The Astral Prince

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Absentee Energy

A week! A bloody week had gone by without my little flame making an appearance.

Already I had worn a path through the meeting room, having spent most of my days in this room awaiting her arrival. Each day that passed made me more and more aware that my beautiful little energy was avoiding me, and it was eating away at my very soul. After being so close, it still rankled me that she somehow got away from me.

She was smart, there was no doubt about that...and resourceful. Removing my energy from her form and placing it on that woman had been an ingenious move. Though, if she really knew who she was dealing with, she would have realized that trick was only a momentary distraction. A distraction, nonetheless. One that Argelle found great humor in over these last few days.

Speak of the devil! The door to the large room opened to allow my friend to step within its confines. Though looking at his face gave me the answer that I needed, I still felt compelled to ask. “Nothing?”

Argelle’s lips thinned in a tight frown as he grunted, then he shook his head. Sighing, I dragged one of my hands through my hair as I took a deep breath in and released it. Her energy signature was very similar to my own, it is what made us twin flames. Those looking for me would be able to easily find their way to her by locking onto my energy vibration. However, when she saw me and Agrelle, her vibration dimmed enough to prevent me from using that trick to find her. When we appeared, she was afraid, and fear always dampens the vibration level. This was problematic.

Vibrations and energy are what we use to manifest, regardless of whether it is materialistic manifestations or manifestations of thought and emotion. When we hold a higher vibration that is equivalent to that which we are trying to manifest, it comes to us with ease. When we drop our vibration, then we struggle to witness those very same things we have already manifested. This becomes wasted energy in the sense that the things we manifested lay unclaimed by those manifesting it until a time when they can raise their vibration enough to claim them.

Then there is the other side of energy and vibrations. The fun side. The side that, once a being has raised her vibration, they draw to them what the universe wants to gift them. Included in those gifts are abundance without asking, your soul’s purpose, and other beings that help to support you in your vibration. Which includes drawing one’s own twin flame to them. That is what made seeing her so exciting...she had lifted her vibration enough during her meditations to find me. Whether she knew it or not, she was ready to be united with least her energetic being was.

Now, she let the fear cloud her judgment and her vibration. She did not trust in her energy to bring to her those things that would bring her the most joy. That is the whole driving force behind your energy, to bring you joy and happiness, and all you have to do is act on it. However, when you turn away from all those amazing things that it brings you because of doubt or fear, it will make your energy very compelled to make you turn back towards all those amazing gifts. You just might not like the obstacles and road stops that it puts in your way as it tries to make itself clear about the direction it wants you to head in.

And now, my little flame has turned away from me, and the universe is going to let her know what a poor decision that was...unless I could get to her first.

Showing her energy to me let me know that the time had come to claim her as mine, but making that small self-ego realize it was a different matter. However, I was determined, and there was not much that could stand in my way. Besides, now that her energy has fallen within a vibration that is bringing her closer to me, there would be those that could sense her. And there was no way I was letting them get to her.

Dropping myself into a high back chair, I dropped my head and leaned forward. My fingers danced along the tips of its reflection as I pondered a way to reach that other half of me without making a sacrifice that may cause more damage than good.

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