Captured Damsel

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At 7am my alarm rang, before I could even turn to off it one of the assistant quickly turned it off, like seriously I'm sick and tired of this preys being right everywhere, it's like I don't have a private life.

Miss Raeesa, It's time for you to take a shower, so you could join Mr and Mrs Aatiq at the dinning table, said Mamaheera.

Ok I replied.

Even after being with me for 20 years this woman's still speaking to me formally I don't know why, no matter how hard I try to be friendly, it won't happen.

At least Maheera isn't like that a little bit.

I went into the toilet took my bath and brush my teeth, then dressed up in a dress times two of myself. Yes you heard that right, they believe a lady's body should be well covered up.

I reached downstairs, where my parents were already sitting just waiting for me I wished I had a little sister or brother, you understand because these breakfasts, lunch and dinner are so boring, like nobody says a word we just greet each other then starts eating.

My chair was dragged for me, I sat down and started eating, my dad was the first to leave followed by mom.

I usually use to be last even if I'm done, why? Respect obviously.

After I finished eating, another of our servants was waiting for me so I could start with my classes for the day.

They booked business and finance courses for me online, I'm in my last year already, final semester, and I'm planning something on the day I graduate.

The truth is that I've never wanted to study business and finance, I always wanted to major in English and literature, and I love writing.

But I guess that's just a dream right, but I write, I just finished writing my fourth book secretly, I use the books I'm meant to study with and write, I can't just not be disobedient even just for once.

After classes, we ate our lunch as usual then went to my garden specifically made for me and continue thinking about my life till night came, I closed my eyes wishing tomorrow will bring a new beginning and that's my dream every night.

Miss Raeesa I'm offing the light now, said Mamaheera.

Ahhh! I shouted and put my pillow case on my head.

Miss Raeesa that's not how to sleep I heard her saying I just pretended and shot her down.


Oh God I'm going to be late for office, I just came back yesterday very late from one of my many journeys.

I quickly had my breakfast quickly with my parents and little bro.

Oh come on Hayati, you could just rest today you're the CEO.

Nop not happening dad ( Mr Munir ), I have responsibilities, even though I'm the CEO I made sure that I took care of my works before going on my tourism.

As far as I'm concern I just want you to settle down my boy, stop all these traveling, my lovely mom ( Mrs Munir ) as usual.

Ok mom I said and kissed her head while leaving.

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