Captured Damsel

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Today is the day, my journey to Hamra will begin today, as I said goodbye to my parents.

I entered the car and drove off.


Today I'm going to do what I've never thought of doing, to even think of it happening, I mean I can't spent the whole of my life in this big isolation.

For God's sake why?

I've only known the walls of this house ever since i was given birth to.

My parents left me in hands of my servants, to be honest with you I don't know how many servants we have exactly, the only ones I'm close to are Mamaheera( maheera's mom ) and her daughter maheera, she's around my age, the reason I'm allowed with her is because my parents think as the only child I might grow into depression if I don't have somebody to say hi too.

Apart from that, they don't like seeing me around servants. Because they think we're not of the same class.

To cut it short I'm running out of the house.

I took a little snacks, a bottle of water,

Inside my small back pack, then the matches I was looking for, I went straight to the curtains and set it on fire, I watched as the fire turned out, when I was satisfied.

I started shouting for help before I knew it all the guards came trumping towards my room, oh my God, what happened here, they were speaking in harsh tones, while I made my way out of the room without them noticing.

When I was successfully out of my building I did a small dance and continue to follow the escape route I did research on since I was 16.

Finally I came out of our mansion or castle because honestly I don't know what to call it, it so big that I don't know what word will fit it.

But what I didn't know is what lies in front of me that makes me feel like I should just go back inside or to start crying.


In case you want to know I'm a tourist I love taking trip around the world, although I'm a very busy guy but I just can't help it but admire nature, so I'm going to a city known as Hawra in our famous country called Malina, I've heard so much about that city so today I'm making a trip into that city, infact I'm already in the city, as I entered it the first thing that captured my heart was the settings, there I saw flowing water, with beautiful trees and various flowers, which is just too captivating for my sight.

I parked and took some pictures then continue with my journey, just before I knew it somebody was trying to cross the road without looking came into my path.

Only God knew how I managed to stop the car, but the figure still fell down as if I ran into it, the person was well covered, I came out of the car to check if the figure was ok, as I took up the scarf, God! My heart stopped beating.

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