Captured Damsel

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Like I said I didn't know which decision to take but I guess I've already made up my mind I'm not going back there again.

I was in a total mystery as to which road should I take, because right now I don't know which kind of creatures my parents were to build this kind of house in a land of no where, I was surrounded by a vast land with trees, rocks and flowing water as neighbours.

Think Raeesa don't just stand here it won't be long before they figure that something's up, I took a run in to the trees, I continue running till my feets couldn't take it anymore.

I looked for a shade and ate all of my snacks and water, before I knew that I was still alive, that's why what my parents did to me, I can never forget I'm so delicate that any menial job I did, you will find me grasping for breathe.

I continued to run for how long that I didn't know that I've reached a road, I didn't see a car coming.

God why now, that's all I'm going to die without achieving anything in this life then my parents will get to succeed.

Still I couldn't get my legs to move I was just waiting for the bang, which never came, but I still fell down as I was feeling dizzy, before I knew it darkness engulfed me.


I quickly steeped out of the car and ran towards the figure, as i took up the scarf covering the face my heart stopped beating, I looked around us and turned towards the jungle it came out from.

It's either this girl is not a human or she's not scared of everything and ready to face death, or maybe wait my car was just an excuse she could use to commit suicide, I left my mouth opened as realization downed upon me.

As to why my heart stopped beating, she's the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life.

I checked to see whether she's still breathing, which she did.

I took her towards my car while spitting water on her face, she only moved and continue sleeping or falling unconscious whatever it is.

After 2 hours of waiting on what to decide with this girl I couldn't come up with a thing, the only solution is for her to wake up and tell me who she is.

But why is she taking time like this, suddenly her lips started to move I couldn't hear a word so I moved closer to her.

Water, she said breathlessly.

I quickly opened the bottle and gave it to her.

She quickly shoved down the whole liquid down her throat, wow she must be really thirsty.

When I saw that the colour has returned to her face and she was a bit ok, I started by asking her the question that was lingering on my mind.

Who are you?

I left my mouth hanging from the reply I got.

Who can guess her reply 😄😄, though if it was me I don't know what I would do with her reply. Let's meet in the next chapter, love and kisses as always, bye.

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