Autumn's Journey (Book Two)

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Autumn is back! 4 years later and everything has changed. Her past is again punching her straight in the face, forcing her to pick a side.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

“You can’t be that mad at them, that’s exactly how we acted at their age.”

I rolled my eyes at Hendrix’s opinion of our situation on both our hands. Who would’ve thought we would be working side by side 4 years after graduating from this very High-School?

“Don’t remind me of my stupidity and besides this is way more serious than anything we did.” I mumbled, rounding the school’s main hallway.

“Ouch. Right in the heart, Ott.” His footsteps catching up to me at this point. “You can’t mean that though. You went through some serious shit.”

I rolled my eyes yet again at him. “Learned and never making those mistakes again, yes. That’s why these kids need a kick in the ass now.”

Hendrix made a suggestive face at me and smirked. “Wow I sure missed that spirit, you lead then.”

I pushed the gym doors open, as did Hendrix and we both strode into the open space that was now filled with cheerleaders and football players sitting on opposite sides of the gym. I quickly marched up the bleachers and crossed my arms, staring both groups down. Hendrix sliding in next to me.

“Alright, listen up!” His voice boomed over the whispers, which immediately went silent at his tone.

“These rumors are not ones we are taking lightly girls and boys. These are very serious accusations that will end our year, right here right now.” I projected my voice the best I could.

“So, if you have any information… any input, anything. Come forward and talk to me or Coach Greene whenever you wish to. Till then, all of you are on suspension.” Hendrix turned to me to continue.

“That includes my girls.” I added.

Moans and groans were heard all around. Some even punching the floor and trying to walk away in anger. Other voices trying to speak up to voice their opinions.

“KNOCK IT OFF ALL OF YOU!” Hendrix yelled, making again the room go silent. “This is final until we find out who made the tape and who exactly posted it on social media. Till then, enjoy the workouts and no games boys.”

“Ladies, 10 laps. Now.” I screamed as the cheerleading squad got up in groans and started sprinting towards the track on the field.

“Lads, Pair up and run our loss exercises.” Hendrix said while descending the bleachers.

“But coach…!” One boy voiced, making Hendrix stop in his tracks.

“Don’t but coach me, GO!” He yelled and every kid left the gym to run to the field.

I stepped down off the bleachers and followed Hendrix out to the field.

“Think anyone will come forward?” Hendrix asked while we walked.

“Nope, but maybe doing this to them everyday will get at least a couple worn down enough to want to talk.” I mentioned then shrugged. “Remind me why I left the police force for this…?”

He laughed and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. “You missed me.”

We both laughed. That was totally not the reason at all.


The lights of the freeway passed as I drove back home. Bryce would probably have his police buddies at the house, and I was not in the mood for it tonight after that practice. The countless whining and not fair comments made towards me was enough to make me want to go back into fighting criminals all day.

As I pulled into the driveway and parked the very same Jeep Wrangler from high school my dad gave us, and I smiled to myself. Dad was on vacation with his now girlfriend Joan. She was the secretary at the police department for a few years and they instantly clicked. I wasn’t shocked when he sat Bryce and I down and told us he was ready to date again. I was happy for him, he needed someone in his life when me and Bryce left for the police academy after high school.

Bryce went into the police force in Dallas and that’s truly his calling. He is the calmest investigator they have on that squad. They were lucky to have him in my opinion.

I opened the front door of our shared townhouse we bought and immediately was hit with the smell of alcohol and pizza. Typical males.

I didn’t even care to be social. I immediately ran to my room and slammed the door. Changing out of my gym clothes for coaching, I got into cotton shorts and a Nike crop top. Tonight, was watch the stars night and I wasn’t going to change that.

Satisfied; I opened my door and walked out to the family room where a football game was blaring on the tv and 5 male figures sat in different positions around it. My eyes caught onto my brother’s figure in the kitchen. Again, Typical.

“HEY THERE SHE IS!” Dean’s voice boomed from the couch, as his hand raised in the air for me to high five. That man did the charity calendar and all I have to say is he isn’t lacking in looks, but as for brains… missing a lot.

I laughed and did what he wanted. “What do you know, do we just let strays in here now Bryce?”

Bryce’s laugh was heard booming from the kitchen along with the other guy’s laughs and I smirked as Dean’s body turned in his seat. “Yeesh, tough day sweetheart?”

I rolled my eyes and took his beer out of his hand and went onto the porch, positioning myself on the deck chairs, taking a sip of the beer.

I heard Bryce’s mumbles and then the sliding door shutting behind him as he appeared beside me in the other deck chair. “Can you like maybe cover up a little bit when the guys are over?”

I shrugged and took another sip. “This is my house.”

He rolled his eyes so dramatically, I had to try not to laugh at it. “How is working with Hendrix going?”

That was off topic. I shrugged yet again. “It’s fine. He’s not too bad to be around.”

His head whipped my direction with unhuman like speed. “Autumn Greene, don’t you dare go down that road again.”

I made a face and shook my head. “I’m not stupid.”

Instantly I noticed his face drop and then his entire body turned towards mine, with a slumped demeanor. “Look Ott, I know it’s been a crazy change and I know you won’t talk to anyone about it, but if you need anything you need to tell me.”

I hated that he could see right through me sometimes. “I’m fine Bryce.”

He shook his head at me. “No, You’re not. He was your entire world… but, you weren’t the only one that lost him.”

I glared at him. “I lost him Bryce. I almost got him killed. Not anyone else.”

I stood up quickly to leave but my brother’s reflexes battle my own at how fast they are. He immediately grabbed my forearm, holding me there. “Nope. No more running from this you talk to me right now!”

I slid my arm out of his grasp and screamed. “I DON’T NEED TO TALK TO ANYONE.”

The sliding door slid open and Savannah peeked her head out.

“Bryce, let me handle this.” She whispered and kissed his shoulder as she stole his spot on the chair and had me sit down again, when Bryce went back inside.

“I know you won’t talk about it. But I know what would cheer you up.”

I rose a brow at her. I hated that her being my sister in law now made her also know my mind inside and out. “Really? How?” Magic, maybe?

“Let’s go out. It’s Friday night! We can go to that one club the boys would love to come with us! Come on lets just go! Let your worries carry away by the night!”

I kept my eyebrow raised. Sav was such an English major it wasn’t even funny. I grumbled and then sighed. “Fine.” She was right, I needed to get out and forget about Ryder. It has been a 3 months now since the incident.

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