The Astral Prince

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When she blew into his life, he knew that he had to have her. Her energy was fun, exciting, and very irresistible. She didn't know it, but they were connected beyond space and time. And it was going to be his pleasure to give her hers. Now, all he had to do was follow her trail. That was the hard part.

Romance / Fantasy
BD Vyne
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Beautiful Encounter

The woman blew into the room, and her energy demanded the attention of every being here. Maybe it was because it was a closed session that was off limits to any outsiders or those without invitation.

Either way, there she stood in all her magnificent glory...the being that she truly was. She stood scanning the room, her eyes roving over one supernatural being after another. There was no surprise on her face, which I found to be surprising. Though her consciousness was more than a label, I did not sense her current life to be fully embraced in the supernatural realm. Which only meant one thing...she was human.

The smile she wore encompassed us all, and the compassion she held filled the room. The likeliness was that she found this place completely by chance, but she seemed determined to take full advantage of it. With a playful smile twitching at her lips, she bowed her head respectfully before us all, her palms coming together before her as she tilted her head towards them.

“Namaste,” she said. Though her tone was playful, there was a respect there that none of us would deny.

Without another word, she opened her arms and projected a huge wave of energy that flooded the room and fell over us all. The compassion, kindness, and hope that she projected in that energy wave were enough to cripple some and send others nearly over the edge with desire. But I knew her secret.

“Mate,” my lusty wolf companion growled into the space before him.

He was a big man, and an even bigger wolf. The man’s dark locks were partially braided out of his face and held back with a silver wrap. Real silver, too. For him, it was not just for show. It had meaning, and one he wanted hunters, shifters, and all supernaturals alike to know...silver was not an inhibitor for him. The man had a tolerance to it like no other, and he was now staring at this newcomer as if she was a prize he meant to claim.

“Easy, my friend.” I meant the words to be soothing, but he turned his head to me with a wild expression in them. It really was unfortunate that this vision of a woman chose to fill the room with those emotions that would spawn covetous thoughts from more than one of the supernaturals in the room. “Soul mates are rare, but she has more than one of those in the universe, as do we all. But, there is only one twin flame that can claim her ever.”

The wolf made an attempt to move towards her once more, and again I stilled his movements. This was my house, my land, my rules, and no one here would dare to disobey me. Well, at least not until she blew into the room. “Then let her twin flame try to stop me,” he grunted as he started to shake my hand away.

I fixed my gaze on him pointedly as I let my eyes take on a glow that would have him backing down. “He is.” The meaning was there, and the wolf looked at me with a moment of confusion before it sunk in. Then, he dropped back to his seat with irritation flooding his mood, but he knew he was no match for me. No being in this room was.

Another man across the room stood up from his seat, and walked over to her. Another suitor, no doubt. The woman was irresistible. When he reached for her arm, his hand met with air as her tendrils of her energy separated and formed back together with ease. Rookie!

The woman giggled happily, practically teasing the young man for his ignorance. Then, she allowed her energy to slip past the massive door in the room and out to the hallway.

When my wolf companion stood up, I placed my hand on his arm once more. It would not be easy for him to resist her...for any of them to, but I would have it no other way. “I’ve got this, my friend.”

When Argelle sat back in his chair, I adjusted myself in my seat, closed my eyes and slowed my heart rate. I was not about to let this little playful vixen get away that easily.

Within seconds, I was projecting myself beyond the door. The young woman was watching the door she had recently moved through, as if she was waiting for something. Smart woman. It was clear she knew the effects of her actions, and I believed she was waiting to see how many might pursue her. My, how I loved a woman who loved a good chase, but she had met her match.

After a few more seconds had passed, her smile grew on her face. I was mesmerized by it as I watched it spread over her face softy, giving her features that angelic appearance. She was beautiful beyond words, and she was mine.

As her consciousness lost focus on the door and she started to turn towards where I currently watched her, I nearly held my breath. Would she even have the faintest inclination of who I was to her? Of what I meant to her?

It would depend on who was driving the car, I suppose. Was she dreaming, or was she meditating? One would have her energy on autopilot, and the woman that she was incarnated as would view it as a dream and nothing more. The other would maintain her complete awareness. If she was meditating, she may not recognize me for who I am.

When she faced me, she made a soft gasping noise just moments before she started to giggle once more. My, but my little twin flame was playful. It warmed my heart to see her energy embrace those positive emotions, and enjoy life. It made me wonder about the woman she incarnated as.

There was a twinkle in her eyes, and I grinned wickedly. She was up to something, and there was no way she was going to best me at my own game. So, I watched, and waited, practically reading her energy and body language.

The woman was quick, no doubt. When she bolted, I was expecting it. As I said, she might be good, but I am better.

As she turned on her heel to run in the other direction, I let my energy transfer to a location just in front of her. She gasped, startled at my quick response. “And just where do you think you are going?” My voice was soothing, as if coaxing a wild animal. I didn’t want her to astral project back to her body. At least, not just yet.

Without a word, she took a step back. The smile on her face only got wider by the moment. Again, my beautiful, little flame was up to something. There was no doubt she was enjoying the pursuit, though she had to realize that she was playing a losing game. I am not a man that will lose when I am determined.

The woman turned on her heel and blipped across to the end of the hallway in record time, and I faltered a fraction of a second as she decided to change the game. No matter, I am quicker and more experienced than she is at this game.

She turned back to face me, but I had already shifted my energy. Confused, she took a step down the hall towards where I once stood. The moment she sensed me behind her, her body went rigid. Spinning around, she gasped again as my presence startled her once more. A man could get used to those little noises and that beautiful face full of wonder staring at him.

“You didn’t think you were the only one that could astral project, did you?” I asked softly. I was afraid she would bolt, and that I would not be able to read enough of her energy to trace her back to her current incarnation. What I did know was that she was definitely human, and beautifully feminine.

Being this close to her made my body hum. There are only two ways a twin flame relationship works: they either love each other passionately and beyond compare, or they despise each other viciously until they can work through their own problems and learn to love themselves. Which would it be for us? Her energy was full of life, loving, kind, and full of hope, but was her incarnation? The mind can be a wicked restraint on a soul.

The woman giggled once more, and I reached for her. Energy to energy, I could touch her. I wanted to touch her. To sense her energy wrapped around me and flood over me was almost too irresistible to pass up.

My hand touched hers, and she jerked back with a realization that she had not thought of before. Oh, this was good. She was fully conscious on the other side. This woman had learned to astral project, and was taking her energy out for a drive. Beautiful! Now to get a read on that energy so I could trace her.

As I moved closer with every intention of letting my lips touch hers, she giggled. That’s when it happened. She dissipated. My little flame pulled her energy away from me just as I was ready to partially merge our energies and find out all about her.

“Damnit,” I cursed into the now empty hallway. I pulled my energy back.

Argelle stood pacing the room. I knew it was difficult for him not to give the young woman chase and mark her, but she was not his to chase. When he realized my breathing pattern had changed, he stopped pacing and watched me expectantly.

Shaking my head, I heaved a huge sigh. “She pulled her energy back before I could get a trace on her.” Running my hands over my face, I gazed at him. His ears pricked towards where she had appeared only moments before as if he was listening for her. That was what these beasts were good for, following a trail, whether it was a scent or a sound. “Can you still hear her?”

Yes, even our energy carries with it a sound that spans time and space. A sound that is unique to only us, but when combined with our families creates a beautiful and soulful sound. Hers was beautiful, and all her own.

Argelle nodded in my direction, but he did not look too happy about what I was thinking. Too bad! It has been too long since I have been without her, and it was time to reclaim that other part of my soul. And, like it or not, he was going to help me!

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