Calling the Doctor

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I sighed to myself as I shifted the books I had chosen into my left hand and reached with my right hand into my jeans pocket for the ringing phone. Pulling it out and facing the screen to my I see that it is Ace calling and I immediately press decline. There is no way I want to talk to that fucker just to hear about all the sheep that have shown up to the party. As I am placing my phone back into my packet, some little brown hair woman runs right into me. Quickly dropping my books, I wrap my hands around her slim arms to hold you up. “Are you okay?” I ask. She then looks up at me and my heart stops when I see that it is my Bright shining light. Just as quickly my heart plummets down to my stomach when I see how pale she is.

I wrap my arms around her tightly. She is shaking like a leaf. It is clear she is having a fright and I don’t like it. I quickly look around the store but I find nothing out of the normal. “What is the matter, shining light?” I asked. “My neighbor. He is outside. I think he is following me”. She said in a shaky whisper. “Stay here. I will go look”. I told her before I made my way over to the front of the store and looked out the windows. It was pretty dark with very little light provided from the few street lights every few feet. The bastard must have left because no one is out there now.

After one last look up and down the street, I headed back to my girl and took her in my arms once more. “I didn’t see anyone. He must have left, but if you would like I can walk you home, just to be on the safe side. How does that sound?” She quickly nodded her head yes. I bent over to pick her basket and slipped my books inside the back and took her hand in mine as I led her up to the cashier. She kept a tight hold on my hand as I placed the basket up on the counter for them to be rang up. As the cashier pulled the items out of the basket, I took notice that my little light was getting a new deadbolt lock, along with a chain lock for a front door. My girl was too busy to notice that after the man finished scanning my books as well as her locks, I handed him my credit card, and paid for both our things.

With the store bag in my hand and her hand in my other one, I lead her out of the store. The second we stepped out of the store she stood closer to my and held on to me with both hands. After wrapping my arm around her shoulders, I led her to my truck that sat by the street just a few feet down the way. As we neared my truck, she looks up to me and ask “What happened to you bike?” “The nights are getting colder and the cold is hard on my old bones”. I said and mental kicked myself for reminding her that I am so much older than her.

As I help her into the truck with my hands around her slim waist my heart starts to race and my blood starts to pump faster. As she bends to get into the tall truck, my eyes drift to her ass and the blood rushes to my dick. Being the dirty old fucker, I am, I am getting hard as a rock over the sight of the young firm ass of hers. When she is finally seated in the seat, I quickly pull myself together and grab the seat belt, reaching over to buckle her in. I want to keep her safe as much as possible. I hear her let out a small gasp of air and when I turn my head to check on her, I am met with a face full of plump, soft, large breasts. The urge to bury my face in them is so strong but I push it down. With a clear of my throat I stand back up, hitting the back of my head on the door frame. I let out a large line of curse words as I rubbed the back of my head. “Are you ok?” I hear her tiny voice ask and I look back at her nodding my head yes.

Before I make myself into a bigger fool, I shut the door and head over to the driver’s seat. As a cold breeze rushes past me I quickly open my door and jump into the driver seat, before placing the store bag in the seat between us. I look over to her. I see her wrapped around herself, shivering. I reach over and turn the heater on full blast for her before turning over the engine and making my way to her apartment building. “Tomorrow starts your weekend, right? Got any plans?” I asked quietly hoping she does not have any plans with some wet behind the years fuck boy. “The girls invited me to a day at the mall with them, after that I was going to ask if they wanted to sleep over at my place, because we never got to have our girl’s night the other day”. She said and I smiled to myself, making a mental note to check which of the brothers will be accompanying them and making dame sure it will not be Ace. I don’t want that fucker making my girl uncomfortable throughout girl’s time by constantly flirting with her.

As we pull into the parking lot of her building, I turn to her, not ready to leave her side just yet. “I got some tools in my bed, I could install those locks for you if you’d like”. I asked her, but not really giving room for argument and she let loose a bright big smile on her beautiful face. With a smile of my own I grabbed the bag and stepped out of the truck quickly making my way over to her side to open the door and help her out of the truck.

After helping her out of the truck and placing her on her feet, I reached into the bed of the truck grabbing my small bag of handle tools, holding it along with the store bag with my left and taking my girls left hand in my right hand made our way into the building and up the stairs. I stood behind her as she messed with the lock for a few minutes before finally opening the door and letting me in. I set my tools and the store bag on the counter and started to pull out the locks and she shut the door and came into the kitchen with me. “Do you want a beer?” “Sure” I said as I opened up the packages for the locks. I caught her small smile as she turned and aged through the fridge as I moved to the front door and got to work.

“A guide to building your own Nature Retreat? Are you building yourself a cabin?” I hear her ask from behind me and I turn looking over my shoulder to see her standing at the counter with two beers in her hand looking at the books of mine in the bag. “Yeah. I want to make myself a nice little home but with a build in clinic for when I have to clean up one of the brothers. Maybe when it is finished you could help me design the interior of the place. Give it a nice home feeling it instead of looking like a man’s cave.” I said and she laughed as she handed me over one of the beer bottles. I smile into my bottle as I take a drink, before getting back to work. “I really do appreciate you installing my new locks and giving me a ride home. My neighbor just really creeped me out.” “It is no problem. Happy to help a young beautiful woman such as yourself.” I ask as I work, every now and then taking a drink from my beer bottle.

“Tell me about this cabin you are going to be building. What will it be like?” “Well, it will have two floors, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the top floor and extra bedroom and bathroom on the bottom. A wrap around porch and a porch on the second floor for the Master bedroom with French glass door windows”. “You should have a full kitchen with a breakfast bar for that special woman in your life” she stated. You could be the spectral woman in my life, I thought to myself for shaking that thought away. “What about you? Do you ever dream of the house you will want to live out the rest of your days in, for like when you get married?” “Well, it is kind of funny. My dream home is a lot like your picture cabin. A nice two-story house with a wraparound porch, with a swing bench in the front and two rocking chairs in the back. A large master bedroom, with big widows to see the sun rise. At least a dozen dogs running around.” “What about any kids and a husband?” I couldn’t stop myself from asking. “Well if the right guy asks me to be his I will hope he would want children.” I could feel her eyes on me so I turned and saw an emotion in her eyes that I did not understand. It looked a lot like longing.

Clearing my thought, I finished with the last screw of the dead bullet and started gathering my tools. I stood with my tools in one hand and finished my beer in the other. Setting the empty bottle on the counter I gather my tool bag and books to get ready to leave. “Your leaving?” she said as she looked up at me with big sad eyes and it took everything in me not to kiss her right there and then. “Yeah. The club is having a fish party going on tonight for just the men and I can’t miss it. I am part of the voting committee.” “What is a fish party? It sounds like some sort of pool party.” “It is a party to welcome the new men that are going to prospect for us. We let them have fun tonight before we drag them through the mud and dirt till it’s time to design if they are worthy of being a brother”. “You boys sure do have a lot of parties” she said and let out a cute little laugh. “I know darling but we are crazy biker men, and that is what we do”.

I headed for the door with her right behind me. I opened the door, testing the locks one last time, before stepping out and turning to her. I leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead and smiled as her face was consumed in a red blush. “Be careful tomorrow at the mall. There are a lot of bad people out in this world and I would not like it if you got into trouble”. I told her before showing her back into the apartment and closing the door. I stayed in my spot till I heard the dead bolt lock and chain lock in place and then made my way down the stairs to my truck.

It has been hours since I have seen Lucia and she is all I can think about as I sit here at the bar in the club house. The party has been going on for well over two hours and the men and drinking and the sheep are fucking and sucking. Everyone is having a great time but all I can do is sit here and watch with my mind wondering all about my bright shining light. I found out that Beast and Ace were going to go to the mall with the girls tomorrow and put a stop to that right away. Instead I had asked Reaper to get Torch to go instead, claiming that I wanted Ace to go to the big hardware store in town to gather supplies for the foundation on my cabin. I have work tomorrow but I want to start in the cabin the next day.

Reaper comes over and sits next to me waving to the sheep that is behind the bar for a beer. “You look like you have got a woman on your mind.” He said. “What makes you say that?” I replied. “The look on your face and the way you look at the sheep. It all screams women troubles. So, tell me all about it?” He said as he slapped a hand on my back. “Bay, I am older than you. You are supposed to be coming to me for advice.” We both laughed at that. “So, tell me what is up!” “Well, let me ask you something. What made you give up your whoring ways.” “That’s easy! My little cupcake was everything to me and I knew it the moment I saw her.” “But how do you know she would want you?” “I didn’t, I didn’t know if she would want to be with a guy that ran a biker club that would put her in danger, but I knew that my heart wanted her and would do anything to win her over or just wear her down. Moreover, I didn’t know if I wanted to bring her into this life. She knew nothing of it but I couldn’t live without her. Call me selfish all you want.” I sighed knowing he was right, but could my little light really want to be with a man so much older than her? Would she really want to settle down with an old fucking biker like me? I mean I know there are lots of women out there that want to be with me because of the money I make as a doctor and that I am a biker, but she is not like that.

With a loud sigh I down the rest of my whiskey and got up from my seat slapping Reapers back and giving a quick good night. “You are not staying up for the rest of the party?” he asked. “No, this old man needs to get to bed. I got work tomorrow.” I told him and headed up the stairs into my room. That is the first one on the right at the top of the stairs. Stripping down to my boxers I walk into the bathroom and wash my face off. I look into the mirror and I can see some gray hairs growing in my beard and at my hairline. I am getting too old for bullshit drama, I thought to myself. After using the restroom to relieve myself, I staggered over to the bed and fell down to the soft matters. My pill still smells of her and my dick is hard all over again. Before I could even think about doing anything about it, I was fast asleep dreaming of the brown haired, bright eye, shining glory that is Lucia.

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