Calling the Doctor

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Sitting down in my office chair I let out a tired sigh. I look around my dull darkening office. The sun that is setting in the wall to wall window on the right side is casting shadows throughout the room. The dark bare brown walls darken with the dying light as I sit behind my dark wood oak desk that is covered in papers and my laptop. A quick thought of if a picture of my little light would brighten this room up, passes through my head before I shake it away.

It has been a long day and I can’t wait to go home. Suzie had seemed to be extra commentating today, almost to the point of being a pain in the ass. She would do her normal everyday job of answering the phone, booking appointments and helping people check in for their appointments. Moreover, when she had any spare time on her hands, instead of sitting at her desk like she normally would, she followed me around the place. Making sure I had some coffee when I wanted some, and running to get a file that I needed from my office and a whole lot of shit. I was not even able to see my little bright light at lunch. I wanted to go to the cafeteria to make sure she got lunch and even have lunch with her as well but Suzie needed my help with a filing cabinet that had fallen open, spreading files over where.

Speaking of my Bright little light, I doubt she knows her way home from the clinic. I should really take her home. Maybe we could get some dinner along the way. Thanks to missing lunch I am starving and it is only right for a gentleman and a good boss to make sure his news nurse gets something for dinner, I thought to myself. With a nod of my head I shut down my laptop and headed out of the room, looking for my bright light to make my day shine.

I find her in the small break/locker room in the far back of the clinic. It is a small room when you first walk in, just big enough with one door white fridge next to a three foot long counter with three brown cabinets under it. The far wall is a ten by ten window that looks out into the garden. In the middle of the room is a small round four chair table for those who want to sit and drink coffee on their break. To the right of the door is another door that leads to a room with wooden cubbies and that is where I find my girl. She was standing in front of the cubbies gathering her things from the looks of it.

Clearing my throat to get her attention but mentally kick myself when I see her jump from my startling her. “I am sorry for scaring you. I just came to ask if I could take you home. I mean I know you still probably don’t know your way home just yet so I thought I could give you a lift and maybe if you were hungry we could get something to eat.” I asked with my body filled with nerves but lucky not showing any. With a bright smile and a nod of her head, I grabbed her hand and led her back out to the front of the clinic. Before I could walk through the doors I stopped at my name being called.

I turn and find Suzie standing at the desk looking between me and Lucia, before finally landing on me. “You are heading home?” she asked. “Yeah, but I am going to drop off Lucia here first, that way she knows her way home from the clinic.” I told her and headed back out to the door.

Walking straight to my bike, grabbing the helmet out of the saddle bag and helping put it on clipping it into place on my little light. After making sure the helmet was on tight I helped her on to the bike before getting on myself. I waited till my girl was done settling herself into a comfortable position then I started the bike and headed out of the parking lot and headed straight to the dinner that is around the corner from her place.

I pulled into the parking lot of the small dinner and parked my bike near the front door. After shutting the engine off and knocking out the kickstand, I held out my hand for her to grab and get off the bike. When she was standing and looked like she could feel her legs once again I got off myself. I stepped up to her, unclipping the helmet before removing it and then I turned to hang it off the handle bars by the strap. I looked at the dinner to find it decently full of people but I think I spotted a couple open tables which is a good sign. Wrapping my arm around her back, I led her to the front door, holding it open for her to light my mother taught me.

Walking up the host, not even caring about her flirtatious smile when she looks at me but it does not go unnoticed when it slips off her face as she turns to face my little light. “For two?” she ask and I nodded my head. She grabs two menus and walks off to booth by the window with a full view of the parking lot. I stand and wait for my girl to take her seat before taking the seat in the booth right in front of her. “Here is your menus and your waiter will be right with you. Can I start you off with something to drink first?” the host said. “I’ll have a root beer.” My girl said. When the host turned to me I simple said “Beer” as my answer. I already don’t like her for the nasty frown she gave my girl, so I need her to leave and now. After the host leave, I hear a sound that sounds like small bells ringing. I turn to my girl and find that she is making the sound in the form of a small giggles. “What is so fun?” I ask. “We are both having a beer, and I find that a little funny.” she says with another small giggle.

I have no need to look over the menu for I know I want a simple hamburger and fries. Instead I look over to my girl and watch her as she looks over the menu. I can tell she is real focus on the menu by the way she pulls her eyebrows together and scrunches up her nose. It is so cute that it makes my heart skip a beat. She lets out a huff and looks up to me. “Do you know what you are getting?” She asked me. ” I am getting a burger with fries”. “That sounds good. What kind of burgers do they have?” she says and she looks back down to the menu. At that moment our waiter came over with our drinks and it was some high school punk that can’t seem to keep his eyes off my girl. Grunting out I get his attention and he straightens up, pulling out his little notebook. “Hello, my name is Jimmy. I will be your waiter. Are we ready to order?” I look to Lucia and wait for her to pick first. “I will have the bacon cheeseburger with a side of fruit.” she said and both of them turned to me, indicating my turn. “I have the same thing but with fires instead of fruit.” I told him and turned back to look at my girl.

“So? Tell me how your first day was?” “It was great. The patients were all very nice and friendly. I even had a woman in her late sixties ask if I had a boyfriend and when I told her no she begged me to meet her twenty year old grandson. She showed me a picture and everything. I made friends with most of the staff. OH! I met another nurse that lives in my building and works the same hours as me. So, until I get a car of my own I will be riding in with her.“. When I released that I will not get to have her on the back of my bike everyday we work my chest filled with sorrow. She just felt so perfect on my bike and felt wonderful pressed against me. “So, what is your schedule for the clinic?” I asked to change the subject and not think about her pressed against my body. She leaned back in her seat and started digging in her jean pocket, before pulling out a folded paper and heading it to me. As I reached and grabbed the paper, my fingers brushed hers and I felt shock waves shoot up my arm and from the small gasping that left my girls pick puffy perfect lips I knew she felt it as well.

After unfolding the paper I read the hours and the days she will be working and my heart filled with joy when I figured out that we will be working the same hours and the same days. I may not be able to give her a ride but I will still be able to see her everyday and that though fills me with joy. “Do you think you are going to like working with us at the clinic?” I ask Though I really wanted to know if she would like working with me the most. “Yes! I like the low key non hectic atmosphere of the place not to mention the food at the cafe was great.” Before I can ask any more of her day the waiter was back with our food and all I could think of was devouring that greasy burger.

About six bites into my burger I once again hear the ring bells of my little lights giggled. Looking up to her I find her staring at me giggling. “Did you miss lunch or something?” She asked when she saw that I was looking at her. After nodding my head yes, I released that I have eaten more than half of my burger and My beard is covered in grease. Quickly I set my burger down before I can make a bigger mess of myself and whip my face off with my napkin. “I am sorry about that. I missed lunch today and I find myself so very hungry.” “Why did you miss lunch? You know if you get too busy it will be bad for your health.” “Suzie needed some help with a mess that was made in the front of the clinic”. “How about we eat lunch together tomorrow that way we make sure you have lunch?” “That would be great”.

“So tell me why did you want to become a nurse?” I asked. She said in her seat for a few minutes thinking over what to say most likely. “Well it all started when I was in high school. I had a real bad accident.” She pauses and shifts in her seat like she was holding something back before she continued. “I was hospitalized for months, so I got to know the staff really well. There was this one nurse that became my best friend. We were always getting into some kind of trouble with the head nurse of the floor. She would take me out way past lights out just so I could see the stars. Anyways, She was a great nurse. When all the other nurses were just there to do their jobs she went in overboard with it. When I was released I knew that she was who I wanted to be. I want to be a nurse just like her. So that’s what I did with myself.” I was struck silent with her story. I grabbed her hand, brought it up to my lips and placed a soft kiss on the top of her hand. “You are a great person. Inside and out.” I told her.

“Now it is your turn. Why did you become a doctor?” She asked. “Well my answer is not a great as yours.” I said and she giggled. “That’s okay. I still want to hear your story.” “I wanted to help people in one way or another. The only way I could think of is to become a doctor. When I was sent over sea and I saw to all the wounded men that were fighting for our country, I helped put them back together. I was so glad that I could get them back to their families back home. The first time I saved a life, I knew I had chosen the right career. I don’t want to sound so conceited but I felt wonderful when I helped someone and their family.” She looked at me with a small smile and I worried that I might have sounded too self centered or something. She gave a small nod of her head and said, “That sound like a good reason if any.” I sighed in relief and popped the last bite of my burger into my mouth.

After we were done eating, our waiter came right over. “Are we ready for the bill or are we looking at some desert?” He asked as he gathered our empty plates. I looked over to my little bright light for any clue as to what she wanted. “I don’t know about you but I am ready to go home and pass out for the night.” I chuckled and nodded my head, sticking my hand out to the waiter for the bill. After grabbing the slip of paper from the waiter, I reached down to grab my wallet when I saw that my girl was reaching for her wallet that is sitting on the table. Quickening my movements, I was up and at the cashier before she could even grab anything out of her wallet. After paying the bill I turn back to our booth only to find my girl standing behind me holding up a twenty dollar bill. Shaking my head I pushed her hand and the bill back to her. “It is on me. Think of it as a welcome to town gift.” I told her before grabbing her hand and led her to the parking lot back to my bike.

I pulled up into the parking lot of a run down look apartment building. “This is where you live?” “Yeah. I know it look like shit but it is cheap and close to the clinic.” Shutting off my bike and kicking the stand out, I held out my hand for her and helped her off the bike before climbing off myself. After helping her take off the helmet and laying it on my seat, I stood and waited for her to leaded the way. “You know I can walk from here.” “My mother would tan my hide if I did be the gentlemen she raised me to be and walk you to your door. That means all the way to your apartment door, not just the building.” I told her knowing full well that I wanted to walk her the whole way to make sure she was safe. With a little shake of her head and a small giggle, she turned on her heels and headed to the door of the building. As she stood there unlocking the door I took a quick look around and made sure my bike was okay down here while I walk her up. As she opened the old wood door, it made a loud creaking noise and I swear it was going to fall off its hinges. We stepped in and I shut the door behind us and we made our way up the stairs, holding my breath and praying I don’t fall through. We stopped in front of a door with C5 in rusty silver metal hanging on it. I looked to her and see her standing there fiddling with her keys staring down at her feet. I reached down and cupped her check with my hand, slowly moving her face to look at me. after I catcher her eyes, I send her a smile and lean down planting a light kiss on her lips. She lets out a small gasp as I pull away. Smiling at her shocked face, I slowly turn her body to face the door and give her a little nudge. She giggles a little before unlocking, opening the door and walked in. She turns to me and before she closes the door I say “Good night my little bright light. I will see you tomorrow.” After the door is shut and locked I head back down stairs and to my bike.

As I straddle my bike, kicking the stand back up and placing the helmet on my head, I rev my engine but stop myself from taking off. I look up to the window I know is in my girls apartment and find her standing there looking down at me. I send her a smile and a quick wave, before I take off. On the road back to the compound I think the time I just spent getting to know my girl and I feel my heart beat fast. I can’t help to wonder if she could be into me as much as I am into her, even if I am so much older than her.

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