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"Crawl towards me." I heard the chief's voice boom in the small corridor. "Please don't kill me." I heard the man beg for his life The chief then in a flash pulled and released the trigger. "I said crawl towards me" he repeated with so much power and dominance in his voice. Mike Hunter a ruthless officer trained to take down dangerous criminals, who also happens to be chief meets Ava Bridget a beautiful lady who has a couple of problems. I am writing my imagination so please don't be rude or say I support a wicked thing that I wrote about..enjoy, Thankyou.

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Chapter 1

Ava’s POV

A loud knock woke me up from my slumber. I slowly shuffled my feet to the door and opened it. An officer immediately threw me aside and a group of 5 officers got into my apartment and began searching around carefully and tactically opening doors to the rooms.

The officer who I assumed was their leader was well built with his shirt rolled to his shoulder, you could see his huge muscles which were even huger when he made an action that flexed his muscles. I was never really attracted to huge biceps but the thought of how they grew to that size and whether they were heavy for him made me stare. A rough push to the floor brought me to reality. The officer barked some words at me which I did not really hear clearly until he repeated them.

“Where is he?”

“Who officer”

“I advice you co-operate miss”

“Officer I am sorry but I have no clue on what you are talking about.”

“Hand me your ID”

I quickly stood and took my bag from the hook in the entrance area and gave him my visa

“Ava Bridget....your visa is expired” He calmly informed me but with a dangerous tone.

It never really hit my mind that he might check the expiry date of my visa, it never crossed my mind that the officer was here and that he might figure out I am currently illegally in the country. I started to hyperventilate and my hands became all sweaty. I started to feel light-headed as I tried to organize my thoughts and come up with a response. My mouth was so dry.

“Chief, the madam that called says its house number 3a not 3b”

“Okay! Let’s head next door officers.”

He quickly returned my document and headed next door. He made a loud knock and a man in a red hoodie opened the door, immediately he saw the police he freaked out and was ready to grab something from his back pocket but the officer whom I currently knew as the chief commanded him to kneel down and not to reach for any weapon. The other officers started to move away slowly from the door as the chief made steps back lengthening the distance between him and the man.

The man slowly went on his knees and raised his arms in the air in surrender. He then bowed his head in defeat.

“Crawl towards me.” I heard the chief’s voice boom in the small corridor.

“Please don’t kill me.” I heard the man beg for his life

The chief then in a flash pulled and released the trigger.

“I said crawl towards me” he repeated with so much power and dominance in his voice. The man slowly began to crawl towards him but after a few crawls he reached for his back pocket

“Don’t reach for anything, this is the final warning” the scary voice boomed in the corridor

The scared man who was having a hard time following the instructions crawled but then tried to reach for his back pocket again. As soon as he tried to reach for the back pocket, gunshots were fired aimed at him. I let out a terrified scream as I covered my ears. My eyes got fixed at the site of the man who was now on his own pool of blood. The chief who had fired gave some commands to his soldiers who politely replied and got to work. Probably the command was to take the body and clear the mess.

He then walked over to my door and he stood towering my small frame. I was still so shocked by the scene that had just unfolded before me. I was shaking and terrified. I tried closing the door but he pushed it open before I could close it completely. My heart despised him for he had killed a man who begged for his life. Couldn’t he have handled it a little differently at least try save a life? I also hated, more of feared him for the strong aura of power and cruelty that he radiated.

“The man was the twin serial killer; he would kill girls who were twins or two girls of the same age who looked identical.” He explained. What am I supposed to say? Should I bring up the visa thing and explain myself, beg for mercy? Should I ask him whether it was really necessary to kill?

“I will be seeing you Ava, we will have to talk.” He casually said as he gave me a wink then went down the flight of stairs. I quickly shut the door and tried to calm myself.

That was a lot to take in, in one afternoon. I was traumatized by the thought of the man begging for his life but still got killed and I was terrified that the Chief had figured out I was illegally in the country. My Visa had expired by 2 months. Start writing here…

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