Our Little Secret

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Chapter 8 - And The World Comes Crashing Down

Daichi was left in a state of panic, part of him just wanted to throw up and die somewhere thanks to what happened. Given that this was one of the things that he didn’t want to do and yet it happened. Why did his brother set that deal up so that no matter what he would have to go out and kill humans? If only he had been aware that this village involved the one that Yuuki had just left in order to avoid suspicion thanks to his stunt involving the clothes he repeatedly sent her without letting himself be known, this had left him deeply relieved to know that she was out of the line of danger but in the end of it. Knowing that he still killed innocent people without a reason, it also didn’t make him feel any better knowing that he was responsible for such carnage. What’s worse was the look on her face when she saw the blood on him, just when he thought that his life was getting back to the way it should be with Yuuki and Hana. This happened...

Did his brother know about them and had him attack the village on purpose?! The mere thought left him sick to his stomach at how low Hakai would go. Was he sending him a message? Daichi had no idea know.

Was this a way of getting back at him for lying? Daichi prayed that it wasn’t the case and that his brother did not know but what could he do? Yuuki would not let him in the house or look at him; in fact she refused to let him see Hana in his state. His eyes were still feral and dangerous, reminding her of how wild and unpredictable he truly was. Which left her not wanting to take any chances with him much to his shame. She completely refused to allow their daughter to be roped into something so sick, so twisted and vile, not that he was complaining.

If anything he deserved this kind of punishment in a way, not that he liked it one bit. This overall had tore at his heart, knowing that he made her sick much to Daichi’s dismay and he could not push away her reaction to either the blood staining his clothes and skin out of his mind. Knowing that he was the one who caused it.

In truth he wanted no part of the bloodshed and yet some part of him knew that if he didn’t do it, then Yuuki and Hana would not be alive anymore. This was something he did not want to risk for they were the only family he had left in this world besides Hakai.

If it meant allowing his family to be safe from harm, which would mean sacrificing other humans then he would regretfully do it again in a heartbeat. Even if it meant that she would never look or trust him again then so be it, because in the end of the day.

It was worth it.


It was another day for Yuuki and Hana, as usual Yuuki even though she didn’t want to would bring the food that was left at the door. Not knowing who was giving it, just like she had no idea of who was giving her the house to stay in with her daughter. But she did not complain knowing that it was either that or they would be putting their lives in danger if they stay outside, if anything they were sitting ducks which was not good for either of them nor was it something that Yuuki had in mind.

Yuuki often grimaced from seeing the food knowing that if she did leave it out other animals, humans or yōkai would go to her door and never leave so that left her with the option of bringing food indoors.

Hana like Yuuki was mildly confused as to how they were getting these items but the mother was too tired and fed up to even complain. Very soon this person would have to show up sooner or later and tonight Yuuki was making sure that she would stay awake in order to catch this person, once she caught the person she was determined to know why this person was even doing this. She didn’t ask for all this and yet some part of her knew that this person might be dangerous, Yuuki could only hope that when she had enough information she and Hana would immediately pack up leave for good. They’ll change their appearance and clothes, given that she did have some money left over and she didn’t spend a single yen allowing her to bide her time for when something were to happen.

Hana continued to play without a care in the world to Yuuki’s relief as she then looked outside to see that it was almost sunset. It wouldn’t be long before she had to make her move and she was determined to stay awake, no matter what she wanted answers.

As soon as the pair were fed and ready for sleep, Yuuki had tucked her daughter in before grabbing a haori that she had kept thanks to Cho who gave her this expensive item as a present even though Yuuki was not a big fan of carrying expensive stuff. Knowing that bandits or envious people would not only eye it but would want to steal it when she wasn’t looking or worse accuse her of stealing it.

At times Yuuki did wonder why Cho didn’t go for the average priced haori instead of the well made one. Shaking her head she wrapped the ends of the haori around her body, she opened the door before putting a anti demon and bandit charm on the door. Yuuki now satisfied that Hana would be safe had sat down at the top of the steps. She was tempted to bring a book to read but decided against it since that would mean that the young mother would miss the one giving the gifts.

During the time Yuuki’s eyes would almost droop not only from fatigue but from being bored. Nothing was going on to her dismay and was tempted to go inside and set the alarm clock on her phone for dawn given how like the mp3 player all the electronics had been frozen so in a way she had almost unlimited battery. However the chances of her wanting to wake up from the alarm clock was almost zero, leaving her feeling agitated but this had to be done. She wanted to know the truth.

Daichi approached the house with a large fish only to go still thanks to what he was seeing.

"What the-?" Daichi placed the fish by the door and stared at Yuuki’s sleeping form as she clutched the haori, what puzzled him was the fact that she had something so expensive since she wore a plain yukata.

"Where did she get that?" he pondered a he placed his hands on his hips while looking down at her sleeping form. Part of him chuckled at how she was outside and twigged.

"Was she trying to catch me out? Honestly doesn’t she ever try to relax?" Daichi asked wearily as he shook his head before picking her up gently, Yuuki groaned from the sudden movement until he placed her head on the crook of his neck. He slowly reached for the door before recoiling in shock as he saw that there was a barrier, however part of him frowned at how there was an anti yōkai and bandit talisman on the door.

"Honestly you do try to make it harder for me to try and help you, do you know that?" Daichi mused while smiling slightly. Lifting her hand gently he had her fingers on the talisman, without waking up or noticing Yuuki had grabbed the talisman and moved her hand. This caused the talisman to go off the door which resulted in the barrier to vanish completely, as thrilled as he was that it was down he mentally winced and panicked at how that would result in the pair being put at risk. Not to mention this would raise a lot of unwanted attention, mostly from Yuuki and Hakai.

Sadly there was nothing he could do unless he wanted to trap himself in the house with them, that would not end well given that Hana and Yuuki were not silly if they noticed that something was not right.

Daichi almost hung his head for not thinking things through but the last thing he wanted was for Yuuki to be kidnapped, violated or worse killed while Hana would have no idea of where her mother was. Nor would the barrier go down given that this was Yuuki’s doing, which would mean that their daughter would be trapped in the house without any help.

As soon as Daichi settled Yuuki into bed he then placed the covers on her sleeping form, part of him during that time had wondered how long she had been awake for given how she didn’t wake up from what was going on around her. His foxfires had made sure to put the fish on the kitchen table without burning anything to his relief, after all that would be a disaster for anyone if that did happen.

Yuuki groaned in her sleep causing him to look quickly, his heart started pounding violently as he saw her move slightly. Daichi could only hope that she didn’t wake up or things would get ugly fast so he stayed still for a bit, although he almost shook his head at how reckless she was for putting herself in danger but he understood her need to do that and sighed. A small smile bloomed on his face before lifting her hand gently and slowly so it didn’t wake her up; he placed the palm of her hand to his lips and kissed it lovingly before settling it back to her side.

“I do miss you Yuuki, I hope that some day in the future we’ll be together soon” he said softly while crouching by her bedside. Not noticing the time or that the sun had risen even more into the sky, Daichi had lifted a lock of her hair while he looked and sighed at how peaceful she slept and wished that this moment would last forever. Sadly he knew that it was unlikely but hey, he could only dream right?

“Mama?” asked a tired meek voice that made him go rigid enough to whip his head round to see Hana, only she looked half asleep and was rubbing her eyes. Daichi was left rooted to the spot, knowing that it was too late to get out the house without causing Hana to go into a state of panic as she tried wake her tired mother up. So instead of showing that he was panicking or that he had any intentions of harming them, he had smiled at the tired girl who stopped and looked at him. He could tell that she was startled and worried about what he was doing to her mother, so in order to ease her half awake state he placed his index finger to his lips and smiled slightly.

“Ssh, your mummy’s asleep, she was up late last night” Daichi whispered softly as he winked causing her to blink in shock, all traces of fatigue now gone leaving confusion in its place. It wasn’t just from the fact her mother was up late, it was from how this strange man was behaving. It did take her a while before she froze up from realizing that this man was not human.

“Ah-” Daichi smiled softly at her causing her to close her mouth, realizing that he wasn’t trying to hurt them at all.

“Sorry for entering without your mummy’s permission but she was sleeping outside, didn’t want your mummy hurt” Daichi explained quietly before getting up, once standing he soon started to walk towards her.

“Shall we leave her alone so she can rest for a while?” he asked with a small smile, Hana even though he seemed harmless didn’t trust him completely allowing his smile to grow. Seeing this took her by surprise.

“I promise I won’t do anything bad, I was just worried about her which I am sure you are as well right?” he asked lightly, Hana blinked as he sent his hand near hers so she could hold on to it. Still not completely trusting him she didn’t accept the gesture but nodded stiffly instead, not that he was complaining instead the red head was relieved that she didn’t trust strangers easily. Given that even the most nicest ones could be truly dangerous and it was not always wise to take chances.

“Let’s go to the kitchen and eat okay” he smiles before walking out, Hana eyed him wearily given that he looked kind of familiar to her but she couldn’t figure out how or why.

However she did truly seem worried as he occasionally looked at her mother with strange eyes that left her wanting to glare at him for having such eyes, but instead of acting up she hesitantly followed him in order to make sure that he wasn’t up to anything dangerous.

What shocked her the moment she entered the kitchen was how he was dealing with some of the fish that was on the table, he was moving more quickly than her mummy and not once did he injure himself leaving her staring in awe.

By the time Daichi was done making broth out of the fish he had caught, he gingerly passed the bowl to Hana who went back in shock causing him to pause. Obviously it was hot, what was he thinking?

Daichi walked towards the small table and placed it down before moving away so Hana was aware that he meant no harm. Still Hana eyed him wearily as she walked towards the bowl, she then noticed that there was one bowl and turned to look at him.

“Not hungry” he said with a weak smile causing her to frown and push the bowl with her hand covered sleeve, signalling that she wasn’t going to take it unless he had something as well. Daichi blinked from how she refused without hesitation before he sat down beside her, at first she was tense before he moved the bowl beside her.

“I already eat” he smiled softly taking her by surprise. “This is something light so you won’t be full when your mother makes you something” Daichi commented leaving Hana confused as she looked at the steaming bowl of fish broth. Hana then turned to look at him before bowing her head down respectfully.

“Thank you” she said quietly leaving Daichi feeling warm and happy from what she was doing, he patted her head lightly and smiled at her. Hana soon tilted her head from the gesture not knowing why he was doing this.

“You’re most welcome, can you promise me something?” Hana looked up from his sudden words and stared at him blankly.

“Can you not tell your mummy about me please?” This took Hana by surprise given that she didn’t expect that kind of request. “I don’t want to make your mummy upset since she’ll be confused as to why she’s in bed and I don’t think it’ll be good to upset her. So do you think that you can keep it a secret between us?” he asked softly, Hana’s narrowed as she pouted. Signalling that she was thinking about what he was asking, she didn’t want to hide anything from her mother but she didn’t want to upset her mother and he did seem like he was worried about her as well.

“How do you know mummy?” Hana asked bluntly as she looked at him from the corner of her eye, she caught him pausing for a bit proving that he was hiding something which had left her more suspicious of him.

Daichi looked at her knowing that he shouldn’t lie if he wanted her to trust him, but he couldn’t tell the whole truth so it was best to say something that was remotely close to the truth as possible without giving away too much.

“I helped your mother when she was being bothered by a yōkai and a few humans that were being mean to her, she left before I could ask if she was okay” Daichi admitted, his ears pinned themselves to his skull in a sheepish manner. Seeing him like this left the young kit confused.

“Mummy never told me about any yōkai who helped her” she said bluntly causing him to smile weakly.

“She wouldn’t since humans and yōkai aren’t suppose to be friends or help one another, some don’t like how the other is different so they often say bad things to the other” Daichi admitted as he patted her head lightly before stroking her cheek causing her to look up.

“Why does everyone have to be so mean?” Hana said weakly as she looked down feeling disheartened by his words.

“I don’t know really, it’s just been like that for as long as I can remember” Daichi replied as he had a sad smile on his face, Hana looked up at him with confused looking eyes.

“Why do you and mummy say that yōkai and humans aren’t suppose to be friends?” Hana asked weakly, Daichi blinked at her words as he was at a loss of what to say.

“Mummy said that daddy can’t stay with us since other yōkai and humans won’t like it, and would try to hurt us” Hana admitted now losing her appetite causing him to wince slightly from her words, sadly Yuuki did have a point there.

“I’m sorry you have to find out about that, but being a yōkai isn’t all that bad” this made her look up at him blankly. “You can heal and jump to high places” This definitely took her by surprise.

“I don’t want that, I want to be like mummy” Hana commented with a frown, hearing this made him look at her with sad eyes.

“Don’t dislike who you are, after all you can do so many things that a human and yōkai can’t do” he commented cheerfully, Hana however wasn’t to sure on that.

“Like what?” she asked blankly causing him to wince at how disheartened at how she was in regards to her heritage.

“Oh? Well compared to humans you’re quicker” This left her leering at him slightly.

“Me no like to be that quick” she replied blankly leaving him almost cold from how she was being towards him, Daichi shook his head and smiled weakly as he patted her head.

“It doesn’t matter if you are half or full human, the fact is that you are still human and it’s what you do with your gifts that are important. Some chose to do bad things and make a lot of bad mistakes. Others try to help those in need even if it means being secretive, isn’t that interesting?” Daichi asked with a small smile, Hana blinked as she looked at him with curious eyes.

“Do you know what is my daddy like?” Hana asked as she looked at him, again he went rigid but kept his composure leaving her so confused that she had tilted her head to the side.

“It’s best to ask your mummy when she wakes up, I don’t think she’ll be happy if I tell you about him” he says with a light smile even though she was frowning. “Now eat up or it’ll get cold okay?” he instructed as he looked at her. Hana now realizing that the bowl was still full immediately began to drink the broth until it was all gone. Daichi as he watched her smiled at her with fond eyes knowing that this was a rare moment that he may never have with her again, so he decided to treasure this moment by watching every bit that she did. Almost noticing that she was starting to get uncomfortable with his continuous stares.

“Why are you staring at me?” she asked as she narrowed her eyes at him leaving him slightly red in the face from being caught out.

“Oh, just curious that’s all” he replied weakly, Hana wasn’t amused as she looked back at him. This in turn almost made him laugh as it reminded her of how Yuuki hated him staring at her as she eat.

Once she was finished did he try to wash the bowl without breaking it before drying it with a towel near the sink, however before he could leave something had piped his interest.

“Did your mummy ever tell you when she was planning on going home?” Daichi asked as he looked at her with a small smile, Hana looked up quickly before looking down weakly taking him by surprise.

“Mummy can’t get home” This left him stunned by her words.

“Wha-what do you mean?” he asked as he knelt down in front of her, Hana looked up weakly now feeling guilty for telling.

“Mummy said I can’t tell, I promised her I wouldn’t” Hana replied meekly causing him to sigh slightly, instead of showing that he was disappointed he patted her head.

“That’s alright, wouldn’t want to upset mummy now do we?” Hana shook her head sharply leaving him to smile at how determined she was in keeping her mother’s secret, just seeing her expression had left him unable to hold it against her knowing that it must be important to hide it from people.

“I understand, don’t worry I won’t ask again” he said before kissing her forehead, the male fox stood up and sighed.

“I have to go now so it’s best to head over to bed okay?” Daichi asked softly, Hana however was left rooted to the spot without knowing why. In truth she didn’t want him to go and yet she knew that it was for the best since her mother might not take kindly to the unexpected arrival. Instead of complaining she nodded while looking down causing him to smile softly.

“I can’t say that we’ll meet again but if we don’t, it has been nice meeting you” he commented as he looked at her.

“Thank you for helping” she said weakly making him shake his head.

“Don’t worry I am more than happy to help, just remember to stay with your mummy and keep out of trouble okay?”

“Okay” Hana said with a wide smile that left his heart skipping a beat at how bright her smile was.

“Good- oh and before I forget” he hands her Yuuki’s talisman. “Don’t forget to put this on the lock otherwise bad people will try and sneak in okay?” he winks as they stop at the door. Hana was stunned to see the talisman but nodded knowing that it was important.

“Okay, bye bye” Hana waved politely as he walked out the house, he looked back and smiled.

“It was nice seeing you Hana” Daichi said with a soft smile as he walked down the steps, Hana however was in shock from how he knew her name but before she could ask how he knew. Daichi had vanished from where he stood leaving her completely puzzled.

Hana now decided to yawn loudly before going back in the house and closed the door, the tired girl then attached the talisman to the door and watched it stay in place before going to her room to sleep for a bit.

The first thing Yuuki did once she woke up was go into panic mode, what was she doing in bed when she had been sitting at the door in order to check for who was responsible for the items?! Oh how could she have fallen asleep at a time like that?!

Yuuki rushed out the bed and went out her room to check the door only to pause, it was then that Hana’s wellbeing suddenly came to mind. Was she okay? Where was she?

“Hana?!” Yuuki called while trying to remain calm as she looked round from where she stood, she then walked to her daughter’s room only one she opened it did the mother pause. There laying in her messy futon was Hana, the sleeping kit’s leg could be seen sticking out of the blanket that was covering her causing Yuuki to sigh in relief. Thank goodness her daughter was safe, but it was then that she paused. How did she get in her room? She didn’t remember even moving and she would have remembered... right?

“Mama?” Yuuki snapped out of her daze when she saw her daughter now sitting up and was rubbing her eyes as she looked at her. Yuuki bit her lip from the guilt that she had woken Hana up.

“Oh Hana, sorry did I wake you?” Yuuki asked as she looks at her before kneeling down in order to hug her daughter, she smiled as Hana hugged her back while nuzzling her cheek softly.

“Are you okay?” Hana asked as she noticed her mother’s unease and worry, seeing this had snapped the kit out of her sleepy daze so she could look at her mother. Yuuki blinked before smiling weakly.

“Yeah... just a little confused as to how I ended up in my-” Yuuki paused as she realised that Hana was unaware of what she had been doing last night, she smiled before shaking her head.

“It’s nothing” she replied softly as she patted Hana’s head in a motherly manner. “So, did you have a good sleep?” Yuuki asked softly as she looked at Hana who’s brows furrowed for a bit, she looked up and nodded.

“Yup” Hana smiled widely causing Yuuki to feel relieved.

“Are you hungry?” Hana immediately nodded while smiling brightly, seeing this made Yuuki smile.

“All right, I’ll call you when I’m done” Yuuki got up and sorted out the bottom part of her yukata. “In the meantime why don’t you wash up okay?” Yuuki said softly before going out the room, she looked at the direction of where the front door was she paused. She didn’t know why but something didn’t seem right so she went to the door. Yuuki then tried to open the door only something crinkled slightly in her right hand causing her to look down, her eyes went wide as she saw that the talisman was latched on to the door leaving her shocked and confused.

Why was it this on this side of the door?

Had somebody moved it?

Daichi yawned as he leaned on a tree branch, fatigue left him wanting nothing more than to sleep only before he could close his eyes. A strong scent caught his attention causing him to stop yawning and looked to his right. There approaching him was Hakai who was grinning like mad to Daichi’s curiosity.

“Hello brother!” Hakai greeted while Daichi gave him a lazy wave before trying to blink the sleep from his eyes.

“Hi...” Daichi greeted before a yawn forced it’s way from his mouth causing him to cover his mouth. Hakai was taken completely by surprise thanks to this sudden behaviour of his brother. What had he been doing when he was gone?

“Tired brother?”

“You can say that” Daichi replied before yawning again. “Couldn’t sleep” that was in fact true, his dream-no nightmare had forced him to wake up. This nightmare was filled with the screams of his family, forcing him to relive their deaths before it suddenly changed. Just as he moved a step in his dream did a crunching sound hit his ears causing him to look down, only doing that had proved to be a regret that would never leave his mind. For what he saw was so horrific that it left him sick to his stomach. There on the floor were the dead bodies of not just Yuuki but Hana as well, both covered in blood however their eyes... their eyes were dull due to death but had been filled with terror and pain. What-no who could have done this to them? Was it humans or... a demon? He didn’t recognize the signature pattern that would allow him to figure out who did this to them. This attack- it was done out of pure rage but who could have done this?! It made no sense as to why this had to happen. He looked around only to feel his heart plummet for there in front of him was himself, and he was covered in blood! But his eyes were unreadable and void of emotion leaving Daichi more unsettled.

Daichi had also remembered waking up panting for air; cries immediately left his lips as he wailed in fear and loss for what he witnessed. This wasn’t fair! Why was it that everything he wanted was torn from him? Had he done this? Why? He loved Yuuki dearly and treasured Hana even though he tried to care for them in the shadows. It didn’t make sense to him at all!

He would never wish nor want harm to befall on them, so why? WHY?!

“Are you okay brother?” Hakai’s voice snapped him out of his daze causing him to look at his brother.

“Y-Yeah... just relived my parents murders” Daichi replied shakily, he then saw Hakai frown leaving him to wince after all unlike Daichi he was never wanted. The older yōkai was forced to survive from a young age until he met Daichi, someone who was just as broken as he was and it left Hakai determined to watch over him especially when he knew that his brother Daichi had his back. And Hakai too would have his brother’s back.

“It’s in the past” Hakai said bluntly. “Nothing can be changed so stop thinking about it” Daichi had looked down with sad filled eyes, it wasn’t easy especially since he had a now gained a family of his own. One that was so secret that he resisted the urge to tell his brother, even now as he thought to his birth family and compared it to his new one that was created by his own hands. It was now starting to become increasingly hard to ignore- this pull that binded him to her. His inner self was screaming for his mate, did Yuuki feel that feeling as well?

Right now it was taking all of his resolve not to leave his brother and go back to where he was hiding and watch her. Before it had been enough for him but now it was getting increasingly harder, even his fox instincts wanted him to be in her life. Only Daichi didn’t want to be in the shadows, he wanted her to know that he had found her and wasn’t planning on leaving anytime soon. That mark he gave her was his promise that he’d always be there for her. Yes she was human and could not mark him but she had given him more than she’d ever know. Her innocence and a child that Yuuki had kept hidden since the moment she had found out, she must have felt something otherwise why did she allow their child to live?

"Where was she now?" He wondered, however he couldn’t just go after her. Not when his brother was on his case almost every day now and he had to admit that this mishap should not happen again. So how was he going to- that’s it!

Daichi turned to Hakai and smiled slightly.

“So brother, do you want to go to the red district?” Daichi asked with calm eyes that showed a sly expression that took his brother by surprise-gotcha!

“Really?! You’d want to come with me to the red district this time?” Hakai asked with suspicious eyes but his eager eyes betrayed what he was feeling.

“Why not? There’s plenty of women and sake” Daichi shrugged as his smirk grew wider. Without wasting time Hakai smirked as they travelled to the the World Over Yonder, Daichi soon passed Hakai some sake while a tanuki girl was massaging him. Meanwhile the oni who was too happy as he accepted the sake from his brother, not once did Hakai complain or suspect a thing while he swallowed the drink in one gulp before sighing happily. Hakai had immediately eyed one of the girls and began to ravage her in front of his brother and the other girl who was massaging the red head.

Daichi as soon as he was sure that his brother was too engrossed with the tanuki girl thanks to the drugged sake waved the woman off. Sure he felt guilty but Daichi was not like how he was before who would do shameless things and join in with his brother or messed around with the girls, no he had a family was committed to one person thanks to the mate mark. This wasn’t who he was anymore and he had no regrets surprisingly.

“I’m bored and I won’t be staying” Daichi had got up and gave the surprised girl a look. “Be sure that you all entertain him and if you don’t, I won’t be held responsible for his actions” Daichi said sternly before she could speak. The tanuki girl could only stand and watch him walk away, he almost rolled his eyes at how his brother was acting but knew that it was the drug’s effect that left him more active than ever. Knowing that he was this distracted would give Daichi only mere days to find Yuuki and Hana, he knew that it was risky since he could get caught but it was a risk he was willing to take and he was not going to waste this golden opportunity when it presented itself.

Daichi was not sure why but something told him that he was going to pay for not only drugging his brother but for ditching him at the red district alone, all to find a human woman and her daughter. Although given how he’ll be draining that sake jar like an addict would, it’ll definitely take him days before the effects will wear itself off. However Hakai could not complain about how Daichi was paying him to stay there for as long as he liked. This should cheer Hakai up somehow... he hoped.

Now out of the yōkai world he rushed back to the house to see that it was empty meaning that Yuuki was in the village with Hana. Daichi had bit his lip now wondering how he could try and confront or meet Yuuki on friendly terms.

Yuuki smiled as Hana pointed to a fruit that looked strange, patting her daughter’s head she looked at it recognizing it as an apple.

“This is an apple Hana” Yuuki said with a soft smile that left Hana smiling as well even though most of her head and face were covered with the hood.

“Can I have one please?” Hana asked meekly, Yuuki smiled and nodded.

“Why not?” Yuuki replied before paying for the apple. “However I need to wash it in case there’s bugs on it” Yuuki whispered leaving Hana confused but did not complain since her mother had brought it for her.

Yuuki later on was holding some rice and fish while she was walking towards the exit that would lead to their home with Hana, however she had to rely on Hana since she couldn’t see much due to how much she was carrying. At times Hana had asked if she could help with holding one of the items but Yuuki had rejected the idea since she didn’t want to hurt her daughter’s back.

Just as she was reaching the edge of the village the mother had suddenly collided with something causing her not only drop everything but left her falling backwards. However before she could hit the floor a pair of arms grabbed her and stopped her in mid air, leaving Yuuki utterly breathless and startled.

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t paying attention” a male’s voice hit Yuuki’s ears causing her to look up quickly, meanwhile Hana rushed towards her mother. Worry showing on her face for her mother’s well being.

Yuuki however blinked in shock from the male that was holding her. He had mud brown hair, he wore a somewhat plain yukata which had some swallows on it which allowed her to assume that the yukata he wore was really well made. However what did leave her frozen were his eyes, he contained the most expressive green earthy eyes that left her transfixed. For some reason Yuuki could not take her eyes off them and she didn’t know why, had she seen such eyes before?

“Mummy?” Yuuki snapped out of her thoughts and turned to look at Hana who as Yuuki now realised it had the same green earthy eyes only they were filled with worry, even though she was being shrouded by the cloak.


“Have we met?” Yuuki immediately asked before she realised what she had just said, Yuuki’s face immediately went red while Hana’s eyes went wide in shock before she looked at the man. The man’s eyes went wide from her words.

“I’m sorry” she said before getting up “I don’t know what came over me” Yuuki said weakly before looking down, she groaned from seeing the food on the floor.

“Oh great...” Yuuki sighed as she saw that some of the food looked damaged. Seeing the mess made the man wince.

“I’m so sorry” The man said weakly as he picked up all the salvageable items alongside Yuuki and surprisingly Hana.

“No it’s okay, I wasn’t looking where I was going” Yuuki admitted as she grabbed the rice bag that was to her relief intact.

“Still I should have looked where I was going” the man said with a sad look that left Yuuki looking at him weakly. “At least let my buy the stuff I made you drop” he offered leaving Yuuki shrinking back from the gesture.

“Oh no you don’t have to-”

“Please miss I insist, after all it was my fault that this happened” Seeing his sincere look had left Yuuki biting the bottom part of her lip. “It is the least I can do to make it up to you for what happened” Yuuki was at a loss of what to say and do, he did seem sincere but then there was Hana. Her daughter would always take her cloak off as soon as they enter home and she might end up forgetting that this stranger was in the house with them, in truth Yuuki didn’t want to risk it but how were they going to eat for the next few days? Just rice thanks to this incident.

“I don’t know...” Yuuki looked at Hana who knew why she was hesitant and knowing that had left Hana wanting to look down meekly, if she wasn’t so different then would her mother allow the stranger at her house even if it was to help out?

“Please miss, I would feel bad if I allowed you to waste more money on something that you had just lost from something I did” the man said as he looks at her while holding the items he picked up. Yuuki now knowing that this man wasn’t going to leave this matter anytime soon had sighed deeply.

“All right... fine” she conceded to Hana’s shock, she then looked at the man with wide disbelieving eyes. She had no words for what happened, how did this man do that?

The man blinked before smiling weakly.

“Great miss-?” Yuuki bit her lip before looking at him, what was it with this guy’s never taking no for an answer approach. It was starting to get under her skin, both in a good and bad way. At this rate she was going to say yes to everything with this guy leaving her at a loss of why that would even happen. This in a way left her uncomfortable and annoyed since she made Hana and her father take no for answer, so what changed? Is she slowly losing her touch with saying it?

“Hisae” Yuuki replied politely before looking at Hana in order to check to see if she was okay.

“Hisae-san that’s a lovely name and what’s your name little one?” the man asked with a smile that left Hana pausing. She was baffled at how this man would just cause her to feel at ease... almost like that yōkai that entered her home. Hana as soon as she remembered the one who was friends with her mother did she flinch and shy away from him taking the man by surprise.

“Sorry, she’s shy when it comes to strangers” Yuuki replied causing him to look up.

“Oh no it’s my fault for leaving her uneasy” the man said weakly. “So did you just get fish and rice?” he asked as he looked at Yuuki, she nodded in reply leaving him to nod.

“Did you want anything else?”

“Oh no-” Yuuki immediately rejected that offer since he was already paying for the ruined food so why the need to buy more. After all money was tight around the area due to some markets who were over pricing everything no thanks to the shortage of harvest this month, and the only thing that had got her this far were the clothes that had been dropped on her doorstep to her dismay.

“It’s the least I can do, honest Hisae-san it’s no problem really” the man said as he gave her a reassuring smile.

“Oh... well thank you sir-?” Yuuki paused as she waited for him to tell her his name.

“The name’s Kage Hisae-san” Kage greeted with a sheepish smile, this took her by surprise at how casual he was being with her. This in turn had almost left her frowning at how he was acting- too familiar but why? It’s not like she knew him from anywhere right?

That in itself was impossible since she would have remembered, although his eyes were something that kept drawing herself to him without knowing why.

No she couldn’t get distracted after all, would he want a female that had spent a night with a yōkai and had bore his child? No any human would flee or have them both killed in an instant. Not only that but heaven forbid HE showed up to see her in a relationship with a human, that in turn would not end well for anyone. Plus he was known for causing bloodshed which was something she was trying to avoid at all cost, for Hana’s sake.

If her daughter had found out about her father’s dealings in the past, it would ruin her and that was something Yuuki had wanted to avoid. Yes she wanted Hana to be proud of herself but how could she truly be when there was no human village that would accept any yōkai be them half human or not? It left Yuuki at a loss of what to do and the best she could do was guide Hana in the best way that she could. One that would avoid bloodshed and unwanted acts, she was not going to be like her father and Yuuki was going to make sure of that. Even if it killed her at least she had tried her very best.

By the time they arrived at Yuuki’s home, the young mother had immediately showed him where to put the stock.

“Thank you again Kage-san you really didn’t have to do all this” Yuuki said while Hana hid in her room since she wanted to get the cloak off. Sure at times she did hear people questioning about why she would wear a cloak but had always tried to pay no heed, after all she had to hide her ears and tail otherwise it would mean trouble for her and her mother which was something she did not want.

“Nonsense, what kind of man would I be if I just left a lady in a predicament that I had caused” Kage said with a shake of his head as he smiled, this in turn made her chuckle slightly.

“I’m guessing an arrogant rude guy if you don’t mind me saying” Yuuki admitted with a weak smile. Hana as she listened frowned; she did not like him for some reason and had no idea why. After all he seemed like a nice guy but somehow he had rubbed her off the wrong way, given the way her mother was acting with him. The young kit did not know why but part of her was leaning to the yōkai that looked like her and she didn’t know why. Maybe it was how he was the same as her or how he gave off a feeling that left her wanting to talk to him about anything, that or how he was her mum’s friend and had liked to help her without her mother noticing even though it left the older female not only on edge but spooked out as well.

Hana didn’t like how yōkai and humans had to be separated for reasons, yes she was too young to understand. But she was half human half yōkai which in turn meant that her parents had broke the rules right?

Just knowing that had left her ears pinning themselves to her head while her tail went limp from the sad thoughts, maybe she would never understand why things were like that nor would she want to.

“It’s getting late” Yuuki said as she looked outside before looking at him, for a moment she was sure that she saw disappointment before it vanished instantly.

“Right, will you both be okay?” Kage asked as he looked at her, his eyes no matter what always had a way of encouraging her to do odd things. Which was surprising since she hardly had that feeling before except when she was with Daichi...

Yuuki looked down feeling sad while sighing from thinking about him.

“Are you okay Hisae-san?” Kage asked causing her to look up at him slowly.

“Y-Yeah, just thinking” Yuuki commented weakly as she shrugged “Nothing important” she smiles fakely which was noticed by Kage who frowned slightly.

“If you want to talk about what’s bothering you-”

“Oh no I’m just tired” Yuuki interrupted him, he had to leave now given that she knew that something was going to happen and if he doesn’t leave then it would be bad.

“You can go since there’s nothing wrong, it has been a busy day honest” Yuuki stressed with a tried smile, trying to make it more believable for him than for her. Kage looked at her before nodding.

“Okay Hisae-san if you are sure”

“Yes... sorry I don’t mean to be pushy it’s just that I don’t want to take too much of your time” Yuuki said with a sheepish smile. Kage chuckles as he shakes his head.

“Nonsense it’s fine really” Kage said with a grin “Well I’ll best be off, have a good afternoon Hisae-san”

“Take care” Yuuki opened the door for him in a polite manner and watched him go out, she didn’t know why but her heart plummeted once she saw him go. Why did she not want him to go? It didn’t make any sense what so ever, at the same time she felt bad since some part of her was in a way cheating on Daichi which was something she was not too keen on. But why? It’s not like he’s coming to find her right? After all his brother would always draw him back no matter what, wouldn’t he? Although if Yuuki had to admit it Daichi was being very quiet and even the villagers were starting to get unsettled even though Hakai- his brother was wrecking havoc. So what did that mean?

What was Daichi up to and why did she have a feeling that it wasn’t to end well? All the more reason to isolate herself after all, she had to keep a low profile otherwise she might attract danger for her and Hana.

“It was nice meeting you Hisae-san” Kage smiled as he left the house.

“Nice meeting you Dachi-?!” Yuuki looked at him sharply before realizing her blunder, his eyes were wide from what she said causing her to wince.

“Oh sorry, my mind is really not with me today Kage-san. I’m truly sorry” Yuuki said as she bowed in respect. Kage blinked as he looked at her.

“O-Okay” he chuckles as he realizes how tense the atmosphere was “Can I ask who Daichi is?” he asked with a humorous smile, it was then that she paused. As expected she had to bring up the façade that she was a grieving wife otherwise it would create gossip which would introduce nothing but slander to her and her daughter. Seeing her sad look took him by surprise, did he say something wrong?

“He was my husband... he was murdered before Hana was born” Yuuki said softly as she looked away and gripped her hands tightly. Kage’s eyes went wide from what she said, not believing what she had just said.

“I-I’m so sorry I didn’t know” Yuuki didn’t know why but he was stuttering and looked like he was really upset, sure it was understandable but something almost didn’t add up. Call it instinctual but at times she did try to catch a lie or two from other people and she could tell from looking at him that he was in shock, yet he looked as if he was calculating something which Yuuki was sure might not be a good thing for her or Hana.

“It’s why I live alone with my daughter” she added causing him to look up. “Seeing a mother with only her child would only cause unwanted questions and I prefer my privacy away from prying eyes” Yuuki explained as she bit her lip. Kage remained still before nodding.

“I... see, well I am sorry for troubling you about such a touchy subject” he said softly before turning to walk away.

“Sorry I’ve a quick question since you do live in the village right?” Yuuki asked as she looked at him with hesitant eyes. Kage looked back and nodded slowly.

“There haven’t been any yōkai sightings near here right?” Yuuki asked with hopeful eyes. “You see I don’t tend to listen to gossip but I did hear that Hakai a yōkai has been causing havoc but his brother was hardly mentioned. I just wanted to know if anything has been going on” Yuuki asked with worried eyes while Kage had a neutral look as he listened to her question.

“No, his brother has not been causing any problems in any villages” Kage said coldly causing her to freeze from how hostile his voice sounded towards her. “In fact it’s only Hakai who’s been doing most of the attacking and invading” he said bitterly causing her to wince.

“I... see” she then smiled softly. “Thank you for letting me know, I don’t go out much so which means that I would not be able to hear much information. It would be bad to not hear things, even if it’s old news it’s something right?” Yuuki forced a cheerful smile as his eyes showed that he was not happy about something, was it something she said?

“Yes... take care Hisae-san” Kage said bluntly before walking away, Yuuki winced knowing that he was upset but she didn’t know why. Was it that shocking that she was no longer pure? Did he assume that Hana was her sister or something? None of his actions made any sense.

Daichi kicked the ground with an angry look, what did he expect? That she would talk about him in such a positive light? He was a yōkai for goodness sake!

She couldn’t just say that she was the bride of a yōkai! That is if she knew about the mate mark? She couldn’t have right?

This had made him pause and then looked back at the house. Other yōkai would still try to get her and Hana which was something he did not want, and yet he felt lost.

She meant everything to him whether she had his child or not, she was the love of his life and it burned him to know that she had to lie about Hana’s father- him!

And to make it worse she even talked about him like she was scared of him! Like she was on edge! But why? He showed no intentions of harming her, was it that hard to believe that he wouldn’t make any attacks or advances on human villages? Did she believe that he would go back to being a bloodthirsty yōkai who would attack, kill and rape women? Did she have so little faith? And to also hear that he was ‘dead’ had stung a lot. Yes it would avoid slander with her fellow humans but it still bit him badly. He did know that a woman’s virtue was sacred and to lose it before marriage was something that was looked down on, only she didn’t! She didn’t and it left him hurt to know that she would still be attacked by humans! Whether she was with a child or not. Either ways she was a yōkai’s mate- his bride and he couldn’t be open about it with anyone except his foxfires.

It was like looking at forbidden fruit even before she became his mate, it was frustrating and it made him wonder if this disguise was worth it. It did surprise him that she would react when she saw him in the village in that human form. She didn’t even take her eyes away from his face, was it his eyes? He didn’t know but he knew that she must have felt something to have even acted in such a manner, right? So why did she pull away? Was it that she knew that he as in his true self would find her? Was that the reason?

Daichi sighed as he looked down, what would it be like to disguise himself as a human and talk to her as an equal. She did want that right?

Daichi bit his lip as he looked at his reflection to see his dirty hair that he purposely caked in mud so she didn’t recognize his hair. What would she say to loving him in his disguised form, not knowing that she could be more open and love him for him then? But then there was the secrecy, the nonstop lying that would be created from this act. Yuuki would hate him for lying right?

But wasn’t she living a lie? Pretending that her husband- her mate was dead?

Would it be so bad to actually spend physical time with them and not just by watching them from a distance?

He knew that Hana trusted him in a way and that was something that steeled his resolve, but then there was Yuuki. He couldn’t lie to her.

So maybe he should just be honest and open into letting her know that he knew that she was living there? After all he made that house for her and Hana to stay in. This was so confusing and yet, it was so simple.

However there was one problem- his brother.

Hakai would suspect that something was going on with him without a shadow of a doubt. If Daichi went missing Hakai would go on a rampage like last time when the red head had got injured to the point that he had almost died without anyone knowing.

Even if he kept his yōkai form hidden and walked around as a human, Hakai would eventually find him right? His scent was not something Hakai would ignore.

And that terrified Daichi for he just wanted to be with his family, even at the cost of being caught out and risking his brother’s wrath. Even though that left him fearful in knowing that he would be separated from them again, what’s worse was that Daichi no doubt would be forced to chose between his brother and his new family.

Something growled nearby catching his attention, his eyes narrowed from the scent of yōkai and knew instantly that it was a low levelled one but was still dangerous given the scent of blood that was evident on his body.

“I smell tasty human nearby” said the yōkai causing Daichi to go pale as the yōkai’s scent was heading straight to Yuuki’s house.

“Tasty human will fill my hungry belly” Daichi grimaced knowing that this yōkai was starving and had been deprived of food for far too long, worst part was that he couldn’t just trick it to go to the village. They would stand no chance, what was he going to do?

The sound of something dragging it’s feet started to move further away from him and was definitely heading straight to Yuuki’s’ house.

Without any hesitation Daichi regardless of his disguised form had dashed over to the house in order to intercept the yōkai. Daichi then glared at the troll demon who had a starved crazed look on it’s face.

“Human coming to greet me? Human not what I want, I wants the females in that house” the troll said with a smirk, his mouth salivating from anticipation “Humans’ very tasty, I wills save you for later” the troll chuckled darkly as its hands were being raised in order to attack meanwhile Daichi glared back at him.

“Take one step closer and you are dead! Do you hear me!” Daichi yelled angrily, his eyes feral causing the troll to laugh.

“What’s a human going to do? No strength to take down a yōkai” the troll mocked while Daichi smirked.

“You are so blind, but come at me if you dare” Daichi challenged, hearing this made the troll laugh.

“Feisty human going to be first after all” The troll said before charging after Daichi. The troll laughed for a bit before grunting as he suddenly started to feel pain in his stomach.

“I told you, you are dead” Daichi hissed before sending his hand out of the troll’s stomach allowing him to see a gaping hole, it’s stomach soon released large amounts of blood thanks to how big the hole was.

“But-but how?” the troll croaked in pain as he looked at Daichi, the red head’s eyes were feral while his signature sadistic smirk appeared on his face taking the troll by surprise.

“You are nothing but filth to me” Daichi hissed before setting fire to the troll causing near dead yōkai to release a loud howl from pain he was consumed by bluish black flames. “And filth... does burn more quickly” Daichi looked at the blood on his clawed hand and smirked at it before growing bored, even as the troll was reduced to ashes that had scatted thanks to the calm wind. His eyes narrowed before he looked at the house only now did he wish that he hadn’t done so.

Yuuki meanwhile was tending to Hana’s yukata since the small kit was having issues with putting it on, this had made the mother smile and had successfully placed the garment on her daughter. This scenario in a way like déjà vu for Yuuki ever since she entered the world of the painting, for she had no idea of how to even wear a yukata. On the other hand she was lucky and extremely thankful that Ami had took the time to teach and show her otherwise things would have ended badly for the unfortunate teen.

Just as Yuuki finished with the obi did she hug her daughter, who nuzzled Yuuki’s arm in an affectionate manner leaving the young mother smiling. Yuuki stroked her daughter’s head after hearing a loud yawn leave the small child’s lips, given that the area was quiet and nice it made Yuuki feel slightly at ease. Sure at times Yuuki did wish that she could to listen to her music but knew that Hana needed to be less aware of her times items or else she might end up doing something that would leave people suspecting that Yuuki and Hana were not who they said they were, which didn’t sit well with the mother as she tried to soothe her daughter in order to get her to sleep.

Yuuki sighed in content as she watched her daughter’s eyelids slowly slip, however just before Hana could sleep. A loud noise filled the area scaring Hana enough to startle her out of wanting to sleep, Yuuki on the other hand recognized that noise- it was an inhuman growl causing Yuuki to flinch. It was to be expected that a yōkai would come here but as long as that talisman was on the door, the yōkai would not be able to enter no matter what. But that didn’t mean that they would be protected from attacks right? The thought had left Yuuki terrified and began to hug Hana in order to comfort the child.

“Stay in my room and don’t come out until it’s safe” Yuuki said softly but kept her tone stern so that Hana knew she was being serious. Hana however looked up in terror from hearing her mother’s words.

“But mummy no!” Hana gripped onto her mother’s yukata tightly and shivered as the growl got louder.

“Hana, mummy has to get a talisman to block a yōkai attack, she also wants to see how dangerous the yōkai is okay” Yuuki stoked her daughter who looked up with fearful eyes, it was then that Hana had wished that she had her mother’s courage but doubted that she would be able to.

“Darling it’s okay” Yuuki kissed her daughter’s head before taking Hana’s hands off of her Yukata, she then passed Hana her doll which the kit immediately held without hesitation.

“Be right back and don’t make a sound” Yuuki whispered before slipping out the room to get a blank talisman and a pen, she then wrote ‘Anti yōkai barrier’ which should block any attack... she hoped. Nodding with determined eyes she snuck towards the door and was about to open it before she heard something that set the hairs on the back of her neck up.

“Feisty human going to be first after all” came a throaty voice who she was sure was the yōkai that was planning to attack, Yuuki then started to panic from its words as dread settled in. What if that was Kage? That fool actually came back when she hoped that he didn’t?!

Without caring about her safety due to the fact that he could be in danger, she opened the door only to freeze from what she saw. It didn’t make sense what so ever and it left her mind now buzzing with questions that left her even more confused than ever.

“I told you, you are dead” she heard Kage hiss before moving his arm back, only to her shock there was no sword in his hand. Instead of actually using a sword to kill the yōkai, he used his bare hand which had turned out to be... a claw?

Yuuki covered her mouth as she started to feel sick from what she witnessed. So all this time Kage was a yōkai?! But why would he go after her?

Was he trying to trick them into a false sense of security just to kill them in the end?!

Yuuki remained frozen with the talisman still in her right hand, not moving as she watched Kage look at his hand before he turned to her direction and watched his eyes mirror her reaction- shock.

Kage’s eyes widened but Yuuki could see that his eyes were definitely not normal, they were feral!

Yuuki now realizing how much danger she had put Hana and herself in by leaving the door open had now started to take a step back which broke their frozen spell.

“Hi-Hisae-san-” he moved towards her not caring that his arm was covered in blood which made her more angry at him.

“Stay the hell away from me” Yuuki hissed angrily causing him to stop. “You! You are a yōkai?!” she screamed in shock hoping that her daughter was not listening and was staying in her room.

“Please let me explain-” he pleaded as he lifted his bloody hand up only to pause from seeing what he was about to touch her with.

“Were you trying to trick me into thinking that you were a nice human before killing us?” Yuuki asked with horrified eyes, Kage’s eyes widened at what she was suggesting and immediately felt sick from her words.

“What?! No! Hisae-san-” Kage cried as he tried to get closer in order to assure her that he meant no harm.

“Don’t you dare move!” Yuuki warned angrily now feeling herself grow sick, to think that all this time it was all pretend. This false kind act truly left Yuuki feeling angry at herself for allowing him to get close. What if Hana had died because of her? Then what? What could she say and do knowing that she almost put them in danger just because he seemed sincere? If Daichi was bad enough this yōkai was worse.

“You! Stay away from me and my daughter” Yuuki warned before backing away until she reached the door.

“Yuuki please!” Kage’s words froze her to the spot, what did he call her?

Seeing her not move encouraged him to go towards her causing the mother to move back in fear, ignoring the blood he touched her face while his eyes showed longing and sadness which had left her angry and sick.

“Don’t you dare touch me” Yuuki hissed before preparing to slap him only he grabbed her hand but was being surprisingly gentle with her, to her shock she felt static emanating from his touch causing her to assume that he was doing something to hurt her. However instead of attacking, his eyebrows furrowed from seeing her act like this. It was to be expected after all she had no idea of who he truly was.

“Yuuki please” Kage pleaded.

“No get off!” Yuuki now tried to get out of his grip before he pulled her so she was flat against his chest using his free arm, without warning Yuuki was pulled into a kiss that left her scared and unsure of what was going on. Why was he kissing her so freely like he owned her?

Yuuki’s body slowly stopped resisting to her horror leaving her wondering why her body would betray her, allowing this monster to violate her in such a manner. She then felt his lips leave hers before she knew what hit her, he had nipped at her neck her causing her to gasp before she heard herself release moan from how he touched the sensitive part of her neck. Her mind was wondering back to who had done that to her before.

Her mind went back to the one who had left her skin tingling from his touch, the one was very gentle and treated her like glass. The one who had left her knees buckling from seeing how much he loved her, her mind also went back to when she called Kage-Daichi.

She remembered seeing Kage’s reaction to when she said that her husband had been murdered, she also remembered seeing his reaction to when she had discretely asked about Daichi and how quiet he was. Seeing the anger and bitterness left Yuuki confused as to why he would act like that until now. Now that she had thought about it, she also remembered the man in the previous village giving her a yukata that she had ‘dropped’ and began to mentally slap herself. Of course! How could she be so blind?! Who else would give her all those yukatas and kimonos?

It had to be him!

But how? How did he find her so quickly?

Before she knew what she was doing, Yuuki had moved her head so her lips now touched his and had immediately responded to the kiss even though her hands were being restrained. She could feel him pausing for a brief moment before kissing back with vigor, knowing that she was not going to push him away anymore. Yuuki could feel his grip on her wrists loosen allowing her to lift her hands up and placed them on both sides of his face, she kissed him without hesitation and felt something wet touch her cheeks but paid no heed. Her mind was solely focused on him and him alone, like her the male had the same idea and closed the door behind her so Hana would not be able to watch.

Sending her back against the wall of the house he kissed her as he continued to pull her against his tall frame but was mindful of how much force he using. Just as they parted for air did Yuuki look at him with half lidded eyes.

“D-Daichi? But-but how?” Yuuki asked in a breathless voice, Daichi however smirked in a boyish manner as he looked at her.

Without knowing what he was doing he lifted her up so her legs wrapped themselves around his waist and began to plant multiple kisses on her neck causing Yuuki to release multiple noises, hearing this made him smirk.

“You have no idea of how much I missed you” he said huskily before he kissed her once more. It was taking all his efforts not to ravage her right now, but he was content with kissing her. Yuuki smiled softly from the kissing and sighed, she couldn’t believe that he was back but how long had he known about her being here? And most importantly how did he keep finding her?

Yuuki knew that it was him beyond a shadow of a doubt, despite the hair which she was now sure had been made dirty on purpose she was sure that it was him. Even though it was dirty she had gripped it slightly as her mind went back to kissing Daichi.

“So how did you find me?” Yuuki asked bluntly as she passed him a towel in order to dry his hair after washing all the blood and mud off it, her arms folded as she looked at him. Daichi looked up and smiled.

“I had sent some foxfires to try and locate you, Miwa had told me you had a daughter so I asked her to keep an eye on you two since I knew that it was a bad idea for me just to show up out of the blue, however by the time I show up your home it was a mess and empty” he admitted with a sad look causing her to blink.

“It wasn’t my fault that the people told the elder that I might either by a yōkai or was harboring one” she said sharply. “I’d rather run and hide than let my daughter get killed” hearing this made him smile, the male fox then turned to his daughter who was hiding behind the door causing him to chuckle.

“It’s alright Hana, I am friendly” Daichi said with a weak smile unfortunately she shook her head violently and stayed where she was. Yuuki sighed.

“I’m not surprised, it’s not everyday she sees someone with their arm covered in blood” she said before slapping the back of his head, Daichi winced not from the hit but from her words. He then turned back to Hana and sighed, now getting up he walked towards her slowly and knelt down.

“I am sorry Hana, I didn’t mean to upset you-”

“You said that you were a friend of mummy’s! Friends of mummy’s don’t hurt people!” Hana snapped, Daichi froze from the sudden cold feeling that made itself in comfortable in the house.

“You said what?” Yuuki asked angrily causing him to chuckle weakly.


“Explain” Yuuki’s eyes as she snapped meant ‘tell me now or else’ which had left him mentally gulping.

“I saw you sleeping against the front door so I tried to get you inside before someone dangerous took you” Daichi admitted weakly, Yuuki on the other hand glared.

“What did you do and say to my daughter?” she asked coldly causing him to raise a brow, this left them mentally slapping themselves. Of course Hana wouldn’t know!

“I told her that I was a friend and asked her to put the talisman on the door” Daichi replied weakly.

“He also made something with the fish!” Hana added causing him to look at her weakly. Was she trying to get him killed?!

“Is that so?” Yuuki asked grudgingly, Daichi then looked at her and chuckled.

“Didn’t want you having to wake up to hear your daughter complaining about being hungry” Daichi replied as he scratched the back of his head in a sheepish manner, Yuuki however wasn’t buying it.

“Oh really?” Yuuki asked sternly.

“He also asked me not to tell you about him being here!” Hana yelled causing her mother to look at him with angry eyes.

“You what?!” Yuuki yelled.

“I didn’t want you running away again!” Daichi cried as Yuuki’s glare intensified from the fact that he used their daughter to hide his presence.

“And you think that what you did made it any better?” Yuuki asked sternly.

“What do you want me to say Yuuki? I lost you once and the thought of losing you again hurt me to the core, it’s painful to know that you are so close and yet so far” Daichi spoke in a grudging tone while his expression was pained. Seeing this made her sigh. “You have no idea of what I felt during those four years” Daichi said softly, Yuuki however held her comeback knowing that he had no idea of her predicament.

“Don’t ever do that again, Hana is young and doesn’t need to be pitted between a person she knows and doesn’t” That left Daichi wince from the sting, he couldn’t complain given the circumstances were beyond their control and yet it was their decision to allow that one night to happen. Which resulted in her being his mate and her carrying his child, two things she would have to live with for the rest of her life. However what piped his interest was if she actually knew what marking her meant.

Dinner had been tense for the trio as they sat down, Hana instead of sitting opposite had sat beside her mother which meant that Daichi had to sit opposite them. Even after eating Hana was always clinging onto her mother which had led to Daichi carrying most of the bowls since Yuuki almost tripped due to how close their daughter was to her legs.

“Hana please don’t stand so close, mummy can’t walk properly if you do” Yuuki said with a soft smile, Hana however shook her head violently to the mother’s surprise.

“I don’t wanna!” Hana cried before burying her head in her mother’s lower yukata, this caused Yuuki to give him weak look as he approached them. Taking the bowl Daichi went back to the kitchen and began to wash the remaining bowl without complaint.

“Sorry” Yuuki said softly, Daichi looked back and smiled briefly before resuming what he was doing. In the meantime Yuuki had tried to get an unwilling Hana to bed.

“I don’t wanna go to bed, please don’t leave me” Hana cried as she nuzzles the front of Yuuki’s yukata causing the mother to smile weakly.

“I’ll just be next door Hana, nothing bad is going to happen” Yuuki chuckles as she sees Hana’s pout, allowing the mother to know that she was uncomfortable with this strange man or should she say yōkai in the house.

“How do you know that he’s a good yōkai?” Hana asked weakly causing Yuuki to smile and hug her daughter before kissing her on the forehead.

“I have a feeling that he is” Yuuki replied with a soft smile, Hana looked up weakly before nodding.

“Please read me a story so I can go to sleep” and that Yuuki did.

Daichi sat on the porch looking at the sky with brooding eyes. That had gone well... not!

“What are you thinking about?” Yuuki asked as she stepped out the house causing him to look back at her. He could never look away from her, she just possessed something that made his heart skip a beat whenever she either spoke to him or was nearby. Even a smile would leave him warm and happy.

“It’s nothing” he said in a monotone voice while his tail lay limp by his side, his ears however were pinned to his skull confirming her suspicions that he was hiding something.

“It was never going to be easy Daichi, what did you expect? That she would just automatically trust or like you? She’s new to you and it’s strange for her to see a yōkai besides her at the house” Yuuki said softly as she sat beside him her arms pulling her knees to her chest while her bare toes poked out from under her yukata, as Yuuki settled she soon looked at his forlorn expression. A sigh could be heard from him which almost encouraged her to do the same thing but refrained from doing so.

“I didn’t think she would be scared and weary of me Yuuki” Daichi admitted weakly “she’s my-no our daughter and yet she doesn’t trust or want to give me a chance” Yuuki sighed after a while.

“In a way you just jumped into her life so quickly that it’s natural for her to be shy” Yuuki explained as she pats his arm meekly causing him to look at her. “Things will never be easy at first. Just give it time okay?” Yuuki winks playfully causing him to smile sheepishly.

“You’re right” Daichi smiled before looking up. Silence greeted the pair as they looked up.

“I really did miss you Yuuki” however before Yuuki could stop herself and say the first thing came to mind-

“How did you really find us Daichi?” Yuuki asked sounding tired as she sighed, Daichi looked at her from the corner of his eye before his face heated up. But he couldn’t lie to her it just seemed almost impossible to do that given that she was his mate.

“Remember that night?” Yuuki paused before her face heated up from his words, she watched Daichi lift her hair where the right side of her neck was allowing them to see where he marked her. After moving the hair so it was resting on her back he traced the mark with the back of his index finger, this caused her to shiver but in a good way surprisingly and didn’t understand why after all it was just a bite that never healed right because he bit too deep. Right?

“What about it?” She asked softly as she looks at his earthy green eyes.

“It’s a mate mark” Daichi blabbed quickly before turning his head to hide his red face, just being this close was driving him crazy compared to her looking at him. It was like she was looking deep into his soul and he wasn’t sure if he liked it or not, but it didn’t that he wasn’t longing for her because he was.

Yuuki however blinked from the sudden words before trying to process what he had just said, as soon as she twigged from the word ‘mate’ did her face go beet red. Was he serious?! What did that mean as a whole for them?

“What do you mean mate mark? What does that mean for us as a whole?” Yuuki asked wearily not sure if she was going to like what she was going to hear, Daichi gave her a weak look and sighed loudly as he tried to gather his bearings. This might not end well...

“It means that I am yours and you are mine until death” Daichi said weakly while Yuuki looked at him oddly “to yōkai you and I are married and that means no yōkai can go after you since we are tied to one another” Yuuki’s face immediately went more red from embarrassment now realising why it wasn’t healing. That sneaky so and so marked her!

“It also helped me in a way track you down since the closer you were, the more drawn to you I became” he said weakly knowing that she was not happy given how rigid she was.

“So wait! When I said I wouldn’t sleep with you since I am not married, you then decided to mark me?” She asked with a look of disbelief on her face.

“It was more I was caught up in the moment and did it, I can’t mark anyone else and it’s for life” Daichi felt himself mentally sink knowing that this wasn’t going to end well thanks to the look on her face.

“It was in the heat of the moment?!” She cried in shock before glaring. “Seriously I knew you were possessive of your things but did you have to go that far?”

“You know how I felt” he cried lamely.

“And you knew how I felt Daichi, what if you find someone else you like-” Daichi held her hands causing her to stop.

“I love you and only you Yuuki, nothing will change about my feelings towards you that’s also why I did it. To prove that I will remain loyal no matter what” Daichi replied with an honest sheepish smile causing her to look at him weakly.


“A yōkai can only love once and that is the honest truth” he said before bringing both her hands up and kissed both her knuckles. “Yes we’re not married in human terms but we are in my customs” Yuuki stared to feel herself blush as she felt a twinge in her heart, when did he get to be so romantic? It was hard to believe in a way that this guy. The one who was once a murderer was being this passionate towards her, however in the end of it all she knew next to nothing about him and he knew nothing about her leaving Yuuki wincing mentally.

“But we know nothing about each other Daichi, I’m only human and I will die eventually. No doubt I’ll die before you do” Yuuki said weakly while even though it was already too late. Plus he didn’t even know her deep dark secret of not being in this time, she didn’t belong here and it left her feeling more guilty than ever since no matter how hard she pushed he would always come back to her. Was this love? If so it was a cruel joke.

Yuuki watched Daichi’s ears pin themselves to their skull as he looks at her.

“I know but I am willing to spend all the time I have with you”

“But what about Hana? She needs someone to look after her once I’m gone” Yuuki asked sounding upset causing him to sign before he kissed her.

“I know” he said before parting from her. “I’ll try to live for the both of you”

“Daichi, don’t force yourself please I can’t bear to see you suffer” just hearing that made Daichi’s heart flutter with joy.

“And that is why I love you even more, you always try to put others before yourself. Besides we have time to get to know one another right?” He asked with a sheepish smile causing her to look at him weakly.

“You’re impossible” Yuuki sighed heavily, she soon heard him chuckle before he kissed her.

“And yet you love me” he smirked causing her to purse her lips as she glared at him.

“Little over confident are we?” She said with suspicious eyes causing Daichi to laugh, Yuuki in turn smiled softly at him. “Speaking of, what have you been doing? I hear that your brother has been causing problems but you, the talks about you have been so few and it’s left people agitated” Yuuki asked as she eyed him, Daichi gave her a soft smile.

“I love my brother but I love you more” He confessed softly taking her by surprise but didn’t comment, instead she waited for him to continue. “I made a promise to myself to end the bloodshed but my brother no doubt would be mad if he found out” Daichi admitted weakly, Yuuki however felt her eyes go wide from his confession.

“So where is he now?” She asked almost sounding tense from the though of having he having him near her home. Daichi looked at her with guilty eyes.

“He’s in the red district in the World Over Yonder, right now he’s pretty high thanks to the sake I spiked”

“Are you serious? Why would you do that?” She cried in shock while he winced weakly.

“I didn’t want him to hurt you since he was getting to close to the truth, he saw Hana but not you. He’s suspicious about why I am watching over a child and is probably curious about who the mother is” Yuuki felt herself go cold.

“I won’t let him harm you both, I am trying hard to make sure that he doesn’t find out” Daichi said as he sensed her unease.

“How long will he stay like that?” Yuuki dreaded the answer but looked at him carefully.

“About a few days as long as he drinks it all, I asked the tanuki girls to make sure not to drink it” Daichi replied calmly. Yuuki however glared at him.

“And you’ve been with those women to know that they would honour their word?” She asked coldly, Daichi almost shivered at how angry she was but then smiled instead knowing that being with other women would get her angry. Since this meant that she did truly care about being with him.

“My eyes are now only on you Yuuki” he laughed but she wasn’t amused even as he kissed her “besides that stuff I gave him is so potent, it would no doubt the effects will last for a while since he burns through things except food and sake” Daichi admitted with a weak laugh as she glared from how he could do that to his brother and think that it was okay to laugh about it when it could upset his brother deeply.

“Huh...” She said with an unimpressed glare.

“I mean it Yuuki, this mark proves that I will stay loyal to you and only you. There will be no other woman” Daichi vowed as he looked down at her with serious eyes that showed hints of his love for her.

“Is that a promise?” She asked almost sounding hesitant but at the same time amused that Daichi would say such a thing, hearing that made him smile and lean down in order to kiss her.

“I promise” he said softly before kissing her once more before moving his hand to her leg as he hovered over her.

The whole of Hakai’s body shook in anger from what he was seeing, how dare he! How dare his brother ditch him just to see a woman and not just any woman- a human woman! And just so he could have sex with her behind his back?!

Hakai glared in anger as he saw how gentle his brother was towards this human woman, just watching them made him feel the urge to break them apart so he could kill her painfully while his brother watched. The one person who was tearing the bond the brothers had apart. Was why his brother was acting weird? Was this why he didn’t want to play territory games with him or go after women or drink sake with him?

What did she have that he didn’t?!

She is just a weak human woman! What could she do that he couldn’t?

No doubt she bewitched his brother to lie and act strangely, just thinking about it made his blood boil. Oh he was definitely going to make his brother pay for this, but when and where was the question?

Hakai then looked at his brother who was being extremely intimate and immediately resented the fact of how his brother was being shameless, especially since the pair were doing it on the porch of that house. He really hated that woman, but wait! What if this was a ruse? What if his brother was pretending to be nice to this human woman so he could kill her later? That almost sounded too good to be true and he doubted that it was, however if it was true then his brother was a very good pretender.

Right now Hakai wanted nothing more than to find out about this woman especially her name, then he could then try to find out about how he could get under her skin. Either ways they were both going to pay for making a fool out of him, but where to start?

He paused and smirked darkly, now he knew where to start and it was a good thing he stopped drinking not too long ago otherwise who knows what else his brother was hiding behind his back. Plus his brother did owe him something so why not let his brother squirm in hurt, he’ll get over it so why not let it happen sooner?

However another though came to him just before he could do anything. His mind was now on the kit that lived in the house with that human woman... his eyes suddenly narrowed in anger and bitterness as he saw similarities between Daichi and the child. His brother wasn’t hiding something from him anymore than he was now right? But the similarities were just too hard to ignore, was that child his brother’s?

She did look quite young which left him assuming that Daichi had been with this weak woman before given the hair that matched the kit.

Hakai now unable to stomach what was going on with the pair had left, time to start his plan, very soon his brother would pay dearly for lying and abandoning him like it was nothing. In a way this was a betrayal that could not be ignored.

Daichi stroked the right side of Yuuki’s matted head as she looked at him with tired eyes.

“That’s another thing I missed about you” she glared causing him to chuckle “I mean being close to you” still she glared until he kissed her nose.

“I love you Yuuki” Daichi said with fond looking eyes that got her melting from looking at him, she didn’t know how he did it but just looking at him would always leave her weak in the knees no matter how many times she pushed him away mentally. Maybe this once she could give in, after all if he stopped being bad for her then why not take a risk?

“I love you too Daichi” Yuuki asked with a warm smile that left him stunned before a relived smile appeared on his face, he leaned down and kissed her nose before something caught his attention causing his eyes to go feral to her surprise.

“Master Daichi! Master Daichi! We have a serious problem” Miwa’s panicked voice caught their attention, they turned to the right and saw a foxfire hovering near them. Yuuki blanched from the fact that she could hear Miwa’s voice.

“What is it?” Daichi asked as he covered Yuuki’s front by folding the yukata.

“Hakai’s on a rampage in the red district! I don’t know what’s happened but he’s killing-” without wasting time he sorted out his yukata and got up, Daichi froze as his feet touched the soft earth before looking back at Yuuki’s surprised look. She saw longing and fear in his eyes which left her worried about what could be happening.

“I’ll be back I promise Yuuki” Daichi said before kissing the top of her head.

“Please be careful” Yuuki said softly causing him to smile before he vanished into thin air leaving Yuuki leaning on the wooden porch, after gathering her bearings she then went inside and locked the door.

Daichi rushed the red district only to grimace and gag from the smell of dead corpses as he entered the building. It was quiet, too quiet for his comfort.

Just hearing silence meant that something was happening... or had happened.

Daichi entered further into the building before he stepped on something causing him to look down, he bit back a gasp of horror from what he saw on his foot- blood.

He followed the trail which led round a corner, it was then that he saw the corpse of a dead tanuki girl only she was missing an arm but her eyes. She died with a scared expression on her face leaving him to bite his lip, what could have provoked his brother to act like this?

Did Hakai know that he had left him in this brothel?

Daichi could only hope that it wasn’t true, maybe he was throwing a tantrum just for not seeing him in the building? Yes that’s probably true. He couldn’t have gone and looked for him, no this blood and corpse smell were still fresh.

Daichi ventured further and further as he followed one corpse after another until he saw a half opened door, darkness was the only thing that shrouded him from seeing what was indoors but he did hear a weak feeble weep along with heavy breathing. Daichi could only guess who the two people were in this room, and just the thought caused his heart to beat rapidly in his chest. his hands started to get sweaty from nerves and he almost wanted to bolt from this area.

What if it was Hakai and he was still on a rampage in this brothel? Would his brother attack him once he enters the room? What reason did he have for attacking? After all Daichi had known Hakai ever since he lost his family to know that he would never pose any harm on his brother. But once Hakai was in one of his moods, it was extremely dangerous to even cross him just in case he decided to slit a throat or worse.

Daichi unable to steady his nerves even after he tried to take a deep breath and in order to relax, as the red head did so he remembered that he dealt with worse given how he too killed whether they were yōkai or human, innocent of guilty. He could do this, he just needed to stay positive and remain calm.

"Why did this have to happen now of all times? I was just about to be finally at ease with my wife and daughter" Daichi muttered as he slowly entered the room.

He could still smell blood and turned towards the feeble noise, his eyes almost went wide from seeing the state of the tanuki girl that his brother had been playing with before he left. She had a massive cut on her stomach and was in serious pain as blood slowly left her body; she was biting her lower lip in order to stay quiet almost as if she was made not to. But Daichi could see that blood was coming out of her lips from how hard she was biting which meant that the pain was more serious than he had thought.

Just then the sound of a wheezing hit his ears causing the fox to turn and look at where it was coming from, it was then Daichi realised that the wheezing was actually a laugh but was a pathetically weak one. Daichi felt the hairs on his neck stand on their ends as he looked at the dark figure, not wanting to be in the dark anymore Daichi had summoned foxfire in order to illuminate the area.

“H-Hakai? What’s... what’s going on?” Daichi asked as he saw his brother’s illuminated form move slightly, even though his back was to Daichi the fox knew instantly that something was on his brother’s mind.

“You... you missed everything brother, where were you? It was very boring without you” Hakai’s voice shook with glee and what seemed like anger as his back remained facing the red haired fox leaving Daichi unsettled.

“What are you talking about? I was here the whole time” Daichi replied not able to smile as he inched forward.

“Really?” Hakai asked in a high shocked voice. “Then where were you when I killed everyone I could get my hands on? Just hearing them screaming as I vaporized them completely. It was so fun and amusing to watch as they pleaded for mercy before I killed them. I even cut off a body part or two, like an arm or something before leaving some to bleed to death, I even left some like this whore with an injury that would never stop blood from leaving her and let her die slowly” Hakai said in a strange tone while he picked up a bottle that was cracked on the side “Isn’t it amusing? Watching the many different expressions a person might have as they suffer such injuries?” he asked before draining a bottle that Daichi knew wasn’t the spiked sake. At that moment the red haired fox was at a loss of what to say and do, this was really unusual behaviour for Hakai. He would never act like this, going on a rampage unless he was bored. What could have done this?

“I...” Daichi couldn’t speak, he was too stunned to think as he watched his brother drain the sake bottle like it was nothing, almost as if he was very thirsty from the heat. But there was not much heat that Daichi’s foxfire could create given that he didn’t know what was going on, he couldn’t think nor believe that his brother would do all this.

“You’re scared aren’t you?” Hakai asked in a mocking manner, Daichi’s eyes went wide from what he was hearing.

“No I’m not” Daichi said sharply thankful that his voice was not shaking.

“Then why do I smell fear off of you?” Daichi paused from what Hakai had said, what did he mean that he smelt of fear? How would he know? “What are you hiding?” Hakai asked coldly as he turned to face his brother, Daichi almost screamed in shock from what he was seeing. His brother did not just look possessed or deranged but his face and body were covered in blood!

“Nothing” Daichi replied sharply as he felt something was wrong, why would his brother ask something like that unless he knew something?!

Daichi at that moment tried to stay very calm and collected knowing that if he showed just one bit of weakness or sign that he was hiding something then his mate and daughter would be in serious danger. He saw Hakai give him a look that showed that he did not believe him causing Daichi’s eyes to almost go wide.

“I’m bored dear brother, let us go out and kill a human village” Daichi frowned at him.

“You know I do not kill needlessly” Daichi snapped before Hakai gave him a dark smirk, something that Daichi did not take kindly to.

“Ah but remember, you owe me... don’t you?” Hakai asked before releasing a disturbing laugh as he held his head up, some sake left his lips but cared not. No this is what he wanted after all he now has his brother right where he wants him, and the worst part there was no escape.

Daichi as soon as he saw the way his brother was behaving had started to gain a sinking feeling that something was wrong, somehow deep down he had a feeling that things were going not going to end well.

“And yet you know how I feel about killing Hakai, I’m sorry brother but no” Daichi said sternly.

“You know I just saw an interesting village, of my minions told me that there’s a kit over there” Daichi went rigid before he caught Hakai’s devious smile. “Let’s play with the village before snatching that kit, you never know... it could just be a rumor” Daichi swallowed thickly.

“And if it is, the we’ve killed for nothing” Daichi said darkly, he then paused from seeing Hakai stare at him before sniffing the air.

“You smell of a human woman” Daichi went rigid as he saw his brother’s features darken at him, how could he forget to wash her scent off?!

“You didn’t just leave me to play with a human woman all by yourself now did you?” Hakai asked with suspicious eyes as he watches Daichi turn to the very pale tanuki girl, the oni narrowed his eyes before he then threw a broken glass fragment that rested by him at the girl’s head causing her to slam the wall behind her. She stopped breathing.

Daichi then turned to look at his brother sharply who shrugged shamelessly at him.

“What? She was dying so I did her a favour” Hakai said in a nonchalant tone which didn’t sit well with Daichi.

“Which wouldn’t have had to happen if you didn’t attack her!” Daichi hissed causing Hakai to glare at him, Daichi now realizing that he was making his brother angry even more had swallowed.

“I don’t like your tone... brother” he said darkly.

“Brother please! You are not stable so you should sleep it off-”

“NO! I will do as I please and that means I want to destroy a human village!” Hakai yelled before glaring at his brother “That is unless you want to stop me?”

“I will not stand by and let you tear yourself apart, this isn’t you Hakai”

“And this was never like you Daichi” This made Daichi pause. “You hardly snuck about and now you’re playing with human women behind my back?”

“What I do in my spare time isn’t always your business!” Daichi snapped causing Hakai to smirk.

“So that kit who you watch isn’t someone I should know about then?” Daichi almost gritted his teeth in anger.

“No, the child belongs to a yōkai I woman I was asked to watch over as she was with a client” Daichi lied as he glared. No one and he meant no one was touching his daughter!

“And why do I not believe you brother?” Hakai asked darkly as he glared back at his brother.

“Tell you what” he got up without staggering to Daichi’s surprise, the oni then faced Daichi and held out the bottle. “If you do this for me, I won’t talk about that kit again deal?” Hakai asked with a mental smirk knowing that Daichi would do anything to keep that kit safe. Daichi glared at him before sighing.

“Leave her mother out of this as well and you have a deal” Daichi folded his arms as he challenged Hakai who in turn had narrowed his eyes at his brother.

“Why? Is she someone important?” Hakai asked coldly.

“No I just don’t want that child to live without a mother” Daichi replied sharply leaving Hakai almost surprised that his brother would go that far, after all it was no surprise that the woman Daichi was sleeping with was in fact the mother. And it was thanks to one of his minions that had provided him that information.

“Alright” Hakai relented surprisingly while shrugging, “It’s a deal” Hakai smirked as he watched Daichi grab the sake bottle.

Daichi watched as the village Hakai had brought him to was the exact same village that coincidently was where Yuuki and Hana were currently living near. The village burned while he forced himself to kill the villagers to his disgust, blood splattered onto his yukata while he watched his brother destroy most of the resources which would mean that Yuuki and Hana would have to move somewhere else to his dismay knowing that this place was no longer safe for them to stay near.

Just as it was over Daichi had caught the sound of a young girl before his brother laughed. She surprisingly was near Yuuki’s age as Daichi turned to look, he then forced himself to look away while trying not to grit his teeth as Hakai raped her. Daichi tried to block out what his brother was doing until he heard his brother call his name to his grief.

“Come on join us” Hakai said with glee as the girl under him shivered and cried from what he was doing to her. Daichi showed no emotion as he stared at them.

“No thank you” Daichi said before almost gagging at what his brother was doing to her.

“What so you had your fill with one human woman and that was enough for you? Come on where’s your sense of fun?” Hakai asked with a smirk, “I’m sure she won’t mind”

“No please don’t!” The girl pleaded causing Daichi to feel his heart constrict from what he was seeing, this girl was pleading to live and be free but his brother wasn’t allowing her that. No he was going to rob her of everything she had before he grew bored and killed her which left Daichi sick.

“I use to find this amusing but now it’s boring brother, just let her go already” Daichi said with a disapproving look causing Hakai to narrow his eyes at him.

“Fine watch then!” Hakai said before he stopped what he was doing; a smirk then appeared on his face “That is unless you want to break our deal?” That didn’t sit well with Daichi who then glared.

“I never back out on our deals” Daichi said now looking offended.

“Then what?” Hakai asked with a cruel laugh.

“Fine then!” Daichi said as he folded his arms, for a brief moment when his brother wasn’t looking. Daichi had gave her an apologetic look taking her by surprise before she looked away, now knowing that it was hopeless for her now. Even though she as no longer a virgin she would have still tried to get by but now, she was as good as dead and this kitsune couldn’t help her.

It had took all of Daichi’s self control not to react to what he was seeing, given that just looking at her almost made him imagine Yuuki. What would happen if Hakai had found her? He would have done the same thing: break her until there was nothing left and then kill her. Just seeing this look alike caused Daichi to feel grief and pain knowing that she had not just a family but a life as well, one that had been ripped away without any means hope being her salvation.

By the time it was all over Hakai had slit her throat and pinned her to the ground, allowing her to flail and choke on her blood.

“I don’t even know how you would be satisfied” Hakai commented “After all they break easily” Hakai now done with the girl got up and smirked at his brother.

“You’re excused now” Hakai said with a smirk “let’s do that again brother” Hakai added with a wide grin that left Daichi completely sickened by how cold and ruthless his brother was.

Just after he left the village another female was caught by his brother, the evidence? Her terrified screams filled the air.

Daichi rushed to the house but made sure that he wasn’t being followed. By the time he arrived it was morning which meant that Hana and Yuuki would be up, he grimaced at how red the sky was which would allow those who believed in omens to know that death had occurred. The worst part it was in the dead of night where humans were at their weakest.

As soon as he reached the house he was greeted by a stunned Yuuki and to his horror Hana. Daichi’s ears pinned themselves to his skull as he looked at them.

“Yuuki please I-”

“Hana get in doors” Yuuki said in a stone cold tone that left Hana looking up at her mother in shock. Daichi winced from her expression knowing that she somehow figured out what he had done.

“Mama?” Hana grabbed her mother’s sleeve.

“In doors now!” Yuuki ushered Hana in before the little kit gave him a confused look that left Daichi feeling like his heart had been punched. Once inside did Yuuki look at him.

“I want you way from us and to never come back” Yuuki said sternly as she looked at him.

“Yuuki please I-”

“NO! Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice? Shame on me! I am not going to be a fool for the third time!” she barked angrily.

“Hakai knows!” he yelled causing Yuuki to freeze from her rant.

“What?!” Yuuki choked now looking pale, he sighed and looked at her weakly as he tried to gain the courage to speak about what had happened.

“He killed those yōkai in the brothel Yuuki” he said weakly hoping that she would understand “If I hadn’t... then he would have gone after you and Hana. I couldn’t risk it but now’s not the time, I have to move you somewhere else” Daichi moved towards Yuuki causing her to take a step back in reflex. But he cared not, not when she was in danger.


“Because the village he had me attack with him is the village that you often go to get supplies” Daichi’s words left her cold. “If you were living in the village then you would have died Yuuki, both of you would have and now you have to move somewhere where no one would know where you live” Daichi said looking like he was going to cry and be sick.

“But where are we going to go? I don’t think you’ve noticed but I am not a yōkai and Hana is just a child” Daichi bit his lip of course he knew that. Not even divine protection would save the pair given that Hana to them would probably be unholy given who her father was.

“Yuuki I mean what I said, I love you and I love Hana as well. I will do what I can but that means that you can’t leave the house nor go to any village” This comment left Yuuki very upset and angry. So she was trapped now? She was not allowed to leave her home and all because of his brother? Couldn’t something be done to stop his brother from hurting anyone?

“What about your home village?” Yuuki went rigid from his question.

“No, it’s too far and I would like to keep it out of his line of sight” Yuuki replied sternly. She flinched from having his blood covered hands on hers but one look from him showed that he was not happy about being in blood either.

“Then when where Yuuki? I can’t send you to the yōkai world, you’ll be attacked. I can’t keep you in the human world either since you’ll also be a target to humans and Yōkai” Daichi cried as he looked at her with pleading eyes.

“I... I don’t know!” Yuuki cried as she looked at him weakly. What could she do? What could they do? She couldn’t tell him her secret nor could she go home, it was out of the question for she didn’t know how to.


Hana sighed as Yuuki placed the covers on her, the kit smiled softly as her mother stroked Hana’s cheek as she kept her company until she fell asleep. Yuuki meanwhile looked round at the unfamiliar walls and sighed, to their relief there was one area that was not being bothered by many yōkai but humans were also scarce here.

To think that this building use to be a sacred shrine and now Daichi had set them up in this place after using his power to restore it to the best of his abilities, Yuuki even contributed by putting an barrier and lock talisman which meant that they would be protected for now. It wasn’t much but it had to do for them.

Yuuki soon went to the main room and saw Daichi sitting by the fire with a pensive expression, to her relief he was out of the bloody clothes and his body including his hair had been completely washed. Free from the blood that latched itself onto him which had left the trio uncomfortable since it was not a nice thing to look at, sure they were in a rush but Daichi had to torch the yukata even if it was expensive. However to Daichi his mate and daughter were much more valuable and important than a piece of cloth.

Sensing her enter the room Daichi turned to look at his mate, he released a weak sigh before looking down.

“I’m sorry, I never wanted any of this to happen, least of all to you two” Daichi admitted with a melancholy look on his face that left her sighing as well.

“I’m not happy but you did what you thought was right, although it wasn’t in my opinion but what’s done is done” Yuuki replied as she placed both her hands on her sides allowing them to create a small thump as she did so.

“I understand if you would want me to leave and never see my face... I understand that” he said weakly even though he didn’t want to part from them, even Yuuki could see it as she looked at him. Without talking she walked towards him and sat down so they were sitting side by side, after a long silence he looked at her.

“I don’t enjoy killing, the blood and death reminds me too much of how my family were taken from me” Yuuki blinked and looked at him with confused eyes.

“How old were you then?” she asked softly.

“Nine, my sister was about five when they took her life”

“Was it yōkai?” she asked as she looked at him.

“Humans” Daichi replied bitterly causing her to feel guilty, she looked down softly not knowing what to say to that. Daichi winced knowing that she was now feeling guilty and sad about it, he immediately hugged her taking Yuuki by surprise.

“You were right, I don’t like to kill or hurt people. Whether they are humans or yōkai but this world is not nice, it’s nasty and death is everywhere” Daichi said softly as he placed is chin on her head.

“It doesn’t mean that I have to live it” she murmured causing him to smile.

“I know” he commented before moving his chin so his cheek was now on her head.

“I just wanted Hana to be happy and normal, was that so hard?” Yuuki asked feeling herself whine in frustration.

“No... but sadly there are some who would not share your wish, I must admit I was once like that until I met you” he commented causing her to look at him.

“Were you lonely though as you did all that?” she asked while looking at him, she felt his grip tighten slightly.

“All the time, I always missed my family knowing that even though Hakai and I were orphans. I had thought that if I had him as a brother I’d be okay but something always was missing from my life, I’m glad I have you and Hana but I’m scared for Hakai. The way he was when I saw him that night... it was truly terrifying” Daichi admitted as he nuzzled her. “He even tried to get me into joining him in raping a girl and the worst part she was about your age” Yuuki looked up at him with shocked filled eyes.

“I didn’t join but he made me watch and he used the deal I made with him, which was to keep away from Hana and her mother” Yuuki bit her lip and leaned on his shoulder.

“Why does he do this? Does he truly find it funny to hurt those even ones who he considers family?” Yuuki asked meekly.

“I think it was a message about not only hiding but lying to him about what I’ve been doing and who I have been with” Daichi admitted “It was a message about what happens if I betray or leave him, compared to the ones who betrayed us... I got lucky in a way” This left them cold at the thought.

“I... see...” Yuuki commented in a shaky voice.

“I don’t want to kill him but if he does go after you two I’ll have no choice, if he were to find out about the mate mark... I fear that it’ll push him over the edge” Daichi said shakily. Yuuki looked up allowing Daichi to see how scared she was about the whole thing. This caused him to sigh heavily, he kissed her nose and stroked her cheek softly.

“But enough of that for now, right now we are safe and I will do whatever I can to protect you I promise to make sure that it happens” Daichi vowed as he kissed her head even though she was shaking in fear. He held her close and sighed as he inhaled her scent.

“If you want to go out, make sure that both of you are with me okay. I can’t take any chances with him running around, with luck he’ll stop soon or a Deity might do something about him given how bad he is acting up” Daichi said while looking at her.

“...Okay” Yuuki said in a shaky voice that left him wanting to curse, how dare his brother do something like this to her? He was relieved that Hana wasn’t effected much due to how little she knew about the situation, but that didn’t mean that Yuuki would be unaffected by the whole ordeal. If only he could stop time now and allow them to be by his side, that would be good enough for him.

“I love you Yuuki” Daichi murmured as he moved his mouth to the top of her head. Yuuki leaned in to his touch and shivered from what she was feeling.

“I love you too Daichi” Yuuki said before she felt his hands move, the next thing she knew was that all traces of fear had left her mind. The only thing that remained in her mind was Daichi and the warmth of the fire.

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