Calling the Doctor

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I awoke with a start, to loads banging on my front door. I was too scared to move until I heard Kelly calling out to me to wake up. With a load sign followed by a yawn, I rolled out of the bed, getting wrapped up into the blanket and ending up on the floor in a heap. I finished rolling across the floor to unroot myself from the blankets before getting up and heading down the hall. The ponding at my door started to get loader and I holler back to them that I was coming. I don’t know what their hurry is but it better be good. Right as I open the door Something rush passes me, knocking me into the wall, and I turn to see the back of Katie rushing down the hallway and into the bathroom. Looking back I see Cece and Kelly walk in through the door. “What is the matter with her?” I asked as I stood up and rubbed the sore spot on my back that hit the wall. That is most likely going to burse. “I think she got car sick or something but she was about to vomit all over your front door.” Cece said as she sat down on the couch and Kelly went straight to the empty coffee pot. When Kelly saw that the coffee pot was empty she turned her head and pouted at me before turning back to start brewing some coffee. With a shake of my head I headed back down to the bedroom to pick up the blankets and make the bed.

After finishing in the bedroom, I head back out to the living room and find Cece, Kelly, and Katie sitting on the couch with the city news on the TV. The nurse in me kicked in and I stepped over to where Katie sat on the small couch, putting my hand to her forehead to feel for a fever. Not feeling anything out of the normal I moved to feel her throat to see if her glands were swollen. “I find any signs that you are sick. Are you feeling any better?” I asked her. “Yeah. I must have just eaten something bad or that my stomach did not agree with.” She said with a smile but I could see in her eyes that she was hiding something. Her eyesight jumped to the others before jumping back to me, telling me that she does not want to tell me in front of them. I find this strange because Cece is her friend, but she must mean Kelly for she is a stranger. “Are we still going to the mall?” “Yeah. I am ok now. Reaper and Doc made Beast and Torch come with us today.” She told me and I sighed in response to the two brothers that are my least favorite. There is nothing wrong with the men, it is just that Beast scares the living hell out of me and Torch did not give a good first impression so I am still angry about the rude comments he made. “Well let’s head out then.” I said as I turned off the TV.

We all piled out the front door into the stairway, and after locking the door we headed down the stairs two at a time with Cece and Katie in the front and me and Kelly in the back. Stepping out of the apartment building I see what looks like Cece’s car with a man sitting on a bike, one in front of the parallel parked car and the other behind, both looking up and down the street. Kelly and I got into the back seat and Cece got into the driver seat when Katie got into the passenger seat. I jumped a little when both bikers started their bikes at the same time. As we pulled off into traffic The bikers stayed in their places, looking behind up through the back window I saw that Beast was riding behind us, which meant that Torch was in front of us. I wonder why she said that Doc made them, I thought to myself.

We had to drive for half an hour but we made it to the only mall closest to the small town that we live in. The whole ride here was filled with talking, getting to know each other. I told them about me running from my psych peasant, and they told me that if I was ever in any danger that I should run to the club for that is a safe place in our little town. When I asked about the cops they all just laughed, but never did answer my question. I kind of felt bad for the cops of the small town. Katie told us that her bakery shop will be having its grand opening on Monday and that we all were invited, but I told her that I had to work and she just smiled and said it was ok and that I could go to the party the club was having after closing time. Cece mentioned that it will be a very big [arty because some of the sister club members will be coming in for Katie pasties. At that time Katie scolded her for making it sound so dirty and Kelly and I laughed so hard we got a stomach ache.

When we finally arrived at the mall and pulled into a parking spot, with the men parking on each side of us, we all got out and stretched our legs before heading inside the mall. It was a very big mall with three floors and a sun glass roof. I was impressed that such a big mall was all the way out here with nothing but small towns drowning it. “So what do we do first girl? I made Knuckles take that bad all day today and I plan on taking full advantage.” “Can we get something to eat first? I really want a pretzel with peanut butter and cheese.” Katie said as she rubbed her tummy. We all looked at her like she was crazy before nodding our heads and heading over to the pretzel stand. As we stand in line to order I look over my right shoulder and Beast standing behind us to the right, looking around and pretty much scaring anyone that even looked our way, I even felt bad for the little kids that hid behind their mother at the sight of him. Looking back over to him I look close and I could see that he really isn’t that bad to look at, but I think Dominic looks better. Turning, I look over my left shoulder and I find Torch standing to the left of us just behind Kelly and every now and then he would look down to her ass and lick his lips and then goes back to looking around the mall. I simply shook my head at him and decided to tell him to leave my friend alone and that she was off limits to a rude and crude man like him. She deserves someone that will respect her and love her. He must have felt my eyes on him because he looks up from her ass to me and I send him a glare, to which he raises his hands up in surrender before going back to look around the mall.

After getting our pretzels we decided to start shopping and head to the closest clothing store which happened to be the lingerie store. As I stand at a rack of bras I look around the store and find the girls all over the store and the men standing outside the door with a sales clerk talking to them, well talking to Torch and Beast glaring at her making her shake in her shoes. The poor thing I thought to myself. “Hay girls I was thinking that if we get out here late that we could just go back to my place and have a sleepover. What do you all thing?” I got a collection of yeah that would be cool back. Smiling to myself I got back to looking at the underwear when a man standing outside the shops front window caught my eye. He was dressed all in black with a black dress pants, black hoodie, and a black back ball cap with sunglasses on. It looked like he was just standing there waiting for someone but every now and then he would look in the window at us. Looking over to Cece I yell out. “Hay Cece Come here I want to show you something.” After she walked over to me I held up a green, silk corset up in front of us and whispered. “There is a man outside that keeps looking through the window. I think he is some kind of pervert. What do you think we should do?” She just smiles and walked over to Beast. I watched as she tap his shoulder and he leaned down for her to whisper in his ear. Next he nods his head and moves to stand right next to the man and just stood there. About two minutes later the man in black starts walking away, but Beast stays standing at the window.

After we had finished in that store we headed over the store after store, and by mid day the girls had arms full of bags as I stood here with just two bags. “Where do you get the money for all those things?” I asked. “I don’t know about Kelly but mine and Katie’s men are loaded and let us go shopping with their credit cards.” Cece said giggling. I look to Kelly and she says “I coupon collector”. To that we all laugh. “Well I don’t know about you guys but I am starving.” Katie said as she handed her bags to Torch and Cece did the same. With the look of annoyance on his face I chose to not know what they were doing, instead I grabbed my bags and headed to the food court. “I think we should just get a cheese pizza to split. “Katie said as she looked around at all the different food cubbies. “That sounds great. Me, Katie and Beast will go get the pizza and you three can go get us a big table to sit at. Sound like a good plan?” Cece asked. Everyone nodded, other than beast who just grunted. Heading off with Kelly and Torch still looking around the mall.

After finding a big enough table for everyone, I set my bags down, sitting in the chair right next to them. Looking over to see Kelly sit down in the chair right across me. “So, tell me what you think of the girls?” I asked. “I think they are great, Katie is so sweet and that Cece is a kick in the pants. I love them. I am so glad you invited me alone, I can see us girls hanging out a lot. I am looking forward to the girls night tonight. I think as I looked at her thinking of the very few little hobbies I have. “Why not rent some movies and get things done to do each other nails. I don’t really know, I have never had a girls night let alone a sleepover with friends.” “Really? Not even in High school?” “I didn’t really have friends in high school. I was the nerd no one wanted to talk to unless they needed a tutor.” We both laughed but the thought of my past hurt a little.

Before anything else could be said, the others came waking up with a giant pizza that looked like it would not fit on the table. “Why did you get the biggest pizza they have?” “You will be surprised how much these boys will eat. You may not remember from the party but there is only two things these boys like to consume more than food and that is alcohol and sex.” Cece said, making the boys look at her with a look of offended and the rest of us girls laughed. As we ate and talked about what we are going to do tonight and Kelly told them about my idea and they agreed. With the pizza finished thanks mostly to the boys, we all headed to the closest movie store.

As we are leaving the food court I catch a glimpse of a man dressed in black sitting at a table four rows down from our table, but when I quickly look back I do not see anybody there. Must be losing my mind.

After stopping by the movie store and the drug store, we head back out to the parking lot to head back to my place. With my door open I stop and look down to my watch to see that it reads five o’clock. Wow, I thought to myself. Looking up I see the girls already in the car waiting for me, so I turn to sit down in the seat just to see the man dressed in black getting into an all black cargo van with black out windows. Now I am starting to worry, I look over to the Biker closest to me and lock eyes with Beast. He looks at me and tilts his head a little. I quickly look back to the van just to see that it is already gone. Shrugging my shoulders to myself I get into the car, closing my door and clipping my seat belt into place.

As Cece starts the car and heads off, I feel a tap on my shoulder from my right side. I turn to Kelly and she looks at me with a worried look upon her face. “Are you ok? You look a little pale, like you have seen a ghost.” With the best convincing smile I can come up with I tell her that I am fine. “So what movie are we going to watch first?” I asked to change the subject. I was thinking we could start with something romantic and save the scary ones for when it gets darker. What do you girls think?” Asked Cece and us girls nodded in agreement. “Alight so romantic followed, followed by horror, and we end the night with a comdey. Sounds like a plan.” She said and then turned up the radio when a really good rock song came on, leading us all to sing along, very badly.

After pulling up and parking in my apartment assigned parking place, the men pulled up right behind us, luckily the parking spot was big so they just parked right behind us. As I get out of the care I turn to the girls and ask. “Where are they going to sleep? I have a couch but it is not big enough for for even one of them let alone both of them?” “One will sleep on the couch and the other one will stand guard outside the door till it is time to switch. I think Beast is the first one on watch.” Cece said and I just kind of stood there. “Why are they so protective. “I asked as we headed to the front door. As I unlocked the door and opened it Torch walked in first, before I could take a step. Looking over to Cece he said that he needed to sweep the place first. We waited until he came back five minutes later and us girls headed up to my apartment talking about the different things we got at the mall today. Right after I unlocked and opened the front door Katie once again rushed into the place and headed straight down the hallway with her hand over her mouth. “I hope she is ok and doesn’t keep that up all night or else it will get Reaper over here and ruin girls night.” Cece said.

When she came back she looked ok and we all asked if she was fine. Before she said anything she looked over to the door to see that the men were walking out to stand in the hallway. I hope they scare the hell out of my neighbor. When the door was shut she said, “I think I may be pregnant. I have missed my period but that’s not unusual. I have been stressing over the opening of the bakery, and usually when I get over stressed I piss one or two. It is just other things that make me wonder.” “Well tell us about these other things that have been concerning you.” Kelly said, most likely her nurse mood kicked in. “Well first, my breasts have been very tender and I refuse to let Jack, I mean Reaper, touch them when we are intimate. As you can see I have been sick a lot, and the strangest of all is that I have a craving to put sour cream on just about everything I eat.” she said as she sat down on the couch. “Why don’t we go get a test from the drugstore down the street and find out?” I asked “I cant. If I go or even if Cece goes the boys will have to follow us and then they will see what we are buying and tell Reaper. I don’t want him to know anything about this until I know for sure if I am or not.” She said as she sighed heavily. “I know! I will go. They don’t need to follow me.” I said as I gathered my purse and phone from the wallet. “I will just tell them I went to go get ice cream and chips to go with our movie and grab the test while I am down there.” “You would really do that for me?” “Yeah!” That is when she jumped off the couch and gave me a big hug. I laughed and hugged her back before heading out the door.

As I stood there, at the end of isle six, with a basket full of cookies, candy bars, and chips, as I stare are all the different kinds of pregnancy tests. There were about six different kinds all ranging from different prices. I think I will go with the milled one, it is simple but should be reliable, I thought to myself. Grabbing the test and slipping it into my basket, I turn to head to the front of the store just to stoppped in my tracks at the sight of the man standing at the end of the apes. It looked like the same man from the mall, all dressed in black and more worrisome he looked to be holding up his cell phone and taking a photo of me. Ok not that is scary. Quickly looking around the store, I headed the other direction and went to the ice cream cooler in the front corner of the store. I stood there pretending to look at the ice cream. I slowly looked over my shoulder to find the man walking to just one isle over from me and then stopped to look at what looked like tampons. Now alarm bells are ringing in my ears so I quickly grab some mint chocolate chip ice cream paint and head to the cashier. Asking the cashier if she could quickly check me out and tell her that I think my ex boyfriend had followed me, she gives me a head nod and scans me up fast. After paying for my purchasing I jog out the door and up the street to my building, all the while looking over my shoulder. As I stand at my building, digging through my purse looking for my keys, I lean back and look down the street. I see nobody but I can hear steps in the distance. quickly unlocking the door I rushed in and shut the door hard before running up the steps. I get to my apartment, and find the boys standing outside the door and I sigh in relief. “You alright?” Torch ask as I bend over and breath hard. “I think I was being followed by some stranger, but I didn’t see anyone coming into the building.” “Don’t worry we will keep an eye out tonight.” I smiled at them and headed in side for the night.

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