The Demon Prince Desire

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Then his soulless gray eyes stared at me. "I'm sorry Maricella if I ruin your wedding day but you have something that I need,please allow me to demonstrate what it is.” And with that he wave his hand on my face and I am like a puppet who bent my head on the side exposing the naked skin on my neck. I scream in horror realizing what he meant to do to me. _______ Maricella found out that she's the cure who can save the entire breed of vampire. Her blood, which had gone through so many changes, appeared to be the only thing her creator, Lord Theo the last Nightwalker, needed to become a full immortal. But will she accept it if the price to save her loved ones is to forget her one true mate? Can their love for each other conquer this new ordeal or will their love be forgotten forever?

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A week before the wedding

“My Lord, we finally found her.
The Cure will return back in the earthly world for her mortal wedding.” The woman said without any emotion while bowing her head to her master which whom she respects and served for god knows how long.
“Good.very good, arranged everything Moira, we will fly first thing in the morning.” Satisfied from the news he waved his free hand, dismissing her without looking. The woman with long red locks of curly hair who wear a full-dark leather outfit that accentuates her entire figure walked out of the door without glancing in her surroundings.
King Theo’s bright gray eyes glistened in the moonlight. He was sipping the red wine in his hand while overlooking the scenery outside of the window in his century-old castle in Oregon. A vivid smile plaster in King Theo’s face when he remembered his love for this distinctive drink ever since the year eighteen hundred. He could feel the exhilarating feeling running through every fibre of his body. If it’s possible, he wanted the time to speed up so he can get what he wishes to achieve as soon as possible.
His anticipation was very evident in his face. It is the moment he’s been waiting for. The cure, which has no idea that the demon world is protecting her from him, has finally come out of her safe zone. He can’t wait to meet her finally.
Once he gets her, he will no longer lurk in the darkness. It’s been a hundred years that went by, and still, His mate-less.
He knows those God’s of Olympus is punishing him for being one of the tenth mortals who become the first immortals.
He knows his breed shouldn’t exist, but they manage to break the law of those Olympus God who created the mortals.
King Theo and his nine friends are the ones who discovered the ’book of life.
They sacrificed ten young virgin women and drink their blood, while the full moon is bath in crimson and they become the first nightwalkers.
They are the one that old folks used to scare children and has become their nightmares. They lurk in the darkness victimizing innocent young woman who falls instantly for their alluring and hypnotizing gazed. Slowly King Theo build an empire together with his nine fellow nightwalkers.
Each has started a hundred until King Theo, and his friend couldn’t count anymore how many mortals they turn like them. The only odd thing they notice is that the one they’ve turn as nightwalkers.
Once they found their matching souls, they didn’t have to hide in the darkness like them. As simple as a scientific explanation. Their kind became hybrid once found a soulmate, their offspring don’t need to hide in the darkness, it’s remarkable that they can consume mortals food, and they can also produce children like ordinary humans. His kind are like mortals but much stronger, with a sense of hearing that is heightened and the ability to move faster in a blink of an eye, their capabilities to rapidly heal themselves as long as there’s blood supply to support their thirst. There is nothing who could stop them. King Theo’s thoughts went further in the past. His reminiscing went to that one particular night.
It was strange that an old lady with a dark auspicious aura surrounding her, approach King Theo and his friends. She said there’s a cure for fatality, and if they want to try it, she will give her precious book of life to them.
At first, they didn’t believe her and even thought she is a witch who wanted them dead. But as the days passed, it seems like the book has its magic. Since all nine decided for King Theo to take the book to inspect its authenticity.
He spends many sleepless nights reading it and how to proceed in the ritual. It’s like slowly his becoming apart of the book on every page he read until he finishes it. He manages to convince his friends that the book is authentic, and they should try it for themselves. As for the instructions, they calculated the days when the moon will be bathed with blood or turn into crimson.
It says in the book that it’s only the time that they can proceed with the ritual. Their humanity is slowly fading away, and just like a puppet, they did what’s written in the book and killed those women for their blood.
When the ritual was completed, it’s like they finally wake up from powerful hypnosis. All of them are surprised by what they did to those innocent women but felt strange that they don’t feel any remorse. Their body starts convulsing and all of them felt their heartbeats stopped. Their body went cold, just like a corpse. When they wake up, they realized that something has changed in them. They all know they died but came back to life. They notice their heart has a low heartbeat but strangely they all feel stronger and energetic.
When the sun started to rise, one of King Theo’s friends screams in pain.
Surprise, they all start to feel that the sun is burning them. With high intelligence, He told his friends to run in the dept of the forest to seek refuge in a cave that seems no human has ever dared to step on. What surprised them is how on earth did they reach the place within a minute?! They tested for a few times putting their hands on a small spot where the leaves of the three couldn’t shield the sunlight and pass the entrance of the cave. Each time they hissed in pain. The burnt skin from the sun turns to ashes, but luckily, they have now the ability to heal themselves.
He and his friend waited until the sun went down before walking out of the cave. They feel thirsty, but the water from the mountain lack taste and they can’t seem to ingest them and puke it out. Clueless his friends asked him what to do as they don’t know what drink can satisfy them. He thinks hard for a possible solution and remembered some sentences from the books. ” Once tasted the blood, will be satiated only by blood.” He told his friends about it and therefore they concluded that only blood could satisfy them. Not wanting to alarm many people, they tried catching wild rabbits and deers to test this conclusion but they end up unsatisfied. When each went back home, they decided to used the cave to be their shelter filling it up of all the necessities they need. Luckily the cave is big enough inside to accommodate ten lavish men.

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