Our Little Secret

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Chapter 10: Severed Ties

“Who are you Yuuki?” Daichi asked again as he looked at his mate, Yuuki bit her lip before she looked at him.

“Daichi...” Yuuki looked at him weakly not liking where this was heading.

“Answer me! What are you hiding from me? Don’t you trust me enough? Am I not worthy enough to know anything about you?” Daichi yelled as he stared at her with angry eyes, Yuuki bit her lip as he continued to throw questions at her until it started to get too much for her to handle.

“I am not even suppose to be here Daichi!” Yuuki finally snapped as she almost threw her arms in the air as her frustration grew from the pressure. Daichi paused from ranting and looked at her with confusion setting in.

“What do you mean by that?” Daichi asked with suspicious eyes, Yuuki bit her lip as she looked at him while trying to find a way of explaining the reason without sounding like a crazy person.

“I... It’s hard to say” she grips her right arm with her hand. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you” she muttered weakly.

“Try me” he said darkly causing her to wince by his tone, it was going to happen sooner or later but why now of all times?

Yuuki sighed as she turns to look at him.

“I’m not from this time period” She explains softly before walking to her bag only Daichi moves it out of her reach. “Daichi give me my bag back please” Yuuki asked sternly.

“Not until you explain yourself? Do you really think that I’ll buy this kind of explanation? That you’re not from this time period? Surely you can do better than that” Daichi snapped coldly causing her to glare.

“It’s true! I don’t know how this happened in fact when I came here I was sure that this wasn’t even real. That this place was just someone’s story made to trap people in here without any means of escaping, but then I started to get caught up in moments that left me not wanting to go home” she explained weakly while he stared at her with unreadable “Daichi as I said before I want to go home... but I can’t” Yuuki said sounding stressed and upset the more she spoke about it, Daichi’s expression didn’t waver as he stared at her.

“Because you are not from here?” Daichi asked in a cold tone, Yuuki nods faintly.

“I’m from a time period where humans grow and develop with the world around them. Buildings have evolved, modes of transportation evolve as well. Almost everything traditional here is gone as money started to become a deeper necessity” Yuuki said while looking at him dead in the eyes, trying to show him that she wasn’t lying.

“You’re right” Daichi spoke in an emotionless voice “I don’t believe you” Daichi dropped the bag allowing it to hit the ground and spill the contents onto the floor. He then left the room causing her to gasp in shock not believing what she was hearing or seeing.

“D-Daichi! Where are you going?!” she cried in alarm, the kitsune paused to look at her from where he stood.

“I can’t even trust someone who hides things from me, this Yuuki? It’s all a lie- a fantasy that you think I’ll just believe without a second though” Daichi said as his eyes remained void of emotions, meanwhile to Yuuki the tone of his voice had left her feeling like she had been slapped as disbelief filled her features.

“Then how did I know that you were injured in the forest that time?” Yuuki stressed causing him to stop. “I read a story involving a red haired kitsune who was said to have died when he was ambushed by demons and Gods that wanted him dead. He was left to bleed to death but I stopped that!” Yuuki yelled as her eyes wavered from his look. “I had thought that this was all a story that I was pulled into, that it wasn’t real. I thought that it a thing the author had made to encourage the imagination and give people ideas of what they would do to stop this scenario, but what I didn’t know was that I changed time because I assumed that was just a story. That you were all pretend. I didn’t expect or know that this was all true. I can’t even age Daichi until I get back to my home time period! I want to see my mother, father and brother but I can’t when they’re so close and yet so far from me!” Yuuki cried as she looks at him, tears fell down her face as she looks at him with pleading eyes. Wishing that he could believe her because right now Yuuki was falling apart thanks to the predicament, it was so unfair but what could she do? There was so much she could do and knowing that this was all real left her more scared to do anything without worrying about the consequences. She never did expect that Daichi would live nor would he fall in love with her, she didn’t either expect that she would end up in love with him but it did and now that the one person she was hoping would believe her was now resenting her. Hating her maybe to the point that he was leaving her. Everything was falling apart and it was the one thing she had tried to prevent. Daichi’s face as he stared at her remains void of emotions much to her dismay.

“Touching story, you’re good at pretending Yuuki and I almost bought it. As for finding me that was just luck for you wasn’t it? And just for laughs I bet that Hana’s not even mine either, and I am willing to bet that that you were off whoring around with another fox” Her eyes went wide from hearing his malice tone while his expression was cruel. Just what was going on? Why was he saying all these things? They weren’t even true! So why? Why was he acting like this? Like she betrayed him somehow.

“Wow and I fell for it Yuuki if that’s even your real name” Daichi released a cruel laugh as he spoke to her bitterly.

“Daichi” Yuuki’s face showed disbelief and hurt but he cared not as he sneered at her.

“I even hurt my brother for you, I pushed him away to save you and this child. Now what am I left with huh? Did you think that this would not come back to hurt you? Did you not think that I wouldn’t find out about how much of a lying seductress of a whore you truly are? That you are the type who likes to put on acts to get any man to come near you. Hell I bet you did this to other men as well” Daichi said before his eyes went feral from anger. Yuuki bit her lip and glared at him for his crude accusations. How dare he... how dare he say such things!

“Then get out” She spat causing him to raise a brow. “If she’s not your daughter then you have no reason to stay. If I am so terrible and insane then leave, only this time... don’t ever come back” Yuuki said bitterly as her voice almost trembled the more she spoke, she also felt tears threatening to leave her eyes because of the pain he was causing. To think... this was what he truly was like, it left her sick and angry to even think about letting her guard down. To think that she was putting her faith in him to believe her and now this... only to find out that he was more than willing to push her away and sprout such slander that it left her wanting to break down and weep. She wanted to fall apart- die even but she couldn’t. Not when her daughter needed her, her own daughter who had no idea about the world around her and was too young to understand believed her. So why couldn’t he?

Daichi sneered as he stormed over towards her only she didn’t move, even as he lifted her chin up sharply to the point that it hurt her neck.

“You don’t get to talk to me like that human” Daichi spat darkly as his eyes went dark.

“I’ll talk to any jerk who treats me in that manner, now get out” she bit harshly, Daichi barked out a sarcastic laugh.

“Don’t mind if I do” he threw her to the floor causing her to grunt before turning to look back at him only now he was out the room.

“Have a nice life you filthy lying whore” Yuuki’s body now trembled as she heard the front door slam shut, tears started to leave her eyes rapidly and very soon sobs left her throat as the reality settled in.

Oh God what had just happened?

“Mama?” Yuuki’s eyes turned to look at her scared daughter who hid behind her bedroom door, sighing heavily Yuuki slowly lifted her hand up in order to beckon her daughter over. Hana immediately ran towards Yuuki and hugged her sobbing mother while tears also ran down the little girl’s face as well.

“Why was daddy being so mean? Doesn’t he love us anymore?” Hana asked while crying, Yuuki didn’t respond as she hugged her daughter fiercely. They were going to get out of this hell hole now, there was nothing left for them except pain.

Neko watched Daichi with petrified eyes as the angry yōkai trashed almost all of his furniture.

“This is why I hardly keep any stuff in my house” Neko mutters weakly as he lifts the side of his glasses up slightly. Daichi however was panting angrily from his tantrum, all this time! All this time she lied and tricked him to the point that he actually assumed that she cared for him. But it was all a lie none of those moments were true!

He was happy without her entering his life! Her being in a different time period?! That was a laugh! That was an excuse and no doubt that she tried to make it believable by ‘crying’. No more, he was not going to believe or listen to her ever again. Women were just deceivers and no doubt that now she was laughing it up with that child who she tried to pass off as his.

Oh she was good!

Very good!

Neko frowned as he sat down cross legged and leaned on his elbows that were on his knees, this caused Daichi to look at him from where he knelt.

“You know I’ve heard of some objects that send people into different time periods” Neko comments, this caused Daichi to scowl at the boy for speaking.

“You know I’m starting to regret coming here” Daichi growls darkly as he continues to scowl at Neko.

“Then why are you even here then?” Neko asks with curious eyes.

“Well let’s think shall we? My brother the next time he sees me will want my head since I went behind his back to be with a lying harlot. Is that enough reason for you?” Daichi asked in a sarcastic manner, Neko however frowned showing that he was not happy with Daichi’s words.

“Daichi, now I know that I am still trying to grasp this role that I have been born to do. But I must say though that you are being an idiot and unreasonable” Neko said bluntly as he pushed the glasses up the bridge of his nose, the light glinted from the glasses the moment he moved them but he never once stopped looking at the fuming red head. Daichi’s eyes narrowed causing Neko to almost jump back and stutter in fear but refrained from doing so. “Did you even check to see if her story was true or not? Because there are some artifacts that will make people travel through time”

“I think I missed out the part when she said that she wanted to go home, so let her” Daichi said bitterly as he looked at the boy, slightly annoyed that there was no sake for the red head to drink since he was in a bad mood. Neko however wasn’t having it.


Daichi glared at Neko while his ears twitched slightly signalling that he was slowly losing his patients with the fox.

“But she can’t go home! She’s trapped you arrogant fox! And instead of trying to be supportive. You turn tail and ran only before you did that, you had said the most foulest things ever to the one person who loves you for you-”

“Love?!” Daichi asks as he looks at Neko with bitter filled eyes, his voice signalled that he was laughing at the idea. “She knows no love-”

“But that child you both brought into the world! How do you know that she didn’t hear how cruel you were-?”

“Let the little vermin hear how much a of a lying slut that her mother is. After all it’ll show her how her mother loves to trample on the hearts of others” Daichi said with a mock laugh as Neko glared at him slightly.

“That child is yours and that Yuuki, she has never been with anyone else” Daichi went quiet but allowed a sadistic smirk to appear on his face signalling that he didn’t believe the ginger haired boy one bit, seeing this made Neko huff as he leered at the fox while trying to keep himself from stuttering from nerves. Given that he was scared of Daichi given his reputation and behaviour so far.

“Look” Neko pushed his glasses up slightly as he tried not to let his body shake, however his frustration had made sure that it wouldn’t happen. “I get it, you’re scared of losing them mostly Yuuki. But letting this fear take over to the point that you broke her heart is utterly appalling” Neko said with a look of distain. “Compared to you her parents are not even born yet, heavens she isn’t suppose to be here either and yet she is. Don’t you believe that there was a reason for her showing up?” Neko asked sharply as he leered at Daichi who scoffed at the ginger head.

“What? Do you think her role was to come here to make my life a living hell? To mock me?” Daichi asked in disbelief, Neko however was frowning at Daichi’s behaviour.

“If she said that she read something about how you were suppose to die alone, and yet she decided to show up instead at the exact time when you were going to die. Only instead of letting it happen she saved you. Not asking for any favours in return but did it by choice. Now don’t tell me that was out of spite because the only one being spiteful and not giving the other the benefit of the doubt, is here in my shrine right now wallowing in self pity and acting not only selfish but blind to see what’s really in front of them! Now tell me who wouldn’t get mad over this?” Neko said in a scolding tone as he glared at Daichi now losing patients with him completely.

“How old are you kid?” Daichi asked blankly, Neko huffed at the question.

“Eighteen” Neko replied with a frown as he stares at Daichi coldly.

“Wow... and you’ve the nerve to give me advice-” Daichi said dryly.

“Then leave my home-oh wait you can’t! Your brother wants you dead but then again, there’s the possibility that he might have already tracked down Yuuki and Hana” Neko snapped, Daichi huffed as he looked away.

“Good, that’ll teach the liar a lesson” he muttered causing Neko to shake his head in disgust.

“And your so perfect stupid fox? When is the last time that you told her about your past?” Daichi paused “Yuuki’s reasons for not telling actually were very smart after all, if she told anyone it might end up resulting her being killed for being crazy or they could have forced her to tell them the future. Which would result in messing up time, awful things happen to those who meddle with time Daichi and no doubt that she didn’t tell her friends either” Neko said in a dark tone that left the red head glaring. “You’re just mad that she wants to go home and leave you behind which is acceptable but she can’t go home! Her doorway back is shut so now she’s stuck, frozen in time while waiting to be back in her time period. A slow, long and painful wait that will ruin her one way or another. To make it worse the one person who she loved and yet didn’t want to part from since it would raise suspicions, which is the last thing anyone who had a brain would have wanted to happen if they were in the same predicament. The last thing she wants is to leave you but you can’t force her to stay fox. So instead of wallowing be there for her instead of making her life even more unbearable. The worst case is that she ends her life leaving Hana alone or even more worst- your brother finds her!” Neko rants at Daichi while folding his arms tightly.

“...” Daichi looks down while his ears pinned themselves to his head.

“Put yourself in her shoes, would you want to truly keep something like this a secret or would you feel like you had to for worries of ruining things like the future?” Neko asked sharply as he watched the fox sigh deeply. His mind buzzing from the never ending thoughts that took over his mind, it started to reach a point that his mind soon started to hurt from the conflicted thoughts and emotions.

“Well? What do say you fox? Are you going to fight or flee? After all you lost your parents and sibling, so would you risk your new family’s lives even though you are now older, stronger and much wiser compared to back then when you didn’t have much of a choice but to watch your birth family perish?” Neko asked as he gave Daichi a stern look.

“As for the issue of your brother... I think I might have a solution” Daichi suddenly looked up, shock appeared on his face from what the boy had in mind.

Yuuki and Hana carried their stuff and continued to walk, the only thought they had was to find somewhere more isolated so they didn’t get into any trouble. This involved avoiding people and Yōkai if that was possible.

After the third day they were able to spot an abandoned shack and took shelter in that, to their relief no one had approached or had come to claim that it was theirs. So Yuuki as usual placed a protective seal to block anyone from entering the shack, this way the pair could rest without any reason to worry about anyone hurting them.

Both had been tried and miserable but were happy to be with the other’s company. Hana as expected was upset and miserable at how her father had treated not only her mother but her, at times Yuuki would enter the room at night time to hear her daughter sniffling quietly which broke the mother’s heart. Quietly Yuuki went to Hana and laid down beside her in order to comfort the kit, Hana accepted this without any complaint given that she wanted her mother but was too upset and nervous to ask. It was mostly thanks to the fear of being abandoned by her mother as well, this left her with some sleepless nights and had even caused her to be silent most of the time to the point that she stopped playing outside. Seeing this change left Yuuki upset and worried about Hana’s well being but could only hope that things would change for the better despite the setbacks.

Three weeks later

Yuuki coughed a bit as the smell of food that she was cooking had left her unsettled, but restrained from being sick since Hana needed to eat. Once the food was prepared did Yuuki give the kit something to eat, thanking her mother Hana had started to eat quietly even though her heart wasn’t in it not that Yuuki could blame her.

“We could go for a walk” Yuuki commented in hopes of cheering Hana up, to her relief it did do something to help lift Hana’s mood.

“Can we go after eating please?” Hana asked with hopeful eyes, Yuuki nods with a smile.

Once they finished Yuuki had washed the dishes and felt a sense of relief as the cold water touched her skin. Now finished the mother grabbed her haori and joined her daughter who had her hood on once again. The young kit was never going to touch those leaves again as they were tainted with bad memories of the man who hurt her and mother.

The pair then walked out for their little walk since Yuuki was feeling sick for some time now, which left the woman frowning at how she could get sick. Maybe it was the damp room she was sleeping in or the water but Hana seemed fine so maybe it was something else.

Hana walked ahead at times and giggles with glee as she was able to stretch her little legs since occasions like these were very rare. As they walked back Yuuki chuckled at how enthusiastic Hana was.

“Well well, I was hoping to catch up with you” said a voice that left Yuuki’s body rigid, she immediately turns to look at a white haired black skinned male who was standing a few trees behind her only he had horns above his ears-oni.

“Wh-Why?” Yuuki asked as she looks at him with weary eyes, what did he want? Who was he?

“Just wanted a chat about you and my brother Daichi” the yōkai said with a casual smile as he shrugged, Yuuki’s eyes narrowed from the name and almost scoffed at the name of the one who broke her heart.

“Oh... him?” She asked bitterly “Well you’ll be happy to know that he’s stopped being the babysitter, you can have him back” Hakai tilts his head in amazement while his right eyebrow went up, she had guts talking back to him.

“So he got bored of you only he didn’t kill you?” Hakai thought out aloud, Yuuki bit her lip and glared.

“Obviously, he found something else to do” Yuuki shrugged while speaking coldly as she looked away, Hakai almost snapped at how rude she was but at the same time she did seem interesting.

"What a smart mouthed girl, well since he’s finished with her maybe I should play with her then" He thought with a smirk, Yuuki almost raised a brow from the look knowing that it was not a good look.

“I haven’t got time for this, I’m tired” she said coldly as she turned to walk away.

“You know that he’s using you right?” Hakai said blandly, this caused Yuuki to stop as she prepared to walk back home. Her heart clenched in anger knowing that was true in away, she was just an object that he could find whenever he wanted thanks to this mate mark he had put on her neck. Oh how she just wanted to claw at it so she could be free from him.

“You’re just a play thing that he’ll get tired of once he gets what he wants, then again if he’s bored of you and has stopped playing with you now then it means that he will get rid of you at some point” Yuuki however ignores him and starts to walk away to Hakai’s surprise, his eyes narrowed at how a mere human girl would have the guts to walk away when he didn’t tell her to.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me human!” he yelled but she did not respond instead she continued to walk away to his anger, just seeing her act like this had made his eyes narrow and charged at her. It was then that Yuuki released a loud cry from the pain as he grabbed the startled female by her neck and tightened it slightly so she couldn’t breathe much. “Did I say that you could walk away human?” he sneered coldly, Yuuki continued to glare at him but didn’t retaliate much.

“Hands off now!” Yuuki bit darkly as she forced the words out despite the lack of air, Hakai glared at her before tightening his grip knowing that if he put anymore pressure on her then it would snap Yuuki’s neck like a twig. Proving that humans were truly weak and inferior creatures.

“Let mummy go!” Hana screamed taking Hakai by surprise only what shocked him was the sudden burning sensation that appeared on his back, the next thing he smelt was smoke causing him to scream in pain. Without wanting to he dropped Yuuki who landed on the floor and began gasping for air until Hana ran towards her.

“Mummy we need to run” Hana cried, looking at her daughter weakly Yuuki had forced herself up on shaky legs and began to run away from the wailing yōkai, who by the time had put out the flames. He then roared out in anger knowing that he failed to kill the woman.

“I’m going to kill her and that brat when I see them! Their dead!” he yelled in anger.

Yuuki and Hana collapsed as soon as they reached the door to their house, the pair begin to gasp heavily for air as their lungs started to burn from running too quickly.

“Mummy?” Hana looked up meekly and saw the red handprint on her mother’s neck, Yuuki smiled softly and patted her daughter’s head warmly.

“Mummy’s just winded okay, let’s go inside” Yuuki said warmly as she tried to get up knowing that she wanted to sleep after what happened.

“Yuuki...?” The young mother mentally groaned loudly as she turned to face the one person that she refused to look at let alone talk to. There stood Daichi only he looked as if had seen better days. Not that she cared one bit.

“Just go away Daichi, you’ve said your piece now leave us be please before something else happens” Yuuki cried out in anger as she got up only just as she was about to cross over the threshold of her house did something grab her hand but not too tightly.

“Yuuki please...” Daichi pleaded.

“Whatever it is I don’t want to know now, why be with someone who lied and cheated on you huh?” She asked bitterly as she faced him.

“Yuuki I am truly sorry, I was upset and wasn’t thinking...” he froze the moment he saw something on her neck, without warning he pulled her close so he could get a better look at what was there.

“What the hell happened to your neck?!” Daichi asked sharply as he saw a hand print around her neck. Yuuki shrugs him off causing his eyes to narrow while his eyes went feral from anger. “Who did this? Yuuki tell me now” Yuuki turns to glare at him, sickened by how he now decided to act like he cared given his attitude before that encouraged her and Hana to leave.

“Your brother was giving me a warning” Yuuki said blandly as she gave him an emotionless look, she released a sarcastic chuckle as she shrugged it off like it was no big deal. Daichi on the other hand froze, his breath now hitched from the shock, no way... guilt flooded Daichi to the point that it left him breathless. He should never have left them alone, he should not have done what he did. He pushed them away all because of his stubbornness and pride, to think that such a secret was hidden by someone he loved and now as he looked at her. He saw no love, only hatred and resentment. Just seeing those expressions tore at his heart and left him wanting to cry out in agony, did this mean that she was going to leave him completely? Did she not love him anymore?

How could she though? He broke her- he tore his mate’s heart to shreds by his cold words. He had pushed her, called her foul words and in the end of it he was the monster. He was unworthy of her love and now after he tried to go back to the house they were living in so they could hide from his brother- it was empty leaving him sick with guilt and scared for their well being.

Not knowing where they were made him want to choke and wail in grief knowing that this time it was him who did this, he caused them to leave allowing them to think that they were not wanted even though deep down that was a lie. How stupid could he get?!

To think that it took him a week to get himself back realizing what was important in his life, he really was a fool.

Obviously Hana was his but he was angry even though it was no excuse, not to mention Yuuki carried no scent or items from any other man. She had been loyal through and through. Secretive yes but very loyal.

“Apparently he had it in his head that I am a toy to you even though that’s funny since I didn’t want you to bother me in the first place” Yuuki said coldly, however her eyes almost went wide from seeing Daichi’s eyes narrow in anger.

“I’m going to kill him” he hissed before walking away. To think that his brother would resort to this just to get a reaction out of him, it made him sick.

“What?!” Yuuki’s face went pale from what he just said.

“I told him to stay away from you” Daichi snapped as he growls angrily.

“Yeah and like you he doesn’t care! Your words right now mean nothing to me! You can’t just say all those things then expect Hana and I to take it. Get real Daichi! This is the real world and words hurt more than you’ll ever know” She snapped sharply, Daichi bit his lip as he looked down. To think that it came to this and he didn’t want to do it, but if he wanted to the Gods of Izumo to leave him and his family alone completely. Then so be it.

“I was asked by the Gods of Izumo summit to end my brother’s life since he is becoming a threat” Yuuki blinked in surprise from the confession “it’s getting to the point that he is becoming too much for anyone to handle, at first I said no but now... he’s made this personal” Daichi said coldly, seething angrily at how Hakai- his own brother would resort to acting in this manner when Yuuki and Hana had done nothing wrong. He was taking things too far and was showing no signs of stopping, which in turn meant that Daichi would have to stop him somehow.

“What reasons do you have? I mean nothing to you-” Yuuki went quiet as Daichi turned to kiss her only she didn’t respond, her eyes showed anger and fury from how he could just do that then expect her to forgive him. Knowing that she wasn’t kissing back made the red head’s heart become filled with dread and guilt, Daichi was no fool knowing that his stunt had now left her not want him anywhere near her now nor would she want anything to do with him.

“I will not justify my actions but I will not allow this to continue, he has grown out of control” Daichi said sternly as he looked at her.

“Killing will solve nothing except prove that you are as bad as he!” she snapped. “If you kill him then kiss anymore forms of communication with me and Hana!” Daichi went still “I refuse to have my daughter be brought up in bloodshed and violence! Not to mention she is not your child right? You said it yourself so there’s no reason for you to even think about coming back into her life. I refuse to allow you to come back into our lives just to break her heart once more Daichi” She said darkly while his hair shielded his eyes, knowing that he deserved that completely.

“I... I will talk to him okay... I promise” He said softly only she shook his hand off her arm.

“I don’t even give a damn about your words for they mean nothing to me now” she hissed before going inside and slammed the door in his face.

Daichi sighed knowing that he ruined any means of talking to her now, yes he was scared of losing her and yet that fear had cost him her once again. Honestly when would he ever learn?

Daichi’s foxfires wasted no time in helping him track down his brother, who during that time was currently sitting on a throne that was in a castle that he had invaded not too long ago. The castle itself was located on a mountain while the bodies of the dead were still littered on the floor showing signs of decay as they stained the floors and rugs.

Daichi grimaced from the smell but refused to let this bother him now, no this had to be sorted now.

“I was almost expecting you brother” Hakai commented with a wide smirk that made Daichi sick from how his brother could just smirk from what he did. “I took the liberty of killing these miserable humans so we could have some privacy, sadly they refused to budge so I ended them” Hakai said with a nonchalant shrug. Daichi however was furious beyond belief thanks to what had been going on.

“How could you...?” Daichi’s voice was almost above a whisper, Hakai blinked and immediately stopped talking.

“What’s wrong brother? Aren’t you happy to see me?” Hakai asked with a chuckle, his smile almost faded from seeing his brother’s cold look.

“Why did you do it?” Daichi asked his tone showed that he disgusted with Hakai, he clenched his hands underneath his sleeves as he watched his brother tilt his head to the side.

“Why did I do what? Kill them? Well they were being annoying-”

“I’m talking about the fact that you attacked my mate!” Daichi yelled angrily, his voice echoed in the empty castle for a few seconds before all went silent. During that time Hakai went silent from his brother’s words.

“Attacking your... mate?” Hakai asked blankly not knowing what his brother was talking about.

“Yes! The woman who is raising my daughter! The one who you told such lies to” Daichi barked in anger while at the same time Hakai slowly gave his brother a humorous smirk.

“Gonna have to refresh my memory brother, last time I checked you had no mate-”

“The human woman! You told her that I saw her as a toy you stupid idiot!” Hakai went silent, smile completely gone.

“You had better not be talking about the woman who’s child burned my back, because if you are then I am really disappointed in you brother” Hakai spoke coldly while Daichi’s eyes almost went wide in surprise, so his daughter had started to use her foxfire? That in itself left Daichi proud but he was not going to show it in front of his brother.

“Why? Because I found someone I loved?” Daichi challenged causing Hakai to almost glare.

“You know that humans and yōkai are taboo. She is going to die way before you and to think that you would stoop so low is sickening, why even allow yourself to be with a weak insect-”

“Shut your mouth Hakai!” Daichi snapped causing his brother’s eyes to narrow from how his brother was acting. “Before I had tolerated you stealing my stuff which included my clothes but attacking a fox’s mate- that is something that will not be tolerated Hakai” Daichi said lowly as his eyes went feral.

“So you came to ‘avenge’ your mate?” Hakai asked with a smirk as he folded his arms.

“You know the Gods of Izumi want you dead so they asked me to get rid of you” Hakai’s eyes went wide before a smirk entered his lips.

“To think that they would resort to using you, no doubt they’ll kill you once it’s all over” Hakai commented as he looked at his brother who’s eyes showed anger still. “And if they don’t, what were you planning to get in return hmm?”

“If I did it, they would leave me and my family alone but I said no” Hakai chuckled darkly.

“Of course you wouldn’t after all, we’re brothers! Why would you kill me?” Hakai asked with a humorous grin. “Brother there are so many women in the world so why bother with a human like her? Or are you a pet to her? Given how soft you’ve been acting for some time” Daichi’s eyes narrowed not liking that comment.

“Just because I found someone I loved and want to start a family with them doesn’t mean that you can sneer at my choice. You should know that you can’t stop imprinting with kitsunes” Hakai shook his head giving his brother a pity look.

“And I bet just for laughs, you want to be human now?” Hakai asked with a grin.

“No” This piped Hakai’s interest, Daichi however was not going to tell Hakai why.

“Why not?” Hakai asked.

“I have a daughter who might be half demon but she will need someone to watch over her”

“Then why not let me look after her?” Hakai asked with a smirk, knowing that he would love to ‘look after’ her. Daichi however wasn’t fooled.

“Do you think I’m stupid enough to let that happen Hakai? No doubt you’ll use her for your benefits, break her just to get back at me and then kill her!” Daichi snapped angrily now slowly losing his cool from the thought of what could happen to Hana if she was in Hakai’s clutches. It left him sick, scared and angry at how cruel his brother would be. Not to mention she was a child which make it worse and no doubt it would destroy Yuuki even if she did die, no doubt she would never forgive him just like how he would never forgive Hakai for the things he would do to Hana. Hakai however shrugged in a nonchalant manner as he stared at his brother with a crude smirk.

“You got me” Hakai chuckled.

“How shameless can you get?! It’s bad enough that you attacked my mate that in itself is an unforgivable act that should result in you dying, but she however said no to that. Now I’m starting to see why” Daichi said darkly, Hakai frowned at him not knowing where this was going.

“Do tell me why?” Hakai asked coldly.

“Because it would mean that I turn into you, you who have grown bitter and twisted when it comes to the world around him. Now I won’t kill you but I am warning you, touch my mate and daughter-” Daichi immediately showed his sword that once rested in his left side where his sheath was in warning gesture. “No mercy” Daichi said in a deathly cold tone.

“Yes I love you as a brother, but I will not take kindly to the pain you’ve created” Daichi said in a foreboding tone as his eyes narrowed darkly.

“And you’re such a saint?!” Hakai yelled as he interrupted his brother. “You hid this from me! Did you expect me not to find out and be happy about this? You lied time and time again! You left me alone and expected me to take it? No Daichi! This is something I will accept anymore!” Hakai yelled as he got off his throne and went towards his brother.

“Watch your back for the next time I see you, I’ll kill you” Hakai hissed “Your whore of a mate and daughter will be made to watch as I make you bleed slowly on the floor” Hakai smirks as he slaps his brother who doesn’t respond even though there was a cut on his cheek that started to leak blood.

“Now that I have told you what I wanted to say, I bid you farewell for now. As my ‘brother’ I’ll give you a week to hide before I see and kill you all” Hakai vowed, Daichi however showed no emotions as he watched his brother. Hakai started to chuckle at how Daichi was acting.

“So soft, I hate it and to think I once assumed that you would be able to catch up to me... you make me sick” Hakai hissed before walking outside the castle. Daichi however remained still and showed no signs of going after him.

Hakai opened both the doors to the outside world, the light blinded him for a bit causing him to shield his eyes only what greeted him wasn’t just the sky.

“Hakai! By order of the Gods of Izumo you are under arrest and will be put to death once we reach the summit” Said the Head God who had a few servants with him, however he and the servants weren’t alone. Every God that ruled the areas was present with their familiars. Hakai’s teeth gnashed at how his brother had set him up, cleaver but what did he expect from a fox who was made to be sly.

“Daichi you traitor...” Hakai hissed, suddenly the next thing he knew was that he had been grabbed by the wrists.

“Unhand me you fools!” Hakai yelled while trying to break free. “I’ll kill you all! Let me go so I can kill that foolish fox!” suddenly a woman with flowing white hair appeared on a cloud and kissed him to his horror and anger.

“Do not resist, you are to go to Izumo with us- that is an order” she hissed darkly.


Daichi as he listened until there was silence had slumped onto the ground and felt tears form in his eyes.

It had to be done, he didn’t want to do it but if he wanted him and his family to be free... so be it.

Footsteps reached his ears causing him to look up, there he saw Neko looking at him with sad eyes.

“I’m sorry Daichi” Neko said before sitting down and then handed Daichi a tissue, the red head slowly took without complaint. Both males leaned on a pillar and sighed knowing that it was all over for now.

“Hakai doesn’t take his threats lightly” Daichi said softly as he looked at Neko who pushed his glasses up.

“I know, but the Head God will make sure that his body will be destroyed to the point that no body will be able to accept the remains” Neko commented before smiling “You’re free now, so why not go back to Yuuki now?” Daichi shook his head softly causing Neko to tilt his head in confusion.

“She hates me now” Daichi commented wearily, Neko nods as he looks at the red haired fox.

“Well, you were being a real butthead to her” Neko commented bluntly causing Daichi to glare at him. “What it’s true! Don’t tell me that if I had been in your shoes and had done that you would not be saying the exact same things” Neko commented with an offended look, Daichi huffed but did not comment as he looked up.

“Go to her, it will take time to earn her trust but this time-” Daichi looked at the ginger haired boy as he smiled “listen to her”

Daichi blinked before looking down, part of him wanted to but the other part of him had lost hope. He caused this by over reacting and by being so consumed with fear to the point that he lashed out, at times he wanted to slap himself for allowing his ego to get the best of him... he really was an idiot.

"Look you fought tooth an nail to find and be with her, what’s stopping you now?" Neko’s words buzzed in Daichi’s mind as he went to find Yuuki, only the shack as expected was empty meaning that Yuuki had left with Hana once more. Daichi shook his head as he used his foxfires to try and locate Yuuki, at the same time he tried to track her scent from the house and was surprised to smell next to nothing which meant that she as using talismans again leaving him annoyed and frustrated.

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