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When things don’t go as plan. Two heart breaking things happen all in one day.

Romance / Drama
Dark Angel
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Her breathing was shallow as she watched the paper flutter to the floor of her Volkswagen. Maxi tried to keep her heart at a steady pace, but it was not happening as the paper angerly glared at her from its nice cosy spot on the passenger side floor.

"For fuck sakes." She muttered to herself, rubbing a hand over her abdomen before snatching her phone from where it was perched on her dashboard. Max flipped through the contents until she found the one she wanted. Waiting patiently as it connected and rang till almost his voice mail, his angry voice sounded over the call. "What?"

His voice was heavy with anger at the phone call, "What the heck do you want, Maxine?"

Tears gathered in her eyes, stinging as she tried hard to fight them away. "Aron, I-I..."

"Jesus Christ, spit it the fuck out, Maxine. I am at work, keeping the pay coming in cause you are not doing fuck all." He shouted, his knee thumping against the desk between him.

"I-I.... I need you home. Can you please come home?" She cried, tears spilling over, no matter how much she tried to stop them. Her stomach clenching in pain as the tears came harder than before in the doctor's office where she just sat to stunted to do anything else.

Laugher came over the other end of the phone, Maxi pulled the phone from her ear to glance down at it. "I really need you." She muttered softly, clenching onto the seat beneath her as her head started to ache more than before.

"No, Maxine. I have a very important meeting today and I am not missing it just because you are feeling lonely." The phone called clicked off after his words. Anger coursing through her suddenly, Maxine screamed and flung her phone across the car to land on top of the haunting piece of paper that had her results.

Another scream crept up her throat as she tried to keep herself at bay. Knowing that he was not gonna come home, she started the car and slowly eased herself into driving. Her heart pounding loudly against her ribcage, mouth dry and her eyes were becoming swollen as the moments passed. Maxi watched the trees pass her while finding herself heading in the opposite direction then Aron and she's house. The road quickly turning from a 50 to a 90 kilometres an hour as she made her way to the one place that she knew that she was going to get the support that she needed. At the tender age of 26, she was ready to start a family after finishing her Register Nursing degree at Trent University. Aron and she had even agreed on having their first child after she was completed, figuring it was better than starting and having to go on MAT leave. Living almost four hours from their home town where they grew up together being friends before they decided to move away after getting together and dating all through high school. she had known of her family around her other than one person. Her brother's best friend, the one she could go to whenever Aron and her got into a fight, or she did not want to stay home along as Aron was working late.

Lucus lived in a large farmhouse almost half an hour away from the centre of town where she had her doctor's office. Max quickly found herself at the large house, Lucus's goats dancing in the driveway and waiting for her to get out of the car. She giggled as her little black and white Lemon waltzed over to the car like she owned the place and snifted the door; smacking her head against it.

"I'm coming, I am coming," Maxi muttered, snagging her keys from the ignition and made her way out of the car; not bothering with grabbing her purse or phone as she knew the farmhouse was nicely hidden in the trees and brush, strangers would not be an issue. She made her way up the driveway, rubbing Lemon on her forehead and saying hello to all the other little munkchin goats.

"I did not expect to see you here today." The husky drawled voice groaned from the rap around porch, his messed haired head propped up on the couches armrest. MAxi climbed the stairs slowly, taking in her brother's best friend. His chest was bare, exposing his eight pack and his sweats hung low around his waist.

She simply shrugged at his statement, "I called Aron, but he wouldn't come home." her voice was still rough with all the crying that she had done that day, "-- and I really needed to talk to someone." Her throat closing in pain as she made her way to kick his legs off of the couch and perching herself right beside him.

Lucus sat up straight, slinging a arm around the back of her shoulders and pulling her into his chest that ached harshly at the closeness of the love of his life for the last multiple years. It was a huge pain in the ass because her brother knew right away what his little sister. "Well, I'm not on call nor work tonight. So you got me for as long as you want, sweet thang." He mumbled, rocking her softly as he caught sight of the tears that were gathering in her eyes. Snagging some of the kleenexes that was on the little outdoor side table, Lucus stuffed them under her nose and told her to blow. Too used to taking care of her when she was sick from when they were younger, he didn't think anything off it as she leaned into him more and did as he asked her.

After whipping the end of her nose clean from snot, he tossed it back onto the table, promising himself that he would clean it up when they got up from the front porch, "Now, what did you need to talk to me about, little one?" The nicknames were something that she was highly used too, being the youngest of three brothers and their best friends along with her Papa and Mama, she felt save as she nuzzled Lucus's underarm and breathed in the rich smell of Old Spice.

Maxi rubbed her eyes, pulling down her long sleeves to cover her hands as they started to shake violently. Lucus quickly catching them and drawing them into his chest, cuddling her closer to his chest as she struggled to make words make their way out of her mouth.

"Take your time, little one," Lucus muttered against her head, his right arm that was around her shoulder, started to brush away her fly away red heads that were trying to escape her messy bun that was laying on an angle on the top of her head.

Maxi groaned low, muttering a curse before pulling away from him. "I - I..."

The struggle caught him off guard as she tried to figure out the right away to say her results. "I was having a lot of problems with bleeding even on my birth control and so much pain in my pelvis." The little information and how much she was struggling was a huge indication to Lucus which was happening.

"Oh, no-"

"Yeah." She cried loudly, she scrambled into his arms when he opened them for her. Her face was buried hard in his neck, her tiny hands clenching the large man's chest.

"Why didn't you come to me?" He muttered.

Maxi blinked hard before looking up at him, "I did want to stress you if I was false, you're already a doctor working and solving other people's ailments. You don't need to stress about your best friend's sister when i could have easiest been wrong." She cried, her hands clenching at her stomach, trying to keep herself grounded at the pain that was erupting through her body.

"When were you gonna tell anyone of this, Maxine?" He replied harshly, "WE've been through this with your mother. Why didn't you say that you may have cervical cancer?"

Her voice was tight with pain, her body shaking voiently as Maxi tried to keep her barings as Lucus rose from the couch with her still in his arms. "Lucus-"

A grunt was her only repsonse, Lucus made his way into the house. Maxi always loved the look of it, it kept homey from the very beginning and Lucus allowed her do anything she saw fit with it since hemoved in. She decorated the hallway with flowers and vases on the side tables where Lucus just tossed his keys and briefcase once he got home from work. The farm house led right into the front foyer where the stairs to the understairs were perched right beside the hallway that brought them into the kitchen.The living and dining room had two seperate entrances on either side of the front foyer. She loved this house to no end, it was one of the reason Lucus had bought it, she had begged Aron for months while it was on the market and they were looking for a house, but he refused. He wanted a large bachlor pad that was only a twenty minute walk from his work so he could sleep in. No matter howmuch he complained about the sirens at night as they were on the main strip, Aron never allowed MAxi to choice a place that she also felt at home.

Lucus took the stairs two at a time, Maxi just snuggled into his chest. Only being 5"2' had and just weighting over 130 from all the dance and excersie she did when she was younger, Lucus was still able to carrier her with no trouble. Comparing the 5"2' to his 6"5' beast of a body was a huge thing, Maxi had always been way shorter then everyone else in her family, even her Mama who stood just shy of 5"8'.

"I get you try to look after yourself and not have anyone to lean on, but fuck, little one, you should have at least told Aron what was going on." Lucus muttered, bringing her into his room where his large pyrees pup, Nugget was cuddled up on the top of the large Californa sized bed. Clicking his tongue, Nugget moved over on the bed to allow his favour human to lay on the bed beside him. Maxi cuddled up to the large fluffy dog, nuzzling her face into his fur.

She stayed there for a few moments before peaking back up at Lucus, who was kneeling at the side of the bed. "I tried to tell him, but he just told me that I was looking for more attention," Maxi cried, quickly baring her face back into Nugget's fur coat.

Lucus mumbled a curse, squeezing her thigh before getting up. He always hated that idiot that his little one was dating, Aron was always talking down at her and making her feel back about herself. He blamed her all the time for going to school and getting a degree that she was proud off, saying that she should have stayed home; leaving the money for him to use and catering to everything that he wanted.

He left her where she was cuddled up on his bed, making his way back down the stairs and out of the door. Knowing that the doctors would have sent her with papers, Lucus snagged her keys off the couch when she had dropped them when she arrived and uplocked her car. He made his way by his goats, patting them on their backs as they lazied around in the grass and got to his car. Lucus grabbed her purse from the front seat and signed loudly at the sight of the crumpled papers and cell phone that was on the ground. He popped her truck, grabbing the bag of clothes that she kept in there just in case if she had to stay anywhere and brought it all into the house with him. Tossing the clothes bag and her purse onto the side table, he made his way into the kitchen and placed the folder, crumbled papers and cell phone onto the table.

It was just after lunch, knowing Maxi she more then likely has not eaten yet. Grabbing some of the leftover soup from the fridge, Lucus drained it into a pot and put it on simmer. He snagged the crumbled papers and started to smooth them out. He grimaced at the sight of the words on the paper, with the information that he was reading, he could already tell that it was time to call her parents and brothers.

He grabbed his cell from his pocket and made the call he was really dreading. The phone rang three times before a grumpy voice sounded over the line.

"The fuck you want, man?" Maxi's oldest brother, AJ, sounded.

"Dude, I think its time that you and the family come for a visit with Maxi." He muttered, eyes skimming the papers.

"Why? What the fuck is happening?" His voice growing angerly as the call continued.

Lucus dropped the papers, rubbing a hand over his face before saying the words Maxi was going to kill him for later on. "Maxi was diagnosed with stage 3 Cervical cancer."

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