Kayne Kennedy: Undercover Fuzz

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At 21, Kayne Kennedy's life was filled with the melancholy task of writing traffic citations in Pasadena, CA until an FBI agent came looking for a young cop to go undercover as a high school student. His mission is to bust a drug ring in Idaho. Heather Bright was excited to leave her all-girls private school in Pasadena to begin her senior year at a co-ed public school two states over, but she didn't expect to pick out one guy so quickly. When Heather and Kayne begin their first day at school in Idaho, they're immediately drawn to each other; Kayne had given her a speeding ticket a few weeks before in Pasadena! Instantly, she recognizes the handsome face of the traffic cop who is definitely too old to be in high school. Kayne explains and Heather agrees to keep this information a secret as long as he lets her help with the undercover operation. What will this new alliance bring to each of their lives? More importantly, will they find the drug lord who is running the cartel in Idaho?

Romance / Mystery
AnnRea Fowler
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Chapter 1 - Speeding


The red and blue lights behind me notify me that I’ve finally been caught.

I didn’t think a day could get worse a month from the school year ending, but it surely did.

My best friend Mac and I decided to hit up the strip mall on Wednesday afternoon. On the way there, I may have been going ten over the speed limit without paying any care to it.

I pull over and get my license and registration card ready to hand to the police officer. I glance in my left rear mirror and see the hottest cop I’ve ever laid eyes on in Pasadena.

Most of the police are in their 40s-early 50s, divorced, and have inhaled too many donuts.

This man has straight, light brown hair styled in a combover crew cut with side fade. His handsome facial features were only accentuated by his aviator sunglasses.

Thinking ahead, I reach into my bra and push my breasts up. I also pull the front of my striped tank top down to put “the twins” on display.

Beside me, Mac drops her jaw the moment the cop strides up.

I puff out my chest to let my breasts stick out. “Hello, Officer...Kennedy.” I greet politely. I read the name off his badge. I’m trying my best to use my wide-eyed charm to wiggle out of the ticket.

“Ma’am, do you know why I am pulling you over today?” Although his voice was stern, I couldn’t help being attracted to the bass in it.

The cop has his arms crossed, and I can’t help noticing his toned biceps peeking out from his short-sleeved, button-up shirt. Although a pair of aviators cover his eyes, I’m sure he’s taking in a good view of my chest.

“Sir, I was only going ten over. I really don’t think a ticket would be necessary.” I am taking more risks than usual, but if it worked on the gullible, older cops, it could surely work on the most handsome of them all.

“Ten over?” The cop tilted his sunglasses down to reveal two sea-green orbs. “According to my radar gun, you were going almost fifteen over the limit.”

I raise my eyebrows and look down at the steering wheel while Mac giggles.

“Ladies, this is serious business. The speed limit is set at fifty-five to ensure that everyone gets where they’re going safely.”

“You’re absolutely right. I shouldn’t have been so careless. I think I have learned my lesson, sir. I’ll just get along home where I can think about what I’ve done,” I reply. I try not to sound snarky, but I don’t think he was in the joking mood.

“I’m not going to let you off this easy. License and registration, please.”

I sigh and hand them both to Officer McSteamy.

“I’ll be right back, ma’am.”

The officer disappears from the window, and Mac begins to laugh, which annoys me.

I can’t help but wish that she drove us today so that I wasn’t the one getting the ticket.

“This is ridiculous. This is my first major offense. All the other times were just five over, and I got a warning. I shouldn’t be getting a ticket for this,” I complain. I cross my arms against my chest, cursing my breasts, which got me nowhere today.

Mac turned her head to see the man in the cop car behind us. “He’s coming back,” she says.

I turn back to the window and wait for the officer to reappear. “Alright, Miss Bright. Here’s your citation. You can either pay the fine or come to court on July 16th.”

“As much as I would love to see you again,” I begin, flirtily.

Hey, I’ve gotten the ticket, so what’s the harm in some shameless flirting.

“I will have moved by then. I’m leaving Pasadena.”

“Fabulous.” The officer replies in a sassy tone, clearly not interested in talking anymore. “I suggest you just pay the fine, then,” he says in a no-nonsense voice. “Have a good day, ladies.”

As he saunters back to his police car, I look in my rearview to admire the fit shape of his pants.

“Well, shall we head on off to the mall now?” I sigh, letting go of the emotions associated with getting the citation. I am determined to still have a good day with my friend despite this hiccup.

“Yes, please,” Mac responds.

For the rest of the day, we shop at various department stores. I’m trying to find some new, cute clothing for moving.

New clothes are pretty much the only bright spot to moving to Idaho. The switch between California and middle-of-nowhere Idaho was going to be difficult. Especially since it is right before my senior year.

I’m just going to be there for a year. I remind myself. I plan to go to USC the next fall, so I’ll be back in L.A. in no time.

The only time the ticket is brought up again is when my father gets home from work, and I have to tell him.

He is pissed, as I expected, but I think most of all, he was hoping this behavior would stay in Pasadena when we move away.

Sorry to disappoint, Dad. But if you’re moving me to Idaho, my attitude is just going to get worse.

Late that night, as I lay in bed, my mind races back to the image of that handsome cop, Officer Kennedy. Before I can catch myself, my fingers are between my legs and rubbing my clit as I imagined the officer’s fingers there instead of mine. I see his handsome face in my mind as I get closer to orgasm.

I’m interrupted by a plink on my windowpane. I get up, extremely annoyed to be interrupted when I was so close.

“Heather.” A dark figure of a man whisper-yells up to me. “Can we talk?”

I turn my head and roll my eyes, but I unlock the balcony door, so he can get into my room. A few seconds later, Ryder Fortwyth has climbed up to the second story of the house and entered my bedroom.

“Hey, beautiful.” He croons, making me shake my head at him. “I knew you would be up.”

It’s after midnight. If you hadn’t shown up, I would be on my way to sleep.

He leans in for a kiss, and I oblige him, although it’s a ridiculous greeting for a couple who have been broken up for almost a year. “How was your day?”

“I got a speeding ticket. Why are you here?” I ask. I don’t hide my annoyance with him.

He just takes it as late-night grumpiness.

“I missed you,” he replies. He plops down on my bed, patting the spot beside him. “I’ve been working a lot for your dad, and I miss you swinging by to see me.”

“Well, we’ve been broken up for a year.”

Ryder’s eyes darken when I remind him of this.

In the moment, I regret being so mean to him. Ever since we broke up, we’ve been trying to be friends, and my bad attitude right now certainly isn’t helping the cause.

“I’m sorry,” I say. “I’ve missed you being around, too.” Not wholly a lie. I’ll always care about him, although recently I’ve been doing well without him around.

He takes one of my hands in his as he lays back on my bed to look at the ceiling.

“So, you got a ticket, huh?” He asks.

“Yeah. The old titties out trick didn’t work. It’s never failed me before,” I chuckle.

“You’re such a slut.” Ryder deadpans.

What an ass.

Well, he probably doesn’t mean it that way.

“Talking about sluts, how many girls have you been with since we’ve broken up?”

“Definitely not as many as you,” he retorts.

But, he’s not wrong.

I’ve slept with quite a few guys around town, not just at the high school. The majority of the guys at the high school know Ryder and would never go out with me for fear of Ryder retaliating. It seems a bit ridiculous, but we did date for two years.

I have to admit that I feel a bit of jealousy towards the girls Ryder’s been seeing. But, I figure that’s just what happens when you were each other’s firsts. It makes sense then that he has some jealousy towards my other conquests.

“Hey, I don’t mean that in a bad way. I just feel like guys don’t respect you when you act like a slut.”

There’s that word again.

I feel my heart drop as I take his words to heart. I have been having an internal battle with my promiscuity, but alone I’ve been able to come to terms with it. Having Ryder comment on it makes me feel like Hester Prynne, a scarlet “A” embroidered onto my heart.

“I just get jealous because you’re mine, and you’ll always be mine.”

I smile at the thought. Through all my “slutty” conquests, I hadn’t been able to connect with anyone quite as I did with Ryder. He’s pretty much been there this whole year anyway, and we’ve been fucking on and off.

There are weeks that we don’t talk at all, but we always fall back into the same habits. Sometimes it makes me feel like we’re meant to be together. Sometimes it makes me feel as if I need to move away into a fresh pool of men who don’t know Ryder and, in turn, can’t be afraid of him.

Ryder turns over on his side to look at me. I turn my head to face him as well. He looks into my eyes for a moment as if searching for something, maybe our lost connection. Whether he finds it or not, we’re going to have sex tonight.

That was implied when he showed up, and I let him in through the balcony.

He leans forward to kiss me, and I twist my body to press against his. I wrap one leg around his waist, and he pushes his semi-erect dick against my opening.

I get wet at his touch, although sex now is merely going through the motions: a transaction if you will. There isn’t a connection like there used to be, but we both get pleasure from the act.

We didn’t have sex for the first year but learned a lot about each other’s likes and fetishes over the past two years.

He lightly grabs my neck and pushes my head down to meet the zipper of his pants. I unzip them and tug them down with his underwear, allowing the cool air to hit his cock before I put it in my mouth.

“You know, I’ve learned recently how big my cock really is.” He says, matter-of-factly.

Definitely not the thing to say to a girl going down on you, reminding me of the other girls you’ve been with.

I have half a mind to bite down and half a mind to kick him out of my room. But, staying quiet has always worked when it comes to hearing things like that from Ryder.

I continue to move my head up and down on his cock, until he gently lifts me up and pins me against the bed, ready for entry.

A/N: What do y’all think about this first chapter? Would you ever try to flirt with a sexy officer to get out of a speeding ticket? Let me know in the comments!

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