Calling the Doctor

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Dominic (Doc) Doc is an ex-marine and is a fully patched in member of the Hell’s Riders MC club. He runs the local clinic in the town of Rockvilla. He does not have a wife or any kids, but he wants them for he is ready to settle down. The problem is finding a woman that can handle his life as being a doctor and a MC member/doctor. Lucia (LuLu) LuLu is a young curvy woman. She is a tough person but a heart of gold. She is one of the best nurses at a privet hospital. One of her patients has become obsess with her and she is forced to run. She runs to the other side of the stats to a small-town call Rockvilla.

Romance / Drama
Katherynn Casarez
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I sighed in relief as I set the last box of my things down. lifting up my arms above my head and stretching out my back. Lugging fifteen boxes up three flights of stairs just to end in a smelly one-bedroom apartment does a real number on your body, but I got to do what I got to do. I had to move from my three-bedroom family home from the city of Crystal Vally to the small town of Rockavilla.

See what happened was that I use to work at a great privet hospital that only had patients who worked for the mob or some sore of gang. but I did not know this at the time. One Patient became obsess with me and started to fallow me everywhere. He attacked me one day near work, luckily there was a cop around the corner that heard me scream and he ran when the cop came to help. Later I that he is the son of a mob boss. Next thing I know there is a bounty on my head to bring me in as the guys wife. Apparently, the boss’s son like me some much that he didn’t want anyone else for his wife. So, I ran.

That all leaves me to here in this smelly, cheap rent, lousy apartment. today I have to get the apartment ready thing I go to my new job at the local clinic thanks to my best friend and old boss. My new boss is named Dr. Dominic Davis and My friend said that he owed her a favor so she cashed in and got me a new job that is under the table so my name cannot be traced. My friend told me that he is a nice guy and a great doctor so I will be okay.

I looked around in the living room at all the boxes and played pick a box picks a box for thirty minutes before I picked the boxes for the bedroom. I grabbed the first two boxes and headed to the bedroom to start unpacking. I did not get to pack much of my stuff, for I was in a rush to get out of town. I pack the most needed such as clothing, bathroom needs, books, and a few kitchen supplies.

After unpacking the last box in the kitchen, I stood there in relief. Now I need to get food, it is a good thing that I had a great paying job, I got to save a lot of money for a rainy day and boy is it down pouring on me lately. I headed over to my purse that is sitting on the counter and checked my wallet for the money I withdrew before closing my bank account. First thing I did was count out two hundred for the store and put back in my purse. I took the rest of it and put it in a shopping bag before putting it in my freezer, I will move it later. I grabbed my purse and head out the door to the store that is down and around the corner.

I arrived at the market and found a bunch of motorcycles parked outside of the store. I sucked in a deep breath and steadied myself for what is to come. Grabbing a cart, I headed inside and saw a tone of bikers walking around the aisle with carts full of junk food, meat, and beer. I giggled to myself, they must be having a party. I grab a cart and head down the bread aisle. After grabbing two loafs of butter milk bread and head for the next aisle for some crackers and popcorn. At the end of the aisle, in front of the crackers were two beautiful women. One was standing tall with a new born baby in her arms from the looks of it. The second one was much shorter, even shorter than me. They both seemed to be looking for something but cannot seem to find it.

I walked up to them and cleared my throat for they were blocking the way to the crackers I want. The one with the baby seamed that she didn’t hear me but the other woman turned and smiled at me. “I am sorry” She said and moved over but continue to look. “What are you looking for if I may ask?” I asked her as I grabbed a box of crackers. “I looking for some salt crackers. I have a bit of an upset tummy.” She replied. “I saw them in the front of the store over by the check-out stands om display with the tomato soups.” “Thank you some much. by the way my names are Katie and this is my friend Cece.” Katie said as Cece turned around, That I guess to see who Katie was talking to. That when I got a sight of the cutest baby I have ever seen and nothing could stop me from cooing over the young baby in the blue blanket. “And who might this good-looking young man be?” I asked as the baby blinks up at me and smiles. “This is Michael.” Cece says and smiles down at her baby boy. “He is the most precious things I have ever seen. Oh, and my name is Lucia. It is nice to meet you both. I just moved here and I am glad to meet at least two nice people on my first day here.” I said and we all giggled together.

Suddenly a big man stepped up to us and in a deep voice said, “Is there a problem here girls?” I quickly stepped back away from every one and tried not to shake in fear at the big man in front of me. “Oh Lucia, please don’t be afraid. Beast you are scaring our new friend her, back down.” Katie said and patted my arm in reassurance. “I should get back to shopping. Got a new kitchen to fill up.” I said and quickly grabbed my shopping cart and headed down the aisle. As I move to the next aisle a small hand grabbed my arm and stopped me from moving on. I turn and find Katie behind me and I can hear Cece next to us bitching out who I guess is the man that showed up.

Please Lucia, don’t be afraid of him. I know he looks and sounds really scary; I thought the same when I first met him but I got to know him and now I know he is a great guy. How about this give me you cell phone number and We can stay in touch? Me and Cece are even having a party followed by a girl’s night tonight while the boys have a party out back. How does that sound?” She asked me. It would be nice to have a friend or two in this town. “Sure, why not.” I said and handed her my prepaid untraceable cell phone as she gave me hers to put my number in it. After returning each other phone we said good bye and we head back to finish our shopping.

When I am finish and all checked out, I head back to my apartment with my hands full of bags. I am so glad that I only live around the corner, but the down part is all those stairs with these heavy bags. You can do it, I thought to myself and headed up the stairs. When I finally reach my door, I place my bags on the floor between my feet and the door in case someone came running by and tried something. It takes some three tries to jimmy the lock with the key to get it to unlocked and open. Like I said a really crappy apartment.

Right after I finished getting my food and drinks put away, My phone pings for an incoming message. Picking it up I see a message from Katie telling me the party starts at five, and the address to the place under that. I quickly look at the time and find it to be three-thirty. I ran to my closet to first pack a little night back with my toiletries and something to sleep in. After packing those things, I head back to my closet to look for something to wear. I decided to keep it simple and go with some skinny jeans and a black heavy rock band t-shirt that got it when I was young.

After showering and getting dressed, I looked up the address on the maps on my cell phone just to find that the place was Five blocks down the street from me. I sigh in relief at the fact that the place is in walking distance. I send a quick message to Katie tell her that I am heading out, then I grabbed my purse and my overnight back and head out the door. Fighting with it three more time to lock the stupid thing.

As I step in front of this big iron gate, I am dumb stuck by all the motorcycles parted behind the gate. I know I am at the right place for I can hear the loud rock music coming from behind the big building that looks like a refurbished hotel, but the gate is closed so I have no way of joining the party. Maybe I should just go home. As I turn to leave and head back home my phone starts going off in my purse. I quickly pull out my phone before the call can finish and answer it. “Hello?” I asked. “Hay Lucia. Have you made it yet?” “I am at the gate but it seems to be lock. and no one is here to open it for me.” “That’s odd. There is always a prospect on the gate. Oh, there is Doc! I will grab him and a prospect go let you in. I would come back I am currently eating and I really don’t want to leave it.” “That’s okay but these guys won’t be as scary, are they?” “No. No. they are just fine people.” she said and hung up the phone.

I place my phone back into my purse and waited for someone names Doc and prospect to show up. I waited for twenty minutes before this young boy and an older looking man came up to the gate. The younger man was cutie but the older man was sexy as hell. He looked to be maybe ten years older than me but the rugged older man look, with is short nice trimmed beard, nice trimmed hair, red flannel covering what looked like a strong working mussel. To complete the look, he had a dark jeans and biker boots. “Hello, are Lucia?” He asked with a deep voice that made my legs go weak. “Yes, I am her.” “Open the gate now prospect.” He said and then smiled at her.

The young boy ran over to the side of the gate and entered some sort of code and the gate slide open. The sexy man stepped up to me and held out his hand. My name is Dominic and I am here to company you to the party where I will take you straight to the girls.” I smiled at him and took the hand he held out for me as we made our way to on to the property and around the hotel. When we came around the building, I saw the back yard full of biker men drinking and partying, and they all look so scary. On instinct I grabbed onto Dominic’s’ arm and stood closer to him. “It’s okay, Light you are safe with me.” Dominic whispered in my ear and I was calmed by his words.

We walked through the crowed of bikers to the back porch of the building and that is were I saw Cece sitting down feeding her baby, and Katie feeding herself. I am starting to think this little one is with child. Before I can take a seat next to them Dominic to my hand once again and brought it up to his lips and kissed it. “It was nice to meet you B. I hope we meet again another time.” He said. My face went red all over and I just nodded my head as he softly laughed.

I sat down next to the girls that started to giggle at the interaction. “Someone likes you girl, and I love the nick name. LuLu, it fits you well.” Cece said. I looked down at my fingers as I twisted them. “Well do you like him?” asked Katie. I just nodded my head, still not able to speak. “His name is Doc because he is the clubs Doctor.” Cece said. “What club are you talking about?” “I forgot that you just moved here. This is the MC club Hell’s Rides. They are scary looking men but they are loyal good men as well.” I nodded my head and looked around at all the bikers that were here. My eyes landed on Dominic and I saw that he was looking at me as well. I blushed once again and looked down at my twisting fingers once again.

After an hour of sitting and chatting with the girls a beer was place on the table in front of me and a man with blond hair sat next to me with a blond hair and a big grin on his face. He wears black jeans with a black t-shirt with a vest over it. “Hello baby. My names Ace. What is your name beautiful?” He is kind of cutie, but I can see through his pretty boy looks and see the player underneath. “My name is Lucia. It is nice to meet you.” I told him as I shake his hand. “I see you over here and have yet had anything to drink. With me being one of this party host I knew it was my duty to bring over a fresh cold beer just for you.” “That is so kind of you, but I am not a beer drinker. I am sorry.” Ace just smiled and slides closer to me and softly took my hand to caress it. “Maybe I can get you something a little harder, if you would like?” That’s when we hear someone clear their throat behind us.

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