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“ Just make me forget about my emotions and I will do anything in return.” I said to this handsome stranger and he stared at me. I was the one who asked him to make me forget about my emotions, not knowing who I was making deals with, not knowing who he truly was, not knowing he was evil and cruel than a Devil, not knowing he was a nightmare, not knowing he would have my life flipped upside down. She was filled with innocence and purity. He was filled with evilness and cruelty. She was someone who was misunderstood and lost. He was someone that was respected and strong. She was in pain. He was the reason why people were in pain. She just wanted someone to wash away her worries. He wanted his mate. She was the definition of an Angel but was loathed. He was way evil than a Devil and was feared to death. A rich girl lacking respect. A wealthy bastard with everything. A human girl with a sad life. A werewolf man with an empty life. She knew how to forgive and start over. He knew how to torture and end things with only thing, that was death. They say when evil mates kind, they commit a sin and that’s exactly what Belladonna was to Deimos Lefort Luttrell, sin. An addictive sin that he wanted to commit again and again and which was only his to commit, only his......(M.A.T.U.R.E)

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Chapter One


When all of the girls were out there having fun, partying and playing with boys, I was in my bedroom, reading some fiction novel.

I was what they liked to call Innocent but I didn’t know me well. I’ve never been a bad girl, I was the good daughter that every Parent wanted but despite all these good qualities, I was still loathed by the society because I was misunderstood.

I refused to talk back to them because only I and my God knows who I truly was, what they thought didn’t matter. My parents and siblings knew who I was and that’s what really mattered to me.

My family and this society has this thing, not doing it before marriage, if any girl or boy does it before marriage, they are said to be sinners and loathed, I didn’t do it but I was almost harassed, the boy who tried to harass me lied, saying I was the one who seduced him and the society being the typical society favoured the boy more than the girl.

When everyone thought that I was some slut, my Parents and brothers stood out for me, they protected me because they trusted their daughter and sister.

After that incident I rarely went out, I was homeschooled by Mom and honestly I enjoyed it, not only did I got to spend more time with Mom but I enjoyed the way she would teach me stuff.

I was drowned in my world of imaginations when a knock on the door brought me back to reality. When I looked at the person, I saw my elder brother, Matteo standing in the doorway with a smile.

“ What are you reading Belly??” He asked as he came towards me and sat on the bed besides me, he ruffled my hair and passed me a smile, I sat on the bed and returned his smile.

I had three brothers and they were all very handsome, they had light blue eyes, light brown hair, fair white skin, and perfect pink lips, they were tall and well built.

My brothers were elder than me, I was the youngest of the family. I was only 17 while Matteo was 24, Seth and Cameron were 22, they were twins but not identical. Matteo was a famous and rich barrister like Dad and the twins were engaged in business, they owned casinos, hotels and more and my Mom was a doctor and owned her own clinics, in short my family was rich. My mother wanted me to become a doctor as well.

One time when Mom made me stitch Cameron’s leg, I fainted as I saw blood oozing out of his leg. So, being a doctor would be kinda hard for me since I can’t tolerate blood at all but I will try. I have a hobby of reading and writing, I got it from Matteo says Dad, he used to write and he even published his own books at the age of 16, they were tilted as the best selling books of the year.

“ A werewolf love story.” I replied to him with a bright smile, he chuckled and said,

“ You’re really into them aren’t you??” I nodded my head at him and he laughed,

“ Alright, you can read this later on, let’s go and eat dinner.” He said as he got up, I smiled and kept the book on my nightstand after keeping my book mark in it and got up, we both walked out of my bedroom.

When we reached the dinning room, Seth and Cameron sent me sweet smiles, Dad looked up to me and said,

“ There is my daughter.” He said as he extended his arms, I smiled as I went towards him and we hugged. Dad came from work a few minutes ago.

“ Alright, let’s eat.” I heard Mom saying, I turned my head and saw Mom coming inside the dinning room with a bowl of salad. She ruffled my hair and kissed my cheek, Matteo took the bowl from Mom and kept it on the table before sitting.

I sat in between the twins, Matteo sat in front of us with Mom while Dad sat in the head chair. We started to eat after praying.

“ How was work Matteo??” Dad asked him and he replied,

“ The usual Dad.” We laughed at his reply, Matteo liked his work but the fact that girls won’t leave him alone irritated him, he said it made him want to kill himself.

“ What about you two??” Mom asked Seth and Cameron with a sweet smile,

“ Brought some new properties.” They said in unison, Dad and Mom stared at me and I smiled shyly,

“ My day went okay.” I said, my tone low and sweet, everyone smiled at me and the twins kissed my cheeks.

“ She’s so cute!!” They said in unison as they pulled my cheeks, I playfully slapped their chests and they laughed.

“ This will go to the family gallery.” Matteo said as he took a photo of us, Mom and Dad laughed while drinking their wines.

After dinner, Mom and Dad went to sleep while my brothers went to watch a movie, I was dragged by Cameron towards the theatre room.

“ There you are Belly!! Come on, the movie is about to start.” Seth said in a hurry as the movie was going to start and Matteo chuckled, Cameron made me sit next to him and Matteo.

The movie started and we all watched in silence.

In the middle of the movie, I felt my eyelids heavy, I closed my eyes and fell asleep slowly.

“ Do you know who you’re making deals with, Princess??” He asked as he rubbed my lower lip with his thumb, I nodded my head as a No, he chuckled at my actions and leaned in to whisper something,

“ Words Babygirl.” He stared in my eyes and I gulped,

“ N-No...” I said and he smirked,

“ I’m willing to help you but don’t you dare run away from my part of deal.” He said and I looked at him while biting my lower lip,

“ What do you want??” I asked him and he chuckled darkly,

“ You.” He said as our lips brushed against each other, I felt the sparks once again, lightening me up and leaving me pleasured. I was going to commit a sin but I couldn’t care less.

I shot open my eyes, gasping. I was in my bedroom, one of them must have brought me here. I sat in my bed, that d-dream, it felt so real, I wiped the sweat off my forehead, I laid down in my bed once again.

“ It’s going to be fine, you will never do anything that will make Mom and Dad lose their trust in you.” I said to myself, I don’t know why but his touch felt so real and those sparks too.

Little did I know what I dreamt of was going to become real.....soon.

To Be Continued


STAY SAFE AND STAY INDOORS!! Hope you all enjoyed the first chapter of my new book, thank you for reading it. Love,


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