His Assistant 3

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Chapter 4-You Say I’m Just a Friend

You can call me anytime you like (oh anytime)It doesn’t matter day or night ( said it doesn’t matter)
We can do whatever you (ohh)
Wanna do it’s up to you
Don’t fight the feeling that you feel (don’t fight the feelin)
I can tell that its real (oh girl)
So won’t you have me as your man
Why you say I’m just a friend

Oh baby you (oh baby you)Got what I need
But you say I’m just a friend
But you say I’m just a friend


I woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon. It had been a while since Javion cooked for me but it definitely reminded me of one of the many reasons I fell for him. I guess I wouldn’t beat myself up too much today about letting him spend the night. Especially when it ended up with me filling my stomach.

Javion was at my stove in nothing but a pair of boxer shorts. Damn the site of those tattoos and him working those pots and pans had me feeling some type of way. Right then I had to make a crucial decision. Get my fill off of eggs and bacon or get a fill off of what he had hidden in those gray and black plaid boxer shorts.

I slid my hands around his waist and brushed my lips across his back. Tracing out every letter on his shoulder blades with my tongue. S T R E N G T H. I smiled to myself as he flinched a little from the contact.

“Did my Princess not get enough last night....cause Daddy can serve you up something more than these eggs and bacon,” he said turning towards me and kissing my lips.

“Hmmm,” I rolled my eyes around and tapped my index finger on my chin.

“Stop playing with me Princess, bring that ass over here!”

He lifted me up and propping me on the kitchen counter. His lips were all over my neck while his hands crept their way through my silk robe groping my breast.

His hands slid down to my knees spreading me wide open, dropping kisses straight down my chest, inching his way down my stomach. I guess he wanted this snapper to go with his eggs and bacon.

Javion was just about to lay that lethal tongue of his right between my thighs when I hear a knock at the door.


Javion chuckled while he kissed my inner thigh. “You were expecting company, Princess?”

“Hell no, it’s just probably somebody trying to sell something.”

He starts back kissing on my thighs again but the knocks on my door get louder.

"What. The. Fuck."

“It’s ok Princess get the door,” he said standing up to kiss my cheek.

Whoever the hell was behind the door was going to get a nice tongue lashing from me this morning.

I tied my robe back and trudged to the front door tiptoeing to look through the peephole.

What the fuck was he doing here?!

I opened the door closing it slightly behind me.

“What the hell are you doing here Lyric,” I was scream whispering.

“Damn Babe happy to see you too. I just came to see if you wanted to go out for breakfast. I know you been working hard unpacking and since you won’t let me help I’d thought I’d treat you.”

His 6 foot 2-inch frame looked down on me as he licked his lips, moving closer towards me as he leaned on my door frame.

“I’m sorry hun, that’s so sweet but it’s just......right now is not a good time.”

“With that robe, you got on I’d think it was the right time Babe,” he was eyeing me all over.

“Lyric, eyes up here,” I said pointing to my face.

He gave a little smirk. “Well, you gotta stop being half-naked when I come around you, Babe,” he winked.

“Princess, you good?”

“Yes, I’m fine Jay it’s just my neighbor,” I said turning to yell back through the door.

“Jay?” His face looked like he was sucking on a sour patch. “So I guess Jay already had you for breakfast this morning and by the way, you’re whispering you haven’t told him that you and I are-”

“Friends again? No, I haven’t. Trust me, either way, he’s not gonna be happy about it. He’s still pissed about you kissing me.”

“His problem not mines.”

“Really Lyric?”

He rolled his eyes. “If he’s gonna be mad anyway you might as well tell him. I don’t know what the fuck you really see in him. He’s obviously not making you happy like he should be.”

“And how do you know I’m not happy Lyric?”

“You act like I haven’t known you for over a decade,” he said biting his bottom lip and slowly dragging his fingertips across my collarbone.

My eyes slammed shut as my body shivered from his touch.

“Lyric, you promised you wouldn’t,” I whispered taking a deep breath.

He grabbed my hips pulling me into him. My heart was about to leap out of my chest as I see his face come deathly close to mine. It was like his hands had my body paralyzed.

He had this devilish grin on his face, just as I thought he was gonna kiss me again he went to my left ear.

“I’ll text you later Babe.”

“You’re an ass,” I replied blowing the breath I was holding out.

“I love you too Babe,” he said giving me a grin and walking off.

Ok if we were gonna work on being friends again we are definitely gonna have to lay out some rules and boundaries.

I walked back into my apartment closing the door behind me walking towards the empty kitchen. He had my plate waiting so I dove right in.

I was stuffing my mouth with bacon when Javion walked from the bedroom fully dressed.

“You’re leaving?”

He walked over cupping my face and kissed my lips.

“Don’t give me that look, Princess. I need to make a couple of moves. I promise I’ll be back ok.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Ok, whateva!” I moved his hand from my face. I pushed my plate away I had suddenly lost my appetite.


I crossed my arms ignoring him.

“Princess.........ok well I guess I can stay and miss my appointment with the travel agent I just talked to.”

“Travel Agent?”

“Oh so you can speak now,” he said with a smirk.

“Don’t be a jerk all your life Javion.”

He turned my stool towards him wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Well this jerk was trying to surprise you with a trip to St. Lucia but if you don’t wanna go....”

“The hell I do! Really?!" I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his lips.

“Oh, now she loves me.”

“Shut up, I always love you, I just don’t like when you piss me off.”

He pulled my forehead to his. “Hey I told you I was gonna try to do better and I meant that ok, Princess.”

“Ok,” I said giving him a soft smile.

This was definitely a great step in the right direction. We were way overdue for some quality time. And this trip is exactly what we need to hash out all our issues and rekindle that spark we lost along the way.

Miranda and I were getting in some real retail therapy to help me get ready for my big trip with Jay in 2 days.

“I don’t know why you’re buying all these damn clothes girl. You know you and Javion gone be fucking like rabbits the whole time there.”

“I can’t with you sometimes Miranda. But I do see your point,” I giggled looking through a rack of swimsuits.

“But I’m glad to see him putting up the effort though, he had me worried for a bit. I thought my boy wasn’t gonna get it together for my girl.”

“Yeah, me either but I glad he’s really trying to get it together for me.”

Miranda and I chat it up as my phone starts to ring.


“What’s up, Babe.”

“Umm, nothing just out shopping with Miranda.”

“Mmmm, you finally buying some clothes, I was liking you greeting me halfway naked De.”

“Whatever, Lyric.”

“I’m just joking calm down. I see he got you with a stick up your ass all the time. Just chill De.”

“Lyric...........how may I help you?”

“Don’t do me like that De. I just called to see if you wanna have lunch with me. Since you blew me off for breakfast the other day.”

"I did not blow you off, you came by uninvited and I had company. Company, that particularly doesn’t appreciate yours right now.”

“Once again Babe that’s not my problem, I came to see you not him.”

“You know what..........sure. We gotta discuss some things anyway.”

He laughed into the phone. “Sure, looking forward to it. I’ll see ya bossy ass later.”

I hit the end call button on my cell, then looked up to see Miranda standing with her arms crossed leaned to the side.

“Oh, no heifer when were you gonna tell me!”

“Tell you what?” I asked looking through another rack of swimsuit covers.

She was giving me the evil eye and it was burning a hole in my head.

“Ok, Miranda damn.”

“What I wanna know is, are you two........,” She was cutting her eyes at me.

“Are we what Miranda?” I knew what she meant but I liked messing with her crazy self.

“Ok, bitch you wanna play games. So let me lay it all out there. When did you and Lyric start back talking and bitch are y’all...fucking?” She gasped loudly, “Oh Lawd you done made the man your side piece! Jesus take the wheel,” she said holding her hands to the sky.

“First of all do you have to be so damn extra trick? Second of all, we aren’t fucking we are just friends nothing more. We just ran into each other when I went to see Jay at Flexspan the other day. And it was just like old times, so I don’t know he asked could we work on being friends again and I said yes.”

“Girl, Javion’s gone kick your ass when he finds out.”

“Man, I know he’s gonna be mad but he gotta learn to trust me and Lyric promised it’s gonna stay that way.”

“Bitch do you hear ya self. That man was in love with you and probably still is.....correction I’m damn near positive he still is. Do you honestly think he’s gonna be hanging around you and be ok with just being your friend?”

“I mean yeesssss, I guess so?” Miranda was looking at me cross-eyed.

“Look he caught me out the blue. I was upset with Jay and we were chilling and talking and it felt like old times......damn. I just hated how we ended things and when he brought up us just be friends again, I just said yes. I guess I didn’t think that shit all the way through.....”

“Ahhh, shit Miranda, I think I done fucked up!”

“Uggh yeah chick! First of all, if you really thought everything would be cool you wouldn’t be hiding it from Jay.”

“I wasn’t trying to hide it.....I was just waiting for the right time to tell him. But I just felt like Lyric was being genuine, not trying to inch his way back in with me.”

“Yeah, inch his way back in alright, fuck that he trying to give you all those inches he’s got. Girl, I’m bout to plan your damn funeral,” she shook her head laughing.

Miranda and I finished buying up the mall for about an hour before we parted ways. Lyric ended up texting me to meet him at Mary Mac’s for lunch. Pulling up in an empty parking spot. I sat for a minute contemplating what Miranda and I talked about earlier.

“Welcome to Mary Mac’s Tearoom. Will, it just be you dining today ma’am?” the hostess asked pulling a menu from her podium.

“No, I’m Dereon Parker I’m supposed to be meeting Lyric Treble here.”

“Oh, yes Ms. Parker right this way. Mr. Treble is in our private banquet room,” she explained leading the way.

I almost forgot how it was being friends with a superstar. Things like going out to eat to the average person was more than likely no big deal. But when your R&B’s most eligible bachelor it can be one hell of a circus. Paparazzi, screaming fans, groupies and up and coming artists trying to hand off their demos seemed to make it difficult to enjoy things simple as dining out.

Walking up to the banquet room a familiar large silhouette stood outside of the door.

“Big C!” I screamed running over to give him a hug.

“Hey there, how’s my DeDe been?”

“I’m good! Aww man, I’ve missed you Big C. I hope Lyric hasn’t been making you work too hard.”

“Naw, it’s been pretty mellow lately. But you ma’am should visit more often.”

I gave him a soft smile.

“He really misses you, baby girl.”

I couldn’t respond. I just gave him a hug and told him we’d talk later before opening up the doors and walked inside.

“Hey Babe,” Lyric had a smile getting up to pull out my chair.

“When did you learn some manners?”

“Well next time I’ll let you pull out your own damn chair chick.”

“It’ll just be like old’ times then since you wanna be a smart ass.”

He rolled his eyes and I laughed as the waitress came in to take our orders. As I held my menu giving the waitress my selections I could feel his eyes on me. He was giving that look. That familiar look he used to give me after he confessed he had feelings for me.

Damn Miranda was right.

“You know we need to talk right.”

“You mentioned that earlier,” he said taking a sip from his cup of Sprite.

“I just.......I just need to......”

He gave me a smile reaching over and intertwining our fingers. I looked down at our hands locked together and almost lost my train of thought.

“Go ahead Babe, you know you can tell me anything,” he smiled contently.

I just let it flow out.

“I just need to know if your intentions are more than just us being friends. Because if it is I don’t think we should do this. I don’t know what you want from me and the way you’ve been all touchy-feely,” I pulled my hand away, “it’s like you want more. It’s not right if you’re not being straight with me Lyric. I’m with Javion you need to get over it and move on.”

He stood up.

“Where are you going?”

“I lost my fucking appetite.”

“Damn we just ordered!”

“What the fuck De? You talking ‘bout I’m the one with the ego problem. Sorry to disappoint yo’ ass but I’m not home plotting to take you away from your dude. I’m not hard up for your ass. I’m not that fucking desperate. If I want pussy I can get it where ever and whenever I want to, it ain’t that hard.”

He threw a hundred dollar bill on the table.

“And you not that special!”


He grabbed his black leather coat and walked out.

Well, ain’t that bout a bitch.......

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