Our Little Secret

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A woman was patting her belly as she placed a book down. Smiling at how things were going, talk about a change and close call. Her grandmother sure knew how to make a good book. She looked down and sighed while a smile bloomed on her rosy lips however before she could do anything, the sudden sound of something crashing had hit her ears making her smile weakly at what could have happened.

A red haired male who was looking very peeved off entered the room, only the strangest thing was beside him there was a blond haired male who entered the room with him and had a bump that would make someone assume that he was pregnant.

"I found...our baby" the red head scowls while the older man smiles weakly at them.

"Darling" the woman laughed as she looked at her husband who looked tired and flustered "she only jumped" she commented making him roll his eyes before looking at the two year old kit that was looking up at him. The red head sighed as he picked up his son and then looked at the three and a half year old twins who sitting beside his wife obediently, staring at him with owlish eyes.

It was hard to believe that four years had gone by so quickly. Not that he would change it for the world. However the mood changed as he glared at the man and then at the bump, their baby sure was a troublemaker that's for sure. It was hard to believe that his wife had been pregnant to begin with; after all they had taken the test shortly after her symptoms appeared. Even though the symptoms were on and off clearly but had showed signs that she had been pregnant. To their surprise the test had showed negative leaving him slightly relieved enough to get his wife staring at him like he was a maniac. Who could blame him? After all they just had their youngest two years ago so why not wait until he was about five but oh no, fate had been cruel. Instead of allowing them to wait, they had been blessed with a jumping baby! He at times would scowl at his grandmother in law for saying that they were blessed for they were anything but that. No this was a curse and left them always on edge after all, what were the chances of their baby actually leaving the womb and ending up dead the moment it misses it's next victim/host.

He at times would wonder if they actually contracted a plague in the form of a baby leaving his wife to glare and slap him while his father figure would just scold him, his brother would just laugh at his misery while the blooming fool and his nephew in law would just make fun or end up making him miserable by saying or doing something to make him suffer even more. Then again the red head would not change it for the- scratch that the only thing he would change is his blooming jumping baby that just teleported out of his father figure causing him to look at his wife who was not showing any signs that she was pregnant. His wife on the other hand just shrugged her shoulders until someone had stomped into the room. The male had to laugh at this, looks like his baby decided to make his brother miserable and is now making his brother sick.

"Good baby" he muttered with a smirk while his brother gave him the finger.

"How do you get it out?! It's making me hungry!" his brother grumbled weakly making the red haired male laugh even more.

"I can't, the baby has a mind of it's own" the red head laughed even more, this didn't make his brother feel any better.

"I'm starting to see why you dislike it jumping all the time" he scowled making the red head laugh even more while his wife gave his brother a weak smile.

"Sorry, if I could I would but last time Inari tried the metal item it left my children with earache for weeks" she replied, the brother sighed and nodded grudgingly.

"Nah I can understand, no one likes that thing" the brother waved it off until he felt something kicking him and blinked, the red head's wife smiled.

"Baby kicked didn't it?" she said with a chuckle while the brother looked at her in shock, so that's how a mother felt when she was carrying a baby, was this how his mother felt when she carried him? He almost smiled at how his niece/nephew was behaving leaving him almost no longer mad. Who could be mad at such a sweet thing?

"So how's the Mrs?" The red head asked causing his brother to look at him quickly.

"Oh she's fine, hasn't been asking for a baby though but I'm starting to think that we should" the brother replied with a sheepish smile. "Just came to check up on you guys only to have your baby latch onto me" the brother smirked.

"Just saying hello" the wife replied with a grin while the red head rolled his eyes.

"Who wouldn't want to say hello to their favourite uncle?" the brother asked with as smirk, however the trio near the red head and his wife were just staring at him blankly causing an awkward silence.

"Wow tough crowd" the brother said with a weak smile.

"Still a bit sore over how you almost got their mother killed" a white haired male said while looking at him with a glare, the brother glared at him.

"I'm starting to see why my brother dislikes you" the brother said coldly while the red head coughed slightly, masking his smirk. The brother blinked before looking down- the baby was gone causing him to look around, as soon as he spotted a bump did he laugh.

"Looks like the vermin has your baby, best catch him before he runs off with it" the brother smirks as the red hair gives the white haired male a death glare.

"You run, I'll hunt you down and really make you wish that you had never been born" the red head spoke so venomously that it left shivers down the white haired male's spine.

The kits during the commotion had looked up at them before yawning loudly, their ears pinned to their skulls as they rubbed their eyes weakly. Time for bed.

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