Love Me Dead

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"'I know you remember me. Don't play stupid, Astrid." I blinked, then blinked again. This isn't real! HE isn't real! Just a pigment of my imagination. "No," my voice only a whisper, "only when I sleep you exist." His smile chilled me to the bone, "Now that is completely false. The funny part is," he leans forward, our noses barely touching and his breath fanning over me, making me stop breathing altogether, "you know its true." Twenty Three year old, Astrid Robins lives in a small town, where everyone knows everyone. Living the normal life, well as normal as it gets. Working at a little book shop trying to save money in hopes of opening one of her own someday. Also trying to run from her past. While working, she notices a face that she knows should not be real. But, only in her dreams. This story is for mature audiences! Meaning swearing and other Adult Stuff will be ahead. 18+

Romance / Fantasy
Alexandria Vice
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The music was coming from down the hallway as she walked on the dark red satin carpet. The long corridor was not at all brightly lit like some places were. Candles flickered when she walked by, knowing it was her presence alone that did it.

Not knowing what that meant, she kept walking till she came to the double doors on her left. Looking closely at them, the doors were dark brown and ember wood; behind those doors, the music was calling her but, most importantly, HE was calling to her.

As the doors opened, the room came to life. As if her presence alone made it happen. She continued to walk in through the doors, walking past the dancers in their masks and costumes. She watched them through her own mask as well. She watched as they twirled and pranced around her, enjoying what life had to offer them at that moment in time.

The ball room was elegant as any Manor would be to host high class parties or gatherings such as theses. In the middle of the room on the ceiling was a high chandelier that lit most of the room, showing off the cream-colored walls in the awake of the room.

As she walked in further to the swarm of people, she was only looking for one person, the person that would help her understand. Understand what? She did not know. As the men and women in their masks turned to look after her as she passed.

Once she got to the middle of the floor, she turned around to see if she could see him. But, when she turned she only saw the people staring all at her. Confused, she did not know what to do. What were they looking at? Did she look that bad? What is happening?

The music started up again, this time with the keys of a piano and the violins playing the same note. The song was so familiar to her but, she could not wrap her mind around it.

Arms snaked around her middle like a warm embrace. Turning, she came face to face with a dark black mask, with bright blue-green eyes shining through it, also tall, handsome, brown haired person she was looking for.

He gently grabbed her right hand while putting his other hand on her waist and guided her on to the dance floor. He started swaying her to the music. Turning in little circles, as to think it was just them and no one else in the room. They said nothing but staring at each other like it was there last.

“My love,” his voice low and soothing to her ears, “tell me where you are?”

She felt her eyebrows scrunch up. Looking at up at him confused, “I’m right here.” She stated.

“No, you’re not.”

His grip tightened around her waist. She cringed from the pressure.

“Stop it. You’re hurting me!” she tried to squirm out of his hold on her but, it was no use. What has gott-?

“Tell me where you are, Astrid!”

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