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Chapter 14 - Magic in the City

I stood there debating whether or not I should stay or just leave. Obviously he was distracted and preoccupied with all this naked pussy walking around to be worried about me. I just didn’t want to deal with those crazy feelings I used to get when we would go out to the club and all the groupies used to be in his face.

I was about to turn around to leave when I get an arm wrapped around my waist.

“Damn shawty, ya man let you come out the house like that.”

“Excuse me,” it was some random, he was drunk and smelling like a pound of whatever he was smoking on.

“I’m just saying thou dat ass looking real nice right naw lil mama,” he went to grab my butt when somebody smacks his hand from off of me.

I looked up and it was Lyric pulling me away from the guy.

“Fall back bruh, that’s mines right there.”

“My bad big homey, didn’t know lil mama was rocking with you,” he said holding his hands up in surrender then gets distracted by one of the strippers walking by then runs off behind her.

“You good, babe? Why you didn’t tell me you were here I could’ve sent C’ for you.”

I had my arms crossed with a most definite attitude written all over my face.

“It wouldn’t have mattered anyway cause you look like you had your hands too full to even notice if I had.”

He frowned up his face, “Why wouldn’t I notice, I noticed when dude was all up on you. What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing let’s just go sit please,” I blurted out storming off to the VIP section.

He followed right behind me pulling me and pinning me in the corner.

He pressed his body close to mine and made me put my arms around his waist. His lips were brushing against my neck then up to my ear.

“Tell me what’s wrong babe. So I can make it better,” he kissed that spot behind my ear.

“Nothing Lyric, just let it go.”

“Ok, well I know you not telling me the truth. But besides all that you looking real fine in that dress and them heels Ms. Parker.” He slid his fingers down my side to the hem of my dress.

I tried to fight that smile that was forming on my lips but he caught it.

“Aye there goes my favorite smile,” he kissed my temple then took my hand leading me to the leather seats.

Looking over the club the scene was too crazy. They roped off a small portion of the VIP section for him. It was two ways in and one side was dedicated for the strippers to come in the VIP to dance for him. While the other VIPs were at the other end turning up and having fun.

Lyric looked over at me and smiled as he pulled from the hookah and blew the smoke out, I noticed he had his platinum diamond grill in. That million-dollar smile still got my stomach twisting in knots and I can’t stand it, it keeps making me feel some type of way.

He leaned over in my ear, “I’m glad you came, babe.”

I just gave him a smile.

Then the DJ starts playing Beat That Pussy Up by LoveRance and a few strippers start flocking through to the VIP like a herd of cattle to dance for him.

🎶I beat the pussy up up up up up up up, I beat the pussy up up up up up up up, I beat the pussy up up up up up up up, I beat the pussy up up up up up up up🎶

I rolled my eyes, but I’m not gonna keep getting in my feelings about this. It’s a strip club so what did I expect, for him to be up under my ass the whole time? I think not, he never was like that when we went out. But I’m gone let him have his fun while I’ll go have mine.

I got up and left him to go dance while he was getting lap dances and throwing money at the other girls.

I was up dancing to the music when I catch eyes with one of the guys hanging out in the VIP when he motioned for me to come over.

“I just wanted to tell you that you look good tonight baby,” he whispered in my ear.

I smiled and told him thanks.

“You wanna dance Sexy?”

“Sure why not,” I responded as he grabbed my hand pulling me away to a more open area for us to dance.

He held my waist as I swayed my hips to the music, grinding himself on my ass. I started to twerk on him. Speeding up my tempo as the music changed to Soulja Slim.......

🎶Oh shit, (um, um), oh shit(um, um), oh shit(um, um)🎶

As I was rolling my hips leaning back into his chest he whispered, “I don’t think Superstar like you over here with me.”

“What?” I responded as I looked over to see Lyric staring pass all the strippers at me and dude. Mean mugging would have been an understatement.

“That’s just my best friend don’t pay him no mind,” I turned around and kept on dancing.

🎶I’ll pay for it, I’ll pay for it
I’ll pay for it, I’ll pay for it
if I want it, if I want it
if I want it, if I want it🎶

He chuckled in my ear, “I don’t know sweetheart that’s not a look you give ya best friend. You not fooling me are you, you trying to make ya man mad or something?

“Trust me he’s not my man.”

“Ok, well I’m Lance by the way and what’s ya name sweetheart?” he asked taking my hand and kissing it as he stopped dancing.

I smiled, “I’m Der-”

“She’s good bruh!” Lyric was grabbing my waist and pulling me back over towards his section before I could even finish my sentence.

I looked over to see Lance try to follow like he was ready to pop off at Lyric but Big C, of course, shut that shit down right quick in a hurry.

“What the hell, what you think you doing?!”

“Saving you from that lame,” he said sitting back down and pulling from the hookah.

“Who the hell said I needed saving and why he got to be lame Lyric?” I stood across from him with my arms crossed and a mean unit on my face.

“You need to fix ya face and calm down all that attitude you’ve been giving me,” he put his hands behind my thighs pulling me closer to him.

“All this pussy in here and he trying to rap to you.”

“So what the fuck is wrong with that Lyric? I hope you bout to make a good point cause I’m bout to go off.”

He rolled his eyes and took another hit.

“He’s a scrub babe, look his homeboys over there got all the money that’s why the strippers not paying him no mind. But he wants some play too. You're not a stripper so he feels like he don’t have to pay to get ya pussy. He was just gone shoot you some wack ass game so he can get some easy pussy tonight, cause he don’t think he got to work to impress you.”

“So what now I’m not worth paying for cause I’m easy now?”

“That’s not what I said babe, I said he thinks your free easy pussy.”

I went to respond when a stripper came through and started dancing on him. I guess he caught me when I rolled my eyes because he whispered in her ear and gave her a couple of hundreds and she got up and left.

“Before we were so rudely interrupted I was gonna say did you think I was worth paying for?"

“Come here, babe.”

I walked back in front of him again. He grabbed my thighs again pulling me on top of him so I was straddling him.

He took another hit, turning his head so he wouldn’t blow the smoke in my face.

“I got you in a $600 dress, walking in $2500 Giuseppe’s, and rolled up here in a $100,000 Benz. And you're seriously asking me if I think you're worth it. What you need some more reassurance?” he asked smirking at me as Let Me Know by Tamar Braxton flowed through the speakers.

🎶Do you love the way I do when I’m loving your body (let me know)
Hey, do you love the way I do when I’m loving your body (let me know)
Hey, do you love the way I do when I’m loving your body (let me know)
When I’m loving your body (let me know) Love, loving your body (let me know)🎶

He took another hit but held it in this time. Signaling me to come closer with his index finger. I leaned in as he put my hands up around his neck then pressed his mouth on mine blowing the smoke in pass my lips giving me a shotgun. His hands slid up my thighs, then up under my dress pulling at my thong, putting two hundred dollar bills on both sides.

I blew the smoke out of my nose. Staring into those eyes. Trying to ignore the twinge in my chest.

🎶Do you feel it in your heart?
Do you feel, do you feel it?
Do you feel it? Like I feel
Do you feel it in your soul?
Do you feel, do you feel it?
Do you feel it? Like I feel🎶

“Did you need some more reassuring, how much is it gone take to show you that you're worth it?” he was biting his bottom lip. Then he gave me another shotgun and stuck some more money in my thong. “You can have it all just say the word babe,” he leaned up and kissed the middle of my neck and that twinge turned into an all right ache.

🎶When you know when it’s right (do you feel it?)
You don’t let go (do you feel it? Do you feel it?)
You don’t let go (do you feel it? Like I feel)🎶

I giggled, “So what you think I’m gone be ya personal stripper or something?”

“No, but you can be my private dancer if you happen to take your clothes off that’s just a bonus. A fucking great bonus.”

Damn, those shotguns must’ve been working because I felt like I was floating on a cloud feeling good as shit. I leaned into his ear and started singing Beyonce, ”Tonight I’m gonna dance for you.”

“Give me one-second babe!”

I slid off his lap and watched him walk over to talk to Big C. Big C walked off and brought a manager back to talk to Lyric and the next thing I know the waitresses came over grabbing his hookah and bottles and walked to the back room where they give private dances.

Lyric walked back over towards me and extended his hand to me and I happily took it. He stood behind me wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Let’s go, babe,” he whispered in my ear then kissed my neck guiding us over to Big C as he lead us to the back.

I might need a drink to go with this high I’m feeling.

We ended up in a private room with a circular leather sectional that surrounded a pole dead center in the middle. It was mirrors on every wall plus the ceiling.

“Let me get a shot of that Patrone Lyric.”

He laughed as he poured and handed me my drink. He wrapped his arm around me and brought me close to him. “You nervous babe?”

Hell yeah!

“Naw, let me get that other shot though.” He laughed at my sad attempt to lie.

“Well it’s just me and you babe, no need for all that nervous shit,” he kissed my neck again. “Ok?”

I looked into those chocolate eyes and got my source of motivation.

“Our special guest in the place tonight Lyric Treble bout to bless the stage in a few. But let’s slow it down for a minute for all the ladies in the club tonight to get ya’ll in the mood to make this money,” the DJ came across the speakers.

I just shook my head at him because I knew he had something to do with that. And with that big grin plastered all over his face confirmed it even more as Bandz by August Alsina flowed through the speakers.

🎶Oh, what would it take to make you happy?
Don’t hesitate to let me know
Tell me what are you looking for exactly?
Open up your mouth and let a nigga know
Baby would you tell me, please
What I can do to make you smile again
Just say the word and baby I will do
Whatever that takes for me to brighten your day
So baby what do you say?🎶

Lyric sat down and took a hit from his hookah. I leaned down and cupped his face then pressed my mouth to his to get another shotgun. I stroked his cheeks with my thumbs as he smiled up at me. I smiled back.

I walked over to the pole, mentally thanking Miranda for dragging me to that pole dancing class a couple of months ago. I grabbed it and started swaying my hips then dropping down to a squat still rolling my hips then bringing it back up to a standing position.

🎶Bands will make her dance, bands will make her dance
All these chicks popping pussy, I’m just popping bands
Bands will make her dance, bands will make her dance
These chicks clapping and they ain’t using hands🎶

I leaned my back on the pole and started slow winding my hips again then turned around. I pulled up on the pole hosting my body up half-way and wrapping my leg around the silver rod and spun back down. Falling into a split.

🎶Cause your body look so nice
And you be telling me, tonight I’m gonna dance for you
Baby what can I do for you?🎶

He took a stack of $20′s and made it rain on me. Money was flying everywhere.

“Come here girl.”

“Wassup?” I asked getting up and straddling his lap again.

“That was the sexiest fucking thing I ever saw.”

“Bullshit, you just gassing me up, Lyric.”

“What I gotta say to you to make you believe me when I tell you that you the shit babe? The baddest girl in this club right now just got on the pole for me and bout to give me a lap dance,” he smirked on that last part.

“You're a mess,” I giggled as the music faded into Body Right by Jacquees.

🎶My eyes ain’t seen your body in a minute
My hands ain’t rubbed your thighs in a minute
I’ma lay you on your side when I hit it
I know bitches telling lies, but you winning🎶

“I’m so serious though,” he said with a straight face.

I started grinding on his lap and running my hands through his hair.

“Damn De, I’m trying to have some self-control with you but you making it real hard for me right now. In more ways than one,” he said with a smirk.

I definitely felt what he was talking about. And with the weed in my system and throwing back some more of the Patrone I shamelessly didn’t mind rubbing my pussy and ass all against his erection.

🎶I’ma do your body right when I get it
I’ma do your body right when I get it
I’ma do your body right
I’ma do your body right when I get it
I’ma do your body right when I get it🎶

He started rubbing his hands up my thighs pushing my dress up exposing my ass and thong as he kissed on my neck. I got up turning my back to him then straddling him again backwards then leaned forward twerking my ass for him.

“Shit!” was all I heard him say as his hand lightly smacked both my ass cheeks.

I leaned back up straight.

“Unzip me Lyric.”

His hand moved to my zipper. I felt his lips inch down my back kissing down my spine as he pulled my zipper down. I pulled my arms out of my dress exposing that I didn’t have on a bra and I brought his hands to my waist. Then slowly inched them up my stomach and made him cup my breasts.


“Yes, Lyric.”

I leaned my head back and he pressed his lips on mines sticking his tongue down my throat.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned into his mouth as his hands firmly gripped and massaged my breasts.

~Knock, Knock~

“Sorry to interrupt Playboy but it’s time for you to get on stage,” I hear Big C’s voice echo from behind the curtain.

“Fuck,” he said softly wiping his hand over his face. “Yeah C I’ll be out, give me a second.”

I took a deep breath trying to calm my hot and bothered self down. Slipping my arms back into my dress. I felt Lyrics hand fall to the middle of my back zipping me back up.

We both stood up and I pulled my dress down. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my lips.

“Stay here ok, I’mma send Victor back to help you get ya money up and then I want you to stay with him till I do this set. Then we outta here ok.” He kissed my lips again.

“Ok,” I said softly and watched him leave out of the room.

Lyric did what he said. Soon as he was done hyping the crowd and sung a few of his songs we left right out.

I was too wasted to drive home so Victor drove my car home while I rode with Lyric and Big C.

I was laying my head into his chest as he held me close and fell asleep on his chest.

I woke up to Lyric, holding me bridal style placing me into my bed.

“Mmmm, I had fun,” my eyes were halfway closed.

“I’m glad you had fun babe,” he said brushing my hair back with his fingers.

“Stay with me tonight.”

“I want to but I don’t think I should.” He leaned down and kissed my cheek.


“Cause you’re tipsy and high, and I don’t want you to regret me like you did last time.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t regret you. I just was scared.”

He kissed my cheek again. “You never have to be scared of me De.”

“Please stay for a little.”

I heard him do a deep exhale as he takes off his jacket and shoes and gets in bed with me spooning me into him. I held on to his arms as he kissed my forehead.

“Thank you.”

“Go to sleep babe.”

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