Forcefully His

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Chapter 11


He shut and locked the door. I crawled away from him as he came close to me. When I came in contact with the sofa I knew I had no more space to try getaway.

“You are in big trouble Ava”

“I am sorry I.....”

“Shut up! I thought I made it clear I wanted honesty. You lied to me that you had gone to work. You went ahead to go to some party place and whored around” He said with a loud voice

“Tell me, Ava, are you a whore? Have you been hiding this from me all along?”

“No sir, I just needed money”

“So you went ahead to lie, disobey my rule of not letting other men touch you and generally disrespect me? ”

He started pacing around the room trying to cool down

“Ava you are getting punished, “He said through gritted teeth.

He made his way toward me pulling me up to my feet.

“Sir I am sorry, consider my.....”

I was rudely cut off by a slap. My cheek was hurting really bad. My head vibrated and my ear got tinnitus that lasted a few minutes.

“If you dare talk without permission I will hurt so badly.” He dangerously told me

Hunter reached for a pocket knife which he used to cut off the crop top.

“Hunter, no!”

“Its sir” He corrected me

“Please sir don’t do this” I started to hyperventilate and tear at the same time

I got a kick to my abdomen and it hurt so bad that I wanted to roll myself on the floor but Hunter’s grip on me wouldn’t let me. I felt like my respiratory system had been cut short

“You never learn. I keep telling you not to talk but you won’t listen. You totally deserve this punishment.”

He cut my bra and pulled it off me

My breasts were now exposed to him. I felt ashamed. I tried to bring my arms together to cover my chest even though I was handcuffed but he parted them and took a long stare at my boobs

“I own beautiful twins” He smirked.

I started to sob out loud and I guess it irritated him

“Shut up whore”

His words hurt me and I looked at his face.

“You look terrible right now. I wish your customers could see you and spit on you because of how ugly you look when crying, stupid whore”

He then turned me to face the one seat sofa

“Kneel on the floor with your arms on the sofa”

I obeyed and knelt facing the sofa with my arms on it. My wrists hurt because I had pulled on the handcuffs a couple of times. I wish he would take them off.

What was going to happen to me? My naked back was facing him and the cold made me shiver. I heard the unbuckling of the belt and my sobbing got worse. I wanted to beg but the pain which was still radiating in my abdomen warned me not to. He was going to belt me.

(Swoosh) the first strike landed on my back. I arched my back in an attempt to get away.

(Swoosh, swoosh, and swoosh), the belt was now landing on my back at a faster rate. I was now crying out loud. He suddenly stopped after a long 5 minutes and I tried to get up. I was relieved that it had come to an end.

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