The Astral Prince

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When I stood up and stretched after my thirty-minute meditation session, I felt light and bubbly. I loved these visualization sessions, though I had started finding myself taking different paths these last few times. Listening to the same guided meditation no longer held my interest or attention, and I found myself moving towards other visualizations that took my fancy. Visualizations of my own machinations.

Today, however, was quite the unusual visualization. Never before had I visualized anyone else being able to interact with me. Though, when that beautiful being of light touched me, I almost believed he was real. Even now, I could feel the tingles from his touch run over my hand.

Holding my hand to my chest, I smiled softly at the memory. Who knew meditation could be so rewarding in so many ways medically, and so much fun at the same time? Already, I was looking forward to the next opportunity I had to meditate.

“Mya?” My mother called up to me from downstairs. Sighing heavily, I rolled up my yoga mat, and put it back on the shelf. If I didn’t make my way down there soon, my zen place was going to be invaded. And I really prized my zen place.

“Coming, mother!” Hopefully that will placate her for a few more minutes while I tidied up my space, and watered the plants that keep this space feeling alive.

The room was immaculate, I would have it no other way. It was also the same reason why I didn’t allow anyone into my little sanctuary. There were already too many negative vibes in this house that felt repressive, but this was one place I could be me.

Walking down the steps, I could almost feel an overwhelming sense of dread come over me. Before I could land my foot on the bottom step, my mother was standing in front of me with her hands on her hips. “I have no idea why you spend so much time up there by yourself while I am down here trying to slave over dinner. Do you even know what time it is?”

“No, mother. But I am sure we have plenty of time to eat before we need to go to bed.” It was a typical conversation between her and I. Though my mother doesn’t work, nor has she any need to wake up early, I learned very quickly that nothing in this house was all about me. In fact, anytime I forgot that, she made sure to remind me that she indeed did have a life before I uprooted her to have her come live with me.

For the last two years my mother has lived with me, and she was resentful of the fact that she had no choice. My other siblings either did not have the space in their homes to care for her, or had no desire to care for her. Either way, she wound up having to accept my offer when she nearly burned her house down just over two years ago.

The woman was tiresome, but not in an energetic way. Her very complaints and negativity wore on me and exhausted me. It was the whole reason I started to meditate in the first place. One visit to the doctor with nearly every symptom of stress, and she literally prescribed meditation as an outlet to help me destress, and detoxify. What can I say? She believed in holistic treatments before popping you full of pills, though I sincerely appreciated her efforts.

When I finally walked into the room, my mother frowned at me as though she were disappointed that I was so unaware of the time. “It is nearly seven o’clock! I should have eaten an hour ago, but instead I waited for you.”

Oh, gotta love the guilt trips! “Well, I think you should have gone on to eat without me, mom. It would have put you in a better frame of mind, and you could have been soaking in a tub by now.”

Her scowl could be felt from a mile away. “You want me to soak in a tub? Your tub? When was the last time you cleaned that thing, anyway?”

Great, here comes the judgement about how I can never do anything as good as her. “Mom, I just cleaned it two days ago. It’s clean! Besides, there is another bathroom in this house that is all yours.”

“You know that I need you to be close when I shower or bathe. You never know when I might fall and break a hip.”

Bless me, please! This conversation is never ending, and she will never be placated. “I understand, mom. You definitely need to think about those things.” NOT, but who was I to argue?

Sitting at the table, it was my turn to grimace. Slaving over the stove, my butt! A box dinner was far from fine dining and stove slaving, but who was I to argue? Certainly that has become my running mantra these days.

“Well, you outdid yourself tonight, mom.” The hint of sarcasm did not go unnoticed.

“You shouldn’t get smart, Mya. You should be grateful that you have me here to pick up after, to cook for you, and to be your secretary when you are busy doing...well, whatever it is you do up there.”

“My secretary?” I had taken a spoonful of the sodium-rich food that my mother called dinner, and was trying to choke it down to humor her.

She waved a dismissive hand in the air in front of her as she plopped in her chair and started doling out her own serving. “It was nothing. Some man asked to speak with you, but decided it wasn’t important.”

“Who decided it wasn’t important, mother? You or him?” Irritation was starting to seethe in. This would not be the first time she had run off a man that I was interested in, not by a long shot.

“I don’t know why you worry about men like that. The man works in an antique store, for crying out loud.”

Frustration at her meddling poured over me. “No, mom, he owns that antique store. A chain of them, in case you were trying to gain his worth.” My mother was not worried about the worth of the man, but rather the worth of his bank account. Unless their names included the prefix Dr or the suffix PhD, she never considered them very worthy at all.

My mother shrugged. “Either way, he didn’t seem very interested in giving me his number so you could call him back. I guess its a sign that it wasn’t meant to be.”

I stood from my chair, annoyance my guide. “Next time my phone rings, let the voicemail pick up.” Turning around, I tried to take deep breaths to calm my nerves as I made my way out of the kitchen.

“You are not the only one who has people calling them at this number, you know. Am I supposed to ignore all of my friends because you occasionally get a phone call?”

She knew how to hit every button. “I’ll get you a cell phone!” I called the last words over my shoulder before I closed the door to my bedroom, though not in time to miss her next words.

“How am I supposed to know how to use those things? You would have me try to learn something my age? That just shows you how ungrateful you…” And the rest of the words trailed off as I moved into my bathroom to soak in my tub. What a day!

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