Fading Memories

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Losing you was difficult, but loving you turned painful for me. I hated to love you, but loved to hate you as well. But seems like losing you was actually a gain.

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S.R. Rimjhim
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The twillight

She stepped into my life to present me her intoxicating smile, the fragrance of soft brown hair, and the excruciating pain of her disgust and hate. She knitted my broken heart with her gentle love, then broke it without mercy.

"Why? What happened?" The blonde haired girl asked calmly, her eyes mesmerisingly staring at the horizon. The waves kept rhythmically striking the beach, as it gently gulped down the soft glowing sun.

My eyes closed, feeling the calm breeze against my skin.

And I saw "her".

Her soft strings of hair caressing her neck,her lips curved up into a beautiful smile, and her calm doe eyes. But then, her doe eyes were staring at me with burning rage and her smile disappeared somewhere.

"I never asked you to love me, did I?" Her calm tone struck me like those waves on the beach. But she was right, she never asked me to love "her". I was the one dreaming about our future together, I forgot nothing was " our" between "us", it was just " you" or "me".

Suddenly I felt a warm palm cuddling mine. My eyes shot opened and looked at her. She shifted her gaze at me and a soft smile appeared on her face.

I wish it was not that girl, but "her" hand. I wish it wasn't that girl, but "she" sitting beside me on that beach. But she would never let me hold her in my embrace, the last time she let me hug her was in that hospital- where we first met.

This single thought stirred each of our memories together.

I remember peeking at "her" from a corner and watched her sitting down like an angel, tears running down her smooth face. With each tear that fall on her lap, I felt the pounding of my heart speeding up. I remember giving her my pocket money- the only money I could afford that time- thinking that would be enough to cure her dad. I handed my little pouch to her, and the moment I saw that intoxicating smile appear on her face,

My heart fluttered towards her.

She was the definition of "angel" to me. I stood by her when she lost her dad, I stood by her when she was alone or lonely, I stood by her when she told me about the new guy she had a crush on. But, she left me when I gathered up my courage to propose her, she left me when I felt alone and lost, she left me when I needed her the most.

"It feels better now, isn't it?" Out of nowhere, the blond girl asked me in her calm tone. I stared at her for a second, the silent sorrow in her eyes contained the same pain that has been shrouded my eyes for years.

Suddenly all "her" memories moved aside, as I found myself indulging in her words, her stories, her smile. The soft shimmering of moonlight diffused over us.

"I should go home now," She spoke up, slowly poising on her legs. She looked down at my blank eyes, said bye and was about to walk away, when suddenly she got pulled back towards me.

My eyes lowered down to our hands.

Her fingers were still entangled with mine.

She gently removed her warm hands and within seconds my fingers frozen up. I started fiddling them to feel a friction again. But, it went in veil. My heart started feeling empty, the memories of "her" coming back again, stirring my loneliness, guilt and anger together.

I needed to do something to heal myself, anything. So I immediately balanced on my legs, inhaled deeply and screamed out,

"Please don't leave me alone," She stopped and turned towards me, her eyes widened up.

"I want your warmth, your presence, your smile to knit my broken heart again."

"Help me"

She kept looking at me. My heart pounding furiously, reminding me of that hospital night again. Hopeless. I breathed out, turning back to the ocean again, when suddenly,

"I am not going to leave you alone," My eyes shot back towards her, she smiled. Somehow that smile provoked my lips to curve up in a blissful smile.

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