Calling the Doctor

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I slowly woke up the warmth of the sun rise coming from the window that was placed in the wall at the end of the room. My bed sat at the far end of the room facing the one small window that faces the east side of the town. I prefer a sun rise over a sun set any day. My room being large, empty with gray walls and brown cheap carpeting. I lay here in this old, hard twin-size bed with black metal railing headboard, the smile on my face never seeming to slip. Even feeling so tired from tossing and turning all night I felt wonderful, for all I could think about was Dominic.

After finally removing myself from the warm bed, I head straight to the bad room to jump in the shower. It is a small corner shower that makes me think that Dominic would barely fit in it if he ever had to take a shower here. With that thought, came along the thought of him naked in my apartment and my face blushed red and my core grew wet. Shaking the dirty thoughts from my mind, I finished up my shower before I got myself in trouble. With myself clean, I step out wrapping myself and hair with a dark purple towel that I made sure to bring with me. Quickly brushing my teeth and applying lotion on my skin, I head back into my room for a fresh pair of scrubs for work today.

As I stand at my skin washing my cereal bowl out, I think about fixing lunch for me and Dominic today. It sounds like a lot of work but it would be cheaper than buying something at the clinic’s cafeteria. With a nod of my head I start making some turkey sandwiches, potato salad, and fruit. As I finish making the food, I pack the lunch in some tubbawear, I set them in a brown, cotton, reusable store bag. Along with the lunch I put in my small hand bag that holds my wallet and phone. When everything is ready to go, I hear a knock on the front door. Opening the door, I am met with a very sleepy looking Kelly.

Kelly is a sassy, bad ass, take no shit girl, that is a great nurse. She is tall, slim, and sexy with her long bright red hair and bright blue eyes. She works at the clinic with me and we met over a broken vending machine and became fast friends. I found out that she lived just one floor above me and worked the same hours, so I made her a deal. I will pitch in for gas money, if we could ride into work together. At first, she did not want any money, saying that it would be no trouble for us to go the same way, but I wore her down to twenty bucks every two weeks when we got paid.

Kelly leans on the door frame and sips from a travel mug that is most likely filled with dark roasted strong coffee. “When did you get home last night?” I asked her as I gathered my bag, keys and phone. “So very late. That stupid slut Susie had me rewriting my reports. I don’t even know what time it was when I got home.” Giving her a small sympathetic smile as I locked the door. She waved it off as she took another drink from her coffee and we headed down the stairs. At the end of the stair, we headed for the back door of the building where I assumed, she had parked her `79 cherry red mustang.

As we stop at a red light, Kelly turns to me with a questioning look on her face but before she asks me what is on her mind, she shakes her head and turns on the radio. I quickly turn the radio down to a light hum, and say, “Go ahead and ask me whatever it is you want to know.” “Are you sure?” She asked as she glanced over to me but I simply just nodded my head. “Tell me what is going on between you and Doctor Dominic. If you don’t mind of course”. “What makes you think there is something going on between him and me?” “Everyone at the clinic was talking about how people saw how you came to work and left with him. So, is there anything going on between the two of you?” With a heavy sigh, I said, “There is nothing going on between us. I met him the other night at a party I was invited to. He saved me from being hit on by this guy that look like a fuck boy, and we just spent the night drinking and hanging out. It just so happened that we both had work the next day, so he gave me a ride because I spent the night there. He then offered to show me the way to my home from the clinic because the town is still new to me.” “That’s cool.” is all she said as we pulled into the clinic parking lot.

Before I headed inside, before anyone could notice, I glanced around the parking lot but felt disappointed when I did not see Dominic’s bike. Thinking that he is running late I head inside and straight to the locker room. Read for the day to go by quickly and for lunch to get here. I am looking forward to eating lunch with Dominic. I just feel safe and calm whenever I am around him. After placing my things in a cubby, I head to the front desk to look at the patients I have been assigned to. Standing there, ignoring Susie as she sits there giving me a dirty glare, I hear the loud rubble of a motorcycle and my panties are constantly wet. Trying my best not to seem affected by the thought of Dominic being here, I stare at the paper in front of me, not even able to read a thing. Next thing I know is an arm wrapping around my middle, a musky scent seeping in my nose, and my knees going weak. “Hello, my bright shiny little light. How are you today?” I hear his husky voice say and I bite my lip to suffocate the moan that wants to make itself known.

“I am great! I made lunch for us today. I hope that is okay. It just seemed cheaper and better than eating at the Cafeteria?” “Wait! You guys are having lunch? As in together? Just the two of you?” Susie asked. We both nodded our heads at the same time. “I was going to ask if I could buy you lunch today, as a way of an apology for having to miss lunch yesterday. For helping me yesterday”. Susie said in a panic voice, with her head bouncing between me and Dominic. “Well how about tomorrow instead?” He says with a smile that sends me into a jealous moment. “I guess that will work.” Susie says as she sits back down in her desk chair.

“Well it was nice talking to you ladies but I gotta go get clocked in. See you two around”. He turns to me and says. “And I look forward to lunch.” Suddenly he takes a hold of my hand and places a gentle kiss on the top before he walks off leaving me breathless and weak in the knees. After finishing up my paperwork, I started to walk off but I could hear Susie behind me mumbling about something.

It wasn’t long before lunch was here and I was sitting out in the garden. Sitting on the cold stone picnic table with the food all over the small square table. I look at my watch to see that it has been 15 minutes from the lunch bell rang and that I have been sitting here waiting for Dominic. I will wait another fifteen for him and if he does not show up, I will just make him a plate to put in his office. Lucky just three minutes later Dominic rushes up to the table, repeating sorry over and over again. I simply headed out a bottle of water for him and waited for him to catch his breath. When he finally sat down, breathing normally, I pushed over a plant with turkey and cheese with some fruit on it. “Tell me how your day is going?” I asked and we spent the next twenty minutes talking about each other’s day.

As we started to pick up trash and box up the leftover, Dominic’s pager started going off. With a quick look down to it, he slowly looks back to me with an apologetic look on his face. “I am so sorry to make you clean this up all by yourself but I must go. Somebody came in and they are in labor. So, I must go.” “That is just perfectly ok. I wish you luck on the delivery.” I told him and finished cleaning up.

After everything was cleaned up and packed away, I headed back inside to the bathroom to wash my hands before going back to work. When I finish in the stall I exit and start to wash my hands, I hear the door open and close and what could be the lock clicking into place. As I turn, grabbing some paper towels to dry my hands off, Susie comes around the corner. As she steps forward towards me, I step back into the wall. “Can I help you?” I asked and she sneered at me. “Listen here you little slut! You are going to stay away from Doctor Dominic. I plan on jumping that man and becoming his old lady!” She said shaking her finger at me trying to look intimidating. I took one look at her and started laughing. “First thing is that there is nothing going on between me and him. Even if there was anything going on between me and him, there is no way I will be scared of you. I have been barked at by dogs scarier than you. Second thing is I really doubt a respectable man like Dominic would want anywhere near a nasty cunt that is open to everyone. Now if you excuse me, I have better people to spend my time with.” I told her and bumped her out of the way with my shoulder as I walk by her. As I stand at the door unlocking the stupid thing, I hear from behind me Susie shout out, “You will regret this bitch.” With a shake of my head I left the room and her along with it.

With her empty threat and lovely mood soured by that little twat, I headed back to work and tried to make the rest of the day somewhat better. After diving into my work, I did not notice the clock ticking away when suddenly the grandfather clock in the hallway struck five o’clock. With a heavy, tired, sigh I head off to the locker room to get ready to leave. As I stand at my cubby, I gather some of my things when my goes off with a text message tone. “Me and Cece are going to the mall this weekend. Would you like to go with us?″ Before I could type a replay, Kelly popped around the door and into the locker room. “Ready to go?” holding up one finger to let her know to hold a second and quickly send a message asking if I could bring along a friend to the mall with us, a co-work.” When a thumbs up emoji came back, she turned to Kelly and they headed out to her car.

On the way to our building I turn to her and say. “So, remember I told you about the friends party I went to the other night?” “Yeah. The one at the club house where you met Doctor Dominic. What about them?” “Well they invited me to go to the mall with them this weekend and I was wondering if you want to go along with us.” “Will there be sexy bikers along with them?” She said and laughed at her own joke. “I don’t know but I think at least one biker goes everywhere with them. So, yeah, I think so. Is that a problem?” “No! It is all cool.” She says as she pulls into our building parking. As we walk up the steps in our building. as we step in front of my door, I turn to her and wave bye to her. “See you tomorrow.” She calls as she heads up the stairs.

As I stand at my front door, once again trying to unlock my front door, when my neighbor’s front door opens up right next to me. Out steps a tall, scary looking man. He stood a good five inches above me. He wore black, leather, biker boots. Along with them came ripped, old jeans and a black muscle shirt. He had long silver chains hanging from his pants. His arms were covered in tattoos. He had his shoulder length blond hair pulled back into a man bun. When he saw me standing there trying to pry my lock open, he stepped towards me and leaned on the wall next to my door. I almost started coughing from the smell of booze and cigarettes that came off him in waves.

“You know, I am good with my hands. So, I could help and fix that lock of yours.” He said. From the corner of my eye I could see him looking me up and down with a sickening smile on his face. “No thank you. I was just on my way put to get a new one.” I said as I yanked out my key from the lock and quickly made my way down the stairs. I stayed on high alert, when I heard his heavy boots come in contact with the stairs, as he followed me down them. I could feel his eyes stare at me but did not smell his offensive order. So, I knew he was not too close.

Once I was out of the building and on the sidewalk, I turned right, towards the hardware store that is on the next block over, I no longer heard him behind me. I glanced back behind me, and saw that he had turned left. With a sigh of relief, I finished making my way to the hardware store.

Bob’s Hardwar, is a small store for just for the small times you forgot something when you start on a household project. In the small six isles, you can find anything from a screwdriver all the way to a how to boot on just about anything. With my little red, plastic hand basket, a package deadbolt front door handle I locked placed inside, I stand in the first of the six tall tables, looking at the different chain locks. Out of nowhere I hear a motorcycle out the front window that was placed behind me. Driven with the small hope that Dominic may be here I turn around only to find my next-door neighbor sitting on a bike right outside the window. Before he could spot me, I quickly grabbed a random chain lock and ran around the end of the isles into the next one over. Sadly, I ran right into a solid mass of a chest, and by the smell of the chest I knew right away who it was that I had just ran into. Doctor Dominic.

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