His Assistant 3

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Chapter 11 - I Got You...Always

I’m back and I’m better I want you bad as ever
Don’t let me just let up
I wanna give you better
Baby, it’s whatever
Somebody gotta step up
Girl, I’m that somebody,
so I’m next up
Be damned if I let him catch up
It’s easy to see that you’re fed up
I am on a whole ’nother level
Girl, he only fucked you over cause you let him. Fuck him, girl,
I guess he didn’t know any better

~Bryson Tiller


Lyric’s POV



“Lyric! Wake yo’ ass up!”

I stirred around in my bed hoping Big C would get the fuck out once he saw I didn’t want to be bothered right now. But I guess his ass couldn’t take the hint today.

“Get the fuck up Lyric.”

I hear the sounds of my drapes being snatched open. The sun’s crippling rays shining through my floor to ceiling windows burning my tired bloodshot eyes.

“What the fuck C’ can a brother get some sleep.”

I had to do a club appearance yesterday so of course, ya boy had been partying to the wee hours. I don’t even remember what time I walked through my door last night.

“Ya ass been sleeping all damn day, we gotta make some moves Playboy.”

Shit, I don’t even remember Chauncey telling me I had a scheduled event today. But knowing him he forgot. It’s been crazy with no assistant to handle all this shit. The last two Chauncey tried to hire well I didn’t like them & they were both idiots. I mean really the job is simple, just do what the fuck I ask you to do and you can keep ya damn job.

We did 5 more interviews but nobody seems up to par to handle the job. Chauncey says I’m nitpicking but I know what I like and want........and it wasn’t them.

“Man, what time is it C’ like 7 AM?”

“It’s 4 pm, Playboy.”

“Shit, why you just waking me up C’?”

“Because you don’t pay me to wake your ass up, my job is to keep you out of harm’s way, plus a few other things, but it’s definitely not being your alarm clock,” he said laughingly.

My eyes finally adjusted to the rays of the sun as I opened them to Big C’s 6′ft. 5" in. frame towering in front of my bed.

“So why the hell you waking me up then,” I asked wiping the sleep outta my eyes.

“Because of one of those few things I was talking about....you need to go check up on that.”

“Is it that serious C?”

He just gave me a nod but I could see that look in his eyes. So if it bothered him that much I knew it was important.

I hopped in the shower gathering myself together contemplating about what the matter at hand could be. I would send Big C to check up on the situation from time to time because I made a promise and that promise I planned on keeping.

As Big C pulled the Escalade into the metered parking spot I questioned what we were doing here.

“Over there in the ladies boutique,” he pointed, then handed me an orange eviction notice he peeled off of her front door.

“What the fuck is this?”

“She’s been struggling, Playboy-”

“Why the fuck she ain’t come to me C’, she knows I’d do anything for her!”

“Cause she’s just as stubborn as your ass, that’s not her style, you know that.”

She was just like me in some ways. This pride we got that’s been making us bump heads so much in the past. Neither one of us wanted to give in, we always wanted to be right....well maybe more me than her sometimes.

“C’ she still should’ve come to me. If her pops or even worse her brother knew I let her struggle like this......Man where the fuck is Javion at?”

“That’s null and void now Playboy.”

“Oh shit! How long and why you ain’t tell me C?”

“Bout 2 months and I’m telling you now ain’t I.”

I just shook my head before I went to open the truck door.

“Hey if you ever not listen to me, listen to me now, don’t come at her with that I’m Lyric the superstar, my shit don’t stank, so you gone do what the fuck I say attitude. Be you, the real you.”

“I hear you C,” I responded closing the door behind me.

As soon as I walked inside the door I got rushed by a light-skinned girl with long blonde weave and long red fake fingernails.

“Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God! It’s you!”

“Yea sweetheart it’s me,” I gave her a slight smile.

“Oh my God, Lyric Treble is in my fuckin’ boutique right now!” She was jumping up and down.

“Hey, can you do me a favor, Sweetheart?”

“Yes, yes, yes, oh my god yes, anything!”

This shit is too easy sometimes. I walked up on her and lifted her chin with my index finger. Her lips were trembling and I can see her heart about to beat outta her chest.

“Dereon Parker, she works here right?”

“Umm uggh, y-yes, she’s i-in the back f-folding,” she stammered breathlessly, her whole body was shaking.

“I need her off for the rest of the day Sweetheart. You think you can do that for me,” I grabbed her hand and kissed it.

“Oooh damn,” she started fanning her face as it started showing signs of being flustered. “Ughh s-she’s the only one b-besides me w-working tonight.”

“Hmmm, well we can’t have you working by ya self can we. Tell you what sweetheart, take my black card and give me one of everything in your boutique in Dereon’s size. Will that help get you to your quota for the day so you can close the shop early?”

“O-Oh M-My Goooodddd! I think I’m gonna faint,” she screamed almost falling back. I had to grab her other hand to keep her balanced.

“Don’t faint on me now Sweetheart, I still need ya.”


“Can you get my girl Dereon out the back for me, and don’t tell her it’s me ok.”

She just shook her head yes and damn near broke her neck running to the back of the store.

Dereon’s POV


“Uggh, yea Crayla,” I gave her a crazy look. Her face was a little too excited to say my name especially when I know her ass doesn’t care for me like that.

“You need to go out to the freaking front right now.”

“Ooookay, I thought you wanted all this inventory folded and organized before we left for the day?”

“Forget what the hell I said, a matter of fact take the rest of the day off.”

“What? You fucking serious Crayla, this not your way of firing me is it? I need this job Crayla don’t play with my money!”

“Calm your ass down girl, I’m just being gracious today. Now be a good employee and go take care of that last client we got out there so we can lock up for the day,” she said with a Kool-Aid smile upon her face.

I cut my eyes at her. Let’s be real, stuck up ass Crayla has never been that nice in the past month and a half that I’ve been working here. Just a straight-up bitch who likes to complain about everything I don’t do right at her store. So yea I’m a lot skeptical about why she wants to close the shop 4 hours early today.

But at the end of the day, she’s still the boss. So let me go deal with this customer so I can take my tired ass home.


“Hey babe, long time no see,” he said turning around as I walked up towards him.

No wonder Crayla had the googly eyes when she came to the back. I’m sure Mr. Ego turned up the Southern Charm to the max. Whatever he told her to want to close the shop early must have been really damn good.

“Yea it has been a long time,.....so what’s up Lyric, why are you here.”

He pulled out a familiar orange piece of paper that’s been adorning my front door for the past day and a half.

“How did you-”

“Naw De, don’t worry bout the how. Why the hell you didn’t come to me and tell me you needed help?”

“We weren’t talking, what the hell it looks like me coming to you for a fucking hand out Lyric. Besides I wanted to do it on my own,” the tears were building up in my eyes.

He placed both hands on my hips pulling me closer.

“Babe, I don’t give a fuck if we talking, arguing, fussing, or fighting. I’m still always gone be there for you, for whatever you need. I’m always gone take care of you. Your my girl why wouldn’t I,” he said softly wiping a stray tear from my cheek.

“Look Lyric, thanks, but I can’t make my problems your problems. I’m not your responsibility. I’m a grown woman. Just let me figure this one out on my own please.”

“What the hell De! What is it really to figure out? You bout to be fucking homeless living in ya damn car and I’m offering you a way out and you-”

“There is no more car ok, they took it, I let it go back so I could use the extra money for food and bills,” I confessed. I could see the stress of worry on his face as he rubbed his forehead with his hand.

“That’s it, tomorrow ya ass is going to your apartment, we packing up all ya shit and you coming to stay with me.”

“Hell no Lyric!”

“Well too bad De ya ass is coming with me whether you want to go or not!”

“You can’t just bully me into-,” before I finished my sentence Lyric had hoisted me up over his shoulder like a lumpy sack of potatoes, as I wiggled and screamed for him to put me down.

“Lyric put me the fuck down right now,” I yelled again for like the 10th time.

“Hush up girl,” he said spanking me hard on my butt then kicking the door open with his foot walking us out to his Escalade.

He never would take no for an answer......

“You know this is considered kidnapping, and was it necessary for you to carry me into the house Lyric,” I complained as he finally put me down on the kitchen island.

“Hey stop tripping girl. I should be the one complaining, what the hell you been eating anyways, you need to lay off the chicken and waffles. I think you put my shoulder out,” he said rotating his arm and shoulder blade like it was hurting.

“Fuck you Lyric,” I slapped him hard as hell on said shoulder.

“Shit De, what you been practicing smacking Javion up or something?”

“I should’ve but......nevermind.”

“Wassup babe, you can talk to me,” he said standing in front of me giving me that sweet smile of his. His right hand was on the island while his left hand made its way on to my thigh gently rubbing in circles.

“Umm we broke up a couple of months ago.”

“And? What happened De?”

“Look it just didn’t work out.” He was staring hard into my eyes looking for me to give him more then what I was willing to divulge at the moment. But I knew if I told him what happened in St. Lucia he’d fucking flip.

Lyric didn’t always show that side of him but when it came to family or someone really close to him he’d revert back to that dude from the hood that would go straight ham. That anybody can get it mentality that hopefully was left back in Florida and won’t decide to pay us a visit anytime soon.

“It didn’t work out huh, bullshit, but I’m not gone press you De,” he brushed the hair out of my face. “When you ready we can talk about it, babe.”

“Sure thing Dr. Phil,” I rolled my eyes at him as he gave a little chuckle.

He was giving me that look again, I’m not even sure what it is anymore. But it was intense and it was making me feel a little........funny.

“I need you.”

“What,” I hoarsely blurted out almost choking on the lump in my throat.

“I need you.......to be my assistant again.”


“What did you think I meant,” he tilted his head slightly with an inquisitive look in his eyes and a small smirk on his face.

“Nothing......exactly what you meant for it to be,” I looked away from him.

“I mean I’m not forcing you, but I know you can’t be happy doing that bullshit minimum wage retail job plus ya boss looks like she can be a bitch.”

“What you mean looks like, her ass is a bitch,” we both laughed. “Oh, and what the hell did you tell her to make her close the shop up early?”

“I bought one of everything in there for you.”

“WHAT! Lyric that’s too much fucking money!”

“Don’t act like ya boy don’t got it. Besides you deserve for someone to drop 10 G’s on you, babe,” his hand on my thigh slid up to my hips, biting his bottom lip. “Just think of it as an early birthday gift De.”

“I don’t know what to say Lyric.”

“If you wanna thank me just tell me yes......yes you’ll be my assistant again,” his other hand had found my hips as well and both had a firm grip on me.

“Umm.....” I looked into those chocolate eyes. “Yes,” I said softly but why did I feel like that yes he was asking for me to say had nothing to do with being his assistant..........

Lyric had a whole moving crew at my house boxing up once again all my things. This shit is for the birds, I swear the next time I move will be in a house that I’ve bought.

“Excuse me, Ms. Parker, did you want these frames and photos boxed or did you want to hold on to them yourself,” one of the movers asked as I turned towards him.

“Just sit them on the counter please, I’ll go through them.”

He gave me a nod and went back to boxing. I walked over to the counter scanning through old pictures some of my family and friends back home a few of Lyric and I before we moved to Georgia. Then I found some of Jay and I.

“Whelp, I won’t be needing these,” I said tossing the pics of Jay into the garbage.

“Did anybody come across a Mac Notebook Pro Laptop,” I asked the workers as they continued to pack and move boxes out to the van.

Now that I thought about it I hadn’t used it in awhile or seen it. It was a gift from Lyric to help me manage his emails and inquiries for bookings and performances he had lined up. I couldn’t function without it when I was his assistant. But since I hadn’t been working for him it kind of been more for leisure than business. Where the hell was it?

Then when the garbage can hit my peripheral I blew out a sigh of frustration. I had remembered where it was.

“Javion’s fucking place,“.................

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