Who Said Three Is A Crowd

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Chapter One

Elizabeth walked up to the front door sensing that someone was inside, she didn't see her husband's vehicle, so she knew he wasn't home. She slowly slid her key through the door until she heard the very familiar clicks of the deadbolt unlocking. She confidently strode through her front door, passed through her dining room to her sitting room, where she saw her unexpected visitor. Liz checked her rose gold watch on her right wrist that this very visitor gave to her three months prior. She confirmed that she had a few hours to entertain her guest before her husband got home.

"Your finally home, I missed you, and I tried calling you after I knew you would have finished working. I didn't get you, so I came here, I did not want to stay outside so I used the spear key to get in. I hope that you don't mind. Are you mad?" Her voice sounded unsure and a bit shaky.

Zoe perked up from the couch dressed in a fashionable beige overcoat accessorized with a belt that accentuated her curves, a pair of nude booties, and a designer beige bag. She gave her best-known puppy dog look to Elizabeth hoping that it would make things all the better. Liz felt a series of mixed emotions. She did not like the fact that Zoe was in her living room without her permission.

"I'm not sure how I feel, to be honest, however, I'm not mad at you. I saw your messages while I was getting to my car." Elizabeth tried to reassure Zoe that she was not mad at her, but she wondered what would have happened if her husband had come home earlier than usual.

"What would you have done if I had come in with the kids or if Antonio came home earlier than usual? You know that I am not ready to introduce you to my family as anything more than a friend." Elizabeth asked pointedly with her authoritative tone. She saw the immediate reaction on Zoe's face as her lips quivered and she bowed her head.

"Im sorry, maybe it would be best if I leave. I didn't mean to cause you any trouble. I just missed you and wanted to see you, maybe spend some time together?" Zoe looked at her a bit hopeful searching Liz's gaze for an ounce of pity that she could use to her advantage. Finding none, she responded, "I'm so sorry for being this careless, my Mistress."

Elizabeth felt the familiar feeling wash over her, she only felt that way with Zoe; a sense of control and power. She took a deep breath and addressed Zoe.

"Stand up Zoe and wait for me in the spare bedroom."

She watched as Zoe grabbed her bag and scurried over to the flight of stairs leading to the guest bedroom upstairs. She smiled to herself, remembering when she first met Zoe and the chemistry that the women felt for each other. Elizabeth went on a retreat with her firm to Green Papillote Resort where she bumped into Zoe who was a resident at the resort. The women were instantly captivated with each other and Liz felt a rather strange sense of dominance and pull to her. They exchanged digits and met up that night where things got a bit heated. Liz saw pure submission shining through Zoes eyes and she simply had to take care of her. They took the first week getting to know each other and exploring each other's bodies. Sadly, Liz had to get back to her life as a mother and wife the following week. They kept in contact, and after three days of separation, Zoe reached out to meet at a nearby motel. Elizabeth had not felt as happy as she was at that moment in a long time. She would meet up with Zoe on Wednesdays and Fridays after work. They had this schedule for three months and it was shocking to Liz that today - a Monday - that Zoe would be here at her home.

She realized that she was simply standing there in her living room, so she went to her room to get undressed and to take a well-needed shower. Clad in her bathrobe and lace underwear, she went back downstairs to prepare a few sandwiches for them to eat after they've had sex. She grabbed two water bottles from the fridge and made her way to her lover.

She marched into the spare room to find Zoe sprawled across the bed with sheer pink lingerie barely hanging off her body - leaving nothing to the imagination. At that very moment, Elizabeth felt like a true predator. Sadly, the sweet, voluptuous, little Zoe was most definitely her prey. Liz placed the food and drinks on the dressing table and slowly walk to the foot of the bed, drinking in the sight of her very obvious aroused lover. Licking her lips, Liz stared at Zoes pebbled nipples as they showed through her lingerie. With such a heated gaze on her, Zoe released a small whimper. She squeezed her legs together which produced a wet and slippery sound. It drew Liz's hungry eyes to her pussy.

That was all the invitation that Liz needed. She felt the possessiveness and power taking over as she ordered Zoe.

"Get up and strip. Very slowly."

Zoe slowly crawled off the bed with the round globes of her ass in the air, causing the lingerie to slide up giving Liz the perfect view of her very wet folds through her see-through thong.

"Bend over."

There was no need for her to repeat herself as the urgency was felt through her command. Zoe obediently bends over the bed perching her sensuous heart-shaped buttocks in the air. As if by instincts, Elizabeth's hands came down spanking the perky globes until they turned a rosy shade of pink, and Zoe emitted cries of pleasure from her enticing lips. Sliding her index and middle finger just an inch lower confirmed Elizabeth's suspicion. Zoe was practically dripping. Deciding to give her a little tease, Elizabeth slowly dragged her fingers down to Zoe's clitoris and gently tweaked her nub, causing Zoe's frame to buck and spread her legs even further apart.

"Aren't you the greedy one..." Elizabeth couldn't stop the small chuckle that slipped out. "Get on the bed, lets get rid of that tension."

Elizabeth stripped off her now soaked lace panties and bra releasing her attention craving bosom. She got on the bed and laid next to Zoe, inciting her to suck on her nipples. Taking the cue, Zoe promptly began sucking and licking on Elizabeth's breast, causing her to moan in pleasure. As a reward, Elizabeth used her fingers to create small circles on Zoe's wet clitoris and gradually sliding down her folds into her entrance, pumping her fingers in and out and randomly curving them upwards to apply pressure to her G-spot.

Zoe walls began pulsating around Liz's fingers, with a smirk, Liz removed her fingers from Zoe's greedy pussy. Zoe groaned in her disapproval, her orgasm was building, and Liz was torturing her. She decided to get her revenge by teasing Liz's most sensitive spot between the crook of her neck and shoulders. She tweaked Liz's right nipple for a moment then slowly traced uneven lines with her fingers down to her throbbing sex. Zoe left the spot on Liz's neck that had her moaning and kissed her way down her abdomen to join her fingers that were working overtime in Liz's pulsating pussy.

Denying her own need, Zoe went on to pleasure her Mistress. She made small circles with her tongue on Liz's clit, gradually increasing speed and pressure while fingering her. Within a few minutes, Liz shattered around her pushing her head further between her legs while she came.

Coming down from her high, Liz smiled deviously to Zoe.

"Did you bring it?" She asked with mischief in her eyes.

"Y-yes I did." Zoe shyly responded while blushing. She got up and walked to her bag that was laying on the bedside table. She reached in and pulled out the purple strapless dildo that Liz had ordered her a month ago. She looked at Liz awaiting her command.

"Come here, I'm going to fuck that tight pussy of yours senseless."

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