Our Little Secret

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Chapter 12: Sweet Little Memories

A teenage red haired male stood by a sakura tree near a cliff that over looked the ocean. Beside him were a few other teenagers only they were a bit younger than him. The older teenager smiled softly as he placed flowers on a tombstone near the tree, his mind went back to a few years ago.

"Do you really have to go? Can’t we find a way to have you become a yōkai?" the teen asked as he held an elderly hand, the elderly woman smiles at him with kind eyes that tore at his heart. He knew that they would have to part but right now, it felt like they were parting to soon that he was unable to process what was happening. For him it felt like time had moved so quickly to the point that he was unable to cherish the time as he would have liked with her, but now it was too late.

"Every moment is precious to me Daichi, I would never trade these memories for anything. Now I get to join my mother and father who have passed away. It’s been too long and even though I have not seen them, ever since I went into the past and met you. I have no regrets and neither should you" the woman said with a light chuckle ”Oh Daichi look what we created, we have three wonderful daughters and two sons. Surely they’ll need a father to be there for them would they not?" she asked with mirth in her eyes. Hearing her words made him chuckle at how she would always think about the bright side of things.

“I guess so” Daichi replied with a small grin, the woman continued to smile at him before gaving him a stern look.

"Now remember! No regrets, like me live life to the fullest and I’ll always watch over you and our little ones in spirit. I’ll never forget any of you and my memories will always be in your hearts so if you ever get lonely" she smiles ”I’ll be there to comfort you" Daichi smiled and kissed her frail hand, his mind went back to how she would talk about the painting that brought them together and maybe at one point he’ll go and visit it even if she wasn’t with him. That is if it was still there.

"I know Yuuki, I just wish I had more time" Daichi said softly causing her to giggle.

"Oh ho ho you are always so greedy at times you cheeky fox, now do take care of our children aright?" Yuuki smiles as she lays on the futon with a tired look on her face.

"I promise" he vows with a nod.

"I do have one wish though" she said with a small smile.

"Which is?" Daichi asked with an interested look in his eyes.

"That we will all meet in the hereafter" Yuuki replied with a wide smile, Daichi then watches her as she turns to look at their children who each kiss her free hand softly. Hana even though she was sad continued to smile knowing that her mother would always want her to be happy even when things always did seem bleak. So as they watched Yuuki slowly close her eyes after hearing the words ‘I love you all’ did their smiles slowly vanish as they watch Yuuki’s breathing slow to the point that there was no more breath left in her to give.

Daichi now as he watches the tombstone with their children smiles softly as he reminisces the times he had spent with his wife. Remembering the good times and the bad but knew that in the end they would always be together.

“Want to see the painting that your mother has been telling you about?” Daichi asked causing the teens to look up at him with surprise.

By the time they reach the art gallery they begin to tour the place in wonder as it looked like it had not been touched nor had any artworks changed to their surprise. Daichi as he looked around stopped at a painting that left him blinking in shock.

“That’s me...” Daichi paused as he stared at himself in the painting. He was surprised to see the fire surround his painted self only he was smiling which left him confused since Yuuki had said that he was sad, his eyes then went a book by the painting and began to open and read it. As he reads it the red head barks out a laugh as he sees that everything in his life had been put into this book, with no detail being left out. The proof? Yuuki’s name had been put into the pages.

As he read to the end he paused as he saw the last words of the book.

"Time is precious but I wouldn’t have this story’s ending any other way" were the last words of the book.

“It is a really interesting tale don’t you think?” asked a woman with lavender hair, Daichi turned to look at the woman and sighed slightly.

“Yeah... it is” Daichi admitted with a small smile.

“You know that the Goddess of Time made this book because she had a soft spot for romance” This took him by surprise.

“And how would you know that?” Daichi asked as his brow went up, the woman blinked and looked at him.

“Oh you’re talking to me? Well let’s see... given his background it’s no surprising that a lone Goddess would want to play cupid even if she wasn’t the Goddess of Love, that or I would say that she would have wanted to give the fox a second chance. Don’t you think?” she winks playfully at him.

“The name’s Gladia, I’m sure you wanted to ask me questions about how your wife was pulled into the painting” Gladia asked with a wide smile, Daichi’s eyes went wide from her words.

“Why did you do that though? You knew that it would upset her” Daichi asked loudly while she continued to smile.

"Things happen for a reason my dear fox, but the fact that Yuuki had been pulled into the past, it means that you were meant to meet" she hints with a grin. “After all your soul called out to her through this book and painting, if she had not been born. Would you have felt anything else to another person who had saved you that time?” she asks with the same expression while Daichi looks at her.

“It’ll always be Yuuki, no one else” Daichi spoke softly but not once did his voice waver causing the woman to smile and nod.

“Excellent so it worked out for everyone! I have to go now, busy busy busy!” she winks before walking off. Daichi as he watches her was left mauling over her words before a smile entered his face.

Once he was sure that his children were asleep in their rooms, Daichi immediately went to the place where he buried Yuuki, there behind the stone was the sakura tree that he had planted for her knowing that she loved cherry blossom trees.

He smiled before patting the stone and then the earth where she was laid to rest.

"I am blessed to have know you Yuuki, I will raise our children just like you asked" Daichi comments softly as he looks at the tombstone with soft loving eyes, there on the tombstone read the words:

"Yuuki Hisae,

Beloved mother and wife who is and will always be loved by those closest.

May her spirit finally find peace"

“And that is the end of the story little one” said a mother who closed the book and places it beside her. A red haired male stood by the door with a puzzled expression as he looks at her, wondering why she was still in their bedroom reading instead of the living room.

The woman then turns to look at her newborn baby girl who was asleep in her basset. The woman then turns to look at the male and smiles as she hears him sigh deeply before making his way over to them.

“Reading that book still?” Asked the red head, The woman smiles in reply.

“You had better believe it Silver” she winks as she kisses his nose playfully while holding their daughter.

“It’s put Moira straight to sleep Lily” Silver comments in awe causing the Lily to smile.

“Well it’s a good book with a good moral” she comments.

“Oh? Do tell” he grins as he kisses her once more.

“Well, if you must know Silver it tells us that no matter how different these two people were. Be them species or in different time or that were pulled together by some divine or mystical reason. They would always find and love one another, for the heart will always call to the one that they love the most” Lily chuckles as she kisses him “It also shows that yōkai and humans can learn to love, if they give the other a chance and let it happen. Even if it doesn’t work out for some it doesn’t mean that everyone should be isolated” she adds while looking at her husband. Silver then picks up the book and almost chokes on a laugh.

“I didn’t know your grandmother was a writer” he shows her the front, Lily grins and shrugs.

“She has time, now should we get up and have something to eat? The others will be asking for food too you know” Lily adds, Silver rolls his eyes.

“You’d think for small children that they would actually not eat so much” Silver comments causing his wife to laugh.

“Growing children Silver!” Lily chortles as they leave the room while Moira was asleep in her arms.

While on the floor by the baby’s basset, laid the book Lily had read to Moira with the title ′Our Little Secret′ with the words′by Serena Hikari′ which was seen on the front page and one the spine of the book.

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