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Our Little Secret

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Chapter 3 - I don't want to lose-

Yuuki had folded another piece of clothing before placing it into one of the draws, she then placed her hands on her back before lightly hitting it in order to ease some pain that had appeared to her dismay, however when she was tending to it she was received a small click in response.

“Finally, I’m done” Yuuki grunted before getting up only to almost topple from the sudden head rush, she was tired for sure given how she was doing all these chores alone and was heavily pregnant. Not that she was complaining, however she just couldn’t easily say that she had spent one night with a fox demon and survived out loud especially since that would lead to a lot of problems. Plus a girl getting pregnant before marriage was incredibly shameful both in the past and her own time period, leaving her to mentally kick herself for doing that. Alas what’s done is done and she couldn’t change it, not that a part of her wanted to after all she had someone who needed and was relying on her to help them.

Yuuki looked down at her belly and rubbed it gently with a small smile on her face.

“Don’t worry, I won’t ever let anyone harm you I promise” Yuuki vowed as she continued to smile softly at her bump. Yuuki soon smiled as she felt a kick coming from the baby and chuckled.

“Okay time for lunch right?” Yuuki asked her bump before going to the kitchen to make something to eat.

It had been a about three months since she came here and she was now almost nine months pregnant, yes she should have asked for help when she was doing these things around the house but she paid no heed. The pain in her ankles might be bad but it gave her something to do plus she could rest at anytime if things got worse.

Grilling fish took time but it was interesting to see what things she could add to it to make it taste better, at times the fish had tasted bad but she didn’t mind since she could try and add things like rice or side dishes to improve the taste.

She now placed her food at the table and began to eat calmly even though she was hungry enough to eat more than she should, however not once did Yuuki didn’t complain since her baby needed food as well and would be more than happy to provide for it. By the time she was finished eating, the cutlery including the bowl were then cleaned before Yuuki decided to have small nap.

Yuuki was woken up by the sound of the door being knocked, she groaned as she started to get up and stretch before getting up. Clicking her back into place she began to walk as best as she could towards the door and stopped.

“Who is it?” Yuuki called from behind the door while trying to not to sound cranky due to being suddenly woken up.

“It’s Miwa, I’m just came to check and see how you are” came a female voice, hearing this person’s voice made Yuuki mentally groan. Why was she even bothering to begin with? She had made it clear that she didn’t want Miwa bothering her at her home but she still persisted. Why though? Why could she never get any peace around here?

“I’m fine, is there anything else?” Yuuki asked not opening the door since she was determined to have this female leave her as soon as possible.

“Can I at least check to see if you are okay? After all you are living by yourself and no one has seen anyone besides you leave that house” Miwa asked, hearing this made Yuuki bang her head mentally against the wall, of course that would seem suspicious.

“I assure you that I am fin-ow ow ow!” Yuuki hunched over from the pain in her stomach.

"Don’t tell me?!" Yuuki cried as she started to kneel in pain, she didn’t want anyone to help. She didn’t want to lose her baby to theses people so how could she even give birth without any problems? The answer was simple she couldn’t and that’s what scared her.

“Are you okay?! What’s going on in there?” Miwa cried as she banged on the door. Yuuki looked up and grunted as she opened the door allowing Miwa to come in.

“I think that the baby is coming” Yuuki cried out in pain before biting her lip in order to prevent more noise from coming out. Miwa however instead of talking helped Yuuki up as she slumped slightly due to the strain.

“Don’t worry the physician is nearby, I’ll take you to him okay?” Miwa said softly causing Yuuki to look up shakily.

“N-No I’ll be fine” Yuuki forced out as she groaned from feeling another wave of pain enter her stomach. Oh gosh! Why not of all times?

“No you are not so stop acting like everything is going to be okay, you need help no matter what you say” Miwa’s words took Yuuki by surprise before she looked down slightly while one hand was on her womb.

“Alright” Yuuki replied weakly causing Miwa to nod and smile before they made their journey to the physician who immediately allowed them in.

“It’s false labor” the physician concluded to Yuuki’s surprise, showing that she had not expected that one bit.

“What does that mean?” Miwa asked as she looked at them.

“It means that she is nearly due miss, I’d recommend that she’ll stay here tonight just in case something happens” the physician replied before patting Yuuki’s shoulder and went up to get something for her to drink. “Your ankles however are swollen, have you been resting lately?” he asks with his eyes on the water so he didn’t overfill the cup.


“She lives by herself so she has no one to help her” Miwa interrupted causing Yuuki to scowl at the big mouth, the physician’s brow rose at the information.

“Hisae-san that is very dangerous, what if something were to happen to you?” he asked her in a stern voice.

“I was taking it easy. The only things I do most of the time are either cook, clean a bit and get food from the market” Yuuki replied bluntly.

“Alone Hisae-san?” The physician asked with a disapproving look as he passed her the bowl, seeing her frown confirmed his suspicions. “You need to be off your feet, asking for help from time to time will not hurt you. I can assure you that”

“See I told you Hisae-san and you never believe me!” Miwa cried causing Yuuki to glare lightly, the physician saw her reaction and coughed from seeing how enthusiastic Miwa was being towards the now agitated female.

“As happy as I am that you have helped her Nushi-san it is best to leave her alone now that she is in my care” the physician commented taking her by surprise.

“Are you sure?” Miwa asked looking worried, seeing this made him laugh lightly.

“I am sure now run along now, she’s safe” the physician assured her with a warm smile, Miwa then stood up and went to the door before looking at Yuuki.

“Get some rest will you, after all I’m not the only one worried here” Miwa said softly before walking away leaving Yuuki with the physician.

“She really worried you know, always came here to see me and has talked about you a lot” he comments while smiling, Yuuki frowns as she drinks her water.

“I am fine, it was just a false labor nothing to worry about. It just means that I have to be more careful” Yuuki replied with a sigh.

“I’m starting to see why she is worried about you” the physician said causing her to look at him with baffled eyes. “You hardly rely on anyone for help and always close yourself from everyone, why is that?” The physician asked sounding curious, almost a little to curious for her liking.

“I don’t have to say anything to anyone, I just like my privacy doesn’t anyone else?” Yuuki asked blankly, hearing this made him sigh.

“There’s wanting to keep away from everyone and shutting them away then there’s just keeping personal facts away. You my dear fit the first one and that is really worrying” he spoke softly leaving her slightly intimidated by how he was acting.

“I have survived without much help, this is just one of these days that I’ll regress which isn’t a big deal” Yuuki shrugged slightly causing him to frown.

“Is that how you behave all the time or are you hiding something?” the physician asked as he stared at her with a stern look, Yuuki froze for a brief moment confirming his suspicions.

“I just don’t like to talk about my life is that a problem?” Yuuki asked feeling upset and annoyed that his man was trying to get into her business just like everyone else.

“My apologies for stepping out of line” the physician spoke softly before turning away.

“Is it a crime to not want to talk or be in social gatherings?” Yuuki asked as she looked at him.

“It almost is when it’s a close knitted village” the physician chuckles as he replies to her question, this left her frowning. “So what brought you here by the way if you don’t mind me asking?” He asked while smiling.

“You ask too many questions for a physician” she commented with a raised brow as she rubbed her belly, hearing this made him laugh.

“What can I say I’m a curious guy” he replied while smiling. The physician was a young man in his early twenties, he had black hair, brown eyes and wore a light brown kimono.

“Careful about that, curiosity had killed the cat” she replied with a light smile making him laugh.

“Your choice of words are odd for someone so young Hisae-san” he replied while smiling back.

“That’s what they all say” she said with a sigh but paid no heed to the comment.

“Still it is off for someone you age to be travelling alone without any family members with you” Yuuki nodded softly as she looked down at her belly.

“We got separated not too long ago” was all she said, he nods in reply.

“What about your husband?” He gestures to her bump causing her to go tense.

“He... He was killed by a yōkai” she replied looking sad in order to avoid suspicion, hearing this tore his heart not believing what he was hearing.

“I am sorry for your loss, forgive me for being insensitive” he said with a bow that had left her feeling a bit guilty.

“What’s done is done, nothing can be changed now” Yuuki commented blankly, however it didn’t stop him from feeling guilty.

“Get some rest Hisae-san I’ll make sure that no one bothers you” was all he said before he went out the room, leaving her to sit in the futon. She blinked but said nothing, if anything she was shocked that he would now give in after all this talk about being alone. Yuuki winced slightly as she tried to lay down without dropping, once she was able to do that did she close her eyes and go to sleep.

The first thing that came to Yuuki’s mind- utter torture. How did any pregnant woman deal with this kind of pain and survive? Yuuki clutched the sheets of her futon and screamed as sweat and tears ran down her face, in truth she just wanted this all to end. All this pain and in truth was almost not worth it, if anything she just wanted to hunt HIM down and kill him for causing this unwelcomed pain. Yuuki released another pain filled scream as she felt something tearing when she pushed. At that moment she felt guilty for causing her mother this pain, but it wouldn’t be long now. Her baby was coming and she dreaded what these people would say, they will find out for sure to her dismay no matter how hard she prayed.

“Don’t worry you are doing fine Hisae-san I can see the head” said one of the women helping her with the birth. Hearing this made her panic, oh how she wished that they would not find out.

"Please don’t let them see its ears or tail, please don’t let them find out about my baby!" she pleaded now wanting them to leave so she could hide her baby from them and the world, demons to these people were savages and killers. She did not want that to happen to her baby, she would never wish that upon her baby. Not one bit.

"I don’t care about what happens to me just don’t let them find out and hurt my baby!" she prayed and pleaded to a higher power as she released another agonizing scream that would bring her soon to be born baby danger.

“Just a bit more keep going” said the woman who was helping with the delivery, Yuuki pushed again before stopping. It was too much and she was sure that her body was tearing itself apart from the inside out, it was sheer agony that she wished would end.

“I can’t do it” Yuuki cried feeling tears run down her face from everything “it’s too much, I don’t want to do this anymore” she wept.

“Hisae-san you are almost done, just two more pushes and the baby is out” said another woman who was giving her a reassuring smile, Yuuki looked at her wearily her eyes started to become unfocused from the strain.

“Don’t worry just breathe, we are here to help” the woman who was helping by holding the newborn’s head as it was being pushed out. Yuuki bit her lip as she looks at them for a few minutes before grunting from the surge of pain that flowed through her body. She screamed as loudly as she could before an ear splitting wail hit her ears causing her to look for the source, it was then that her fear entered her system but she was too tired, weak and drained from what she went through to stop them from looking at her baby.

“It’s a girl, a healthy baby girl” said the woman who was holding the baby. Yuuki choked on a sob from the news, the first thing she wanted to do was hold her baby despite being tied and in pain. The women smiled and cooed as they cleaned the baby up before handing the baby to Yuuki.

“See how pretty she is” the woman gushed as she handed the baby to Yuuki, who immediately cried in happiness from seeing her daughter. Yuuki stroked her baby’s cheek and smiled, suddenly she froze from what she saw.

“What are you going to name her?” The second woman asked snapping Yuuki out of her daze, how were they not seeing what she was seeing?

“Sorry?” Yuuki asked as she held her baby who was wrapped in a cloth to keep her warm.

“Your baby what are you going to call her?” The woman asked again while smiling, it was then Yuuki had looked down and smiled softly at her baby and her little fox ears.

“Hana” was all Yuuki had said while stroking her baby, almost giggling she saw her daughter’s ears twitch a bit as she slept in her mother’s arms.

Miwa who had been listening smiled before turning into a bluish black flame and fled the village leaving behind a singed leaf on the floor where she once stood, by the time she stopped someone had stood in the woods not too far from where she once was.

“She had a baby girl and they are both okay” the person turned to look at her with shocked filled eyes. The person could not believe that she survived and that the baby was no will not be in any danger.

“What did she call her?” The person asked sounding nervous as the person looked at the flame.

“Hana, Daichi-sama” the flame called Miwa replied in a proud but happy voice.

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