The Astral Prince

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Escaping the Unknown

When I walked into the bathroom, I was relieved to see no one around. Taking in a huge breath of air, I leaned over the sink and tried to compose myself. My heart thundered in my chest, and my ears were nothing more than the rhythmic pulsations that surged from my heart. For several long minutes, I just allowed myself to stand there and lean against the sink.

The sound of the toilet flushing had me jerking my head up. A young, beautiful woman with gorgeous blue eyes and long, dark hair came out from one of the stalls. Stepping aside, I gave her access to the sink to wash her hands. Her long, slender fingers ran beneath the water tap, and it was then that an idea occurred to me.

It wouldn’t take long. I had become quite good at being able to move into a meditative state rather quickly, and I was only hoping I could control my breathing and my heart rate long enough to be able to do what I needed to. Sliding down the wall, I allowed myself to slow my breathing and focus on my breath.

After a few seconds had passed, I could feel my body relax. Focusing on what this room looked like, I let my imagination go. Time was not relative to my energy, I knew that. However, I felt that I was in a time crunch, and I did not have much to waste.

My energy moved delicately through the room, curiously looking this way and that. Trying to rush her was not something I was able to do, but I knew what was going to be eventually coming through that curtain and down the hallway. When it did, I did not plan on being here.

My energy moved closer to the woman that was looking at her reflection. Her movements were slow and exaggerated, which had its benefits. Looking down at my wrist, I saw the beautiful pale blue white energy dancing in swirling circles around it. The last time I attempted to remove this energy, it solidified. When I touched it in wonder, it seemed more fluid, and some even clung to my finger as I removed it.

Taking in another deep breath, I put my finger on the energy and it instantly solidified. Crap! I had to change my tactics.

Focusing on my heart, I poured as much love and joy into the room as I could. I imagined this beautiful rose gold color as it flooded my being and ran like honey over my arms to my fingertips. With my whole being warmed by this emotion, I touched the blue white energy, and it once again clung to my fingers. It responded to the emotion with an alacrity I had not seen before. With this new enthusiasm, I was able to put my thumb and forefinger on each side, and move it up and away from my wrist. The energy clung to them and separated from around my wrist. Great! Now I had removed it from myself, but that wouldn’t stop them from following.

Looking at the woman once more, her hands were slowly moving over her hair as if to pat it down back into place. When one of her hands reached the crown and then lifted slowly, I knew it was my chance.

Moving as quick as my energy would allow me, I snapped the energy up and around her wrist in one smooth movement. The blue white circled around the young woman’s wrist, but the energy started to spike and appeared to revolt against the action. Snatching my fingers away from the energy, a few tendrils attempted to follow, but I was too quick and the tendrils lost their hold of me.

Pulling my energy back, I was already starting to shift in my spot on the floor. No sooner had I brought my energy back than I was pulling myself off the floor. Time suddenly picked up its natural pace, and the woman looked startled as she stared at herself in the mirror. Her whole body went rigid only seconds before she moaned out loud.

Her eyes appeared glassy as I watched her in the mirror, and a blush ran over over her entire face as she seemed to notice me for a brief second. She clutched the shoulder of the arm I had placed the band of energy around and moaned once more, and she almost looked mortified at her behavior though she didn’t seem to have any control over it. My curiosity was certainly peaked, but I couldn’t wait.

Running over to the door of the bathroom, I pulled it open with more strength than I realized. My head peered out around the corner, and the corridor was still clear. Moving quickly from the door, I headed the opposite way from the drapes that still covered the excitement that was brewing just beyond.

Before I made it to the exit door at the end that was masked in shadows, the brocade fabric was pulled back. At the end of the hallways stood two of the most amazing looking men I had ever seen, and they were very different from one another. However, it was the air of confidence and control that the white-haired man held that nearly captivated me and had me sucking in air in small gasps.

He truly was a beautiful specimen, and there was a part of me that wondered if he was even truly looking for me at all. Regardless, there were things that I needed to understand before I was able to confront him. And even more than that, I had to get a handle of all these powerful emotions that seemed to swirl about the man himself. Emotions that I have worked so hard to close myself off to in order to be able to function in a normal life. His were so potent that they threatened to tear the very hinges off the door that I had neatly tucked them behind for many years now.

The young woman moved timidly from the bathroom, and I stood with my hand on the push lever of the door that would lead me to freedom. When she moved into the hallway, the beautiful man smiled brightly before he narrowed his eyes. He knew!

With her beautiful blue eyes, she looked up at him with a longing that would burn most mortal men. He simply looked her over from head to toe as if reading her very soul, and maybe he was. His brow furrowed and his lip curled slightly at the deception, but then he smiled big.

Laughter echoed down the hall, and I pushed the door open as quietly as I could to prevent the sliding metal from making a bigger distraction than it would already be. When the dark haired man turned his attention to me, it was clear that he heard and I froze.

The woman looked up to the beautiful man with the long, flowing white hair and smiled prettily at the baritone laughter than even made my gut clench. Shaking his head, he held out his hand and seemed to be gesturing at something. In a language I didn’t understand, he addressed the large man beside him that still had yet to let his gaze leave mine.

The dark-haired main smiled briefly at his friend as he responded in the same language. However, when his friend was occupied, he nodded his head in my direction. His gaze moved from the path I had moved across the floor to where I stood, and I stiffened. I was leaving a trail, and he was letting me know.

With a swift movement, he lifted his head as an indication to leave, and I didn’t hesitate. Slipping through the door, I sped away from the building as quickly as I could. My strides were as long and as fast as I could make them, and I was moving into a mass of people on the main sidewalk within several strides. The door I had only moments before moved through opened with an excessive burst of energy, and I could not stop myself from looking from the corner of my eye.

The two massive bodies had already moved from out of the corridor and into the alleyway. The beautiful man was watching the ground with an interest that unnerved me, and I knew what he was looking at. Yet, I could do nothing about it until I found a place to rest. The further I walked, the longer the energetic trail I was leaving behind me. Did it vanish after a certain time?

Weaving through the crowd, I tried to stay in a group of moving bodies as best as I could to try to throw them off my trail. After I felt that I had tainted my trail with as many others as I could, I raced down an alleyway as fast as my legs and shoes would allow me. I took off with all my might, and kept running.

There was no way for me to know how long I was running. For some reason, all I could focus on was seeing those silver eyes manifest in a world where they did not seem to belong. Questions plagued me, and yet they had no answer.

When I finally slowed, I prayed that I had put enough distance and human bodies in between us that would make it difficult to follow. Without stopping, I kept my eyes in front of me and kept moving. When a large black car pulled up beside me, it took more than a few seconds for it to register. In fact, I didn’t register it at all until someone spoke to me.

“Mya?” Maxwell sounded concerned.

Whipping my head to him, I gave him a confused look as I halted my steps. “Maxwell?”

The car stopped and Maxwell stepped out of the car. One of his hands grabbed my arm while the other came up to feel my cheeks. “You don’t look so good,” he said as he ran his hand across my forehead. As he shimmied out of his jacket, he kept watching my face closely. “We need to get you home, Mya.”

“Yes, please,” I whispered. Placing the jacket around my shoulders, he stepped out of the way and ushered me towards the car. “Thank you,” I told him as he helped me find a seat.

Releasing my hand, he smiled at me before reaching a hand down to squeeze my shoulder. He leaned over and placed a gentle kiss at my temple. “No worries, Mya. We’ll get you home so you can rest.”

The man came around the car, and got into the limo from the other side. Leaning my head against the window, I let my eyes close as it made contact with the cool glass. It was then I remembered what the dark-haired man was trying to show me. Taking in a few breaths, I focused on pulling back my energy and allowing it to return to me all at once.

When his hand touched my back in a soothing manner, my eyes sprang open as I stiffened at the contact. Immediately, he removed his hand and apologized. “Can you tell me what happened,” he asked uncertainly as the car pulled away from the curb and started to head towards my house.

The only answer I could give was a shake of my head. There was not anything about this that I wanted to talk about, not that I could if I wanted to. How could you tell someone that a man from your imagination had become real? They would certainly lock me away in the looney bin.

He gave a small, breathy noise that I figured was meant as a chuckle. “Well, it’s okay. When you’re ready, just know I am here to listen. Until then, just rest until we get you home.” A hand came out to squeeze my arm once more, and then he let me rest.

He really was a nice guy. So, why didn’t I feel anything for him?

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