The Perfect Wife

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“You have until the end of this month to bring someone, anyone and introduce her or him to us. If not ... you have to follow what we originally had planned for you. This is your last chance, Claudia. If not ... your name wouldn’t be on my will.” Claudia Dubois, 36, has been enjoying her life for far too long. Now, she have no other choice but to find someone who’re willing to be her significant other so that her name would be on her grandfather’s will. Odette Grinda, 35, worked as a medical doctor at a local hospital. She is a single mother of 13 and 10 year old son. Life has never been nice to her since the day she got pregnant by her ex husband right before she entered medical college. After her husband divorcing her, she was entitled to pay off her husband’s debt because of a silly agreement she had signed blindly. On one fateful day, Claudia visited the hospital emergency room because she was involved in a minor accident when she was on her way to work. That’s when she met Odette who was being harassed by her ex husband. Claudia decided to help the helpless doctor by giving her ex husband the money he wants. Odette was indebted to Claudia for her help so in order to pay Claudia off, Odette agreed to be Claudia’s contract wife. What happened after Odette become Mrs Dubois? How would Odette explain to her sons about Claudia’s sudden appearance? Read to find out.

Romance / Drama
The Moonlight Demon
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Chapter 1


“You have until the end of this month to introduce your significant other to us. If not, we will proceed with our original plan by marrying you off to a baron. Claudia, we understand that you have quite an odd taste when it comes to finding a partner. We don’t mind, but we’ve been waiting for years now, you haven’t introduced any of your partners to us. We’re getting older, Claudia.” I, Claudia Dubois, 36, couldn’t even find a perfect moment to retort back.

“Your grandfather is right, Claudia. You’re not getting younger. We want to see you be happy as well.” Even my grandmother decided to side my grandfather now.

What rotten luck I have.

“Grandpa, I know to have my name on the family will is important, but ... does it have to do with marriage? Can’t you just put my name on a piece of paper so we can live happily ever after?” My grandparents did not have it.

“Do you want to die alone, Claudia? Look at your older brothers and sister. They are happily married with children. You, a 36-year-old woman, don’t even have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. If this keeps up, we have to interfere. No one in our family ever dies being single. And I don’t want my descendent to be the first.” Here we go again.

All this talk about family tradition is loads of crap. But of course, I can’t say that in front of them. They live to abide by their ancestor’s law. I can’t directly change their mindset.

“It was news to us when you said you like both man and woman. So, please, find someone that interests you! If you can’t introduce to us a decent candidate to be your partner at the end of this month, not only your name won’t be on my will, you will never receive your monthly allowance from us, your parents, your brothers, your sister, both your sister in law’s and brother in law!” No! He can’t do that!

How am I supposed to continue to live like a queen without heir contribution?! Sure I have a successful company, but it’s different when you received money without the need to do anything! I am the youngest and loved by all. He can’t do this!

I saw my grandfather just smirk at my reaction! This old fogey! He’s enjoying himself right now and I hate it! If he spread the words to my family, they will listen to him because he’s an elder! Damn this old fogey.

“Fine! I will bring someone to your birthday celebration party. Just please, don’t cut my allowance yet. You both know how desperate I am when it comes to money. It’s never enough for me.” My grandparents shake their head with a heavy sigh.

“And I hope your future spouse will able to change the way you live your life. Claudia, sure, you worked hard to be the person you are today and we are proud when our friends praising you for being a genius in the business world. But spending your money like a waterfall is bad. Can’t you take your siblings as an example?” Is my grandmother really going to lecture me about my spending?

Look around! She’s been collecting antiques since she was young. And she dares to comment on how I live my life? I decided to keep my mouth shut.

“Hopeless. Come here and join us for brunch. I made my delicious scone today since I knew you be here.” Grandma’s famous scone?! Hell yeah! After the meeting I had with a few new investors, I didn’t have enough time to have lunch.

“So, how did the meeting go? Your father told me that there were a few mishaps at the worksite.” When my grandfather looked at me, he sighed when he saw me putting scone after scone inside my mouth. I almost choked in the process but my grandmother was quick enough to serve me tea.

“How is this even my granddaughter? She is so different than her siblings.” I smirked upon hearing his words.

“You say that, but I know you love me. Anyway, I handled most of the trivial things and also compensate the family members of those who were affected. The mishap was dealt with according to the procedure so everything is fine. But of course, our investors were worried about what’s going to happen in the future but I told them not to worry because this incident will be a turning point. Besides, who can really say no to me.” I was proud after explaining everything to my grandfather.

“Alright then. At least you handled yourself well. Your father didn’t raise a blockhead.” I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or he was just simply saying that I’m a blockhead. Anyway, I’m famished. I don’t really care.

After meeting my grandparents, I decided to drive back to my office since I have an important video conference at 5. As I was driving, someone decided to call me. When I looked at the name of the caller, I sighed. As if I don’t have enough trouble, what does he want now?

“Hello ..”

Where have you been! I’ve been trying to reach you for so long! Do you know what time it is! It’s almost time for the video conference! Where are you?!”

My assistant shouted over the phone and almost ‘destroy’ my ear in the process.

“I’m on my way. I’ll be there in ... “ something caught my attention when I looked up to read view mirror. There was a car coming up fast and didn’t show any sign of stopping. What should I do?

There was a school bus in front of me. If that car doesn’t stop now, it’s going to hit them.

Claudia! Are you listening to me?!”

My assistant kept on shouting through the phone without knowing what I’m about to face. Fuck this! I was embracing myself for impact when that car ramp into the back of my car hard while the front of my car ramp the back of the bus!

My front windshield shattered and I’m sure some shards managed to cut my body. Is this blood coming out from my head through my eyes?

I’m slowly losing consciousness when the safety measure was activated and it hit my face hard. I could hear the fading sound of my assistant’s voice through the phone.

Claudia?! What’s going on?! CLAUDIA!!!


“Don’t worry too much. She should be fine after a few days worth of rest. It’s just a small cut on the forehead and minor bruising from the airbag’s impact. She’s alright. I will give her some medicine if she ever suffers any headache for these past few days.” The doctor repeatedly trying to comfort my assistant who came barging into the hospital emergency department demanding to see me in person.

Good God. He should learn how to be calm.

“See. I told you that you don’t have to cancel the video conference. You could just handle it yourself. I’ve given you that much trust and yet you’re here, demanding something like seeing me in person. As if you know how to stitch my wound up.” I scoffed.

“You dare to question me? Do you have any idea how worried I was! When I heard that loud crash from the phone, I couldn’t even think straight!” The phone? Wait, now that I think about it, it’s partly his fault.

“It’s your fault that I even got into an accident. Do you know why? Because you called me!” My assistant went speechless for a second before fixing his suits.

“What are you doing here?! This is a restricted area and I told you to never find me at work! We’re divorced for God's sake!” I heard the doctor treated me earlier shouted at a man near the nurse's counter. What's going on?

Everyone’s attention is on them.

“Here we go again.” I heard the nurse who cleaned up the examination bed next to mine sighed heavily.

“Excuse me. Pardon me if I’m being rude but what’s going on?” My assistant was giving me the eye.

“You have stitches on your forehead and bruising all over your face and neck. And you still have time to ponder on someone else’s personal life?! Claudia ... please. Don’t bring such a gossip queen.” I ignored my assistant and turned to the nurse once again.

“Oh, that's normal. That man was her husband. They have been separated for quite some time now. Not only that, but she also has to pay for his debt as well. You see, doctors may have a noble job, saving people life’s but the salary is shit. It’s hard for her to even pay for her children's education and daily life necessity as it is. Now she has to pay for his debt as well.” The nurse has such a big mouth but this is such a gossip material.

“With her ex-husband kept on coming to her workplace asking for money, doctor Odette was summoned by the higher-ups almost every single week. Too bad that she fell in love with a wrong man.” I see. Interesting.

She seemed like a decent woman and who cares that she has two sons. She’s still banging! Hmmm ... maybe I should help her. Maybe this woman is the answer to all my worries in life. Maybe ... there’s a reason why I’m here. I smiled as I stood up from the bed and walked towards the doctor who just fixed my wound.

“Is there a problem, Odette?” I started calling her on first-name basis.

“Who are you? And why are you harassing her?” I’m pretty sure she doesn’t understand why the fuck that I’m here instead of minding my own business.

“And who are you to her? You’re obviously a patient here. Stop meddling into our conversation and go back to your bed, bitch. I have something to discuss with my wife!” This man really pisses me off. And with him making a scene here is not good for this doctor’s reputation.

“Ex-wife! Don’t forget the ex.” The doctor retorted.

“Please leave, Thomas. I’ll take care of your debt just leave me and my sons alone.” The man scoffed.

“Are you forgetting something? Those two beats are mine as well. You can’t get pregnant alone! And I saw you went out with that stupid guy yesterday! Why did you have to go to a hotel after that?! Have you no shame?!” He’s clearly trying to embarrass her in front of those who worked under her! I have to take action.

“Mister, I think you should leave before you’re embarrassing yourself here. This is a place for sick people to get help. Please, leave.” I was being nice.

“Shut up! Who are you even?! Odette, just give me some money will yah and I will leave. Don’t be stingy. I know you just receive your salary today. Come on! Just a few hundreds would be okay.” This man doesn’t know how to quit huh. Did he come here just for money? Money?!

“How many times do I have to tell you! I don’t have that much on me! I have to save up because your son has an important event at school and it needed money! Just leave, Thomas. Please!” She was staying to pushed the man away but he didn’t budge.

He was about to force himself to searched her pockets when I decided to get rough on him. I grabbed his hand before it even touches the doctor and pushed him down.

“If it's money you seek, here is some.” I threw a bunch of hundred bills on his face and watched him literally slaving away just to pick the money up.

“Wow Odette! I didn’t know you knew someone this rich before!” He’s hopeless.

“Once you get your money, leave her alone. Do you understand me? If I ever see you come near her again, I’ll make sure you rue the day you decided to do her harm.” After picking up all the money that was on the floor, he leaves without saying even a word.

“I’m sorry for the trouble. I’ll make sure to pay you back for the money you’ve just given him.” I smirked.

“You don’t have to pay me back. Just, go out for dinner with me on your next day off. What do you think about that, doctor Odette?” The doctor was speechless.

“Silence means that’s a yes! I’ll give you a call on your next day off to make an appointment. Ezekiel, let's go home.” My assistant sighed before he apologized to the doctor and the rest of the staff for the commotion.

As we walked towards the car, Ezekiel couldn’t help but ask about my action.

“I have my own reason and she seemed like the perfect person to help me with the matter at hand. I have a feeling she will agree to my conditions.” I don’t know where this confidence comes from but I like it!

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