best to stifled her laugh saving my pride and dignity as a man or like she would say, her little boy.

"Jesus mom what the hell are you doing?" I grumbly say to her.

A small exaggerated gasp comes out of her lips, "Is that how you talk to your mother young man?" She said teasingly as she rest her hand clutching both side of her waist.

Trisha Scoot is her name and annoying her son is her game. "You don't suddenly appeared from the dark on your kid's bed mom that's borderline stalking." I said as a small frown suddenly forming on her foreignly wringkled forehead.

"You know I came here for a mission right?" Right, her and her mission to finally one day spot me an my supposed lover walked into my apartment together. That's the only reason why she's here in the first place. To prove her guilty conscience that I have a lover.

To put this into perspective let's just say that my mom as an Asian parents are not really familiar with the term one night stand. So I can't really tell her that I'm not in a relationship with any girl that I so far have bang. Saving her from getting a heart attack I decided to completely make my love life as anonymous to her as possible. Not until a few months ago, one of my use to be bedmates trying to drag me into a relationship, which I'm not clearly into since I'm a free man by the way, by calling my mom and filling her brain with shitty romance making her do this jumps out of nowhere, uninvited, visit here and there.

"We all know the mission your talking about okay. I'm not bringing any girl home calm yourself woman." I said to her making her frown turn into a pout instead.

"Why not? shouldn't you be out an about on your romace life right now." Whining at me proceeding to fold her hand infront of her chest turning her head 90 degrees to only fumble in her anger instead.

If you know me well 'romance' for me is just as important as having hot sauce inside your kitchen cupboard, and you're allergy to spice. So glad to know it's there but don't make me elaborate further. And yes it didn't make sense but bare with me a little here. I can't always find a way to explain everything I does.

"Yeah right, another one of your romance fantasy," I scoff. "I'm surprised you still haven't wrote your own romance novel yet." I said as baffling sarcams dripping from my lips, while I help myself taking of my boots as I crawled into the softness of my bed laying on my stomach proping my head on the fluffed pillow as I prepared myself for another hour session of slow embarrassment starring my mother.

"You think I should? I mean I already have som manu-" She clear her throat trying to glare at me to hide her own embarrassment because of how slow she's getting my sarcasm. "You know I don't know why you're so aga-"

There saved by the bell. Or at least by a knock that's coming right from the front of my apartment. This programme was cut short by the slight interruption, please comback as soon as we dealt with these technical difficulty, on Early Morning with Scott and Son.

Ameera POV

It was not until a moment later that I realize the nightmare I was slowly getting was by the fact that something, okay not something that's creepy but someone was pounding on my front door like the building was on fire.

I groan trying to peer my eyes open checking the, what the heck, analog clock is not my thing I barely have the energy to think let alone reading something as ambiguous as the crap that was hanging on the wall right in front of me. Remind me to buy digital clock to put near my bed as soon as I knew how to get out of it. As I sigh in relief when the knocking subside. Burying my head further into the land of the unknowns, I was drifting away, until something worse happen.

It's like a sudden force of andrenalin as I hear my own front door being kicked over and over again similar to the sound of a wall being smash with a sledgehammer. I pry the sheet of my lower body as fast as I possibly can while peering through my phone checking that I'm barely asleep for even more than a hour hence it's still at noon when I checked my phone. For reinforcement I pre type 911 before I was up an go leaving the comfort of my newly set bed.

I groan as I stump my way barefooted down the hallway nearing the source of the horrific sound once again promising myself to kick the crap out of anyone that's standing behind it. I yank the door open as hard as it creaked almost risking getting kicked by the foot that was slowly stop pounding at the poor door that already had a foot stain on it.

"What the heck?"

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