The Astral Prince

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Tagging the Temptress

Argelle and I sat in the midst of several other supernaturals just as the evening was starting to wind down. Soon, dinner would be served, and all my guests would be able to spend the rest of their evening at their own disposal. I was only too ready to have them all return to their own realms, kingdoms, and planets. The only being that was welcome without boundaries was my little flame, who had yet to make an appearance this evening. And Agrelle, of course.

When Argelle, my friend and companion, stiffened, I found my attention drawn to him. A smile spread over my face as I let my eyes roam over his, interpreting what I found there quite easily. “She’s coming, isn’t she?”

Hesitant to respond, Argelle continued to perk his ears up as he listened to the divine sound that was my twin flame. Finally, he nodded.

Standing from my chair at the front of the room, I addressed those remaining. “Well, my friends, I thank you for your time this evening. If you all will adjourn to your rooms to freshen up, dinner shall be served in thirty minutes.”

Slowly, the men and women that were in attendance exited the large room that we used for meetings like this. The room had mostly chairs and a few side tables scattered throughout. It was better this way when meeting with other supernaturals. Sections were created so that those that were feuding with one another could separate themselves, and those that had alliances with one another would be able to remain in the company of those that allowed them the most comfort. It never mattered to me how they arranged themselves, as long as they maintained order and peace while visiting my realm.

My position was at the front of the room, to give me a clear vantage of the entire room. The chair I sat in was near the large fireplace, and was separated from those that visited my kingdom. Other than providing a safe and neutral ground with which to meet, I neither felt compelled nor interested in aligning myself with any of the groups that visited. If I had, there would be a clear winner between the clash of alliances, and I had no desire to participate in their senseless bickering.

When the room was nearly empty, Argelle remained next to me as though an internal struggle prevented his movements. He was fighting with himself as to whether he should stay or go. Reaching a hand out and placing it on his shoulder, I gave it a gentle squeeze before nodding towards the door. “Go ahead, my friend. I’ve got this.”

Argelle gave me a quick glance before looking at the large wooden door that my little beauty trespassed the last visit she made to us. There was a longing there that I did not miss. Of course he would long for her. It is more the reason that I must meet her alone.

The more any of them are in the presence of her lovely and bright energy, the harder it will be for any of them to contain their own emotions. Especially if she came in and offered up all those beautiful and delicious emotions that she did the evening before. Those deep and robust human emotions were like an aphrodisiac to most, especially when they have not been exposed to human emotions before.

After staring at the door a minute longer, he huffed on a low grumble. He gave me one last glance, a warning in his eyes that was loud and clear. If I hurt her, he hurts me.

Though he wouldn’t understand the bond between twin flames, he was already fiercely protective of her. He simply knew her as a soul mate, and I smirked at the knowing that he would only be worse if this had indeed been his twin flame.

His determination to protect her only made me respect the man more. Not because he could best me, but because he would defend her. Once I have bound her to me, he would make for an incomparable, loyal and fierce protector of my little flame. Maybe then, we would be able to search for his.

No sooner had Argelle left the room than my little flame made her appearance. The lights in the room were dimmed low and I had taken my seat in the shadows, content for the moment to watch her from a distance.

Her energy was bright, and oh so lovely as she drifted through that massive wooden door. The flow of energy increased in the room at her arrival, and it drifted over me and caressed me much like it had done the night before. It felt so free and untethered, as if she were still learning how to control her own energy. Perfect! There was so much that I could teach her, and so much I still had to use against her. Having watched her performance last night, it was clear she was a quick learner.

She moved between the chairs in the room, roaming from section to section. As her gaze drifted around the room and she allowed her energy to brush up against the solid objects there, she tilted her head to the side with a small smile on her face. Her eyes finally settled and fixated at a spot of no particular interest as a wistfully lovely expression crept across her features. She was thinking of our encounter last night. The revelation made a sinful smile play over my lips.

Her faint giggle made my smile grow wider, and I stroked my chin with my thumb and forefinger as I leaned an elbow against one of the arms of the chair. That beautiful vision was an enigma I wanted to solve, though I knew I could not rush her for fear of scaring her away. Once I tagged her, I would find her and win her over. Not just the soulful part of her that ignited something deep down inside of me, but the entire being that she was...including her current incarnation.

When she focused her energy back into the room, it glowed more brightly. She twisted her form to take in the remainder of the room. The moment her eyes met mine, she froze as I clicked a button on the underside of the arm of my chair I currently sat. Though it would not prevent her from pulling her energy back to her current incarnation, it would keep our game contained to this room.

Rooted in her spot, I rose to let her gaze fall over my entire being. This would be the first time she would truly witness me as my incarnated self. Though her eyes might have flitted across the entire room and taken in my presence last evening, there were too many distractions in the room to truly behold me as I am.

Energy knows no restrictions. Things like height, weight, or complexion are completely subjective to the one perceiving it. Now, she would know my likeness, and her incarnation will be able to hold on to it until I come for her. And when I come for her, she will have no doubt why I am there.

Her eyes slid over my form, those beautiful eyes of hers growing slightly rounder in size. My little flame was appreciative of what she saw, and it only made my smile spread even wider across my face. As her eyes moved from the crown of my head down the full length of me, I remained still. However, that dainty, alluring smile was like a shock to my system as she took in the sight of me.

Emboldened by her admiring purview, I took a daring step forward. Though, when she took a step away from me, I stalled my steps. Bringing her eyes back to meet mine, she gave me a wary look. With the smile still plastered across my face, I lifted a questioning brow. A soft giggle was the only response to my unasked question. The twinkle that played in her eyes alerted me to her game of cat and mouse, and I could almost taste victory.

Taking another step forward, she took one back as she watched me slyly. This was going to be good. It was evident she was planning on projecting her energy, and I had a couple of surprises up my sleeve for her. My little flame would not leave here without the possibility of me tracking her. Tonight, there would be nothing to stop me from going to her on her turf, and bringing her back to mine.

When she blipped across the room towards the door, I chuckled. She kept her energy turned towards me to watch my every movement, to keep me in her sights. This dance was going according to plan, almost as if I had scripted it for her.

As a light and airy giggle escaped her lips, I worked on the first surprise I had up my sleeve. Allowing part of my energy to ebb away from me and project directly behind her, I sent up a silent prayer that she would not see the small light tether that joined my energetic bodies together. It was faint, but it was there. Half of my energetic body remained in my physical form, fully conscious. The other half now existed behind her, and it was in its own right a fully conscious energy being as well. Being in two places was, in fact, quite possible. Truth be told, being in several places at once was possible, but it begins to wear on one’s energy when it is divided into too many parts.

The beautiful features on her face were breathtaking, and I could not help but to reach out to touch her. My energy that manifested behind her put out a hand slowly before letting it delicately dance over her arm from shoulder to elbow. Startled, she spun around and instinctively projected her energy in the other direction. When her energy manifested across the room, she cast her eyes back and forth between the two conscious beings that were me.

Considering how startled she was at the possibility of a split energy, I remained where I was to allow her to adjust to what she had just witnessed. To rush her would have been to risk her pulling her energy back, and I had not quite accomplished what I set out to do.

Letting my gaze travel over her face, I could not help but watch in fascination as my little flame’s conscious mind worked to understand what I had shown her. And I could not stop the knowing smile from appearing as I knew there was still more to come.

When she finally settled her gaze on my physical self, I moved my eyes pointedly to fall on her arm that my energetic self had only just moments before run a hand across. The beautiful gold white of her energy was now layered with my own pale blue white energy flowing in harmony over hers. It made my body hum and my skin flush with anticipation at the knowledge that our energies resonated so perfectly with one another.

As I let my eyes switch from her face to that blue white energy, she allowed her own eyes to follow mine. The small gasp that passed her lips made my pulse race. She stared at the marvel of the two energies swirling and undulating with one another as I carefully made my way across the room to her.

As I moved towards her, I pulled back my energy from my other self to my physical being. When I approached her, I gently and slowly reached out a hand between myself and my little flame. The pale blue white energy swirled and danced across hers as I pulled it towards my hand. This beautiful creature watched as it moved from her own gold white being into a swirling circle in my palm.

When she giggled, I knew she was taken with the beauty of the manipulation. The tendrils of blue white energy in my palm swirled around as it made its way into a perfect ring of energy about the size of a bangle. Her eyes were glued to this manifestation in energetic form, and it made me long to hold this precious form of hers in my arms. However, a momentary weakness was not what I wanted. It was all or nothing for me.

My little flame reached a hand out to touch the swirling energy with her fingers. The tingle it sent through us both when she touched it was nearly euphoric, and she giggled once more. It was a sound I was taking immense pleasure in the more I heard it, and I enjoyed being the one to evoke it.

As her hand moved back, she watched in fascination as a small tendril clung to her fingertips. She watched the tendril reach out and maintain contact with her until her hand was just beyond its reach, and then it drifted delicately back to the swirling circular energy in my palm. Her pretty mouth was gaped open in awe, and I knew I had found my moment to spring on her my next surprise.

As I reached a hand out towards her, she smiled playfully at me. The look on her face was the same look she gave the rookie from last night, the one that said she knew she was untouchable by the physical form. She didn’t realize that the rules of others did not work for me.

When my hand touched hers, her eyes rounded. “Yes, my beautiful twin flame, I can touch you in my physical state. Haven’t you figured it out yet that I am not like most you have met on your journeys? In fact, I am nothing like any you have ever met.” The deliberate smile plastered across my face as she remained in awe at our interaction, stunned. Now, it was time to tag my little flame.

My hand delicately held hers while my other hand grasped the circular energy loosely around its circumference. As I slid it over her hand for her to wear as a bracelet of sorts, she giggled again. The sensations of the harmonic resonance between us bringing us both a joy that we would only ever find with one another, but would she understand that?

My little beauty held her hand out before her as I released it for her to admire the way that our energies flowed in harmony with one another. When she let her fingers graze it, it swirled in intricate and mesmerizing patterns beneath her touch. For more than a few minutes, she would let her fingers move delicately over my energy and then pull back to watch in fascination as it danced beautifully for her.

Finally, she lifted her gaze to meet mine once more and smiled playfully. Those mischievous glints in her eyes were unmistakable, and this was when she was about to discover what I had done. One corner of my mouth lifted back in answer to her own smile, but I knew what was about to come. Question was, would her incarnated self understand what it meant?

She shifted her gaze once more back to the energetic bracelet, and allowed her forefinger to drift over it before sliding her thumb beneath the swirling blue white energy. As soon as she tried to remove my energy from hers, the pulsing mass solidified between her fingers, refusing to budge. Her brow furrowed as she cocked her head to the side, eyeing the band with more curiosity than before. Once more, she placed her thumb and forefinger on each side of the energetic circle around her wrist and tried to push it down her hand. Once more, the energy solidified between her fingers and refused to yield.

One brow continued to ride deep on her features as the other lifted a fraction. Her gaze lifted to mine and she gave me a questioning glance. Without her uttering a word, I knew what she was asking. However, I was not ready to give her the answers just yet. Not until I had her safely in my arms...all of her.

Tugging once more, she shot me a look of agitation and frustration. I simply smiled as I lifted my shoulders in a casual shrug and stuffed my hands into my pockets. Backing away from me, I felt my heart sink. She wouldn’t understand just yet, and I was not wanting her to worry about what would happen if I did not get to her in time. Now that I knew of her existence, it would not be long before they would know.

When she gave me a sly smile, I knew she was leaving. At least this time, I would be able to retrieve her. Reaching one of my hands out to her, I let my fingertips graze hers only seconds before she pulled her energy back. Now, it was time. Once I retrieved Argelle, we would find her and bring her home.

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