Captured Damsel

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I entered my building, the biggest company in the whole of mawra, I have pride in it, people acknowledged me as I walk towards my office to begin my days work.

Yes come in.

Hayat you're back and you couldn't call to tell me?

Are you going to die if I didn't tell you, come on.

Nice one, Hayat.

I smiled at my best friend right from when we both were giving birth to, we're age mates, Mashal.

What's nice about not telling you?

Because when next you disappear again, I'm gonna throw a party and act like I don't care about you even if you die.

I stood up and hugged him, thanks for reminding me about how much you love me alot.

We both laughed, that's how we behave everytime we're together like little children.

So tell me when next are you disappearing again.

Next week, there's a city called Hamla so I'm going there.

Or you Know apart from the name I think you need to discribe the city for me since you know that I was not raised in mawra.

He replied sarcastically.

Ok Mashal, I know that you know the city but have you gone there before, no right! I guess it.

He just raised his brow and shaked his head, that's what he does everytime, he thinks it's better to leave Hayat alone with his nonsense.

I'll see you at the usual, he said while going out of the office, I salute him.

I continued with my work, Mashal is my assistant in everything, I don't have a female assistant like other CEOs do.

Because I hate complications, I don't think I need to go in to details.


Yeah! !!

I was just shouting like it's going to be the end of my life but nop, I'm shouting due to happiness.

Now you've to tell me why you're shouting like that, said Maheera.

I'm finishing my exams by the end of this week, I'm finally done with banking and finance, yeah I said once again.

Oh! That's great, she replied.

She knew of how much I hate that course, but I just have to force myself to do it.

So what do you plan to do after that, she asked.

That's when I sat down and pretended to be sad, because I can't let anybody see through my facade and destroy my plans, no way, not even Maheera!

She's also a loyal dog to my parents after all.

What do you think will happen Maheera, of course my parents would want me to take over the family business that's the reason I studied this course in the first place and you of all people know that I've never had a life of my own.

Oh sorry, it'll soon end, said she.

Yeah I pray so.

Yeah definitely, it'll soon end because I'm going to give you the shock of your life all of you, dearest, I replied in my mind.

I came up with that decision when I was 16.

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