His Assistant 3

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Chapter 6- In The Eye of The Storm

This is a dangerous game of love
Accusing you of cheating on us baby
Cheating on love baby
And I know that is so dangerous just because I do the same baby
Cheating on love baby
Dangerous games, ah baby
Dangerous games


Javion’s POV

There was Bobby my manager standing at the front door. Of course, he’s late any other day but he decides today of all days to bring his ass early as hell! I wasn’t expecting him to arrive in St. Lucia until later this evening.

Truthfully the only reason we were in St. Lucia was because I had 3 days to shoot a video for the new single I recorded that day we had that fight on our anniversary. Bobby had already booked my ticket and I knew she was gonna trip about me leaving. So I was gonna spring it on her at the last minute. I know it would’ve been another damn argument but I was willing to take the chance. It was just gonna be 3 days and by the time I got back she would’ve calmed down enough to listen to reason.

I wasn’t planning on bringing De, but when I realized she moved out of my condo my hands were tied and I was desperate. So I called Bobby and had him buy her a ticket also and change the date to 2 days before it was time to shoot. I thought the 2 days would have been enough to smooth shit over with her and then give her the truth.

Shits about to get real serious right now.

“Hey, I just came up to tell you I’m here and we’ll start shooting the video around 3 pm,” he said looking over my shoulder to wave to Dereon.

I was expecting all hell to break loose after Bobby said video. I turned to look at her. She tilted her head and cut her eyes at me. But she didn’t say a word. She was silent.....De is never this quiet, her extra calm demeanor almost had me shaking in my Jordan’s.

“Good to see you De, I’m glad to see y’all got your little time in before Jay shoots this video. It’s gonna be hot,” Bobby says with a little bit of excitement in his voice while slapping me on the shoulders.

“Oh is that so,” she says cutting her eyes at me.

“Yeah did he tell you we got Makeeya the Body to be the lead in the video? She doesn’t do videos for anybody anymore. So we lucked out big time. This video is gone be in the top 10!”

I felt a bead of sweat fall down my forehead. I wish Bobby would shut the fuck up.

“Bobby I’ll meet you on set later,” I said shoving him out the door.

“Princess look, I know you’re mad but I swear I was trying to tell you!”

“Oh, yeah, when was that Jay, when your face was deep off in my pussy last night?”

“Princess, I’m sorry.”

“Yea, a sorry ass. I’m so fucking stupid you got me out here thinking you planned this whole trip out so we can spend time together and rebuild our relationship. And you really came to fucking work....to do a damn video! You’re so fucking selfish and you don’t even realize it,” she gritted her teeth and her lip trembled like she was about cry.

“Princess please don’t cry......please,” I said softly about to wipe the single tear that left her eye.

“Don’t your ass fucking touch me,” she whispered drawing her face back from me.

“Look, De, yes I lied ok, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. It’s just......you had moved out and I knew this video shoot was about to come up and I didn’t want to leave us in limbo like that. I just couldn’t afford to chance you leaving me for good before I got back. So...I thought I could do both and we could all be happy.”

She was shaking her head as she walked to the bathroom. The tears were falling down her cheeks as she slammed the door in my face. I didn’t mean to hurt her again but I had to do this video. It wasn’t something I could just brush off to go lay up under her for a week. I just need to give her some space until she cools down. Maybe after that, I can make it up to her I guess.

She finally decided to come out of the bathroom 20 minutes later. She had on a bikini top and a pair of short ass shorts that melted into her ass like butter. Her box braids were thrown up into a high ponytail with a large pair of shades covering her face.

“Where the hell you think you’re going dressed like that!”

“Far away from your ass! I keep telling you I’m not your child and you’re not my damn daddy,” she grunted pushing past me as I tried to grab her hand.

I tried to talk to her but she wasn’t trying to hear any of what I had to say. And at this point, I didn’t know what I was gonna say to get me back into her good graces.

And to be truthful I was over trying.

Dereon’s POV

I snatched my hand back from him and waltzed my ass right out of our room door. He wants to try to control me and keep me tied down so I won’t leave his ass. I was so fucking tired of this shit. He can’t really be that damn dense to think I’ll be ok with him lying to me about this. I thought he was gonna change. I’d prayed this was gonna be a new beginning for us to get back that spark, the passion we once had.

I was in the elevator looking at my engagement ring rolling it in between my fingers. I can’t keep doing this. I can’t keep trying to hold on to something that’s not trying to be held. I love him but I can’t allow him to keep hurting me like this.

I decided to go to the poolside bar and have a couple of drinks. I was stressed and needed a little something to get me through the day. I was only going to have 2 drinks but when I remembered what Bobby said about Javion filming with Makeeya The Body I got even more pissed.

Makeeya The Body was more like Makeeya the Thotty. She was an ex-video vixen whose claim to fame was having a small waist and a big ass and she didn’t mind fucking her way to the top.

I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting Makeeya via Lyric. He used her for a few videos he made over the years at the beginning of his career. He also used her to fuck off to for a few months right before he met Veronica. After I walked in on those two a couple of times I had to learn real quick to call before I got to his penthouse and then turn around and call again when I was outside his door.

I’ll give her one thing she could suck a mean dick though.

“Now how could you come to St. Lucia, looking as good as you look just to sit at a bar. You should be exploring the island and gracing us with that beautiful smile of yours,” I heard a voice say in a very deep Caribbean accent.

I rolled my eyes without even looking up from my glass full of vodka and cranberry juice.

“Sweetheart I’m engaged,” I said lifting up my left hand to show him my ring.

He gave a little chuckle, “I know you are, but what does that have to do with anything.”

Ok so now I have to be a bitch to get him to go away I thought. I looked up from my glass to give him a good ass cursing out. But was lost for words when I saw how damn sexy he was. Tall he was, with dark chocolate skin, a nice clean cut goatee and that smile of his showed all of those nice pearly white teeth.

Well damn.

“Ummm...well I don’t think my fiancé would appreciate you flirting with his woman,” I said gathering myself together.

“Oh is that so, well I’d just have to inform Mr. Spence that I was not flirting with his fiancée but actually stating the obvious and encouraging her to tour the island.”

His eyes were dead set on my lips and then they decided to take a quick short tour of their own down to my breast, waist, and thighs before meeting my eyes again.

“How did you know-”

“It’s my job to know our VIP guest at the resort, I’m one of the bar managers,” he said as I looked at the collared polo he was wearing with the Jade resort logo on the left side.

“Oh ok, well I apologize for assuming that.”

“No need to apologize, Ms. Parker. It’s just our job to make sure that all our VIPs enjoy themselves thoroughly....and experience all of what St. Lucia has to offer,” he said slightly biting the corner of his bottom lip.

“Well I did sign up for an excursion tour of the island but since my fiancé has to shoot a damn video I ended up having to cancel.”

“Why? You should be having fun not sitting here looking sad when you’re on vacation.”

I gave him a coy smile. He was right I shouldn’t be sitting around wallowing in my grief. I should be enjoying myself and not let Javion being an asshole stop my shine.

I asked him to sign me back up for that tour and everything I wanted to enjoy while I was there. He also told me about the nightclub they had on hotel grounds if I wanted to enjoy the music and nightlife they had here on the island.

I decided to stop by the video shoot before I went back up to the room for some rest before I went out tonight. I don’t know why I went, I guess a little part of me still wanted to support him no matter how much of an ass he’s been.

They were filming on a secluded section of the beach a half a mile from the hotel. After verifying who I was to security they pointed me in the right direction.

When I walked up I saw Makeeya being the hoe I knew for her to be, all up in Javion’s personal space. Her hands were feeling all on his chest, snickering and giggling at every stupid little thing Javion was saying out of his mouth.

“What the hell is going here?” I asked shooting both of them a deathly stare.

“Princess, I didn’t expect you to come up here,” he said leaving Makeeya behind and walking up to me. He tried to kiss me on my cheek, but I pulled my face away from him.

“Why the fuck is she all over you Jay?”

“Look don’t start with that jealous shit right now De. All she was doing was helping me rub some oil on for the video.”

“And you think I’d be ok with that hoe all over you like that?”

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re thinking right now De. You always seem to be mad at me about every fuckin’ thing!”

“Why the fuck do you think that genius!”

“It doesn’t even fucking matter right now De, nothing I do is right, so I guess what the fuck I do shouldn’t be a concern for me. So you’ll have to get over it like everything else,” he said coldly and walked himself back over to Makeeya.

Today I was going back and forth about what I should do. Did I want to leave or should I just try to stick it out and give it one last go? But those words were menacing. I realized at that moment that our relationship had run its course. That fire we had once upon a time was now gone and I had to accept that.

It was over now.........

There was nothing left to fight for.......

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