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Be My Valentine

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Cody Barns is a simple nobody who helps at a small clothes shop in town; Eric Chase is the really cute guy who just so happens to be shopping there.

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Be My Valentine

“Alright, alright, settle down now class.” The students in the room all quieted their chatter as the teacher stood up from her desk, a bright smile on her face. “Now, as you all know, Valentines Day is in a week,” several of the students groaned while others, mostly the girls, giggled and talked amongst themselves, “and so, you all know what this means, yes?”

“The Valentines Dance!” One overly excited girl squealed and her friends giggled while some the boys snickered as she blushed. “Sorry...”

Miss. Wilder chuckled and held up her hand as she shook her head in fond exasperation. “Yes, Susan, the annual school Valentines Dance.” She said and once more chatter rose about the room until she spoke again. “And as per the celebration, I’m going to need a few volunteers to help set up the gym for the dance. And before you get excited about going, do remember that you must have a date to come to the dance. Sorry kids, but it’s tradition and it is Valentines Day after all.”

At that moment the bell rang and the teacher smirked as all the students got up and got ready to leave.

“Please pick up a slip of paper on your way out, fill that out if you want to be on the committee and turn it in to the office before class starts tomorrow morning. Have a lovely evening.”

With that, all the students filed out of the room, some of them picking up a piece of paper, while others ignored it completely. The last student to walk out was a small black haired boy with soft pale blue eyes and a depressing aura.

“Cody?” He stopped when the teacher called his name and he turned back, blinking his eyes in confusion.

“Yes, Miss. Wilder?”

“Aren’t you going to pick up a form?” She asked, genuinely curious and he offered a weak smile.

“Sorry, not this time... I’m just not... feeling up to working on the dance this year.” He said, shaking his head and she smiled in understanding.

“Oh that’s quite alright,” she said and walked up to him, ruffling his hair and he playfully swatted it away. “At least try to get a date for the dance. I would like to see you at least going to it for once. You know this is your last year here, and I’d want you to have at least one fun memory of the school.” She chided gently and he rolled his eyes.

“Thank you, but I’m fine.” She gave him a stern look and he stuck his tongue out. “Fine, I’ll try to get a date only if you manage to finally ask out Mr. Alawflin.” He smirked in triumph when she blushed a dark color but his smirk dropped when she nodded her head.

“Deal.” He gaped at her and this time it was her turn to smirk as she ruffled his hair again before sending him on his way. “Don’t you forget Cody Barns!”

Cody deflated and left to his locker with one small muttered ‘I won’t...’

“Cody Barns! You get down here this instant!” Cody flinched when he heard his mother’s very loud and very annoying voice. “Cody!”

“I’m coming, mom.” He puffed out, grabbing his name tag and his jacket, putting it on before coming out of his room and going down the stairs, to where his mother, father, and his sister were. “You called?” He huffed, and rolled his eyes before eyeing his mother wearily when he saw her grin. “...what?”

“So, Alea tells me that there is a school dance coming up,” she starts and Cody groans, letting his head fall back.

“Mom, no... don’t you start with that...” he whined and she laughed.

“Come on, sweetie, if you know what I’m going to say, then out with it.” She smirked, crossing her arms and Cody rolled his eyes again before giving his sister, who was nearly identical to him aside from height and hair length, a little glare. Alea only stuck her tongue out back at him, in reply.

He turned back to his mom though and sighed, shaking his head, turning around and grabbing his bag. “Look, I don’t have a date, so I can’t go. Now, I’ve got to go to work, or I’ll be late.”

“Certainly don’t want that, now, do we?” His dad spoke up for the first time since Cody came down and Cody scoffed.

“Sure dad...” he muttered and walked to the door.

“Have fun, sweetie!” His mom called after him and when he opened the door, Alea spoke up, grinning wide.

“Say hi to that really pretty girl who comes to the store like everyday for me!”

“Say hi yourself, Lea,” he retorted and closed the door before they could say anything more and he huffed out a heavy breath before making his way to the little clothing store he worked at.

“Hi there, welcome to Prom Night Passion~” Cody said with a bright smile, though it was strained. He’d been doing this job long enough that even saying hi to the customers was tiresome and boring. But it paid well, so he let it be for the time being. “If there’s anything you need, I’m sure I can help you out.” He added, as the final words to the greeting and he rested his chin in his hand, his elbow against the counter.

He watched as a girl from his school and a few of her friends went looking around at all the pretty dresses in the store.

“Hey Cody!” He perked up and smirked when he saw Olivia, one of his friends from school, not that Alea knew that. Olivia, just a little taller than him, had short, feathered blonde hair that had long bangs that were tied in small ponytails with purple and red beads.

“Hey Livi,” he chuckled and stood up straight, “Alea says hi.” He smirked when she brightened up and rolled his eyes when she giggled.

“Oh? And where is Lea?”

“At home, where I left her...” he sighed dramatically and she laughed again, “So then, is there actually a reason you’re here this time? Or did you just come to bug me?”

“Actually there is,” Olivia brightened up, “I came by yesterday to look at a dress, but it wasn’t here yet, so I came by today to see if it’s here.” She said and Cody nodded slowly before smirking.

“Ah, so you’re LadyKiller74?” He delighted in the bright blush that spread across Olivia’s cheeks before laughing and he ducked to grab a set of keys from under the counter. “Hold on Livi, the dress you wanted is in the back. I’ll go get it for you.” He hummed while he walked to the door behind him and he unlocked it before disappearing inside.

He grabbed what he needed, a purple and red silk dress, before going back out and he rolled his eyes when he saw Olivia talking to one of the girls that had come in earlier.

“Hey, LadyKiller,” he called and immediately Olivia snapped her head towards him, eyes wide, before scowling.

“I’m never going to live this down, am I?” She asked, crossing her arms and his smirk only got wider.

“Nope,” he chirped and walked to the counter, snickering when he saw the girl blush and scamper away to her friends. “Anyway, here’s the dress you wanted. Nice choice, by the way, I’m sure Alea will love it~”

“Really?” She brightened as she grabbed the dress and twirled around before pausing and she frowned. “How do you know that?”

“Just trust me, she will. You should see the dress mom got for her, it matches her eyes so well, and it’s actually rather cute.” He chuckled and Olivia smiled wide, a spark to her honey eyes. “So are you actually going to ask her to the dance, then?” He asked and she blushed again, ducking her head.

“I’m planning to,” she rubbed at the back of her neck with a sheepish grin when he rolled his eyes.

“You better, I’m getting tired of hearing my sis complain about her ‘unrequited fancy’, her words not mine, and you two have been dancing around each other for three years. It’s about damn time you come to your senses and do something about it.” He puffed out and Olivia scoffed, crossing her arms the best she could with the dress in her hands.

“Well what about you?” She retorted and he frowned, confused.

“What about me?” He asked, cautious.

“You’ve been dancing around that pretty boy at our school ever since middle school,”

“You mean Eric??” Cody choked out, eyes wide, a blush upon his face and Olivia smirked, nodding her head, her bangs bouncing with the movement.

“Yes, I mean Pretty Boy Eric,” she hummed, “five years, Cody. Why don’t you take your own advice and ask him to the dance?” Cody immediately shook his head and he frowned, turning away with a sigh.

“He doesn’t even know I exist, why would I ask him to the dance? And besides, have you already forgotten that he’s dating Katherine, the most popular girl in the history of the school?” He puffed out and she rolled her eyes.


“So...” he growled, “I won’t ask him to the dance, because he’s already going with her.”

“Well you have to ask someone, Miss. Wilder is already cooking up a plan to ask Mr. Alawflin to go.” Cody whined at that and let his head fall on the counter.

“What am I going to do? Miss. Wilder is never going to let this go if I don’t ask someone out...” he whimpered and Olivia sighed, shaking her head.

“You’re smart, Codes,” she said, patting his head, “you’ll figure something out. You always do.”

“Yeah...” he sighed, “sure.”

“Hi and welcome to Prom Night Pass- eep!” Cody immediately stopped in mid-sentence when he saw the one person he never thought he’d see in the shop: the infamous Pretty Boy Eric Chase.

“Hm? Oh, hello,” Cody ducked his head, desperate to hide the blush that bloomed to his face and he cleared his throat as Eric directed his attention to him.

“Y-yes, hi... er welcome... if you uh need anything, I’ll be happy to... h-help...” he squeaked, now more embarrassed because of it.

Eric chuckled, the blonde humming to his self as he turned to the racks. “Thanks,” he said, absentmindedly and Cody barely held in a groan.

“Stupid dumbass...” he cursed himself quietly, letting his head fall in shame. “Way to make a fool of yourself.”

“Actually there is something you can help me with,” Cody jumped, eyes wide, and he blushed again when he realized Eric was right by the counter.

“E-er... sure...” he stuttered and Eric laughed a little, his bright blue eyes sparkling.

“You see, I’m trying to find a tux to where for the dance at school and honestly, I’m hopeless when it comes to these things. Do you think you could help me find something nice?” He asked, leaning against the counter and Cody blinked, a little startled before smiling wide, nodding his head.

“Of course! When it comes to clothes and styles, I’m definitely your guy! That’s why they hired me, you know.” Cody chirped and he delighted, still blushing, at the laugh that Eric let out, bright and loud and deep and it made Cody’s heart flutter. “Come on,” he smirked now, coming out from behind the counter, “let’s find you something that the ladies definitely won’t be able to resist.”

“Lead the way,” Eric practically purred and Cody blushed, his breath hitching and he turned away sharply, away from the other teen and he let out a shaky breath.

“R-right... um, this way. So, we have all matters of tux’s and suits, it just depends on how much you’re looking to spend and what you like.” He explained, waving his hand about and he started looking through the racks. He had no trouble figuring out what would look good on Eric and what most definitely won’t; he had a lot of free time here and usually spent most of his time putting his friends and his crushes in different outfits in his head.

When he was done sifting through the suits on the racks, he had a total of three in his hands. He smiled and turned to Eric, eyes widening when he saw the other looking at him with a strange expression.

“Er... sorry, I usually get a little carried away, I know...” he sighed and held out the suits. “Here, try these on. One of these will definitely be the right one for you, I just know it.” He smiled and Eric chuckled, smirking as he took the offered clothing.

“Alright,” he hummed before disappearing into the dressing rooms.

The first suit was a great choice, all sleek and black, and it definitely screamed confident and sexy. It certainly had Cody’s heart aflutter when he saw Eric in it, but somehow it wasn’t... perfect.

The second suit was amazing all on its own, a pretty snow white color with blue and gold trim and a sleek look to it. Cody had spent a few minutes looking him over, trying to decide if it was even worth having Eric try on the third suit.

Oh but it definitely was... worth it, anyway. When Eric came from the dressing room with the third suit on, Cody all but stopped breathing. He was gorgeous with the red tail coat and the sleek black suit pants. The coat had a barely there black trim that only enhanced the look and all in all, he looked regal and elegant and just like a prince from a fairy tale.

It was so perfect that Cody couldn’t help his reaction. With a bright grin, a gleam to his eyes, and a blush to his cheeks, he clapped his hands together and barely managed to hold in a laugh of glee. “That’s it! That’s the one! It’s absolutely just perfect!” He practically purred before pausing and he ducked his head. “Er... um...” but Eric just laughed and walked up to him.

“Well, I guess it’s settled then,” he smiled and Cody’s eyes widened.

“Seriously? You’re actually going to buy it?” He couldn’t help the excitement and delight in his voice and even more so when Eric nodded.

“Of course, if you say it’s perfect, then it most probably is. And I trust your judgment.” Cody ducked his head again, blushing, but he smiled.

“Heh, good,” he hummed and walked back to the counter. “Who are you going to ask to the dance?” He asked, though he felt a little stupid after he did. Of course Eric was going to ask Katherine... she was his girlfriend after all.

“I’m not sure yet,” Cody’s eyes widened at this and he paused in ringing up the tag.

“What? Er... um, what about your... girlfriend?” He asked and Eric sighed, shrugging.

“Hm? Oh, Kate and I aren’t together anymore and besides Kate’s asking someone else to the dance,” he said with a smile and Cody frowned, so confused. Eric raised an eyebrow at this and then smirked, tilting his head up, “Oh, right... you know, Kate and I haven’t been together for a month. I’m surprised no one has realized this yet.”

“Oh...” Cody said, unsure what else to say. “Okay, um...” he took the credit card handed to him and rung it up before handing it back, along with the receipt, and he offered a shaky smile. “Thanks,” he said, as habit.

“I should be the one thanking you,” Eric smiled charmingly and Cody blushed. “See you around,” he said and waved before leaving.

It was only when he was gone that Cody finally relaxed, deflating a little and he hit his head on the counter. “Ow...” he muttered, unable to do or say anything else.

“Hey Cody! Cody... hello?” Cody groaned, lifting his head up and he stared, unblinking, at Olivia, who was staring back at him like he’d grown another head. “What are you doing?”

“Dying of boredom.” He muttered, yawning and he looked around, seeing he was in the school library.

“Looks like you’re sleeping, more like.” She giggled and he rolled his eyes. “Come on, sleepy head, we’ve got class to go to.”

“Oh...” he sighed and sat up, stretching out. “You go on ahead, I’ll catch up.” He hummed and she only shook her head before walking away as he stood up and gathered his books and his bag.

Walking out of the library, he sighed softly as he walked down the hall. “God... damn... this stupid thing...” he paused when he heard the voice and he looked at the lockers, eyes widening when he saw Eric at one of them, scowling at the lock. He almost couldn’t help the laugh that escaped him before walking over to him.

“Locker trouble?” He asked, genuinely curious, and he was barely able to keep back the blush that wanted creep along his cheeks when Eric turned to him, surprised to see him there.

“Huh, oh... yeah.” He sighed and flicked it, frowning. “Stupid thing was doing fine this morning.”

“Here, let me give it a try. I know a little trick to these things,” he offered, adjusting the strap on his bag. Eric looked at him with a small smirk and stepped aside, nodding his head.

“Go ahead, Boy Wonder, work your magic.” He chuckled and Cody actually did blush this time; but he stepped up to the locker and took a hold of the lock, listening to the number code that Eric gave him and with a little twist, a light tug, and a barely there push up, he opened it. “Wow, you’re just all kinds of genius, aren’t you?” Eric laughed and grabbed some things from his locker before shutting it and he locked it up again.

“Um, yeah...” Cody shook his head and looked away before smiling and he gave a little wave, “I guess uh, I’ll see you arou-”

“Wait,” Eric said, smiling, “Cody, is it?” Cody’s eyes widen and he blinks stupidly at him.

“Y-yeah, how’d you...”

“You know, I’m not as ignorant as you think I am. I’ve seen you around a lot,” he smirked and Cody ducked his head at this, “I actually want to thank you again for picking out the suit. Katherine certainly liked it, and she told me to tell you ‘you’re a godsend for fashion’, her words not mine.” He laughed and Cody grinned a little, delighted to hear that.

“Well, she has good taste,” he hummed and Eric could only nod in agreement.

It was silent for a few moments until Eric spoke again, “come on, let me walk you to your next class.” Cody opened his mouth to protest, but then closed it, nodding his head. He’d be an idiot to say no to this.

On the short walk, Cody talked about literally everything, unable to help it... he tended to hate silences and honestly, being around his crush made him a little too nervous to deal with the silence. But it was okay because Eric talked back and he even laughed at some of the things he said. He was going on about something that was a crime of fashion when Eric interrupted him.

“You know, has anyone ever told you that you’re kinda cute?” He said, smiling down at Cody and the raven nearly tripped, eyes wide.

“W-what...?” He questioned, heart beating wildly in his chest.

“Because you are, especially when you’re talking about something you’re so passionate about. You just get this little spark in your eyes that seems to light up everything about you.” He hummed and Cody blushed a bright red. “You’re even cuter when you blush,” Eric added in a slight teasing voice and Cody huffed out a heavy breath, crossing his arms and turning his head away. Eric laughed at this and Cody couldn’t help the smile that lit his face at hearing it.

It wasn’t long until they reached Cody’s class and the raven sighed, a little disappointed. “Oh uh, this is me...” he frowned and Eric hummed, nodding a little.

“Alright, my class is on the other of the school, so I best get going if I don’t want to be later than I’m going to be.” He said and Cody felt a little bad.

“Sorry,” he sighed.

“Nah, it’s fine. I enjoyed the walk.” He said and for a moment both stood where they were until they heard the minute warning bell.

“Thank you,” Cody said and turned around to go inside the classroom, he stopped when Eric grabbed his hand.

“Wait,” when Cody turned his head, eyes wide with surprise, he noted that the other looked a little nervous.


“Will you, uh... go to the dance with me... as my date?” Eric asked and this time it was his turn to blush, looking nervous and embarrassed and Cody’s heart fluttered and his stomach did a little flip before he smiled.

“Yes,” he giggled and disappeared through the door before he could see Eric’s reaction and before he could totally flip with excitement and giddiness.

It was only when he was in his desk, able to think, that he realized that Eric, the boy he’s had a major crush on since middle school, just asked him out.... and he just said yes!

‘Eric just asked me to the dance!’ Cody grinned stupidly as he sent a text to Olivia, laying upside down on his bed. He threw his hands over his head, closing his eyes, clutching his phone tightly in his hand.

He gasped when it buzzed and turned over on his bed, sitting up on his elbows as he looked at it. He grinned when he saw her reply, ‘What!? Well, come on, out with it! What did you say??’

He laughed and shook his head, letting her stew in wait and he laughed louder when he saw several messages proceeding the previous one.

‘Hello?! Cody! You ass! Tell me already! Please don’t tell me you said no... You did, didn’t you!? You’re a dumbass if you said no! Cody! Damn it! Cody Barns! Answer me!’

‘I said yes~’ He finally sent and the reply back was immediately.

‘...I’m going to kill you...’ Cody grinned cheekily and sent out another message.

‘Now that I have a date, both you and Miss. Wilder have to get one too! I’m not going to be the only one who makes a fool of myself just for some stupid school dance.’ He hummed and rolled his eyes when Olivia replied back.

‘I’m working on it, sheesh...’

‘Yeah, well, better work faster. Valentines Day is tomorrow and the dance is right after school.’

‘I know, I know, don’t remind me. Okay, gotta work on homework and then create a plan to woo your sis,’ Cody smirked at that, ‘later!’

Sighing softly, he threw his phone onto his pillow and snuggled into his blanket, a love-sick grin on his face. For the first time in his life, he was actually for once excited about Valentines Day.

The next morning, Cody made sure to get up extra early. He got ready for school before grabbing his dress suit for the dance. Afterwards, he left a note for Alea on the fridge, and headed out, walking to school. It didn’t take him long to get there, too excited for the dance to care about anything else.

He just really hoped everything, for once, finally went his way.

Everything was perfect. The decorations were set up and the music was set and nearly everyone who had a date was there, enjoying the food and the music and the company.

Miss. Wilder was blushing as she danced with Mr. Alawflin. Katherine was dancing with some unknown pretty boy who hid his face behind a party mask. Alea was talking animatedly with Olivia, who had the brightest grin on her face that Cody had ever seen before. And Cody... was standing by the snack table, alone.

He frowned a little, fidgeting where he stood, messing with his dress suit, nervous and worried and his emotions a mess. Eric was no where to be found and some of the teachers were giving him strange looks.

“Where is he...?” He whimpered, a little more than worried now, and he turned with a sigh, shaking his head before grabbing a glass of water and he took a few sips of it. “Don’t worry Cody, he’ll show up...” he whispered to his self.

“Keep talking to yourself, Boy Wonder, and people will start to think you’re crazy.” Cody whipped around, eyes wide, at the voice and he all but erupted with glee when he saw Eric, who had a little smirk on his face, dressing in the suit Cody picked out for him.

“You actually made it!” Cody grinned and Eric laughed a little, though he looked a tiny bit worried.

“Of course, was there ever any doubt?” He said, soft and Cody looked down, blushing a little. “I’m sorry, I would’ve been here sooner, but my dad wouldn’t stop lecturing me.” Cody smiled at that and all was forgiven in an instant.

“Well, I’m glad you made it anyway, I was getting a little bored.” He laughed and Eric smirked.

“Well now, we can’t have that, now can we?” He purred and held up his hand, causing Cody’s blush to darken, holding out a red rose for the raven to take. “Will you be my Valentine, Cody?” He whispered, soft and kind, and Cody nodded, taking the rose before taking Eric’s offered hand and the blonde led the raven towards the dance floor.

The raven barely even noticed Olivia’ gaze on him, as she led her own date to the dance floor, and with a wink and a thumbs up towards Cody, the two couples began to dance to the music, much like everyone else there.

And to be honest, Cody couldn’t have been happier.

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