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"When Idiot Meets Girl." The day Collin McBee moved next door was the worst but best day of my life. His sexiness is worth drooling over. We had what you could call a hate like relationship. Meet Collin McBee. He's known for his charming good looks, but there's more to him than just what meets the eye. He tends to get around, if you know what I mean. He's the player next door, or maybe an idiot next door. Written By Jess_P99 and Myself. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Copyright © 2015 *PLEASE NOTE* -This story is unedited and has grammatical errors- This book contains: 14+ ☆Mild Mature Theme☆ ☞ Grammatical Errors ☞ Swearing ☞ Light Sexual scene (Makeout sess)

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Chapter 1. Where Idiots Roam.


This story is unedited and has grammatical errors-

I woke up to sunlight blinding me and a loud mower next door.

“What idiot mows at 6 in the morning?” I mumble to myself. I throw on a pair of black short shorts and a neon orange muscle tank and look out the window.

“Collin McBee. Of course!”

I’ve known Collin McBee since kindergarten. We used to be best buds. Key word is used to be. We stopped being friends at the end of 7th grade. He became a idiot, and still is to this day. I storm out the door and stand in my lawn with my arms crossed facing his direction.

He looked at me and smiled, “May I help you, Lizy?”

“Yes you may.”

Still smiling, “And what with?” He asked.

“By turning off your damn lawn mower.”

He laughed, ” Oh. I’m sorry. Is it bothering you?”

I rolled my eyes. I looked down and back up, “Your such a idiot!” I screamed over the loud mower.

He laughed continued to mow his lawn.

He moved back next door to me three months ago. Ever since then, he has tried to annoy me, and it works. I’m not a patient person, especially when it comes to Collin McBee.

Soon a loud quick piercing noise rang in my ears. Then, a rock flew at my leg. Leaving a big cut, that began to gush crimson red blood.

“Great...” I mumbled to myself. I looked up and saw Collin turning the mower off and walking towards me.

“Lizy...” He says with a semi-frown as he rubs the back of his head. “I honestly didn’t know that there was a rock there.”

I roll my eyes. “I’m sure.” I say as I walk away.

He follows me. “Damn, you’re a feisty one.” I hear a laugh slip from his lips.

As I walk on my steps he grabs my hand, I turn face to face with him. His hot minty breath hit my lips as he said gentle and soft like a whisper, ” I’m sorry.”

At that very moment for some reason I had an urge to kiss him. I bit my lip and looked down at his large hand still holding onto mine. “It’s okay.” I say quietly. He looks down at our still connected hands and smiles as he let’s go. I smiled at him and turned around and began to walk into my house. Before I could close the door he put his hand on it.

“Could I come in or something?” He asked.

I laughed, ” Why?”

He shoved his hands in his pockets and shrugged, “I don’t know.”

I looked down at his bareless chest, “Well maybe you should put on a shirt first, then I’ll let you in.”

He bit his lip and looked me up and down, ” I know you like it.”

I lightly shoved him and laughed, ” Yeah whatever, Collin.”

He ran off and a moment later he came back with a shirt on. “Can I now?”

“Sure.” I say turning around and walking into the bathroom. He closed the door behind him and followed.

“Can I help?” He asked.

“Why would you out of all people want to help me?”

A smile played at the corner of his lips, “I don’t know. Maybe because I know you don’t like blood, and your leg is bleeding.”

I look down at my leg and gulp. I really don’t like blood. I begin to feel dizzy as I stare at it, I try to look away but I can’t my eyes are glued to it.

“Oh my...” I feel as if I’m going to throw up.

“Lizy, sit down. You’re gonna pass out and hit your head on the floor or something.”

My legs wobble as I sit down on the couch quickly before I fall over.

“Where’s your first aid kit?” He asked.

I looked up at him, “it’s in the bathroom under the sink.”

“Okay uh.” He rubbed the back of his neck and came closer. “Well maybe we should put some alcohol or disinfectant on it.”

“Lizy.” A soft quiet voice said. “Lizy.” Then I felt someone poking me in the arm. “Lizy!”

My eyes shot open. I turned over and saw my best friend Tamara.


She grinned at me, “You have to get dressed. School starts in 40.”

I smacked her in the face with my pillow, then her face was covered with her hair. She brushed the hair out of her face and laughed, ” Lizy just get up.” She says smacking me in the boob.

I gasped and sat up, ” Bitch.” I say with a smack to her boob but harder.

She laughed out of pain. “Whore!”

“Slut!” I yelled as we hit each other’s boobs.

We started laughing as I threw the blanket off of me and opened my closet.


I turned around to see her smirking, “What?” I asked.

“Cute bra and undies.”

I laughed, “Thanks.”

She got up off my bed and stood beside me. “You’re welcome. Can I pick your outfit?”

I sit on the edge of my bed and look at her with a half smile. “Go for it.”

She pulled out a grey tight crop top, black leggings, a black and white flannel jacket, and some black converse.

“This should do.” She says as she hands them to me.

I smile. “Thanks Tamara. I know I can always trust your expertise.” I say as I put the clothes on.

“Now to your makeup, girly.”

I laugh as she follows me into my bathroom. She sits on the toilet lid and starts talking about Mr. Hale, the most perverted teacher I have ever meet in my entire life.

“Did you see Mr. Hale on Friday? He was so sexy. He’s got the hottest butt ever!” She exclaimed, almost yelling.

I chuckled as I put the last bit of my mascara on, “Yeah I saw him. Are you ready to go?”

She hopped up holding her purse, popping her lips. “Yup!”

We walked out of my bathroom and I looked out the window to see Collin sitting on his bed. I bit my lip and continued to walk until we reached my front door.

We got into my crappy car. Just as Collin walked out of his house. He glances over at us.

“Here comes the biggest douche in America.” Tamara says as she puts her sunglasses on.

He walks over to Tamara’s side as I begin to roll down the window. He pops his head in and leans his arm against the car.

“Hello Ladies.”

“Hey jerkwad!” Tamara says as she smirks and just gestures at him.

“And what are you up to this fine morning?” He asks.

“Going to school. What every normal teenager does. What do you think we’re doing this early in the morning?” Tamara says.

“Hey, Bitch, I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to Lizy.”

Tamara gasped loudly pulling her whole head into his view. “You know what-”

He covered her mouth and pushed her head against the car rest.

“So Lizy, are you doing anything tonight?”

I laughed and looked at the two of them. Tamara bit his hand as he pulled away. “Yeah she is. She’s working!” She yelled.

“Look, I wasn’t talking to you,Tomorrow.”

“It’s Tamara!” She snapped.

“Do I look like I care? Stop answering for her. She can speak for herself.”

I laughed and Tamara crossed her arms and started to pout like a child.

A smirk played at his lips, “So uh, can I get a ride or what?”

“Why would I give you a ride? You have your own car.”

He looks out towards the sun as it shines on his face. “It’s in the shop getting fixed... so can I have a ride?”

I roll my eyes and look at Tamara who is shaking her head viciously.

I sigh. “Fine. But only this one time and you have to sit in the back.”

He smiled and opened the back door throwing his bag in first. He closed the door but it didn’t close all the way.

“You have to slam it.”

He laughed and looked at me, “What?”

“You have to slam it. This car is a piece of crap.” I say turning to face the front.

“Damn right it is.” He says as the car shakes from the slam. He buckled his seatbelt and I began to drive our way to school.

Tamara bopped the on switch to the radio and on came the song Hello by Adele.

“Hello, it’s me

I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet,

To go over everything

They say that time’s supposed to heal ya

But I ain’t done much healing.” Tamara and I sang along while doing some funky dance moves.

Little chuckles came from the back seat. I glanced at a laughing Collin in the rear view mirror.

“Why are you laughing?” I asked with a slight smile.

An arrogant smirk slowly appeared on his face, “Because the two of you are...odd.”

“Oh yeah and you don’t do this with your friends?” Tamara buts in.

“We do.” He mutters.

“Then what’s the problem?” I say, glancing at him in the rear view mirror. “Dude, you have to just let it out and be a weirdo.”

“Yeah just let it flow out of you like a river of weirdness.” Tamara says gesturing to a river.

Collin laughed and started playing an air guitar.

I chuckled, “See, you got this.”

Once we arrive at the school, Collin dashes out of the car without even saying thank you. Tamara and I quickly get out of the car. I slam the driver seat door behind me.

“Douche.” I scoff.

Collin stops abruptly. “What did you just call me?” He says turning around to face me.


Tamara interrupts with her arms crossed, “You heard her Collin.”

He shakes his head and steps towards us. “This is my turf! Don’t talk to me unless I say otherwise.”

“Um excuse you!” I scorn.

He rolls his eyes at me and then swiftly turns around, now making his way towards the school’s front doors.

“Unbelievable! Just unbelievable!” I exclaim turning to Tamara. “Who does he think he is talking to us that way?!”

Tamara shrugs. “He’s just an idiot, don’t let him get to you. I mean why would you want to talk to him anyways?”

“I mean he is my neighbor. I was just being nice. His family is friends with my family, but oh well.” I sigh as we walk through the school doors.

“Let’s just forgot about him. He can have fun walking home after school.”

I nod in agreement.

A couple minutes later we walk into our first hour class, History. Tamara and I take our seats in the second to last row from the back. Collin enters the classroom and walks in between our desks, a smirk begins to form along with a wink. I roll my eyes and look at the sheet of paper in front of me. He takes his seat down behind me. Diego follows behind him sitting down in front of Tamara.

Mr. Hale walks into the room, and claps his hands together as he shuts the door behind him.

“Hey, Mr. Hale!” A group of preppy cheerleaders say flirtatiously.

He chuckles, leaning his back up against the wall with his arms crossed. He takes a big bite out of a lemon jelly filled donut. The jelly drips down his mouth. He quickly licks it off of his lips.

He claps his hands together and glances around the room. “So who wants to tell me what happened over the weekend?”

A pretty blonde cheerleader with bright blue eyes responses instantly. “I went to the lake and sun-tanned topless in my new bikini.”

Mr. Hale rubs his chin as a smug smirk tugs at his lips. “That’s a great way to spend a weekend. I wish I could have been there for that.”

She shimmies her shoulders. “There’s always next weekend.” She winks.

He nods and bites his lips slightly. He glances over at me, leaning over his desk towards me. “What did you do over the weekend, Liz?”

I shrug. “Nothing really. You know just the usual.”

“What’s the usual? Please enlighten me.” He grins.

“I babysat my cousins and worked. That’s about it.”

He nods. “And where do you work?”


“I love that store!” He exclaims. “Do you think you could give your favorite teacher a discount?” He inquires with a wink along with an eyebrow raise.

I smile awkwardly, “No. We’re not allowed to do that.” I tell him.

“Come on. You can’t play safe forever.” He says dragging out the r.

A quiet chuckle comes from behind me. I roll my eyes and take a deep breath while turning to face Collin. “What?” I ask.

He slouches down into his chair and places his feet on the back of my chair. “Mr.Hale.”

I sigh, “And what about him?”

“He likes you.”

“I can tell.” I say softly.

He crosses his arms and sits up slightly, “It’s really c-”

“I thought I wasn’t allowed to talk to you, Collin?” I interrupt.

He quickly removes his feet from the back of my chair, accidently kicking it in the process. Soon my face collided with the ground as I fell out of the my chair.

“Are you okay?!” Tamara exclaims while attempting to help me up.

I get up as Mr. Hale and Collin both grab my waist in an effort to help me up.

“Lizy are you alright? That was quite the fall you took.” Mr. Hale inquires.

“Oh no!” Collin yells.

“What?” I inquire sluggishly.

“Your nose is gushing out! We need to get you to the nurse!” Mr.Hale exclaims.

I touch my nose and feel as if something is seeping from it. As I pull my hand away, I glance down at it to see a large velvety red liquid on it. The smell of metallic encompasses me. My eyes begin to go blurry as if I am about to blackout.

“She hates blood. It’s like a phobia of her’s or something. It’s called Hemophobia, I think.” Collin mutters under his breath anxiously.

I try to keep my focus on Tamara or Diego, in an effort to not faint in class in front of everyone. My eyes begin to flicker out and my legs began to go slightly weak.

“She looks like she’s about to pass out. Someone needs to get her to the nurse’s office.” Diego says sincerely.

“Okay. Uh Collin, take her to the nurse’s office.” Mr. Hale says as he glances over at Collin.

“Me? Why me?” He whines.

Mr. Hale rolls his eyes and says aggravatedly. “You’re taking her. Don’t ask questions just do what I tell you.”

“How am I supposed to take her? Do I carry her or something?” Collin asks.

Mr. Hale reached over and flicks him in the head. “Shut up. If she can’t walk then you carry her. Don’t take the stairs, take the elevator.”

He rubs his forehead. “Ouch! Fine, okay. I’ll take her.”

Collin takes one of my arms and has me wrap it around his waist as he wraps his arm around my waist.

We walk to the elevator and slowly get in.

“Are you doing okay so far?” Collin asks me as he presses the ground floor button.

I nod slightly. “I’m.. fine.” I say sluggishly.

Once we get to the first level Collin leads me out of the elevator towards the nurse’s office.

“Aye Nurse Lady, she fell and hit her face.” Collin says while placing me on one of the beds.

Mrs. Rios, the nurse digs through the drawers for medical supplies.

“Her name is Mrs. Rios, not Nurse Lady. You’re so disrespectful.” I mumble softly.

He opens his mouth to say something but gets interrupted by Mrs. Rios. “I can take it from here young man.” She says sharply.

His eyes widened, “Uh..alright.” He gives me a small smile and walks out the door.

She pulls up a doctor chair to look at my nose. She then places her ice cold pale white hands on the sides of my bloody nose.

“Does it hurt or is it numb?” She questions.

“Both. The bridge of my nose really hurts though.” I hiss.

“I think you should go see your family physician. Your nose is already beginning to bruise. It looks like it could be broken.” Mrs. Rios explains to me.

“Do you think I’ll need surgery for it?” I inquire.

“Perhaps. I am not exactly sure how severe the break is. If it is severe enough you might have surgery.” She explains to me as she rubs hand sanitizer into her hands.

I begin to feel nauseous. I don’t want to have surgery! I’ve never had surgery before on anything and I’m not about to start now.

She cleans up the blood in, on, and around my nose as much as she can. Then she places a tiny white bandage created specifically for a person’s nose.

“Is there anyone at home I could call to have pick you up?” She asks.

I shake my head no, “I could drive myself home. Thank you though.”

She smiles, “You’re welcome sweetie, I’ll let the office know you will be heading home. Feel better!”

I slowly hop off the bed and work my way towards Mr. Hale’s class to get my bag.

A couple minutes later I walk into the classroom. Everyone goes silent and turns to stare at me. I can feel my face flush.

“Liz, how is your nose feeling?” Mr. Hale asks as he places his hand underneath my chin.

“Um. I’m leaving. I need to get my bag.” I tell him gently pushing his hand away from my face.

I walk to my seat and grab my bag from under my seat. I swing my cross over bag over my shoulder.

“Feel better!” Tamara and Diego say simultaneously.

They exchange glances.

“Text me when you get home. I’ll come check on you later.” Tamara smiles sincerely.

“WE! We will come over later and check on you.” Diego says pushing her shoulder roughly.


I wake up from a quick nap to the doorbell ringing a couple times.

“One minute!” I yell.

I run up to my room and toss my silky silver robe with black lace trim on. I then run to the door and open it slowly.

“It’s about time you showed up.” I laugh thinking that I’m speaking to Tamara.

“So you’ve been expecting me.” Collin says with a smug smirk on his face as he leans up against the door frame.

I feel my cheeks heat up and I laugh awkwardly. “Uh..”

He glances down at my slightly open robe, “Who’s the lingerie for?”

I pull my robe shut and cross my arms over it. “It’s not for anyone.”

Collin peeks his head through the door with a slight smirk, “So can I come in?”

“Why do you want to come in?” I ask.

He smirks impishly, “Because you clearly want me to come in.” He says with a wink.

I roll my eyes. “No I really... Fine whatever come in.”

I open the door more to let him in.

He pushes past me. “Thanks foxy lady!”

“Uh ew. Yeah don’t call me that. Ever!” I say as I walk over towards the couch.

“Alrighty then. Feisty.” He says sniffing the air.

*Beep Beep Beep*

“Uh I think something’s burning. Are you trying to cook or something?” He questions.

“Shit!” I exclaim as I jump up from the couch.

I run into the kitchen to check on the four cheese lasagna.

" Smells like an asshole.” He says as the fire alarm goes off.

“Wow! Thanks that makes me feel just great.” I say sarcastically.

“Yeah um your nose is uh like bleeding again.” He says as he motions towards my nose.

I quickly go to the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror. I bend down and open the cabinet doors and grab a box that has medical supplies in it. As I stand back up I hit my head on the top of the cabinet.

“What happened Liz?”

I place the box on the counter and place my hand on my head. “I hit my head.”

He walked out of the bathroom and came back moments later with a gel ice pack. “Here.”

“Thank you.” I say with a small smile.

He nods and placed his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me against the counter. He opens the box and pulls out a white bandage. He grabs a washcloth out of the drawer next to my thighs and wets it. He pulls off the bandage on my nose and throws it in the small trash can and begins to clean up the blood around my nose.

“I can clean up my nose myself. You don’t have to do it for me.” I giggle out of embarrassment.

“It’s fine. I don’t mind.” He smirks.

I hear something shatter and break in the hallway by the front door.

“Did you hear that?” I ask Collin as I glance out towards the hallway.

“Yeah I heard that.” He says walking out in front of me.

I follow behind him. We walk towards the front door where the noise came from.

As we reach the front door, I see Tamara and Diego picking up the shattered glass belonging to our family picture frame.

Collin crosses his arms in front of him and clears his throat.

Tamara and Diego quickly turn around to face us, dropping the pieces of glass in the process creating more shards to pick up.

“What is he doing here?!” Tamara asks, she stands up quickly and pops her hip out and places her hand on it.

I open my mouth in an effort to speak but Collin cuts me off.

“I came to check on her.” He says defensively.

“That’s shocking considering this morning you said that she couldn’t talk to you at school.” Tamara tightly says.

“What do you mean he said she couldn’t talk to him?” He asks glancing at Tamara, and then at Collin.

“She gave him a ride to school this morning and when we pulled into the parking lot, he ditched us and told her not to talk to him a school.” Tamara explains.

Collin rolls his eyes and puts his hands up defensively. “I didn’t mean it like that.”

Tamara laughs. “No, I’m pretty sure you meant it.”

Collin looks down and then glances at me. “Okay, well I’m sorry that I came off that way Lizy and Tamara.”

“It’s okay, Collin, don’t worry about it.” I smile.

Tamara crosses her arms in front of her chest. “Whatever.”

“You look sexy, Lizy!” Diego exclaims. “...why are you dressed like that?” He asks.

I look down to see my robe half open and quickly hold it closed. “Because that’s what I sleep in, Diego you already know this.”

A smirk begins to form on Collin’s lips

Diego steps closer to me and licks his lips. “I could just bang you right here, right now!”

Collin’s eyes grew wide as he shoved his hands into his pockets.

“Ew that’s disgusting! You are such a perverted little perv!” Tamara screams out of disgust.

I slap his chest and begin laughing uncontrollably.

“Why are guys such pigs?!” Tamara inquires.

Diego and Collin simultaneously say. “We’re not!”

Tamara rolls her eyes and checks herself out in the mirror above the accent table in front of the stairs.

“Why are you checking yourself out? Do you have a date or something?” I giggle.

She applies a mauve pink lipstick to her lips and she rubs them together. “Actually I do. Only with the hottest guy in school!” She squeals.

I chuckle. “Uh and who would that be?”

Collin butts into the conversation. “He’s obviously not the hottest guy in the school because I mean, I’m right here.”

I roll my eyes at Collin’s irrelevant comment.

“Ew! No, it’s Tanner Lincoln!” She gushes.

Collin laughs, ” M-y-y best friend!”

She swirls around. “Yup.” She slips her phone out of her black purse and glances down at it. “I should really get going.” She continues. “I hope you feel better Lizy! I’ll see you tomorrow.” She ends with a hug and walks out the door.

I look at Diego and Collin to see them staring at me.

“What are you guys starring at?” I question pulling my robe tightly closed around me.

They both begin to nod at me with smirks on their faces.

“You guys are so weird! Why don’t you guys just date each other.” I state with a laugh.

They both look at each other and then back at me. “Ew no! I like girls!” They both say simultaneously.

“Your nose is really bruised.” Diego says.

“Oh wow thanks! You sure do know how to compliment a girl.” I say sarcastically.

“I think she knew that already, dude.” Collin says calmly.

He crosses his arms and keeps glancing down at my robe. “Lizy, you know what I meant.”

I laugh. “Guys... Leave. Now.” I tell them as I point towards the door.

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