His Assistant 3

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Chapter 5-Little Games That Daddy Plays

I just wanna touch you, please you
Show I miss you babe
Kiss you
Fuck you
Surf you, ride your waves
I just wanna lick you, taste you
Make love to you babe
Kiss you
Fuck you
Surf you, ride your waves

~Paloma Ford Feat. Dave East

I couldn’t contain my excitement as I sat down in my window seat in first class buckling my seatbelt. A huge grin was plastered all over my face and nobody could steal my joy today.

Skimming through the Jade Mountain Resort brochure, I read for the millionth time all the amenities they had.

“Oh babe, look can we go horseback riding on the beach, and then we can have a couples massage in the morning after we have breakfast. Oh and look we can go snorkeling. I always wanted to try that.”

Javion had this dazed look on his face. But quickly tried to turn it into a forced smile once he realized I was talking to him.

“Whatever makes my Princess happy,” he said kissing my cheek.

“What’s wrong baby? You looking crazy right now. I know you not nervous about flying, so wassup?”

“Nothing babe I’m just a little tired. But definitely looking forward to having some Q.T.,” he kissed my lips, “with my baby.”

After a long 16 hour flight, we had finally arrived. I was so ready to take in all of whatever St. Lucia had to offer. But when I looked at Javion he still didn’t look to have the same level of enthusiasm that I had.

“Babe you sure you’re ok,” I asked again wrapping my arms around his waist and squeezing tightly. He gave me another smile and once again I could tell it was forced.

“Princess stop worrying, I’m good.” He kissed my forehead.

I didn’t want to force it anymore. I knew something was up with him but if he didn’t want to tell me now I wasn’t gonna push him. I sure he would tell me when he was ready.

The sun was setting as our taxi drove down along the windy roads to the resort. The lush tropical greenery and the warm bronze sky was something to look at and I had to pinch myself to reassure that it wasn’t a dream. I was here with the most important person in my life right now.

After arrival and checking in the concierge takes our bags and shows us to our room and when he opens the door to our suite I’m in total orgasmic bliss!

“Did Daddy do good Princess?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

My hand was covering my mouth before I let out a squeal. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling into a passionate kiss. My tongue swirl around tasting every inch of his mouth before I let him go so we could catch our breath.

“Damn was that a yes.”

“You better believe that’s a hell fuck yes!” I nipped at his bottom lip bringing it into my mouth sucking gently. Daddy gone get all this pussy this week plus more for this!” He laughed before kissing me gently.

“But really baby it’s beautiful, that view oh my god! As long as we get to wake up to that every morning together I’ll be satisfied!”

“Me too De,” he kissed my forehead.

After exploring our room like a 5-year-old toddler at Toys R Us, we decided to get dressed and head down to the main restaurant for dinner.

The restaurant also exposed us to St. Lucia’s beautiful landscape. The lush greenery and flowers, the beautiful view of the mountains. Plus the sun finally making its descent passed the coastline was a little recipe to set the romantic ambiance.

I was so happy we were here together spending time enjoying each other’s company. Just talking to each other about any and everything. Simple shit we didn’t do anymore because he never had the time to. This is the Javion I fell in love with the one I wanted to marry. The Javion that wanted to marry me.

I could sit back and admire how fine he was for once. His curly hair cut into a Mohawk now his hazel-green eyes filled with so much passion and looking at those plump caramel lips of his had me feeling some type of way. I bite my bottom lip.

“Princess.......stop doing that.”

I’m not sure if it was the smell of the hot tropic rain in the air, or maybe because he was wearing that damn red silk tie but I was wet. Wet with the need for him to have his way with me.

I had slipped one of my heels off guiding my foot against his leg.

“Stop what,” I asked raising an eyebrow, my voice was low and raspy, guiding my foot higher into his thighs.

I watched as he shut his eyelids and let out a soft grunt. Before forcing them to open again.

“What have I told you about playing games with me princess.”

I picked up one of the complimentary chocolate-covered strawberries the waiter placed on our table earlier. Placing it into his mouth, he took a bite. But grabbed my wrist before I pulled away licking the chocolate off my index finger.

“Mmmm, sweet, fat and juicy like your pussy.” He said placing his hands under the table rubbing on my freshly shaven legs. He pulled my foot deeper into his lap showing me his cock was locked and loaded if I was ready to pull the trigger.

“I’m sorry Jay,” I licked my lips.

He pushed my foot down gently. “Put your shoe on Princess,” his voice was heavy and husky.

He jumped up from the table, startling me as I fumbled to push my foot back into my heel. I tried to catch up to him, walking briskly towards the elevator.

I walked in with him as he leaned back onto the elevator wall, the doors closing behind me.

I walked up to him closing the space between us pressing my breast into his chest. Looking straight into his eyes they were dark and lustful. They were craving for me to submit to him. But I got a kick out of being his defiant naughty little Princess.

I rubbed my nose against his nose. Brushing my lips against his lips. Pulling away a little as soon as he tried to deepen the kiss. I went to guide my hand up the inside of his thigh. He flinched when my fingers brushed past his dick, exposing to me how hard he was for me.

Grabbing my wrist in his hand and squeezing my cheeks with the other he pushes me into the corner.

“Did Daddy give you permission to touch.”

“No Jay,” I raised my eyebrow giving him a smirk. He slid his hand from my cheeks to my neck, kissing my lips.

“You know Daddy’s gonna have to punish you, Princess, I know, you know better. If you want it you know what you gotta do.”

“I know,” I said breathing heavily against his lips.

“Oh, really.”

An evil smirk perched on his lips as he turned me around pushing me up against the wall pulling up my dress past my hips.




“Aah Mmmm.”

I could feel the drip from my fountain about to overflow.

He squeezed my ass firmly with both hands pressing close behind me. Pulling my thong out of the way, then he slipped a finger between my folds. Guiding it up and down my slippery runway.

His lips were close to my ears, brushing them gently up my earlobe.

“Your pussy’s dripping wet Princess, you really like it when I punish you don’t you?”

“Yes, baby,” I whispered.

I could feel his lips curve into a smile before he pulled my dress back down. I almost forgot we were in a damn elevator. Finally reaching our floor he grabbed my hips pulling me close as we walked back together to our room.

My hands were trembling trying to pull the key card to our room from my clutch.

Javion had me pressed against the door his lips were all over my neck but his hand was under my dress. His middle finger deep inside my pussy fingering me, making me even wetter than I already was.

“Baby, stop, I can’t think straight....let.....let......me open the door,” I panted still trying to fumble for that damn key card.

“You don’t think I won’t fuck you right here Princess,” his lips brushed my spot behind my ear when I feel another finger push inside of me.

“Just tell me,” he pushed into me harder.

“Ahhhhh, shit. Baby, you’re gonna make cum right here,” I moaned softly grabbing onto his arm.

“Then you better open that door, Princess.”

In the hallway, you could hear the soft moans escaping from my lips and the juices from my pussy splash around as he thrust his fingers inside of me.

“Oh gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd.”

“Don’t you want Daddy’s dick balls deep in this wet pussy Princess?”

I was starting to grind on his fingers. I had lost all indications of what I really was supposed to be doing.

“Card Princess..........Or imma fuck you right here, but you gotta tell Daddy the magic words.”

At that point, I didn’t even care anymore. He was all I wanted right now and our location wasn’t even a factor as long as he would be deep inside me.

Javion tugged at the zipper from my dress. Pulling it down slowly stopping halfway as his tongue trailed my exposed skin leading back up to my neck.

“Just fuck me already Jay,” I said breathlessly.

I heard him give a small chuckle when he backed away from me taking his wet fingers with him.

He skimmed his fingers under his nose inhaling me, breathing in deeply before putting them in his mouth. “Mmmm,” he moaned enjoying how I tasted on his fingers.

I hated how he toyed with me. This was part of my punishment....it was like a game for him, a game I had to figure out now. He wasn’t gonna touch me now, he wanted me to beg for it and I wasn’t ready to give in yet...I don’t know, just say I like a challenge.

“Let’s go to bed Princess,” he said with a smirk on his face.

“Ok,” I said with the same smirk on my face.

He pulled a key card out of his pocket to unlock the door and I shot him the nastiest look. That asshole had a key already. He took one look at me and laughed.

He walked up to me the grin still on his face kissing my cheek, then talking into my ear, “You’re not gonna win Princess so go ahead and tell me.”

“Nope,” I said smiling and walking into the suite.

The sexual tension in the room was thick as hell. You could almost smell the distinct aroma in the air. It was hot I was hot but today was my day. I would’ve usually given in to our Daddy & Princess roleplay we’d do from time to time, but not this time. I wanted him to beg me for it for once. So I decided to take a move from Daddy’s playbook.

“Dereon what the fuck!”

He had finally fallen asleep so I took the opportunity to handcuff him to the headboard. I was straddling him as I dangled the keys in front of his face.

“What’s wrong babe? As many times as you tied me up, I thought you would like it.”

“Ok, De stop playing and-.”

I smacked him across the face then squeezed his cheeks in my hand.

“Stop being a bitch and shut the fuck up!” I stuck my tongue down his throat.

Even while tied up as I was kissing him he still tried to take charge. I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back.


“Listen to me muthafucka’, you speak when I tell you to speak, kiss me when I tell you to kiss me, fuck me when I tell you to fuck me!”

“Do you hear me?!” I commanded pulling his head back again.

He gave out a soft grunt a smirk etched on his lips, “Yes, my Princess.”

“That’s a good boy.”

I put my pussy right on his face.

“Now muthafuka’ eat this pussy till I cum!”

"Aaaahh.....fuck yes just like that.”

Javion’s tongue was licking laps around my pussy. Sucking then swirling flicking then twirling his tongue around my pulsating clit. The feeling was insatiable.

“This pussy taste good to you baby......AAAAHHH!"

“Mmmhhhmmm,” he moaned, his face was buried deep in it.


I eased up off of him grabbing his hair.

“You want more of this pussy baby?”

“You know I do,” he said with a smile on his face. It was covered all in my juices.

“Tell me you want me to fuck your face.”

He gave a little chuckle.

“Come.......,” he stuck his tongue out, then licked against my swollen bud.






“Oh, fuck......shit! Mmmm,” I was moaning, bouncing up and down on his tongue as it went in and out of me. My fingernails dug into the headboard as I road out my waves of pleasure.

“Yes.....yeess....mmmm.....yeeessss...make me cum muthafucka’!”

“Mmmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm,” he was moaning like he was eating the best meal of his life. Fucking me with his tongue and nuzzling his nose against my throbbing clit. A great equation summing up into making me cum.

“Oh, shit...yes....yes...ooohhh.....fucking cumming!”

His eyes were locked dead on me as I rode my orgasm out over his mouth. I couldn’t see his lips but I could tell he had the biggest smirk on them.

I slid myself off of his mouth then pressed my lips against his, tasting myself all over them.

“Mmmmm, you did good baby, so you ready for me to fuck you now.”

“I stay ready,” he said biting his bottom lip that cockiness of his all in his tone. He tugged on the handcuffs....eyeing them than looking at me as I wiggled down between his legs.

“Well if you do a good job,” I took his cock deep into my throat.

“Oh, shit,” he grunted.

“I might let you go.”

“You playing dirty right now.”

I giggled, “Now how is that Mr. Spence?”

“Cause you know those lips of yours are my weakness.......especially when their singing into my microphone.” His eyelids were heavy with lust as he licked his lips.

“You’re a mess,” I laughed.

“I think I might make a mess when you’re done with me.” With a smug grin on his face, he leaned his head back, “Do your worse Princess, fuck this muthafucka’ up.”

That grin on my face slowly disappeared as I slid down on his cock. Leaning my hands back on his thighs thrusting my hips forward grinding my pussy on him as my breast bounced along with my motion.


“That’s it, Princess, throw that pussy on this dick.”


“Ya baby,.....give me all that good pussy.”

He thrust his hips as I rolled mines finding our rhythm. The pressure building inside me had me clawing at his chest. I leaned forward kissing him still rocking on his dick. Squeezing my walls around him, I knew it drove him crazy.

My head fell to the crook of his neck as I was moaning into his ear he was moaning into mine.

“Mmmmm fuck.....Princess.....fuck....,” his eyes were rolling to the back of his head.

I nibbled on his ear, “Cum for me Daddy......cum for me baby.”

His moans filled my ear, telling me how good I felt and he was about to bust. So I showed him how naughty his Princess could be sliding back down to his dick taking him back into my mouth. Stroking his cock with one hand and massaging his balls with the other.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck....shit got damn,” he screamed releasing his warm seed into my mouth. Swallowing up all of his creamy goodness as it came to me. I thought he was gonna break the posts on the bed how hard he was pulling on those handcuffs.

“Shit Princess you win,” he said panting out every word.

“And what exactly did I win,” I asked with a giggle reaching over to uncuff his hands.

His hands slid down my torso gripping my hips when he flips me over to my back making me squeal.

“Whatever the hell you want Princess,” he said kissing on my neck.

“All I want is you, baby,” I whispered in response, reaching down to grab his dick stroking it gently.

He was already hard for me again. Those hazel eyes were dark and heavy with lust. Demanding me to turn over and arch my back for him. It felt so good having those strong hands caressed the length of my back. It was amazing how just the touch from his hands still gave me goosebumps after all this time.

“Baaaabbbyyy.” I whimpered as he slid inside of me, halfway teasing me with just the tip.

“You love me,” he asked still teasing me pulling the tip in and out.

“Mmmmmm, you know I do.”

He gripped my ass spreading my cheeks apart then thrust into me deep and hard. “Tell me Princess...say it I wanna hear you say it!”

His thrust into me hard again. “Oh shit...Daaaddddyyy....I.....I.”

He was balls deep all in it. Skin smacking against skin, when I felt his hand connect to my ass. “Say it!”

“I...I...love...you...oh fuck, oh fuucckk!”

He was so deep and I was so wet I could hear his dick splashing inside of me. I started to feel my walls closing in on him. My left hand dug into the sheets while my right hand reached down to play with my clit. As our bodies rocked back and forth on each other, the springs from the mattress creaking loudly across the room.

“That’s it baby play with ya pussy, cum for Daddy,” he commanded pulling my hips back and forth on his cock.

“Oh fuuuuccckkk,” I was screaming out to him, as I came and squirted all over his dick.

“Ahhhhhh......baby......cumming,” he moaned pulling out of me and released all over my bare ass.

He collapsed on the side of me pulling me onto his chest.

“I guess we book need a shower now since we wet each other up,” he laughed.

“I know but I can’t move though, my legs are too weak.”

Javion’s POV

I started to stroke her back with my fingers as she curled up into me. I’ve been missing her like this. We had been arguing so much lately and with me being at the studio all the time. I almost forgot how it felt to hold her without her being angry with me.

But I’m trying I really am I just need her to hold me down a little longer and I’ll give her everything she’s been begging me for.



“You know I love you right?”


I had a confession to tell her but whether she would receive the news graciously or chop me in my damn throat for it was yet to be determined.

I went to spill the news when I heard the light sounds of her snoring. I guess we’ll talk about it tomorrow.

The morning came and we were enjoying breakfast in bed. I loved seeing that smile on her face as I was feeding her grapes while she ran down the list of everything she wanted to do today.

“Ok baby I signed us up for an excursion today and then when we get done with that we can get a couple’s massage and then when we get done we can go hang out on the beach,” she said leaning forward to take the grape out of my hand with her mouth.

“Whatever you want Princess.”

“Whatever I want, huh,” she leaned up kissing my lips running her hands down my chest.

“Mmmm, don’t start something you can finish Princess. I don’t think we’ll make it to that excursion if I get between them thighs,” I bit her on her neck.

“How about we compromise and cut some time in half and we can shower together,” she wiggled her eyebrows.

I gave a small grin, “I’ll meet you in there Princess.”

She jumped up out of the bed running to the bathroom, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I heard a knock on the door.

I threw on my robe and walked to the door opening it. The grin on my face leaving instantly when I saw who it was.

“What’s up bro, why you look like your not happy to see me?”

“Jay whose at the door?”

I looked up to see De walking from the bathroom.


A confused look perched itself all over her face when she saw who it was. The confusion suddenly turned into anger and I knew it was about to be a Category 5 hurricane in St. Lucia........

“Javion why the fuck is Bobby here?!”

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