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A short life story based on two people who found love in the heart of a journey. Luca whispered, "Your hands on my penis." "Our souls have conversations words could never describe"

Romance / Drama
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"Thé beginning"

"Soulmates aren't just lovers"

Sunday 25th May 2017

Toronto Pearson International Airport

12:35 am

"Oh God I'm going to miss you so much!" Bella stated sobbing on my already soaked shoulder.

"Me too. But this is the time I have been waiting for. For 3 years!" İ said, soothing her back.

"I know." She weezed, rubbed her red nose in a handkerchief and said, "Good luck out there!"

"I will." I choked out wiping my tears and kissing her temple. "I will." I nodded at her and gladly she returned the gesture.

Meet Bella. My little sister. My parents were at the Canadian region and I had just graduated college. Me being me had already applied for my university. I wanted to explore the world before I entered the world of studying so here I am. At the airport. Going to Italy. My dream place.

For a moment I thought I were psychic. I had visions. I had dreams. I had words hinting me of Italy. Literally hinting me to come here. And I did. Follow your heart not your mind.

That's my mini mantra. My Father once taught me.

My eyes travelled back to my sister. Her eyes were all puffy and her cheeks spread a blush all over her. She looked adorable. I waved her one last time and entered the flight compartment.

Pastel blue walls, and navy blue carpeted floor, white flawless walls and the cool breeze of air hit my face, blowing my hair in all directions.

"Finally." I once again turned about to look at my sister. She was still there. Watching me pass by. And return after a few more than 3 months. I saw fear cross her eyes. A sigh left my mouth. She had thanatophobia. Fear öf losing someone you love. I gave her an encouraging smile and she did too.

My feet carried me away and soon enough I had reached the eneterance of the plane. 2 flight attendants were checking the passes and stuff.

"Welcome aboard ma'am. May I have your pass?" I gave it to her and she motioned towards a staircase. Well looks like ito time for some relaxation.

I gave them a small smile and made my way to the allocated seat of mine.

"I am coming Italy." And with that, my eyes shut close and sleep consumed me in. I had woken up after 2 good hours of sleep. And had some served lunch. There was this Thai grandma next to me who offered me some of her national dishes. They were so spicy yet delicious. She was sweet looking and wore some kind of a bone made bracelet. Nonetheless, we chatted and passed our time.

I had been reading books for I don't know how many hours. So I checked the time. And it is 09:52pm. Seems like we have reached. And I was right. Everybody was packing there belongings and putting out there luggages.

After 5 minutes of collection i exited and breathed fresh air.

"Here I am. In Italy. After 10 hours." I walked to a nearby bench and stretched my sore legs. My eyes travelled at large and I took in the beauty of the airport.

Sunday 25th May 2017

Leonardo da Vinci International Airport

10:00 pm

I was now seated in a car and was going to the nearest hotel. We passed by lots of buildings ans they're architecture was amazing. I loved te richness of the country. The art and the history. Moreover i had a religious connection with the Roman tribe.

The city lights illuminated the pathways. Small shops were filled with goods and i loved the warm gesture of the people. The car stopped for some time at the traffic in the small alley and a little girl was passing by with her mother, holding a candycane in her small palms and skipping joyfully. My cheeks warmed and i already lived her. The car started moving again and i soon reached the hotel. I have to say. It was a grand enterance. Likewise as I had imagined. It was lovely. Even my room was. Without wasting another second I did what most people do.

"CANNONBALL!" And I jumped on the bed. Its softness kissed my body and I almost feel asleep when....... It creaked out so bad that the neighbours came rushing and knocked....Ahem Ahem.....banged on the door that would have broken off its hinges if I weren't there to open it.

"GWENCHANAH? U OK? MISS?!" How many people are there? Only one way to find out.

When I opened the door is felt like i were a celebrity. There were not only, what I assummed, my neighbours but the whole staff was there, staring at me wide eyed.

"Ciao. Are you OK?" A young boy came forward and asked me in the softest tone. I was already so stunned seeing what the mess I had caused and stood there gawking at the crowd.

"Ma'am? Mi--" i pulled him in by the collar and shut the door. My eyes opened to be facing the door and I slowly turned about to see him perplexed.

"What is happening?"

"Umum.....I. ......was...." a sigh left my mouth at my stupid behaviour.

I swiftly turned back around and peeked through the hole in the door and saw that the crowd had slowly left. Thank God.

Facing the confused teenager once again I told him what I did and he was on the floor rolling in hysterics.

"That was awesome!!" He complimented.

"Thanks." I said with a roll of my eyes and layed down on the bed.

"What's your name boy?"

"My name is Ares."

"Ares. Like the Greek God of War?"

He blushed. So CUTE!

"Yes. Grandma named me. She said I am strong."

I eyed him and his grandma sure seemed to have a great taste in naming. He was a muscle man. Lean figure with a boyish charm. Blonde hair and had a beautiful face.

"Nice to meet ya babyboy I'm Fiona."

He giggled. "Named after Sherek?" He asked eyeing me skeptically. A laugh escaped from both of us and I threw a pillow at him.

"Shut it!" He too threw a pillow at me and you can guess the rest. We ended up in a pool of soft feathers and were laying on that goddamn creaky yet soft bed.

"Goodnight...........Sherek's lover." i smacked him square in the head and he bend forward due to to impact.

"Ow! OK. Night." I smiled and returned the gesture. He left me and I slept.

Monday 26th May 2017

At the Hotel, Room 768

6:10 am

I had woken up early due to all the goodnight's sleep and was packing my bag because I had to leave for breakfast and reach Rome within the next hour. The nearest train station was about 10 minutes away so I had to get going. I would catch the train by 7. It was a 30 minutes journey from here.

I went out of the hotel after meeting Ares and walked down the path to a nearby bakery. The door was pure mahogany and when I entered, mmmmm. The scent of baked goods hit my nostrils and I closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling.

"Ciao amorè!" An elderly lady from the counter called out to me. I smiled and went towards her.


"Coşa ti piacerebbe avere deary?" [What would you like to have deary?] She asked.

She was a cupcake. Had such cute dimples, despite her age, they were quite evident.

"Vorrei alcuni caratteri incrociati." [I would like some croissants.]

"Ah! Niente di più?" [Ah! Nothing more?]

I nodded a no. Croissants are enough for me.

"Chè ne dici di un tè?" [What about some tea?] Why not?

"Sicuro. Grazie." [Sure. Thanks]

I then went towards my seat which was next to her counter. And in no time I was served with about 3 kinds of croissants. Strawberry, chocolate and cheese. And some hot tea. I instantly looked over to her who was already smiling at me. With a head gesture I thanked her. She she waved a hand in dismissal giggling.

I enjoyed my breakfast and met a lot of nice and elderly people. They were like angels to me. After another ten minutes I was about to leave when that counter lady called me and hugged me. I hugged her back and looked over at her.

"You look like my daughter." She said and I kissed her head.

"Thank you." She patted my head and gave me a small bag. I first rejected after seeing that she had packed a small cake for me. But her insisting got me to keep it.

With a smile on my face I went towards the station. By walk. It was crowded but at a decent level. I climbed on aboard and the train began moving. The seats were almost full so I had to stand, when a young man stood up from his seat gesturing me to sit on it. I nodded a no but he too insisted and I ended up sitting on it.

"Grazie." He smiled. Does he not talk?

He was tall. A nice height around 5'11. Sun-kissed gold tan skin. Pink lips. Sharp jaw. Grey eyes and jet brown hair. He awfully resembled that old bakery lady. His scent was sweet yet manly. His biceps were well toned and same was his chest, though he was wearing a denim jacket, I could still see his toned and perfectly proportioned body.

He was indeed a beautiful man.

"I see you're not Italian." His husky voice called out to me.

"Yes. I am from Toronto, Canada." He nodded.

"Where is your stop to?"


"Roma. Same. Wanna catch up with me?" He suggested and I nodded.

"Why not."

After 30 to 40 minutes we both exited the bus and he guided me to different places. We went for the Collosuim then some Italian designer shops and hung about here and there absorbing as much of a view we could.

"Are you from here only?" I asked him. His English accent was perfect.

"Yes. Actually I used to be abroad in Turkey and just came back a few weeks ago." He replied, taking a huge chunk out of his hotdog.

"Cool. I was curios about your english accent." İ said biting mine too.

He laughed. "I know a few languages."

"Same. How many can you name?" I challenged. He raised a browser and smirked. So hot.

"English. Italian, my mother tongue. Turkish. Because i studied there, Arabic and Urdu as I've been to those places as well. And French. A little Chinese and Korean too."

"That's a lot!" İ exclaimed and he laughed some more. While we were talking, a man in a bike zoomed past us and the flock of pigeons flew about. It was lovely. Morning with a perfectly well-mannered stranger and a lovely breath taking view.

Suddenly the fruit cake from before hit me and I pulled it out of my bag offering it to him.

"Oh no you have it." He declined.

I sighed and tore a piece off of it and ate it.

"Now have some?" He smiled and ate it in one go. Very manly. His side view was amazing. This man was amazing. After a few moments of inhaling his beautiful face I asked.

"You know.....we never asked each other our names."

He seemed to get it too.

"How come? Anyways Ciao. I'm Luca King."

Luca King. That is such a lovely name.

"Hi Luca! İ am Fiona Dewberry." He seemed to be thinking something.

"What is it?" İ asked.

"Your name." He replied, massaging his chin. "Dewberry."

"Oh. Yes. Just a family name. Different I know. At least it's not Blueberry."

"Or Raspberry." He laughed and I did too. We sat there for a moment, just enjoying each others company. His personality was very bold and proud. Also alot friendly. Like the one of a teenage boy. Thinking about teenagers.... Ares. İ wonder how is he doing?

"Thinking something?" Luca asked.

"Yes. Ares. A boy I met at the Hotel." Honestly, why did I even tell him that?

"I know that kid. He is my friends son." He stated. With my lack of an answer he looked over to me and smiled. "I know what you're thinking. A friends son. Who is 15 years old. Well know this that this friend is an old pal."

"Oh. Sorry to-"

He laughed. "It's alright.....Shall we get going? Wanna visit Pisa?" Hıs offer made me smile and I nodded getting up and we began our next journey.

Meanwhile, I asked him a few things, "How come you live here and you're touring?"

"Curious aren't you?" He said shaking his head.

"Well.....I'm with Mr.Stranger so better know his intentions."

"OK. I'm no kidnapper. I'm a traveller, and saw a pretty foreign girl on the train going to the same destination as mine and thought about making her visit the place I live at so that she doesn't get lost." He called me pretty.

"Pretty much of an explanation Mr." I managed to say without blushing. He chuckled.

I was wandering before him and was just enjoying the view when I felt that he isn't following. I turned around to find him staring at me. With a stupid grin on his face. "What?" I asked embarrassed.

"Looking lovely wandering about. Clueless." He is such a tease I swear-

"It's a 3 and a half hour journey Fiona. And if you want to walk, which I assume you wouldn't mind, then it will take 66 hours or more." I stopped dead in my tracks and he laughed.

"WAIT HERE YOU!!!" He had started running to the bus station and i was running behind him like a wild animal.

"Catch me before i leave you to walk for two and a half days!!!" He yelled. I was beginning to grow tired. And he on the other hand, hardly broke a sweat!

"What are you an ostrich?!" İ yelled at him taking a break, gasping at every word and my palms on my knee caps.

"And you are........? Perhaps a hippo?" He laughed and I smacked him on the back.

"OK ok. Grandma we have to catch the bus. It will save us an hour. And besides my house is far away or we could've grabbed my car." He is full of surprises. No wonder he resembled that old bakery lady.

"She's my mother." Oop-

"Did I say that out loud?" I asked humiliated.

"Nope. You were looking at me all the time and thinking something so I got to know it." He shrugged. And I mentally slapped myself.

We were walking slowly, side by side and had finally reached our destination. The bus stop.

The bus came on time and it was our turn to get on.

"After you." Luca said.

"No you go first." He nodded a no and pleaded me to go in. My stubborn self didn't listen. So we both went inside at the same time and squeezed near the enterance. He got out and i passed inside and he too came along behind me chuckling to himself. My cheeks looked like as if they were slapped five to six times each. We took a seat at the 3rd row. I was at the window seat.

"It's beautiful." My voice came out as a whisper.

"Telling the one who lives here..." he teased. A giggle left my mouth at his teasing.

"Wanna gummy bear?" My eyes narrowed.

"You keep kid snacks with you?" He just shrugged and ate a mouthful of them. "You want them or not?" He said with his stuffed mouth. Cute.

"Thank you." I ate some one by one and stared out of the window. A few minutes had passed by and I wondered what time could it be. My eyes looked over to my wrist. Empty. Where did my watch go?! I was checking every pocket and every piece of cloth I had carried when he nudged his shoulder in mine. I looked up to see his confused face.

"Lost something?"

"Yes. My watch." He seemed to think something before checking his jeans pocket and pulling out a watch. The same as mine but the colour was a pastel grey.

"It's the same as mine. Mine was black." He said nothing instead took my wrist in his lap and placed the watch over it.

"This is yours now." After saying that he averted his gaze away and started listening to some music with his wireless headphones, momentarily bobbing his head up and down as he did so.

I too looked away and smiled to myself. He is so kind. I touched the watch he gave me and got to see the time. 1:56 pm. Wow. It had been 5 to 6 hours with him. And now we're friends.

I woke up on a hard yet fleshy surface and saw that I had slept on his shoulder. I instantly tore my head back and he grumbled. "Noon." And then smiled.

I cleared my throat and asked, "How long till we reach?" He was yawning but nonetheless answered,"We have. Our stop is the one after the first." I nodded.

After he came back to his senses, his eyes widened. Acknowledging his sudden behaviour change I asked, "What is it? Do not tell me-"

"We missed our stop." He finished it for me. I groaned and slapped my hand on my forehead and he sighed.

"So.....what to do now?" God this is amazing! We missed our stop.

"Wait for the return route. No wait here. I'm coming." He said and left to the driver a minute later he came came back and sat down with a full smile plastered on his face.

"The look on your face resembles the one as if your lover has kissed you."

"Something greater." Huh?

"Your wi-" before i could even finish it properly he spoke up, "We are heading to Bed'n'breakfast San Russorio."

Ok. "And?" What about that place?

"And we will meet GRANDMA!!" He exclaimed and I flinched.

"Luca ragazzo stai zitto!" [Luca boy stay quiet] lady behind us said. He just laughed and I looked at him as if he has lost his mind. This man! I laughed.

We had reached the hotel and got to know that his grandma was out of town for the day so we rented a room. He slept almost immediately in the room next to mine and I was in my room. A bed lamp enlightened the room and I was writing my diary.

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I met a boy named Ares. We became friends in just a matter of time. He was fun.

Today I reached Pisa with a man I met form the train station. His name is Luca King. He said he was a traveller and today we had a lot of fun. We went to visit Rome. I couldn't call Mom or Dad or even Bella but I will by night. We have had our lunch at Bed'n'Breakfast San Russorio. Unfortunately we missed the stop to leaning tower of Pisa. But we will go there tomorrow.

Fun thing. I had a dream of him. Of a man with grey eyes. And the same height as his. What is this phenomenon?

Love Fiona.

İ hope you like this first chapter of my novel. Only 2 more chapters to go and it's finished. Please give it a thumbs up and review it!

Yours truly Leo.

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