His Assistant 3

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Chapter 10- Guess that Grass Ain’t as Green

You used to be the one to talk to on the side
Waiting for my love to break up
It’s crazy how your ass can walk through every night
Acting like you been a player
That grass ain’t greener on the other side

~Chris Brown

As soon as I made it through the exit of the arrival terminal of the airport I felt a huge sense of relief wash over me. I was back in Atlanta and finally done with the vacay from hell. The only good thing that came out of that trip was me meeting Kaí. He really was a lifesaver and we both made a promise to stay in touch with each other.

I spotted the black Escalade with the emergency flashers on as the crisp winter air blew past me. I fled to the truck in a hurry to grasp a little bit of heat that was waiting for me inside.

“Hey Baby Girl, did you have a good trip,” Big C asked embracing me into one of his warm bear hugs.

“Hell no but it’s a long story,” I hopped inside the truck, mentally thanking Lyric’s boujee ass for getting heated seats when he customized his Escalade.

“Well we got a little bit of a ride if you wanna talk about it,” he smiled back to me in the rearview mirror.

I blew out a long sigh looking out the tinted windows.

“Does your wife ever get mad that you have to spend so much time protecting Lyric?”

“Hmm, she understands it’s my job, it pays the bills. But I prioritize, I make sure I don’t miss things that are important to her. Do something special for her every so often to show she’s appreciated. Is it a reason for the question?”

“Javion and I split,” I hesitated for a few seconds the reality sitting on my chest like a pile of bricks.

“He loved the industry more then he loved me. I couldn’t deal with it anymore. Those special moments and taking time out for important things that you’re talking about didn’t matter to him anymore, me being happy didn’t matter anymore.”

“I’m sorry to hear that De.”

“Whatever Big C why do I hear insincerity in ya voice?”

He gave a hearty laugh.

“I’m sorry Baby girl. Seeing you sad is not something I would celebrate but I’d have to be honest when I say I never liked y’all two together. I was always rooting for you and Lyric.”

“Lyric’s a spoiled, arrogant, asshole. So why you’re rooting for something that hasn’t happened in the last 9 years is a little farfetched Big C.” I rolled my eyes.

“What’s farfetched is how you been in love with that spoiled, arrogant, asshole for years, cried and poured your heart out to me about him for years and now all of a sudden you don’t have feelings for him anymore. Those feelings don’t just turn off like a switch De.”

God, I had never been so happy to pull up to my driveway in my life. I definitely didn’t want to have this conversation right now.

I jumped out of the truck stretching my legs as Big C grabbed my suitcase rolling it over to me.

“Thanks so much, C,” I gave him a big hug as he brushed my hair out of my face kissing my forehead.

“He’s still in love with you Baby girl, I know he can be an ass sometimes but give him another chance.”

I inhaled deeply, I loved Big C but this conversation was dead to me. I just gave him a forced smile and a simple I’ll think about it before leaving his side heading to my apartment.


“My baaabbbbyyyy!”

Miranda fake cried running up to me hugging me tightly as she walked up to the table I was sitting at in our favorite Starbucks.

“Hey M.” I loved Miranda she was always so extra, but it made me smile. I had to do a double-take though when I noticed the pudge in her stomach.

“Girl I can’t believe Javion, I swear to gawd when I see him I’mma straight Nancy Kerrigan those knee caps Tonya Harding style!”

I laughed.

“Miranda you wildin’, put an extra swing in there for me while you’re at it.”

“So the whole damn trip was about doing a video. He could’ve just told you from the beginning instead of lying bout the shit.”

“I felt the same way, he claimed that he still wanted me that he wanted to still marry me, but then goes and blatantly lie to me when you know our relationship is not at its strongest. Then the sad part is I probably would’ve gotten over it but when I saw how he was with Makeeya, letting her be all up in his face. I don’t know I just snapped, it was the last straw.”

“Makeeya though? If he was gone push up another chick he could’ve picked somebody better than that. That pussy got more hits than R. Kelly. Sucked out more souls than the Crypt Keeper.”

“Miranda you’re stupid,” I said giggling hard. “But I’m done talking bout his irrelevant ass, let’s talk about that tenant that’s set up shop right there,” I pointed to her stomach.

“Damn am I showing that much,” she said rubbing her belly.

“Yea heifer you could’ve told me I was gonna be a TyTy soon.”

“I know but Vince and I wanted to wait till we find out the sex.”

“Oh I’m so happy for you M’, your gonna be an awesome mommy!”

I was so happy for her and a bit jealous. Not so much of her just the situation. I thought Jay and I would’ve been at this stage of living our lives and starting our family together. I blinked away the sudden need to release a tear when my phone started ringing.

“Ugh ugh, bitch, whose the sexual chocolate you all boo’d up with and with his personal ringtone too,” she held up my cell phone that was on the table with a huge smirk on her face. Kaí had taken a selfie with us cuddled up together and put it as his profile pic when he called.

I rolled my eyes and smiled as I grabbed the phone from her.

“Hey, Kaí.”

“Hey beautiful, I just wanted to make sure you all settled in and home safe.”

“You’re so sweet Kaí, but ya I’m good. I’m actually out with my best friend right now. Can I call you back later?”

“Sure De, I just wanted to see if all was well.”

“All is well hun, I’ll talk to you soon ok.”

“Ok baby, talk to you later.”

I hung up the phone and as I figured Miranda was burning a hole in my head.

“You gonna drink ya latte M’,” I gave her a sarcastic smirk.

“Fuck that gotdamn latte, spill it hoe.”

“It’s really nothing to spill love, he was my chocolate angel in disguise when I didn’t have anywhere to go.”

“So you telling me you ain’t wanna take a bite of that?” She raised my phone up looking at the picture again. “Mmmm, bitch you lying you did something.”

I gave her a smirk.........


“Is it ok for me to have you now, Beautiful,” he asked licking the outskirts of my earlobe.

“Yeeeessss,” I moaned out softly, my heart was racing a mile a minute and my breathing was all over the place.

He leaned back onto his knees running his hands along my smooth pecan tan legs. He picked them both up placing them over his shoulders grabbing my panties and slowly tugging them off of my body and tossing them to the floor.

“Mmmmm perfect,” he whispered.

Kaí’s lips kissed my left ankle then trailed those kisses down to my inner thigh.

“Shhiiittt,” I whimpered.

He looked up at me smiling with those sexy chocolate eyes.

“I want you to remember me, remember everywhere my lips touched you,” he kissed my inner right thigh.

"Mmmmm, ah, I’ll r-remember.”

“Remember how my hands felt against your skin," he guided his fingers down the length of my right leg.

“Kaaaííí....I-I, I don’t think I could forget if wanted to.”

He smiled looking down on me sheathing himself with a condom. That chocolate stick was looking like it was about to do sweet things to me.

He laid on top of me chest to chest. His mouth was on mine, my tongue tangled with his. His girth pressed against my entrance.

“And I want you to remember how good I felt deep inside you after you gave me the green light-”


“What the entire fuck!” He yelled in frustration.


I laughed out loud. “It’s ok Kaí I’m not going anywhere answer the door,” I ran my fingers through his full beard.

“Ok, don’t move baby, stay right there,” he tucked his self back in his boxers and opened the door.

“I just came to talk to De, can you tell her to come here please............”

End of Flashback

“Damn De he was bout to give you a piece of that island flavor...damn cockblocking ass Javion.”

“Yeah, I was just too upset with him popping up, it killed the mood real quick.”

“I don’t know why he thought you’d talk to him after all he did to you.”

“Yea he left some bullshit message on my voicemail about meeting up to talk. That’s a negative I said all I had to say, guess that grass ain’t as green as he thought. I’m done being unhappy, he can do whatever he wants he’s free now.”

“Yesssss Chick, you single now, so Vince got this friend-”

“Hell no Miranda! I’m not going on any blind dates. I’m more than content being by myself right now.”

I could see the horns growing on her head. She thinks she’s slick. Knowing Miranda she’ll invite me out and said friend would just happen to be there.

“Did you hear me M’?”

“Yea yea I heard you girl.”

She heard me but that heifer was definitely not listening.

Miranda and I shot the breeze for a while before we parted ways.

I was about to unlock my front door before I heard someone walk up on me.

“Hey, Princess.”

There was Javion in a black and red Jordan hoodie with matching sweatpants. His hands tucked inside the hoodie pocket. He looked at me with a slight smile on his face. But I couldn’t help but look at him in disgust making that smile fall to the waste side. Those beautiful green eyes that use to make my heart skip a beat now made my blood boil. His presence just made me sick to my damn stomach.

He went to touch my arm and I pulled away so quickly you’d think he was on fire.

“Don’t you ever as long as you got breath in your damn body, put your muthafuckin’ hands on me again! You’ve hurt me enough already!”

He looked surprised like he didn’t know what to do or say to me.

“Princess.....Baby I’m-”

“Let’s get this straight I’m not your fucking baby and you can keep that Princess bullshit it doesn’t mean shit to me anymore.”

“I know it’s nothing I can say to make you forgive me right now. God knows I don’t even forgive myself for hurting you like this. Dereon, sorry isn’t even enough of an apology.”

“You just threw me to the side like yesterday’s garbage....”


"DON’T FUCKING CALL ME THAT! Call that hoe you chose over me that shit. I’m done with you Jay, I don’t wanna see you, I don’t wanna talk to you, and I don’t even wanna breathe the same air as your ass!”

“Dereon please just let me talk to you.”

I turned my back to him unlocking my front door.

“Can you look at me please,” he begged.

I turned around slowly. He walked up to me gently cupping my face with both his hands. He gently stroked my cheek with his thumbs.

“I love you so much De.”

I looked up at his hazel-green eyes and smiled at him.

He, of course, smiled back.

“You got five minutes to get the fuck off my porch, before I have Atlanta P.D. pick ya ass up for trespassing,” I snatched his hands away and slammed my door behind me........

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