His Assistant 3

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Chapter 7-How De’ Got Her Groove Back

We can fuck if you feel like you want to
And we can do the things weh you feel you need to
And we can run the place like you need fi dweet to
Cah me swear ’pon me life me girl seh me nah go leave you


I was in the mirror in the bathroom staring at the puffiness in my eyes from me crying so much, I was done, I needed to go. I called the airlines to see if I could change my flight to get the hell off of this damn island. The best they could do was the day after tomorrow afternoon so I had to bear down the punishment of me being around him for another day and a half till my flight departed.

Well if I had to endure being here I might as well go out with a bang. I took a nice long hot shower, it would always help on stressful days.

I got out the shower drying off and put on my black mesh leggings with my floral mesh v-neck crop top and some black strappy wedges. I took my braids out of the ponytail and let them fall past my hips. I put my makeup on and sprayed my Juicy Couture perfume, grabbed my clutch and headed out the door.

I walked out near the poolside to get some fresh air before I went into the club. It was full of guests partying and drinking. Just enjoying themselves and having the time of their lives.

I was just about to leave when I caught Javion sitting on a lounge from my peripheral. Once again there was Makeeya the Thotty all over him. She was leaning all into him and rubbing her hand on his thigh.

I kept telling myself that we were done to fight the urge to go snatch that bitch up by her cheap-ass weave. If he wanna fuck the hoe he’s welcomed to since everybody else has.

Walking into the Jade Nightclub I went straight to the bar. I probably shouldn’t even be drinking this Hennessy right now but the way my day has been set up it’s more than needed.

The reggae music was vibing and you could tell I was fucked up by what I just saw with Javion because I didn’t even want to dance. Maybe I just needed a little bit more to drink to get out of this mood I’m in.

“Now Ms. Parker why is it every time I see you, your sitting at the bar looking like somebody stole your puppy?” I heard that familiar Caribbean accent whisper into my ear.

I gave him a forced smile as I put my cup to my mouth.

“Don’t mind me, I just got a lot on my brain right now.”

“Something, tells me you need something or....somebody to help get some of that worry of ya brain.”

“You think so,” I said laughing a bit.

He took my left hand rubbing his thumb across the spot where my engagement ring used to be.

“From the way this finger is ringless tonight I’d think you know that too,” he was staring at me with those dreamy eyes of his.

"Ugggh ummm......you know you’ve told me all about the hotel and St. Lucia but never told me your name.”

“Kaí,” he said kissing my left hand he still had a hold on.

“Kaí, huh...I like that it suits you.”

“And you know what I like?”

“No, but I gotta feeling you going to tell me,” I said with a giggle.

He swiveled my chair around to face him and stood between my legs, running his large hands up both of my thighs, leaning into my ear to speak.

“I like these tights you got on. Mmmmm those legs look like they lead straight to heaven.”

"Ummm, uggh, t-thanks?”

“I’m off the clock right now. So to make sure we don’t have any misunderstandings Dereon,” he nipped at the bottom of my earlobe sending a shockwave tingling right up my spine, “I am definitely flirting with you this time.”

Oh, Jeezus!

He had me flustered as hell and the sad thing about it was he knew it. I turned to my drink and gulped that shit down.

“Bartender can I get another Hennessy and cran!”

He chuckled at me as he told the bartender to give me whatever I wanted and put it on his tab.

“You don’t have to do that Kaí, I’m more than capable of paying for my own drinks.”

“I’m sure you are very capable of many things. But a beautiful woman like you the least I can do is offer to buy you a drink.”

I laughed, “I’m sure you’ve been buying a lot of drinks then.”

He bit that chocolate bottom lip of his, running his hand down my arm,” Not really, it’s been a minute since somebody as sexy as you made me want to spend my money.”

“You are a little touchy there Mr. Kaí,” I said bringing his hand off of my arm.

“My bad, you gotta excuse the Leo in me, when I see something I want I go hard for it,” he said pressing closer into me.

Oh yes, Kaí, haarrddd and big, and hard and long and omg!

He leaned into my ear again. “Do you see how hard the situation is I’m dealing with Dereon?”

He cupped the other side of my face with his hand. Then he pulled me closer to him as his tongue licked the outskirts of my ear. As soon as he was done he kissed my spot right behind my ear.

"Mmmmm,” I couldn’t help but moan out loud.

I don’t know what the hell was going on with me. All I know is he was getting me so freaking hot and bothered. My head was definitely all over the place. This damn Hennessey again I swear I need to stop drinking, he got me seriously re-evaluating my life decisions.

Kaí was rubbing his thumb across my bottom lip before he grabbed my chin pulling me in about to kiss me.

I almost went for it but I felt a wave of guilt hit me hard as hell as I turned my head away and gently pushed him back, stopping his advances.

“Umm Kaí, I-I can’t........trust me as much as I want to...really really want to, it’s probably not the best thing to do right now.”

I know I was a little bit tipsy and wasn’t in the best state of mind and even though I was done with Javion we hadn’t officially called it quits yet. If I would’ve let Kai keep this up I would probably end up with him licking on more then just my ear tonight.

He gave me a soft smile.

“I can respect that,” he chuckled a little.

“What’s funny?”

“I’m just thinking, he was a lucky ass, cause even in the midst of you two breaking up you still staying loyal to him. You don’t find that type of loyalty these days.”

“Yea I guess you don’t.”

I spent a couple more hours in the club just hanging out, talking and chilling with Kaí. He was a great dancer and in that little bit of time, he had kept my mind off of all the drama that I had going on right now.

“You really didn’t need to walk me to my room Kaí.”

“Yes, I did, a gentleman always walks his date to the door.”

“But we weren’t on a date though,” I said with a laugh.

“I know Dereon, but you shot me down tonight so at least let a brother pretend.”

“You’re cute Kaí.”

“Oh really, well how about you invite me in and you can finish telling me how cute I am,” he said leaning up against the doorframe pinning my body between him and the door. His face was so close I could feel the heat from his lips tickle my lips.

That gaze of his had me locked in, I had to seriously give my pussy a pep talk.

Cool it down there...This is not How Stella Got Her Groove Back!

He gave me a sexy smirk.

I had to roll my eyes and laugh.

“Well if by any miracle of a chance you might change ya mind,” he took my phone out of my hand and put his number in, “call me.”

I shook my head and laughed again.

“Goodnight Kaí,” I said opening my door to the suite and closing it behind me.

I kicked my shoes off and went straight to the bathroom tying my hair up. I was about to turn the shower on when I heard the suite door open and shut. I instantly tensed up. I really wasn’t in the mood to deal with Javion right now. But we needed to hash this shit out and put it all out there.

I was about to step out of the bathroom door when I heard a girl’s voice.

“I don’t know why you’re still with her Javion. Obviously, she doesn’t respect what you do. That’s how the industry is, she needs to get over that shit.”

“Me and her just been bumping heads so much, I just thought me bringing her here would make things better but... ”

“Shhh....baby she got you so stressed. Let KeyKey make you feel better...... ”

I stood at the bathroom door watching the whole scene unfold like a bad fucking horror movie.

Her hands running through his hair then wrapped around his neck. She pecked his lips then kissed his neck and slid her hands to his belt buckle, trailing her lips down his chest as she dropped to her knees.

The most hurtful thing is that he didn’t protest.....not even once.

“Fucking slut ass hoe!” I screamed.

She jumped up when she saw me and I grabbed a hold of that cheap-ass mink yaki and tried to yank that shit out.

She fell back taking me along with her. And my fist connected to face as she tried to pull on my braids, kneeing me in the stomach.

“Javion you better get this crazy bitch of yours!” she said finally wiggling from up under me.

“I’mma kill this bitch I swear to God!” I yelled grabbing the glass vase off the coffee table ready to swing it across her head before Javion grabbed my arm. Suddenly holding me hostage as I kicked and screamed for him to let me go.

“De calm the fuck down, what the fuck is wrong with you!” he yelled.

“Wrong with me? You taking up for this thot ass hoe!”

“Control ya bitch Jay or you, me, and this video are done,” she said wiping the blood from her nose and walking out the door.

“You thirsty hoe!”

All I could see was red as I screamed trying to claw my way out of Javion’s arms to get to her. But he wouldn’t let me. I’m not even sure who he was protecting me or her.

“De! Fucking calm down....please!”

“Get the hell off me.....you.....you!” The pure anger boiling in my blood wouldn’t even let me speak straight. It hurt too much to even have him touch me.

I turned to look at him after he finally let me go and the words began to pour out of my mouth like acid.

“Your bitch ass was gone let her slob you up wasn’t you!”

“Man....you tripping right now with that bitch shit De! Watch how you fuckin’ talk to me! Before I remind you how you suppose to talk to me!”

“How I talk to you, trust me a bitch is the nicest thing I wanna say to you right now. You were actually discussing me with that thotty!”

“You need to stop tripping, she was just giving me advice!” he grabbed my chin forcing me to look at him as he gritted his teeth.

I was still full of adrenaline as I pushed him off of me, yelling at the top of my lungs.

“I’m tripping huh, the only advice that bitch can give me is how to suck dick better without scraping up my knees! I can’t believe you got me fighting over you, cause a hoe don’t know her place! But I blame you because she wouldn’t feel like she can try me unless you’ve been making her feel like she could!”

“Fuck you De I’m not dealing with this shit tonight!”

“No Javion, fuck this trip, fuck this ring, fuck this engagement, fuck that trifling ass bitch, fuck that wack ass video you making, and fuck your sorry ass, I’m done, we’re done!”

He walked up to me and I braced myself for whatever was coming my way.

“Good because I’ve been done with your complaining ass!”

“Don’t worry you won’t have to worry about this complaining ass ever again in life.”

I grabbed my shoes, my clutch, and my suitcase and headed out the door. I never thought it would end like this. So much anger pouring from our words. Even if we wanted to I don’t know if we could ever come back from this.

I found myself on the beach sitting on the sand watching the waves crash against the shore. As beautiful as the scene was I couldn’t enjoy it. I was numb and all I wanted was the pain in my chest to go away.


I felt his warm body sit down next to me. His arm wrapped around my shoulder drawing me closer.

“What’s wrong, Princess?”

When I heard Kaí call me Princess I just lost it. I cried like a baby into his chest. He just rubbed my back and rocked me like a baby and let me get it all out.

“Kaí I’m so sorry,” I said leaning up off of him wiping my tear-stained face dry.

“I take it the official break up went really smoothly,” he said we a coy smile.

I laughed, “Yes it went great, so great even I’m sure he’s getting sucked up right now in celebration for it.”

He let out a hearty chuckle before standing to his feet pulling me up with him.

“Come on Ms. Dereon I’ll walk you back to your room, you look like you need to rest, I’m sure you’ve had a long day.”

I probably wasn’t thinking straight but I definitely wasn’t going back to my room. I wanted to be as far from Javion and Makeeya as possible until my flight to get the hell out of here.

“Do you mind if I stay with you?”


“It was really nasty what we just went through....he doesn’t want to see me or be near me right now and trust me the feeling is mutual. You wouldn’t have to put up with me for too long. Just until my flight leaves the day after tomorrow.”

He smiled and pulled me close to him raising my chin with his finger.

“I’ll put up with you as long as you want me to.”

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