Diary of a Desperate Wife and Mother

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A fictional diary of happenings, musings and mishaps of Victoria who is a wife and mother who juggles her time between children, work and one domestic disaster after another. Join her as she plods and flails through a life that involves cat sick, bathroom queues, pregnancy scares, children who insist on pooing whilst she bathes and the terrifying arena that is the school playground.

Romance / Erotica
Elle M Thomas
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Dear Diary

This is my new year’s resolution, well I say new year but in reality we are now in March so I can’t really call it anything that includes the words new year.

When I was thirteen, I got a diary for Christmas and from that point on I kept a diary for years until life and adulating got in the way.

I am going to take some ‘me time’ each day to complete my diary entry, starting now.


Today I got up and after dropping the kids off I went to work at the travel agent’s shop where I sell sun, sea and currency.

After work I came home, ran the vacuum round, sorted dinner, walked the dog and then picked the kids up.

We have had dinner…it was chicken casserole. The kids are all upstairs while Paul, my husband is watching the football on TV. I have ironed school uniforms for tomorrow and after I have finished this entry I am going to listen to Finn, my youngest, read his book.


Today was a lot like yesterday, really, except I cleaned the windows instead of vacuuming. Oh and we had spag bol for dinner. Finn has spellings tonight that he needs help with, he finds spelling hard.


Today was also like yesterday and the day before. Dinner was chops and tonight we have times tables to learn. Scarlett, my eldest is a typical teenage girl and needed to vent about some issue with a girl at school.


Today was also like yesterday except we had pizza for dinner and as reading books in school are changed on Thursday we now have a new book to read.


Paul went to the chip shop on his way home from work. No reading or times tables, we have homework instead, but we’ll save that for the weekend. Martin, my middle child is staying over at a friend’s house tonight.


Saturday is shopping day…butcher’s, supermarket and the freezer store. Steak and chips for dinner and a bottle of wine. Homework was a non-starter so that will be tomorrow sorted.


Sunday is super cleaning day, but I always feel better once it’s done. Homework was a book review.

Sunday – Again

Everyone is asleep and it’s technically Monday morning…I have reread my week as recorded in my diary and either my life is the dullest life in the world or I have forgotten how to write a diary. Before my next entry I am going to find one of my old diaries and hope my life isn’t as dull and uneventful as my diary suggests or else I have bigger problems than forgetting how to write a diary entry.

Monday – Victoria’s Diary aged 13 and a half

OMG this might have been the best day of my life ever! I had double Maths to start, which isn’t the best day bit, but a new boy started…Steven Pallister and he is bloody gorgeous. He is tall and has the sexiest hair I have ever seen, it’s brown and dark and wavy and so messy, but good messy…my mum would hate it which makes him even more attractive. Mr Wilson sat him next to me because we have to sit boy/girl. That is so funny that they think sitting us in opposite sex pairings is a good idea for concentration when we are all hormonal teenagers and all we think about is the opposite sex. Anyway, Steven Pallister wants to be an airline pilot which must mean something because I want to be an air hostess! That can’t just be coincidence, can it? So, I told him what I want to do when I leave school and he was totally supportive and encouraging. In fact he said he’ll help me with languages. He speaks English, obviously, and French, Spanish and German. I speak English and we do French at school, Steven is doing French too, so that is another class we’ll share.

My friend Gemma is well jealous because she is in the lower set, but when she saw me talking to him at lunch time I thought she was going to be sick, I mean actually sick and not because of the hideously lumpy mashed potatoes they serve at school. I wonder if the mash at school is really so disgusting because they don’t put salt in it, that’s what my mum says anyway. My dad says you can always add salt, but a) school won’t give you salt and b) it doesn’t taste the same.

I was so happy when I came out of child development, my last class to collide with someone, well not someone but Steven and as Gemma had detention I was able to walk some of the way home with him, just the two of us. He’s really smart and a bit posh which my mum will hate, again another plus for him. I do love my mum but she does drive me crazy and she doesn’t really like many people, not even me, my brothers or my dad for a lot of the time, but that might just be her way. She moans, a lot. The best bit was when we got to the post office where he goes one way and I go the other because he lives on the new estate, the better side of our school catchment area. That was when he did it, he pulled me close and he hugged me, really tight. I thought he was going to kiss me, but he didn’t, I would have let him though. His hug made me warm and really tingly.

My mum is calling me for dinner…I have no clue what it is but as it’s Monday it’s likely to include whatever was left over from yesterday’s lunch but I am happy enough that I’ll eat it without too much fuss.

Monday – Victoria’s Diary aged 35 and a half

I laugh as I close my old diary. I am looking down at Paul who is sprawled on his back and snoring loudly as I think that I really did fall hard for Steven Pallister, but more than that I realise that I need to start thinking like my teenage diary writing-self did, if only in my attempts to write a diary now. Details is what my old entries were about, full, frank and ridiculous entries in all their glory, the more trivial the better, starting today.

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