His Assistant 3

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Chapter 9-Realizations

Woke up this morning found a letter that she wrote
She said she’s tired that I’m always on the road
To hard to swallow being alone
She needs someone at night that she can hold

She must have told me a thousand times before
Silent cries I use to ignore
God knows I love her
Didn’t mean to hurt her

~Anthony Hamilton

I woke up at the crack of dawn reorganizing my suitcase and mentally preparing myself for the long flight back home.

I felt like I got a huge weight off my shoulders giving Jay that letter but still was saddened from the fact I came here a fiancée and now I’m leaving here single and alone.

I try to bury those feelings to the back of my mind for now and to focus on the positive things I had still going for me. I was young, still had my health and a bright future ahead of me.

I picked my cell phone up from off the nightstand dialing a number I haven’t called in almost two years.

“Baby girl? You alright?”

“Yea, yea, I’m fine. I kind of needed a favor if you have the time.”

“Whatever you need Baby girl I can make time.”

“I’m out of town right now and need a ride from the airport when I arrive back in Atlanta.”

“Oh, did you want me to tell-”

“No, no, umm, we’re kind of not speaking to each other right now.”

“Hmph, y’all two, when y’all gone stop fighting each other and give in.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, there’s nothing to give into.”

“Boy, y’all young folks, so damn stubborn as hell! Refuse to see what’s been right in ya face the whole time.”

“Oh my gawd, can we not do this right now?”

"Ok, ok, I don’t want to preach to you. Well, give me your flight info and I’ll be there Baby girl.”

“Thank you, thank you!”

“Now you know you don’t need to thank me.”

“I know but still....”

“Ok, well I’ll see you soon Baby girl.”

“See you soon, bye.”

Hanging up the phone I sat on the edge of the bed and rolled my neck to relieve the stress in my shoulders. My body instantly went into overdrive when I felt Kaí’s warm hand creep its way up under the bottom of my shirt. The stroke of his fingers against my skin made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

“Good morning beautiful,” he said sitting up on his knees in the bed and instantly massaging my shoulders.

“Morning Kaí, mmmm that feels good.”

“Oh, does it? How bout this,” his soft lips kissed along my neck.”


“No good? Hmm, how about if I do this then,” he continued to kiss on my neck but inched his way back under my shirt. Slowly leading his hands up to my breast, discovering that I was null and void of a bra. He cupped my breast, teasing my nipples with his fingers. God, he felt so good, and I was trying to find every excuse to say I didn’t need to do this but I couldn’t find one.

My iPod was playing softly in the background. The atmosphere was filled with sexual desire and Nothing On by Tank. A major recipe for disaster, I had given up on fighting this, shit I had been fighting this whole trip. I think I needed this.

My arm reached back around his head drawing him closer to me. “Mmmm Kaí,” I whispered.

Wrapping his arms around my waist he pulled me fully into the bed with him. I pulled my shirt off. He licked his lips taking in the view before he softly kissed my lips.

“Is it ok for me to have you now, Beautiful?” he asked licking the outskirts of my earlobe.

“Yeeeessss,” I moaned out softly, my heart was racing a mile a minute and my breathing was all over the place.

He leaned back onto his knees running his hands along my smooth pecan tan legs. He picked them both up placing them over his shoulders grabbing my panties and slowly tugging them off of my body and tossing them to the floor.

“Mmmmm perfect,” he whispered.

Kaí’s lips kissed my left ankle then trailed those kisses down to my inner thigh.

“Shhiiittt,” I whimpered.

He looked up at me smiling with those sexy chocolate eyes.

The vibe was set. The ambiance was full of sexual tension and Tank singing on the radio.

The lion had finally caught his prey.

So I happily let him devour me..........

Javion’s POV

I rolled over hugging her warm body lying next to me. Kissing her forehead as my eyes were adjusting to the sunlight rising over the mountain peak.

“Good morning Princess.”

I suddenly heard an unfamiliar giggle as my eyes adjusted bringing me back to reality. Fuck...I forgot that’s not her.

“Good morning Snook’ems,” she said rolling over and straddling my lap grinding her pussy on the crotch of my boxer shorts. Her pear-like breasts drooping down to my eye level. As I stared at them I suddenly felt the need to puke.

My head was pounding. I had one hell of a hangover, mostly to do with my love affair with Patron shots last night.

“Oh hey KeyKey, and what I told you bout calling me that shit?” I gently pushed her off of me. Sitting up slowly as I waited for the room to stop spinning.

“Hey? I’m trying to give you some pussy and you push me off and tell me hey? I’m starting to question what team you really swinging for here. Last night you were acting like you wasn’t even into it.”

“What the fuck are you talking bout girl?” I said with annoyance in my tone. She was right though, I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me. Me and my dick were really gonna need to have a talk later.

I walked over to the mini-fridge opening it and grabbing a water bottle out of it. I uncapped the top and was instantly refreshed by the contents.

“I’m talking bout you not being able to keep it up last night.....like your dick don’t like pussy, she said tossing her hair with an evil smirk.”

I wasn’t the one for calling a woman out of her name but with the awful headache and the pissy mood I was in she had overstepped her boundaries.

“Look here bitch, ain’t no homo here! Did it ever occur to you that my dick just don’t like your pussy!”

That smirk she had quickly left her face as she got up and gathered her clothes together.

“Fuck you Javion you’re an asshole!”

“Fuck you too Dereon! I ain't stopping you, so you can get the hell out!” I yelled, wincing a bit after realizing I had just called her De’s name by accident again.

“Listen here muthafucka’ my name is MAKEEYA, the baddest bitch in the industry, put some fucking respect on my name. I’m not that simple bitch fiancée of yours. Obviously, you still hung up over that bitch and don’t know when you got an upgrade!”

She walked closer to me poking her finger into my chest. “Catch me when you get your standards up and definitely when you can keep ya dick up,” she yelled storming out my suite door.

I ran my hands through my hair in frustration as I plopped down onto the bed. I looked over at her letter and her ring and felt a small twinge in my chest.

A knock at the door suddenly startles me out of my thoughts. It better not be Makeeya with her bullshit again. I slowly made my way to the door. My relief when I saw it was Bobby.

“What the fuck is wrong with you Jay, you look like shit!”

“Good to see you too Bobby.”

“I’m just saying, bro. But wassup with you and Makeeya. She just saw me in the lobby telling me to talk to you cause you tripping.”

“I’m not tripping she’s just on some other shit with her disrespectful ass.”

Bobby gives out a hearty laugh.

“But anyways where’s De, I haven’t seen her since I first got here.”

“I don’t know,” I answered walking to get another water bottle. “Got any aspirin,” I asked trying to change the subject.

“Fuck you mean I don’t know!?"

“Look we been fighting since we got here. Makeeya and I were up here chilling and talking. I didn’t know De was up here and she flipped out.”

“Oh she beat yo’ ass didn’t she?” he asked with a smirk on his face.

“What the fuck is this, try Javion day or something? No bro she did not beat my ass. She was bout to beat Makeeya’s ass, I should’ve let her.”

“If I was her I would’ve beat yo’ ass!”

“Really Bro?” I asked sarcastically pulling on my gray sweats and a white t-shirt.

“Jay you’re like a little brother to me so I’mma lay some real shit to you. You bring a girl known for doing some hoe ass activities up to ya room like that shit was cool and De supposed to be ok with that shit. How many times you’ve told me you fucked dudes up for trying to talk to her?”

“Man, that’s different they were being disrespectful and thirsty as fuck.”

“And you weren’t? Be real with yaself bro. Makeeya of all bitches, she fine but that hoe knees stay dirty. But I don’t know why I’m wasting my breath I guess you ain’t love De like you say you do, cause we in another damn country. Does she even have money to eat, find a place to stay till her flight at least? I’m just saying Bro, people go missing in different countries. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night with that on my conscience.”

Besides being my manager, Bobby was like the big brother I never had. So I hated to admit when he was right. I just was so angry about our fight I didn’t think about that shit.

“Wait I did see her with some dude the other night, I think he might work here.”

“Aww hell, she done got with an island dude.” He shook his head. “Shabba Ranks bout to turn her ass out, you too late bro, you too late. He probably doing all kinds of freaky shit to her right now.”

“Ok Bro.”

“Flipping her all on her head-”

“Ok, Bro!”

“Probably jumping off the dresser into that pussy-”

“Bobby what the fuck Bro!”

“Hey you mad at me, my dick ain’t the one she dirty wining on right now.”

I jumped up and put my J’s on and my snapback.

“Where you going, Bro?”

“You can stay here, I’m going to get my Princess.”

“Now you sounding like you got some sense........just hope she not getting her back broke off,” he says before breaking into song.

“Bruk off you back. Bruk off you, bruk off you. Bruk off you back.......”

I just cut my eyes and left Bobby sitting there still talking shit.....

After talking to a few people at the front desk. I found out dude stays here at the hotel. So you know I was already headed to the elevator when I found out his room number.

I could hear Tank flowing from behind the room door when I started knocking heavily. Lord, please don’t let her be fucking this clown ass dude.

The door suddenly flung open. He was standing there in just a pair of boxer shorts. My face instantly frowned up as a smirk came on his.

“I just came to talk to De, can you tell her to come here please.”

He bellowed out a short laugh, “I can’t do that.”

I stepped closer to him. “Look, man, I swear you don’t want these problems in ya life, go in there and tell my girl I need to talk to her.”

He laughed again, he was really starting to piss me off. I was about to smash his fucking face in.

“Don’t think you can step to me with that bullshit like you gone straighten me out. First of all she not ya girl no more, I should thank you for that. Second of all, she’s not here.”

“What the fuck you mean she’s not here, where the hell is she?”

“Look I took her to the airport this morning she’s gone back home.”

I left as soon as he said that and grabbed my cell. I dialed her number and it went straight to voicemail.

“Hey De........umm, I heard you left. I know I’m probably the last person you wanna see let alone talk to but I really think we should. I’ll give you a couple of days to think about it. You can call me or I’ll call you when I get back so we can meet up.”

“I know it might not mean much right now but I’m sorry and I miss you.”

“I love you Princess, bye”............

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