Calling the Doctor

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I stand by the fire, drinking my glass of whiskey on the rocks as I listen to Ace talk about this chick, he took to bed the night before. I have grown bored with his man whore ways. I never have been interested in sleeping around. The problem is that finding a good woman that can handle a doctor’s hectic life, let alone the dangerous life I have as a biker club member. For now, I will just deal with the stupid dating website that Cece and Katie signed me up for.

I empty my whiskey and head over to the food for something to even out the liquor. As I am passing the back patio, Katie flags me down, so I turn and walk over to her. “I am sorry to bother you but I need your help with something. Would you mind going to the gate and letting my friend, Lucie, inside. She said there was no one at the gate, which I find odd. I will have to tell Reaper letter about it. He is cooking the meat at the moment and you know how he is when he’s cooking meat.” She said and giggled. I lightly laughed, turning back around I head off to the gate. On the way I passed the blond prospect flirting with one of the sheep, and wave him to follow me.

As I walk up to the gate, I see a tiny women standing on the other side looking cold and scared. She was sexy as hell, she looked to be about early twenties with rich dark brown hair that way in a high bun. Her dark tanned skinned looked soft to the touch. I look to her eyes and they shine Carmel brown. She looks to me and I send her my best friendly smile to help put her to easy. “Hello, are you Lucie?” “Yes, that is me.” She said in a small sweet voice that sounded like bells. I turn to the prospect and hollered at him to open the gate.

When the gate was finally open, I stepped up to my angle and held out my hand for her. “My name is Dominic, better known as Doc. I am here to accompany you to the party where I will take you straight to the girls.” As she told my hand I felt sparks shoot up my arm and into my chest making my heart beat faster.

As we around the club house, my Light steps closer to me and I can tell she is scared. “It is ok Light. You are safe with me.” I told her to help her calm down. Once we reached the other girls and I knew it was time to leave her, no matter how much it hurt my heart. Before she could take a seat, I turned her to me and grabbed her hand. I brought her hand to my lips and placed a soft kiss to it. “It was nice to meet you my Bright Light. I hope we meet again another time.” I told her before leaving her to visit with the girls.

It has been a few hours since I met my Light and the hold time, I could not keep my eyes off her. I watch her close, to make sure she is ok. I see her laugh and smile with the girls. It warms my heart that she can get along well with the old ladies, and I picture with cut on her shoulders with my name written all over it. I may know she is not so young, but most decently too young for an old fuck like me, but I can’t stop imagining about what a life with her would look like.

I move over to the buffet table and I can’t stop myself from looking over at my girl. I know she has not eaten yet, and I am hungry once again. So, I started making My Light and myself a plate. Not sure what she would like, I put a little bit of everything on both our plates. With both plates full of food, I turn to head over to my Light only to find Ace sitting next to her and no doubt trying to flirt with her. As I near them I catch the last bit of what Ace is saying and it confirms my thoughts that he is trying to flirt with her, which makes my blood boil. I look over to my girl and find her uncomfortable with his flirting.

I clear me through loudly, getting both of their attention. My Light sends me a pleasing look of help, and Ace looks up to me with his stupid grin on his face. “Hay Ace. I think Diamond is looking for you.” I said to him and watched as his stupid grin got even bigger. He quickly gets up and goes looking for the sheep herself. I place her plate in front of her and sat next to her with my own plate in front of me. “I was hungry and I noticed that you did get anything to eat. It is a nice spread that the women made. I think they’d be sad that you didn’t try any of it. She smiles up at me and in a tiny voice she says “Thank you. By the way, why did you call me Bright Light?” “Because in Spanish Lucia means light and your eyes shine like the brightest of lights.” And you bring light to my life, I thought to myself.

We sit in silence as we ate but I can tell it is not an uncomfortable silence. When I finished eating, I turn to her and saw that she was also done. After whipping her mouth and hands with her napkin, she turns to me and I can tell she wants to ask me something. When she bites her lip, I have to force myself from groaning with pleasure. Hoping to stop the lip biting I say. “You know you can ask me anything you want.” Letting go of her lip she smiles with relief and takes a deep breath. “Katie said that this is a biker club, and I was wondering what it was like to be a biker here.”

“Well we don’t get into trouble if that is what you are asking.” I laugh and smile as her face turns red confirming that she was. “What we do is a lot of fun raising for the town and we help out people when we can. We also own a few of the business around town.” “That is so cool of you guy to do that for the town. Which shops does the club own?” “Well first we have the strip on the next block over, the mechanic shop that is in town, and Reaper is remodeling a building down the street for a bakery that Katie will run for the club. That leaves the clinic in town that I run when I don’t have to patch one of the brothers up here.” “Wait! That means you are Doctor Davis. I am nurse Lucia. My friend got me a job working for you. I start there tomorrow. It is so nice to meet you out of work. I was afraid that you were going to be a snob or something. Ow gosh I shouldn’t have said that I am sorry.” she said giggling into her hand. “Well I am glad to say that I am not snob or anywhere near that.” I replied with a slight tug of my lip.

The band started playing a slow song and I couldn’t pass up the chance of holding her in my arms. “Will you dance with me?” “Yes. I would love to dance with you.” After I stood up from my seat, I took her hand and helped her to stand from her seat before leading her to the dance floor that is set up in front of the band. I take her hands and place them around my neck, then I wrap mine around her waist and we started to sway to the soft music playing. She laid her head down on my chest and I lean down and placed my chin on her head. She was so tinny compared to my height and mass, but she felt so perfect in my arms. She smelled like coconuts, it was so intoxicating. I could feel her vary perky breast pressed against my body and I could tell she was getting cold by her nipples poking me and it’s making me hard.

When the song finally ends, I lean down and whisper in her ear, “Would you like to go get a drink from the bar?” She looks up at me and nods her head yes, and we make our way to the bar that is set up on the back-yard deck. When we reach the bar, I lightly grab Light by the waist, pick her up and set her down on one of the stools. I stand behind her and wrap my arms around her small frame to keep her warm. “What would you like Light?” I asked her. She turns her head and looks up at me with an unsure look and ask, “What are you going to have?” “Well, baby. I was going to have a glass of whiskey. I am not much of a beer drinker. I leave that to the younger guys.” I say and mentally kick myself for reminding myself how much older than her I am. “I have never gone drinking before so I don’t know what I will like. Can I just have what you are having?” “Sure, thing Light.” I nod to the prospect that is working the bar tonight and hold up two fingers to indicate two whiskeys.

A few minutes later we both of a glass of whiskey in our hands and I say, “Tell me about yourself, Light.” “What would you like to know?” “Everything.” “Well I will tell you everything if you tell me everything.” She said with a big smile on her pretty little face and I smiled back at her.

After finishing my third whiskey, I look at the time and see that we have been talking and drinking for three hours. We have learned just about everything about each other and I happy that I found out that we have so much in common even though I am twenty years older than her. I feel like we were meant to be and it warms my heart that we get along so well. I look down to her to ask if she would like another drink, but I find her swaying back and forth on her stool. My poor girl is drunk and it is my fault. I should have suggested she drink something that wasn’t so strong. Suddenly Katie is next to us with a saddened look on her face. Before she can say anything, she takes one look at my Light and frowns deeply. “Doc! What is wrong with her?” “She is not a big drinker and we have three whiskies each. I blame myself. I should have her been drinking something else.” “Well we were supposed to have a sleep over but Reaper is making me turn in early because I am not feeling well. But...” “But what?” “I came over here to see if she wanted a ride home or to still spend the night. I believe she walked here and I really don’t think she should be walking home this late at night.” “Don’t worry. I will watch over her and she can sleep in my bed tonight and I will take the cot in my office.” “Thank you so much Doc!” She said and kissed me on the cheek. Reaper stepped up glaring at me. I nod to him and he nods back. “Come on Cupcake. It is time for bed.” He says before wrapping his arms around her waist and leading her to the club house.

I turn back to my girl just to find her leaning back against me and looking up at me with a cutie, sleepy smile. “Come on, my Light. It is time for your bed as well. I hope you don’t hate me in the morning for getting you drunk.” I told her even though I know she cannot understand me. I placed my hands on her waist and helped her down from the stool. As I place her down on her feet, she sways back and forth. I wrap my arms around her and let her lean on me for support as we make our way into the club house.

When we reached the stairs, Light must had passed out because her body goes slack and if it wasn’t for the fact that I was holding her up she would had fallen to the floor. I reached down and slipped my arms behind her knees and picked her up before carrying her up the stairs to my bedroom. As I step up to my bedroom, I sigh in relief to find my door already open. First thing I do is place my sleeping girl in the recliner that is sitting next to the window, where I like to sit and read in my spare time. After setting my girl down, I head to the bed and turn down the blankets.

When I pick her back up from the chair, she stirs in her sleep a little but remains asleep. As I lay her down on the bed and over her up, her eyes open a little and she whispers “Please don’t leave me.” “I will just sleep in the chair right there if that makes you feel better.” I said pointing out the chair across the room. She smiles and falls back to sleep. I leave a kiss on her head before going to the closet to get a pillow and blanket. As I lean the chair back and get ready for the night, I look over to my girl sleeping peacefully and I thank the heavens for sending her my way.

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