Angel’s Chaos

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Nix is a 20 year old “princess” of the Devil’s Chaos MC, founded by her father Phoenix aka the Devil. Being the princess of an MC comes with a target on your back, Nix soon learns that. She’s the only female official member of the MC not only because her father is president, but because she is a spitfire that knows how to bring a grown man to his knees. Along with her twin brother Nash, they are the dynamic duo Angel and Demon that are true to their names and she can weasel her way to your heart and Demon will bring the hurt. What happens when the Angel falls? Who will pick her up? Her twin? Her best friends Harper and Spark? Or the out of town, sexy biker called Chaos that just walked into the clubhouse?

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

“Please no! Stop. STOP YOU FUCKER!” I screamed until I was hoarse, the hot tears pouring down my face.

“We want info on the Devil’s Chaos and we know a little cunt like you will give it to us. Now, open that pretty little mouth and tell us what we want to know!” Gus, the Iron Force’s president, said through gritted teeth as he gripped my face hard in his hands. I spit right into his eye, like hell if I give up my daddy. He snarled as he pulled his arm back, I knew exactly what was coming and I couldn’t do anything about it. Pain seared through my face as his fist connected to the flesh. An awful crunch followed by blood pouring from my nostrils told me my nose was now broken. I sobbed harder, tears mixing with the blood that ran down my face.

“Yo, Prez. Why don’t we just have fun with her, you know I’ve been itchin’ to get my hands on that pretty little ass of hers.” The man over in the corner of the room snickered as he stepped forward. Lifting my head I looked at him, his eyes filled with pure evil as he stared down at my body strapped to the table in just my bra and panties. I recognized him from school, James Craft. He joined the Iron Forces after high school to be with his older brother. We weren’t really friends in school but I was nice to everyone, including this boy. A bad crowd really can change a person.

“I know you’ve waited years for this, Gear, and you’ll get your turn to play as soon as she gives me some info. Now, bitch, tell me what I need to know!”

“Just let me go, please.” I tried begging. When I first woke up here I did what I did best and I fought. But, right now I can just send up silent prayers to the big man upstairs and just hope he helps me. Begging isn’t beneath me right now, I hurt and I am exhausted.

“Well, I guess since my torturing methods won’t bring you to talk, maybe Gear here can make his little dreams come true of getting to touch that perky ass.” He sneered in my face, spittle flying at me. My eyes widened and he laughed. “We’ll see how much daddy likes his little princess after she’s been with an Iron Force!” He cackled loudly as he walked from the room, slapping James on the shoulder as he left. “Get me when your finished, enjoy yourself mate.” And the door slammed shut.

I sobbed harder and tears continued to pour down my cheeks. I squeezed my eyes shut as I waited for the pain, there was nothing left for me to do, no more fight.

“Little princess Addams. I have waited for the moment to taste you since elementary school. But you, being the friend zoning little cunt you are, would never give me the chance. I loved you and I would’ve even joined your daddy’s MC for you. But nope, I joined the better ones and I still get to taste that sweet, untouched pussy.” He growled as he ripped my panties off, rubbing his fingers down my slit. Untouched was right, I was a virgin at 20 and I was proud of it until this moment. I knew it would hurt the first time, but not like this. I cried harder, trying to pull my thighs together to keep him from touching me. I felt his hot breath on my pussy and felt nothing but fear course through my body, I squeezed my eyes shut as his tongue flicked out and rubbed my slit trying to find my clit.

“Please stop. JAMES! PLEASE NO!” I screamed with what little I had left which seemed to make him more turned on.

“Oh, baby, you know how I like to be dominant. My perfect little sub pussy.” He smirked as he untied my legs and climbed onto the table between them. I know enough about sex to know that for it to be a pleasurable time, both parties definitely need to be willing with the juices flowing freely. I was not ready, in any way. But that didn’t stop him. He forced my legs apart and raised my hips up. He growled as he spit for some lubrication. I cried louder when I felt his tip at my entrance.

“NO!” I yelled out, but the devil filled his eyes and he slammed into me. I screamed louder than I ever have. Pain shooting through my body, springing more tears that fell freely. I bit down on my lip so hard that I could taste fresh blood.

“Fuck. Yes! I knew it would be this sweet, I just knew the perfect princess had a perfect pussy. Damn, baby, I’m not gonna last long.” He grunted before stilling, his muscles jerking and his juices filling me. I had stopped crying by now, I think there’s no more tears left for me to cry. I just laid there on the table, numb. “Thanks for the good time baby. Maybe you’ll love me back and be my Old Lady.” He kisses my temple before pulling his jeans back on.

“Untie me then.” I whispered, not sure if he heard it.

“What? Why?”

“If you loved me like you say and you want me to love you back, untie me. I won’t run, I’m too tired.” I looked up at him, pleading with my eyes. His face softened then turned back to the evil smirk he had before.

“Not a chance bitch” he laughed as he slapped me across the face. I felt one last tear fall down my cheek as I screamed as loud as possible, maybe someone can help me.

“Nix...NIX!” I heard my name faintly being called and felt my body shaking. I opened my eyes to see the same icy blue eyes staring back at me. Nash. I was home, I was safe. “You were screaming again, was it the same nightmare?” He asked with worry etched over his whole face. I sat up, wiping the tears from my face as I did so.

“Yea, it’s been exactly 5 months since that night.” I sobbed and he wrapped his strong arms around me. I cried on my twin brothers chest as he held me on my bed.

“What can I do, sis?” He whispered softly “do you want me to get ma? Pop? Spark?” I nodded my head, I just needed my support system. My safety net. He didn’t let go as he pulled out his phone and called each person. Within 5 minutes they were all in my room, crowding around me. Reasons like this is why I’m glad we lived at the clubhouse where all the guys stayed most of the time. My dad stood next to the door while my mom and Nash sat on my left side, Spark to my right. Spark was my best friend. We’ve been friends since 3rd grade when he punched a boy for pulling my hair. Everyone always thought we were a couple but we both definitely agreed he was my other brother. Besides, he had a long time girlfriend Charlie, who I loved.

“Babydoll, I don’t know what to do. I killed the fuckers with my bare hands for you, I’m at a loss of what to do to help you. I’m such a failure, this shouldn’t have happened to my baby!” My dad, Phoenix, was the president and founder of this club. He was a very tall, very big, very scary man. But he was on his knees in front of me with tears in his eyes. “I just want to take away the pain sweetheart.” He wiped tears from my eyes. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around his big neck, falling onto his chest and sobbing. He just squeezed me tight and continuously kissed the head.

“Honey, I know it’s hard, but we will get through this, ok? Look at all the love you have here, and not just this room. There is a clubhouse full of men out there that are heartbroken that you’ve been through this and they will do anything to help keep you safe. This will never happen again.” My mom stated as she rubbed my back. I nodded slowly before sitting back on the bed.

“I will get through this and I’m thankful for all of you. I love you guys.” They hugged me as a group before slowly standing up. “I’ll be ok guys, get some more sleep. I know I’m safe here.” I weakly smiled up at them.

“The safest, baby” my dad whispered as he bent to kiss my head. Nash and Spark followed suit, doing the same before heading out the door. My mom was the last to leave because she gave me a tight squeeze and kissed my cheek before leaving. I sat down on my bed with a huff and grabbed my phone.

Exactly 5 months ago I was kidnapped, beaten and raped by a rival MC. I stood from my bed and walked to the private bathroom I had. I glanced at my phone, 4:45 am. I turned on the shower and jumped into the steam, hoping to wash away my nightmare. Slowly thoughts of my nightmare came floating back. I’ve had the same nightmare almost every night since I was rescued but tonight, tonight was different. Usually I wake up right before Gear rapes me, this time I replayed the whole act. Why? The water started to turn cold so I decided to get out. I stepped in front of the mirror and took in my reflection. I used to hear all the time how gorgeous I was but I never fully believed it. Now I wouldn’t believe it at all. Since the incident, my bright icy blue eyes were dull and surrounded by dark circles, my cheeks were sunken in and my nose was crooked now since Gus broke it. I used to keep a beautiful golden tan but now I’m pale with no tint to my cheeks at all. I looked like a dead body and I hated myself.

I sighed heavily before grabbing my toothbrush and opening the cabinet behind the mirror to grab toothpaste. A box fell out causing tampons to scatter across the floor. I froze, eyes widening with realization. I gasped and a hand shot to my mouth. 5 months. 5 MONTHS!

“Please, no.” I croaked as I pulled out my phone. Unlocking it I frantically searched for my period tracker app. I wasn’t on birth control so I always had a period, every single month. Except for the last 4 months. I panicked as I slid through the calendar on the app to my last period date. My phone slid out of my shaking hand, bouncing on the rug. For the love of God, please be stress! I frantically thought as I rushed around my room finding clothes. I needed a test, what can I do, where can I go? I’ve never had sex other than one time being raped so I’ve never even had a pregnancy scare. Is my luck really that shit that I get knocked up my first time, let alone being fucking raped?! I grabbed my phone off the floor and picked it up. I scrolled through my contacts looking for someone to help, who could I trust?

Harper! I hurriedly clicked on her name and started my message.

Hey, need help ASAP. You up?? I hit send and sat on my bed, chewing my fingernails and steadily bouncing my leg. What felt like months but was actually only 5 minutes, my phone dinged.

Hey girl, what’s wrong??

Can you pick me up at the clubhouse? I’ll explain in the car!

Be there in 5

Bless you!

I sighed and stood from the bed. I pulled my long blonde waves back in a low ponytail and threw on my Devil’s Chaos hoodie. I slid my phone in my back pocket before grabbing my small crossbody off my dresser and I headed out the door.

“Angel? Is that my little Angel?!” I heard Tank, my dad’s VP and another founding member call from the kitchen. I smiled as I hugged him tight.

“Mornin Tank. How’s things?” I smiled as I took the cup of coffee he offered.

“Things are goin. How bout you, babe? I heard the commotion this mornin. Bad night again?” He smiled sincerely and I looked at the cup in my hand.

“Worse this time around. Same nightmare, just more of the night was replayed and I don’t know why.” I sipped the molten liquid, willing to feel something other than fear.

“I hate it sweetheart. No one deserves any of that, but especially not you hun.” Tank sighed and took my hand. “I’m here for you always, little one” I smiled at him before standing from my seat.

“Thanks Tank. Harper is here to pick me up for a little while. We’re doin breakfast. Love ya!” I called as I walked out the door of the clubhouse. There was no way I was doing breakfast with the way I was feeling. As soon as I thought it I turned to the side and threw up in the bushes beside the door. A panicked Twisty ran around the building.

“Oh my god! Angel, you ok?!” He yelled grabbing my shoulder. Thankfully he had a bottle of water in his hand that he offered me which I took and chugged.

“I’m fine, thanks Twisty.” I smiled as I handed his water back. He was a kid, about 17, that was one of the newer prospects, he was nice and he came after everything had happened to me so he didn’t constantly look at me like I was an injured baby deer. He nodded as I slipped away and into Harpers car.

“Did you just barf on your dads bushes?” She eyed me suspiciously from the drivers seat.

“I’m scared Harp, I need your help and you can’t tell anyone. Not even Nash.” I looked at her with wide, scared eyes. Harper and I became best friends when she started dating my brother. I knew I could trust her 100% more than anyone I knew, especially with this type of secret.

“What? What’s happened girl?” She asked as she pulled out of the driveway. I waited until she was safely on the highway headed towards town before I launched into the story of my nightmare.

“Harper, I haven’t had a period in 4 months. What if my nightmare lasted longer this time as a sign? What if I’m-“ a sob escaped my throat. I couldn’t even say it.

“No, we’ll go to the store, I’ll buy a test and meet you in the bathroom. We will find out. There’s no way though, definitely just stress!” She tried to be reasonable but I could see the worry on her face as well. Silent tears fell down my face as we pulled into the drug store lot. I handed Harper $10 before walking back towards the bathroom while she set to her mission. Within minutes she was by my side ushering me into the bathroom.

“This is a one person bathroom, Harp.” I looked around the room.

“You really think I’m gonna let you barricade yourself in this bathroom alone? No. So sit down and piss on the stick.” She told me firmly, crossing her arms. My hands shook as I opened the little pink package and pulled out the white stick. I sighed as I fumbled with the button of my jeans. I was scared shitless to say the least.

“Ok, now we just have to wait 2 minutes to know. We can handle 2 minutes.” Harper stated as she laid the stick on the counter by the sink. I was silent as I washed my hands, feeling my stomach do flips as I waited the time. I stared at the little stick and watched as it almost instantly showed 2 lines.

“No.” I whispered as my knees buckled.

“Oh, God.” Harper rasped when she saw the results.

I really am fucked.

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