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Chapter 13 - Spoiled

After I left Javion’s place I hit Lyric up and he had me meet him at the Mercedes-Benz dealership. I couldn’t believe he was gonna get another damn car. I’m like really he already had the Escalade, the Maserati, a Range Rover, a Porsche, a Tesla and the Bentley Coupe he’d only took out during red carpet events. I mean what else could he possibly want. But like they say a boy and their toys.

I said my goodbyes to Miranda and headed inside the glass mirrored building. It smelled like fresh leather and new tires...that lovely brand new car smell.

One of the office doors swings open and out walks a bald heavy set car salesman and Lyric wearing distressed vintage wash jeans with a Gucci belt, matching Gucci sneakers, a white T-shirt with a Gucci leather bomber jacket.

His eyes caught mine and he smiled contently and I couldn’t help but smile back. But what was this funny feeling in my chest again?


“Hey babe,” he threw his arm around my shoulder and kissed my temple.

“You’re finished already?”

“Yep, babe let’s go test drive my new Benz,” he said pulling me towards the exit.

“Which one,” I asked looking at the sea of cars in front of us.

Soon as I asked one of the dealership employees pulls up in a pearl white GLE AMG 43 Coupe 4Matic.

“It’s all ready for you Mr. Treble,” the employee hands the other set of keys and Lyric hops inside the driver’s seat.

“Come on girl, get that fine ass in the car.”

“Well could you ask a little better than that,” I complained sitting down in the passenger seat. But loving every bit his sly compliments.

“Your right my bad, I’ll ask better,” he said leaning closer towards me. He pushed my hair behind my ears. His fingers caressing my cheek. That bottom lip was between his teeth and my heart started racing a mile per minute.

It was like we were two magnetic forces drawn to each other by attraction. Attracted like two moths to a newly lit flame of desire. The stroke of his thumb against my skin made that funny feeling in my chest turn into butterflies in my stomach. As his face inched its way closer I closed my eyes again in anticipation waiting for him to take the lead so I could follow him to where ever this was going.

📱🎶Don’t have nothing on. Don’t have nothing on. I want to see what I came for. Soon as I hit the door. Don’t have nothing on🎶

“Yea, phone babe,” he said looking down at it ringing in my hand when I opened up my eyes. I happened to catch a hint of discomfort in his face but before I could ask what was wrong he gave me a soft smile and leaned back into the driver’s seat.

“Hey Kai, what’s good with ya.”

“Hey Beautiful, just wanted to hear your voice and check up on you.”

“I’m good hun just making some moves with my boss.”

“Oh if you’re on the clock let me let you go make that money honey.”

“Ok Kai I’ll talk to you later hun,” I said giggling.

“Alright Beautiful talk to you later.”

“So is that ya new dude?” he asked nonchalantly, squeezing tightly on the steering wheel.

“Who, Kai?”

“I don’t know, you tell me. From the way ya’ll was hugged up on that pic he’s something.” You could tell he had a little bit of an attitude right now as we sped out of the dealership.

Wait was that a hint of jealously?

Kaí that’s in a whole different country, and he’s jealous of him. I couldn’t help the smirk emerging on my lips.

“Kaí is just a friend Lyric, he helped me out when........when I was in St. Lucia, he stays there,” I hesitated because I didn’t want him to question why I needed help when I was there.

I rested my hand on top of his. I guess I just wanted to reassure him. Reassure him of what I don’t know.

“Ok, babe,” he replied softly, a small smile formed on his lips as he gripped my hand tightly then intertwined our fingers together.

“So where are we riding to big head?”

“First we gone get on this freeway and open the engine up and see how good this baby ride. Then I wanted to stop at Lenox Square and pick up a couple of things.”

“Are you really gonna try to tackle the mall without Big C?” He was nuts if he thought going there without C’ was going be ok, and definitely not on a Saturday of all days.

“What you worried bout me babe,” he asked stopping at a red light and kissed the back of my hand and smiled at me.

I couldn’t help the blush that was emerging from my cheeks and those damn butterflies were back once again. What the hell was going on with me.

“I’m just saying Lyric, it’s Saturday so it’s a lot of people. I don’t want them to rush you and it be too much to handle. Plus why are you going to spend more money? How much was this car Lyric 40 grand, 50 grand and you’re going to spend more?”

He rolled his eyes and smirked. “What’s my muthfuckin’ name babe. You act like I don’t have Grammys sitting on my mantle and platinum records on my wall. This shit is chump change, you know that. And this baby fully loaded that’s $100,000 but whose counting. But I love how you always watch out for me babe it’s cute,” he picked my hand up and kissed it again.

I rolled my eyes. That damn cockiness always would surface when he was feeling himself.

“Well, we can’t spend too long here because you gotta host at Magic City tonight.”

“Yes, ma’am. You gone come with me?”

“Lyric, I barely do clubs you think I’mma do a strip club.”

He laughed, “I know I just wanted to see what you’d say, but the invitation is open if you change ya mind.”

Yea right he knew I wasn’t going there even though I got the feeling he wanted me to spend more time with him. Well I don’t know maybe I’ll surprise him.

We ended up satisfying his need for speed flying down the freeway as I played with all the buttons, knobs and features. I synced my cell phone to the cars Bluetooth and played Pandora. As soon as I put on my favorite station Aston Martin Music by Rick Ross flowed through the speakers.

🎶Bobbin’ to the music
This is how we do it, all night (all night) Breezin’ down the freeway
Just me and my baby, In our ride
Just me and my boss, No worries at all, Listening to the
Aston Martin music, music🎶

I didn’t care how he felt but I ended up texting Big C to meet us at the mall. Which I’m happy I did because it was a freaking madhouse. Soon as we walked through the door every teenage girl and woman under 50 years old in the building was screaming, hollering and crying. I swear I saw somebody faint. I’m like really, she fainted from the sight of him. I just shook my head and laughed because he was soaking it all in.

“Why you looking at me like that,” he asked with a smirk as we walked into the Footlocker.

“Because you love every bit of this. It never gets old for you.”

He laughed, “What you mad babe cause ya boy got that sauce?” He pulled me close and wrapped his arms around my waist. Mines automatically did the same.

He was looking down at me smiling when his eyes dropped down to my lips. I got hella caught up in that gaze.

“What size shoe you wear De?”

“Ummm, a 9.”

“May I help you Mr. Treble,” the employee asked walking up towards us.

“Yeah bro, let me get those Steve Wiebe x Aj 10′s a size 13 and 9 and oh and those Retro 6 and 7′s too,” he never moved an inch.

“What colors sir?”

He was still staring at my lips, admiring that deep shade of crimson lipstick I had put on. He licked his lips.

“Red. Just red.”

After we tried on our shoes he paid and we parted ways for a bit while I went to a couple of ladies boutiques before he texted me that he was ready to leave.

We said goodbye to Big C till later when he picked him up for his appearance.

“You wanna drive babe?”

“Whaattt?! Mr. Treble trusts me with one of his precious cars?”

“You wanna drive or not smart ass,” we both laughed.

As soon as I sat in the driver’s seat he grabbed my chin.

“And I always trust you, do you trust me?”

I gave him a soft smile, “Of course I do big head.”

He tweaked me on the nose and was grinning hard. I don’t know it just feels so different with him now. I loved this high it was giving me.

Oh man.....I not falling again am I?

We were riding through downtown when Lyric told me to pull over and park.

“Come on babe let’s go on the Skyview!” He said jumping out of the car and walking over to the booth to buy tickets.

The Skyview Atlanta was a huge 20 foot Ferris wheel in Centennial Park. That gave you great views of the city.

I walked up to him and I know that he was trying to read my face.

“Babe, you’re not still scared of heights are you?”

“I just get a little anxious still, but I’m much better than I was when we were younger.”

He walked up behind me slinging his arms around my shoulders.

“We don’t have to go if you don’t want to. But you trust me right?” He pushed us up closer to the entrance.

“Yes, Lyric,” I replied softly looking back at him.

“So you know I got you right and I’m not gone leave ya side. I’ll be right there next to you,” he pushed us up a little bit further.

I took a deep breath, “Ok Lyric lets ride.”

We walked up the stairs and waited for the next empty gondola.

The attendant took our tickets, “Oh you guys have the VIP Flight tickets so you get to ride by yourselves,” he said escorting us to the VIP gondola with the glass floor and Ferrari style seats.

We sat down next to each other. And Lyric kept his word. He threw his arm around me and held me close the whole time.

“It’s so beautiful up here at night.”

“It sure is,” he says taking my hand and rubbing his thumb against my knuckles.

I nuzzled my head into his chest and listened to his heartbeat. As I watched the city through the panoramic view.

“So are you ready to tell me what happened in St. Lucia babe.”

Shit. No not really.

“Ok......but promise me you won’t blow up.”




“LYRIC!” I leaned my head up to look at him but he turned his head to look out into the city.

“See I’m not gonna tell you because you're already plotting to kill him in ya head.”

He had a slight smirk on his face, “You think you know me....it wasn’t to kill ’em though, maybe some other things, but not kill ’em. Besides, I owe him one.”

He grabbed his chin and I knew he was thinking about that night him and Jay got into it at Miranda’s wedding reception.

I was giving him the stare down and cutting my eyes at him.

“Ok, ok, I promise babe I won’t blow up.”

So I began to tell him about gory details of what went down in St. Lucia. I could tell some parts of the story really pissed him off because he would squeeze the hell out of my hand till he calmed himself down.

Then he asked more in-depth about Kaí. His main question was did I sleep with him which was crazy for him to ask me, cause he never asked me about me being intimate with any man. But I was honest and told him that yea it almost happened, and I swear he almost broke the bones in my hand how hard he was squeezing.

The crazy thing is I don’t even think he realized he was even doing it. The circulation flowed back to my hand again when I finally told him that nothing happened.

But he didn’t blow up, he kept his promise. He just kissed my forehead and told me he was sorry that happened to me and that he wished he could’ve been there for me.

The ride finally ended and we made our way back to the Benz. I started up the car and we were back off into the Atlanta streets headed back to his Penthouse.

I grabbed some bags to bring in the house while Lyric was fiddling around outside. He walked back in the house carrying the rest of his stuff inside then brought them to his room.

“Hey babe I’m bout to go hop in the shower and get ready for this appearance right quick,” he said throwing his arms around my shoulders.

“Ok, hun,” I smiled up at him.

“Thanks for spending ya day with me,” he kissed my forehead.

“No problem, I had fun.”

“Oh and before I forget those two bags over there belong to you.”

“You didn’t have to buy me more stuff Lyric, the sneakers were enough.”

“I know but I wanted to......maybe you’ll surprise me and wear ’em tonight at the club,” he gave a look like he really wanted me to be there tonight.

“Ok Lyric I’ll go,” I said finally giving in.

“I know it’ll take forever for me to get ready so I’ll just catch an Uber and meet you there.”

“Why would you need to catch an Uber when you got your own ride,” he was grinning.

“What are you talking about?”

He rolled his eyes and dangled the Mercedes keys in my face.

“What the fuck Lyric don’t play with me!”

“Now you know I wouldn’t play like that babe. Why would I need a new ride right now I just copped the new Range last month?”

I was too excited screaming and jumping around like a crazy person telling him thank you so much and how much I appreciated everything he’s done for me this week.

I don’t know what came over me but I just threw my hands around his neck and smashed my lips on his. Those lips were soft like butter and I melted right into them. My tongue found its way past his lips wrapping up with his. His hands grabbed my waist firmly pulling me closer. His moaning into my mouth was contagious and I found myself doing the same. I could feel my legs become a little weak until I heard his cell go off which brought me back to reality.

“Shit,” I was trying to catch my breath. “My bad I didn’t.....I mean-”

“You good De, why you apologizing” he was out of breath too, stroking my hair out of my face.

“Umm, let me let you go get ready,” I said softly pulling away from him.

“Ok babe,” he said biting his bottom lip and giving me those hooded chocolate eyes.

Oh boy, what did I just do.............?

I jumped in the shower as soon as I got back to my room. When I was done I lotion my skin and sprayed on my favorite perfume and feathered curled my hair.

I sat down on my bed and open one of the bags he had for me. It was from Neiman Marcus I looked inside and it was a shoebox and inside the box was a pair of Giuseppe heels.

I had to give it to Lyric, he did have good taste when it came to fashion. I pulled out one of the dresses he bought for me from Crayla’s boutique and they matched perfectly.

I got dressed and opened up the other bag from Tiffany’s. It was an infinity bangle. I smiled to myself as I put it on. I don’t think I ever been spoiled this much by anybody. Not even Javion.

I finally got myself together, made sure my hair looked perfect and my make up was on point before hoping in the Benz and was off to the club.

Halfway there I get a call from Miranda. I tell her where I’m going and she started interrogating me again about what’s going on with me and Lyric.

“Look Miranda we are cool. We are not sleeping together. You know he’s my best friend, he’s just been extra giving lately.”

“Ok then heifer, it shouldn’t be a problem with you going out with Hakeem. Since you claim you don’t have anything going on with Lyric.”

“Why can’t you just chill on that M’. I’m sure he is a great guy but really I’m good right now. Look I just pulled up to the club, I’ll text you while I’m in here.”

“Alright, Chick you better.”

“Later girl.”

I walked to the doors and told the bouncer that I was on the VIP List. He checked me off and opened the doors. The music roared around me playing Bounce It by Juicy J.

Bounce it (bounce it), bounce it (bounce it)
I’m about to throw a couple thousand (bounce it)
Bounce it (bounce it), bounce it (bounce it)
I’m about to throw a couple thousand

You could smell the burning of kush in the air and money, it was flying everywhere. Naked girls only wearing stiletto heels and thongs, and hot and horny ballers making it rain on them. I looked over to see girls on the stripper pole. It was two girls on one pole, one was at the bottom stretched straight out as the other stood on top of her like she was swag surfing as they slid down the pole. Even I had to throw a couple of dollars at that.

I caught sight of Big C' and Victor who would help C' out sometimes at these big appearances. And there was Lyric in VIP smoking out of a hookah getting a dance from a couple of strippers.

I tried not to get upset about that but when one of them looked like they went to kiss his neck, to say I got in my feelings was an understatement.

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