Calling the Doctor

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I wake up to bright light shining into the room making the pounding in my head that much worse. My mouth feels like I have a desert in my throat. Opening my eyes, I look around the bright room to find I am not in my lousy apartment. The walls are nice royal blue, that match the blue carpet flooring and the dark blue curtains that are hanging on the window, next to the bed that I am currently laying in. Right next to the window is a dark wood desk full of papers and files, with a rich brown leather chair by it. At the end of the couch is a dark blue couch a few feet from the bed facing the wall where a flat screen TV hung on the wall.

Looking around I find a bottle of water, next to what look to be a bottle of painkillers. After quickly taking two pills and finishing off the bottle of water, my hangover started to relieve itself. With my headache calming down and my dehydration satisfied I started to remember what had transpired the night before. Coming to the club, meeting Dominic my new boss, dancing with my new boss, drinking with my new boss. Oh God! What if I made a fool of myself? What if I was inappropriate with him? I started to panic but a door to my right opening distracted me as I looked to find Dominic walking out, with a pair of jeans on and a black t-shirt in his hands. I can’t stop myself from drooling over the right of his strong chest, flat, hard six pack abs, and the line of dark hair that runs from navel to disappears under his pants.

Dominic clears his throat and knocks me out of my dirty thoughts. “How are you feeling?” He asks. “Better than when I first woke up. Thank you for the water and pills.” He smiles and nods his head before pulling his t-shirt over his head sealing away the perfect sight from my view. I moved to sit on the edge of the bed to look for my shoes, only not to find them. “What are you looking for my little bright light?” Dominic Asked. “My shoes″ I replied. He chuckled and said. “They are at the end of the bed, but what do you need your shoes for? I thought of me and you could have some breakfast”. “That would be wonderful but I need to get home. I need a shower and clothing that doesn’t smell like fire”. “Why not use my shower and I will get some clothes from Cece for you to borrow. Then we can have some breakfast. That sound good?” Before I could say anything, my stomach answered for me with a big groan. “That would be a yes” Dominic started chuckling walking out the room.

After Dominic left, I headed straight to the bathroom. The room looks like something right out of a magazine. There was a bear claw foot egg shaped tub that sits right next to a big window that looks over the forest. In the corner next to the tub is a square glass, rain drop shower. On the other side of the bathroom is a granite countertop with his and her sinks with gold fixing to match the gold trim full wall mirror.

After stripping my clothes, I step into the hot shower on hot. The water dropped down from the ceiling and fell down my body soothing the tight muscles. I look over and see a man’s body soap bottle. I pick it up and smell it and it smells just like him. I lean on the walk because my knees have gone weak. I quickly wash up using the soap and then I wash my hair using his shampoo. The thought of smelling like him all day makes my weep between my thighs. With another groan from my tummy I quickly finish up my shower. After turning off the water, I step out very carefully and look for a towel.

Stepping out into the bedroom I find a small pile of folded clothes sitting on the bed. It was a simple grey t-shirt with some light gray jeans. I’m glad I washed my underwear in the sink before my shower. They are still damp but wearable. After slipping into the clothing, I look down to see that the Jeans are three sizes too long. I sighed to myself before bending down and rolling up the pant legs a few times. I move back to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror. I find myself a little pale and with some dark circles under my eyes, I just simply shrug my shoulders before gathering my still wet hair and tying it up in a messy bun on top of my head.

When I determined that I am presentable, I headed out the room and down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs I look around the room and find a bunch of men and naked women asleep around the room on the floor and tables. I hear a door open behind me and I quickly turn to find Dominic walking this way, most likely headed to the stairs. “I was just headed your way. Breakfast is ready. I didn’t know what you liked so I made some eggs, bacon, and French toast. I hope that is okay.” He said as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

Dominic stepped aside and held out his hand to me to take. After taking his hand, I followed him through the door and over to the ten-person table. Letting go of my hand, Dominic steps and pulls a chair out next to me and motions for me to sit. Blushing, I sit down and he pushes my chair in for me. “Wait right here and I will go get breakfast” He said and smirked at my blushing face. I watched as he moved around the kitchen, plating a bunch of food on two plates. When he finished plating, Dominic heads back over to me and takes the seat next to me, setting a plate down in front of me. It is full of food that smells wonderful, and I am hoping I will be able to eat it all.

As we sit in silence, eating I can’t help to wonder what today is going to be like. I hope it is not like the hectic life I had when I was starting my internship in the city. I could not handle the fast pace and danger it came with working in the slums. “If you are worried about work today there is nothing to worry about things being too out of hand. The worst thing I have ever treated was a broken leg from some teenager falling off his skateboard. We do have some emergency surgeries from time to time but they mostly have to do with the brother of the club.” I sigh in relief and finish up my breakfast.

After we both finished our breakfast, I helped Dominic take our plates to the kitchen and as I rinsed them off, he put them in the dishwasher. With that done I follow him out into the room with all the men and women still asleep. “I am going to go get my phone and stuff from the room. Just wait right here and I will be right back.” Dominic says and runs up the stairs. As I stand near the front and wait for him, I once again hear a sound from behind me, and I turn to see movement in the many bodies lying around the pool table. A man slowly gets up and stretches out with a loud yawn. The man looks over to me and mumbles something about the walk of shame. I gasped in shock at his assumptions that I would be some kind of slut, and I sneer at him in disgust.

The man sees my nasty glare at him and he laughs at me. “No need to feel ashamed. If you are leaving so early because my brother was disappointing you could always come back and try having some fun with me. I will make sure you are not left unsatisfied.” He said as he groped himself. “I beg your pardon?” I said through my teeth. I was so outraged with his vulgarness. Before I could say more, from behind me Dominic speaks, “Leave her alone Trigger. She is not some slut looking for some biker dick to ride.” I hear Dominic step forward and I feel him set his hand on the middle of my back. “She is a friend of Cupcake’s and Cece’s. Furthermore, she is one of my nurses from the clinic.”

The man looks between me and Dominic for a few minutes before he straightens himself up and smiles a genuine smile. Sticking his hand out towards me, he says “Hello. I am Trigger. It is nice to meet you.” “My name is Lucia Marsal. It is nice to meet you.” I replied to him as I shook his hand. “I’m sorry to cut this short but I am so fucking hung over I need some coffee. I will see you around Lucia.” Trigger said and with a smirk of his lips and a wink of his eye, he walked off to the kitchen. “Come one my little light. We gotta get to work.” Dominic says and guides me out the front door and over to a black, Harley. She was so sleek and sexy I almost came in my panties. I must have been drooling or something because I see Dominic smirk at me before handing me a helmet.

I set the helmet on my head. I noted that it was three sizes too big for me, letting me to conclude that it was his helmet. After clipping the helmet into place, I look up and find Dominic sitting on his bike waiting for me. Placing my hands on his large strong shoulders, I used him as leverage and swung my leg over the bike and straddled it right behind him. He reached back and grabbed my hips, pulling me as close to him as possible. “Hold on tight baby. I don’t want you falling off.” He said as he pulled back the throttle and revved the engine. I wrapped my arms around his middle, resting my hands flat on his hard-ripped abs and I prayed that he would like to feel the hardness of my nipples and know how aroused I am.

We drove through town and I felt at peace for the first time in weeks. What surprised me the most is that we rode nsync together. When he leaned, I leaned with him, and when her pulled back I went with him. It was like we were made to ride together and my heart beat faster at that thought. Every few blocks Dominic would take one hand and place it on my thigh and pat it three times before placing it back on the handle of the bike. It was almost like he was making sure I was still there and I was ok.

We finally pulled into a parking lot of a build that looked like no other I have seen. It was a three-story white building, with the front of it wall to wall tinted windows. On the left side of the building was a little garden-like park with people in scrubs and patients dressed walking around and enjoying the sun shine. Dominic pulled into a parking spot that was in the far corner that had a little sign at the top with Dr. Dominic Davis printed on it. After turning off the engine and setting down the kick stand, Dominic reached behind himself Offering his hand for me to get off first. Grabbing his hand, I stepped off the bike and hand to hang on to his hand to keep from falling with my legs feeling like rubber. “Don’t worry. The more you ride the easier it gets on your legs.” Dominic said as he swings his leg over the bike and steps off. “So, you plan on taking me riding again?” I asked to tease him for I secretly hoping he will take me riding again. “Baby, you are going for many rides with me.” he said and winked at me and I could read all over his face that he was not just talking about the bike anymore.

Not able to find anything to say to that I quickly turned around and headed into the clinic making sure he did not see my face go red with blush. I was well aware that he was right behind me and I worked overtime to get the redness under control before he could see it.

Walking into the building a massive cloud of cold air hits me full force. The ace must be blasting like it is all the hospitals. There was a big desk with a blond sitting behind it, talking on the phone and by the sound of it she was not talking to a patient but more of a lover. She caught us at the door and quickly staid good bye and adjusted her already low-cut shirt to a little lower. “Good morning Doctor. Is this a new patient for us?” She said as she glanced at me before looking back to Dominic with a smile. “No Susie. This is the new chief nurse; I was telling the staff about last week. Susie, this is Lucia, Lucia this is Susie. She is the secretary for the house. Anything you need with a scheduling with anything you can ask her.” He said and I looked to her just for her to sneer at me. Note to self do not go to Susie for anything, I thought to myself. “Come one Bright light. I will show you around before you get to work.” Dominic said as he placed his hand on the small of my back and guided me around the desk and around the building.

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