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Mia and Tyler's story continues...but for how long. Sequel to Chosen

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Tyler has a long pause. “What is it honey you are starting to make me worry?” I ask. I have never seen him this nervous and we have done a lot more nerve-wracking things than talk to one another. Things like announce the amount of children couples in our town will have, propose to me on live television, marry me on live television, have quadruplets at sixteen…the list goes on.

“Mia I, ummm, I don’t know how to tell you this. Ok I have to do this.” Tyler takes a deep breath. “Mia when you were pregnant with the quads I had an affair…” Tyler pauses before gaining enough courage to continue again. “…with Kayleigh.” Tyler stops giving me a minute to gather my thoughts before trying to make it all better. “I didn’t plan for this to happen and I feel so guilty. I am so sorry. I still love you Mia!” Tyler is on the brink of what I think might be man tears but I couldn’t care less about how he feels right now. I sit for a while, stewing, processing. My husband who I thought loved me, cheated on me with that bitch-face from hell when I was pregnant with his four babies. Not just one, or even two…four. “Mia please say something. I am so sorry. I don’t know what got into me. I love you not Kayleigh and I know that now. I am sorry.”

He knows that now. Well that is good seeing as we have almost been together for a year. A whole God-damned year! Finally I am ready to speak and I know it is not going to be pretty. “You’re sorry! You have the balls to say you’re sorry and that you still love me! You cheated on me, your wife of less than a year and the mother of your children, with your ex-bitch, oh sorry I mean girlfriend. Did our marriage vows and what you said to me when you proposed mean nothing to you?” I scream. “You know that thing you said oh what was it… I, Tyler James Washington, will take you, Amelia Elizabeth Dons, to have and to hold, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, ’til death do us part. It didn’t say anywhere in there I take you to cheat against with that slut Kayleigh.”

“Honey I am so…”

“Don’t you dare call me honey right now! You cheated on me with Kayleigh of all people.”

“I’m sorry if I could take it back I would.”

“Tell me this, why did you do it Tyler? Was I not good enough for you?”

“No, no ho, uh Mia, you were perfect.” Tyler tells me and I am confused.

“If I was so perfect why did you have an affair.” I choke out the words hating every time I have to say it, not believing that this is happening to me.

“You want the truth fine. You wouldn’t have sex with me after the babies were born so I found it elsewhere.”

“Well I obviously did have sex with you after the babies were born because I’m pregnant!”

Tyler’s mouth drops through the floor. “You’re what?”

“I’m pregnant again you idiot! I was planning on telling you tonight and having a romantic candle lit dinner and then discreetly hiding the test for you to find, but no, instead you decided to tell me that you cheated on me which made me tell you mid-way through a fight!”

“Oh Mia that is fantastic. We’re having another baby.”

“No this is not fantastic because now what are you going to do sleep with that slut again?”

“No, no, I promise I won’t I’m different now I swear!”

“What so you are not going to go and sleep with the person who tried to stop our wedding…tried to stop our wedding.” I whisper the last few words to myself thinking about everything. I think I hear Tyler talking but I am still figuring this out. “Shut up for a minute you dickhead!” After another few seconds I have gathered my thoughts. “Tyler did you sleep with Kayleigh before I got pregnant? More specifically before our wedding when I wouldn’t sleep with you? Why did she only come and interfere at our wedding? It isn’t like we didn’t do interviews or have our engagement publicly, giving her plenty of opportunity to break us up. If you had been sleeping with her before we got together as she was your girlfriend and then was upset you two had to break up because you were chosen to marry me it would have made more sense to come sabotage our first interview or when we got engaged…but not our wedding which was a good month later. That whole time I wasn’t sleeping with you because I wanted to stay true to my vow of chastity you could have been sleeping with her. That would account for all your magical disappearances. Did you sleep with Kayleigh before our wedding?” I yell at Tyler in-between my massive case of word vomit.

“No I didn’t.” Tyler half-heartedly whispers not looking at me, displaying all the signs of a liar.

“Look at me and answer me truthfully. Did you or did you not sleep with Kayleigh before we got married?” I yell at Tyler.

“I, I, I, I, I…” Tyler stammers.

“You did!” I yell and slap Tyler in the face. “Not only did you sleep with that slut when I was pregnant with our quadruplets you slept with her when we were engaged and I was holding a vow of chastity! You cheating bastard! Son of a bitch!” I yell at Tyler and force myself not to any signs of weakness and cry. Unfortunately my stupid womanly hormones take over and I start crying. “How could you? I thought you loved me or was that all for show?” I scream. Thankfully we are on the bottom floor so the babies couldn’t hear us and wake up.

“I do love you Mia. You have to let me explain.”

“I don’t have to let you do anything. I can’t talk to you now. You need to find another room to sleep in tonight on a different floor to me. I would kick you out of the house but then the press would get the wrong idea. We still have to keep the happy front up no matter how much I hate you right now. I can’t even bare to look at you. I have to go. If you hear the babies don’t come. Maybe instead reread your book ‘How to be a Good Husband’ because you obviously did pay enough attention last time. Or was rule one: Cheat on your pregnant wife?” I begin to get up and Tyler grabs me by the arm. “Get off me!” I scream and yank my arm from Tyler’s grip. I begin to run up the stairs when I hear Tyler yelling back to me. “Mia don’t go! We need to talk! Don’t do this to us! We need to talk! I still love you! I am so sorry!”

I stop and turn around. “Tyler you did this to us. Not me. I need to be alone for the time being.”

“Mia!” Tyler screams in anguish.

“Did you not hear me? I need to be alone!”

“We were meant to be Mia!”

“No, no you don’t get to say that to me after what you have done! You have lost my trust and my respect Tyler and I don’t know if I can ever forgive you! If it wasn’t illegal and we weren’t forced to be married and have these children I would be gone and wouldn’t look at your stupid face ever again. You ruined me Tyler!” I say in tears and barrel up the stairs. I reach the bedroom slam the door behind me quickly locking the door and fall onto the bed. As soon as I reach the mattress I begin a long night of hysterical sobbing.

I can’t believe he cheated on me. What did I do wrong? Well I already know that answer to that question and that was, I didn’t put out…silly me. Trying to save myself for my husband and then trying to effectively grow four human beings, that was so selfish of me. That cheating bastard. I hate him so much right now it is not even funny. Just as I was about to cry myself to sleep I hear someone ringing the doorbell. I don’t know if Tyler is still here or if he is going to answer it so I start to make my way down the stairs. Just as I am about to go around the corner into plain sight I overhear some of the conversation. It is Kayleigh and Tyler. The slut has the audacity to come to my house? Just as I am about to storm around the corner and rip them a new one I stop and decide it would be better to see what Tyler has to say and to see if he has really changed or if it was all just an act.

“Tyler why not?” I hear her whine.

“I am sorry Kayleigh I told you I can’t do this anymore. I told Mia just then and I can’t hurt her anymore.” Tyler whispers back.

“So you are telling me that because that whiny brat doesn’t like that you found true love your just going to end our relationship.” I want to go and clubber her so badly right now but I must show self-restraint.

“Our relationship wasn’t true love Kayleigh. I love Mia. I know it isn’t fair but the only reason I had an affair with you was because I wanted sex. I shouldn’t have used you like that and I am so sorry.”

“Oh, you’re not sorry yet. But you will be once I am done with you.” I hear her heels clicking away and quickly retreat back up the stairs so Tyler doesn’t know I was eavesdropping on him and his slut. I wonder all night about what she means by ‘you’re not sorry yet. But you will be once I am done with you.’ I go back to my room and am reminded again about the horrible fact that Tyler cheated on me before our wedding and when I was pregnant and cry myself to sleep for the second time tonight.

The sleep part doesn’t last for long though as I have four babies and they apparently don’t like to let their mummy sleep. At about 5am I give up on sleeping and walk downstairs to make us all some breakfast. When I am actually downstairs I see the most disturbing sight I never, ever wanted to see. Tyler half naked, I know who ever thought I wouldn’t want to see that, with his arms around Kayleigh! I can’t believe that cheating bastard. In our house, when our babies are upstairs. I am not going to tiptoe around my house with a slut on my couch so I take a leaf out of Mr. Lovett’s book. I find a bucket, fill it with water and quietly walk over to the couch.

When I reach the couch I dump all of the water on Tyler and Kayleigh and begin to yell. Tyler and Kayleigh immediately spring up and just stare at me. “What the fuck is that slut doing with you in my house? I thought you were sorry and weren’t going to cheat on me again you bastard!”

Tyler tries to explain but there is nothing really he can say that will make any difference. “Mia I…this is…” I interrupt him.

“What, this is not what it looks like? Is that what you’re going to tell me? Well it looks like you are sleeping with your ex-girlfriend who you have been cheating on me with. Am I right?” I yell.

“Mia I…” Tyler stammers.

“Don’t say anything you bastard!” I turn to Kayleigh “And you get the hell out of my house. I never want to see again!”

Kayleigh slowly stands up and stares at me. “Maybe if you could fulfill his needs then he wouldn’t come to me. So think about that.” She doesn’t move.

I move in closer and calmly begin talking to Kayleigh. “You think about this. You are married to Michael. I am married to Tyler. Get the fuck over it and get the fuck out of my house and don’t you ever touch my husband again. Bye bye.” I finish with a little wave and Kayleigh turns around in a huff, grabs her shoes and storms out of my house.

I turn to face Tyler and begin my real rant. “What the fuck did you think you were doing? Sleeping with Kayleigh when I am upstairs the day after I tell you I am pregnant! How much of an idiot can you be?” Tyler looks ashamed and embarrassed, as he should be.

“Mia, I am sorry. I wasn’t planning on sleeping with Kayleigh again, it just happened. I swear I didn’t want to hurt you again.” Tyler finishes and I wish he never started.

“You didn’t want to hurt me again? You slept with your ex-girlfriend when I was upstairs looking after our babies, getting practically no sleep! Was that not meant to hurt me though? Was I just meant to accept the fact that my husband is a cheating bastard who can’t keep his dick in his pants? You’re not a king from hundreds of years ago you can’t just take a mistress every single time your wife is pregnant. There is this amazing thing called monogamy, try it sometime. Give me the phone.” Tyler doesn’t move. “NOW!” I scream.

Tyler quickly runs over to the kitchen and grabs the phone of the cradle. I punch in the number and it starts ringing. “Who are you ringing?” Tyler asked sounding worried.

“It doesn’t concern you.”

The phone is picked up on the other end. “Hello, this is the Hayes residence. Who am I speaking to and what is your business?” A posh sounding woman, who must be a maid asks.

“My name is Mrs. Amelia Washington and I would like to speak to Mr. Hayes regarding his wife.” I turn to Tyler and his jaw is dropped.

“What are you doing?” Tyler hisses.

“If you didn’t want him to know then you shouldn’t have started this in the first place.” Tyler is still staring at me like I am about to commit a murder.

“Hello?” I hear come through the phone. “Hello Mr. Hayes, this is Mia Washington, Tyler’s wife. Sorry I am calling so early.”

“That’s fine. Please call me Michael, no need for formalities. I apologise for Kayleigh’s behaviour at your wedding.”

“That is perfectly fine Michael. I am just calling to ask if you knew of your wife’s whereabouts last night?” I ask Michael.

“No in fact I don’t. She never came home after saying she was going for a walk. Do you know where she was?”

“Why yes, I do. I woke up this morning for my quads feeding and came downstairs to prepare their bottles when I saw a very interesting sight on the couch. Tyler and Kayleigh were sleeping together on my couch.” I finish and there is a silence. “Michael?”

“I am still here sorry. I’m just trying to process this. Have they ever done this before?” Michael asks me.

“Well yes they have. I was told last night that Kayleigh and Tyler have been having an affair since my engagement and then during my pregnancy. I was assured that it was over but apparently I was duped.”

“Thank you for this valuable piece of information Mia. Would you happen to know where my wife is at the moment?” He is sounding extremely agitated though trying to keep a cool composure.

“I just sent her home. She should be there soon.”

“Well thank you Mia and don’t hesitate to call if you ever need some help. My lovely wife has just come home so I am going to go and greet her. Bye.” Michael says.

“Bye.” I say and hang up.

I look at Tyler again and he is still staring at me with a dropped jaw. “What did you just do?” Tyler asks.

“I informed another victim of your sleeping around. Now I don’t want to see your face again. So go somewhere. I don’t care where; just get out of my sight.” Tyler slowly walks away. Just as he has left the room the phone rings. I pick it up. “Hello?”

“Mia it is the Lovett’s. Don’t have breakfast we are coming over and will be there in about two minutes so get out of your pyjamas and get presentable. Tell Tyler too.” Mr. Lovett immediately hangs up before I can answer, typical.

I quickly yell down the house to Tyler. “Get dressed you cheating bastard the Lovett’s will be here in a few minutes.” I run up the stairs before I have to see his face again.Start writing here…

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