Forcefully His

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Chapter 10

The week was going on well and my new job was great plus I got accepted at the party house as a worker.

It was finally Saturday. I woke up, freshened up and got started on my study plan. At around mid-morning, I got a text from Hunter telling me that he would be coming for dinner.

‘I have work at 9’

‘I will be coming at 7 pm’

‘Okay then’

‘Make me pasta and meatballs; I think my beer is still in your fridge. I’ll be sending you money’

A minute later I had received some cash from him. It was enough to cater to him but not a lot would remain for change. I was grateful he was considerate when it came to hosting him. As long as the dinner goes smoothly and he doesn’t know about my whereabouts then I will have an easy time and a wonderful night

At 5 pm I started on dinner and by 6.30 I was done. His meals always took me long to prepare.

At 7 pm there was a knock at my door. At least he kept his word.

I opened the door and Hunter was on the other side of the door with a suitcase

I let him in as I wondered why he had a suitcase

“What is the suitcase for Hun.....I mean... sir?”

“My clothes, I need to have some clothes here for some random sleepovers like tonight, at my girlfriend’s place”

Did he just say sleepover?

“Are you sleeping over tonight sir?”

“Yes you’ll leave me here and after your job, you’ll find me here. I need to bond more with my girlfriend don’t I?′

I kept quiet. I didn’t reply

“So you had told me you finish working at 10.30?”

“Yes sir”

“So I’ll be expecting you at 11 pm then...... Let’s eat”

“Of course sir”

I got confused. Unexpected turn of events. I heard him clear his throat and he lifted his eyebrow

He needed me to serve him. I quickly served him and gave him his plate of food. I then served mine and sat down quietly to eat.

I hurriedly finished and excused myself.

“I am sorry Hunter we will talk when I get back”

“Be safe and take care”

‘Take care’...Those words meant a lot now that I was going against his rules. It wouldn’t hurt to do this in secrecy because I would finally earn my freedom and move on with life. I got a lot more courage with that thought.

I headed to the party house and went to the changing room. Joanne had offered me some of her clothes, a short and a crop top to wear in the party house until I could afford to buy some for myself.

I got into my ‘work clothes’ and started working. 8months ago I had a boyfriend who was preetie much badass and I had to keep my game up to maintain him. I had my past and flirting was a piece of cake for me.

I let out a side of me I had suppressed for a long time. I walked around searching for my prey and when I found one I flirted hard giving it my best shot. He gave me 120$ just to talk to him and give him 5 rounds of lap dances.

The night went so well and smooth that I lost count of time. I was getting carried away by the money I was getting at a go. I guess men loved dark skins with curves coz I was making much more money than some girls who had been there for months. I was basically like a stripper only that I did flirting and lap dances only, I did not take off my clothes. That kept me sane and that’s how I wanted to think of it as. Otherwise, I would feel so dirty if someone referred to me as a stripper, again the power of the mind protected me and got me through such a job.

It was past midnight and the night was smooth. I had pocketed more than 500 dollars.

Suddenly I heard an angry voice call my name. That voice was clearly Hunter’s. I had forgotten all about him and that he was sleeping over. I guess I had assured myself throughout the week of how he couldn’t figure out; that even when he decided to sleepover my brain did not record that.

“Ava Bridget, Officer Mike Hunter (He flashed out his document), you are under arrest for you know what”

The man who I was giving a lap dance left me and a few people gathered to watch.

“Stretch out your arms miss”

I decided to obey; I know how it goes when you try to talk to an officer during an arrest. I don’t want him using that line on me. I stretched out my hands and he placed the cuffs.

“Joanne, please get me my things”

Joanne rushed and got me my bag and threw it in Hunter’s car just in time before he shut my door.

Hunter was furious, that I knew. He was finally tired of me and he was about to take me to the police station. I am such a stupid girl. I thought to myself.

“I am sorry hunter”

“Don’t you dare open that disgusting mouth of yours”

I shuddered at his words. When we took the street to my apartment I felt relieved. He was not going to report me. I was totally getting punished but at least I was not getting deported. I hope I can talk my way out of this one, I’ll try.

He parked his car in the building’s basement and got me into the elevator. He did not say a word. He didn’t even look at me. His nares were flaring and he had the same look he had on the basketball court when I raised my voice at him.

He pushed me into the house with so much force that I fell on the floor with my wrists handcuffed

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